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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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English Reprints.               17


Castara.    1640.

CASTARA.    The third Edition.    Corrected and augmented*

CASTARA was Lady LUCY HERBERT, the youngest child of the first
Lord Ppvvis , and these Poems were chiefly marks of affection during a pure
courtship followed by a happy marriage. With these, are also Songs of
Friendship, especially those referring to the Hon GEORGE TALBOT.

In addition to these Poems, theie are four prose Characters; on A
Mistress, A Wife, A Ft lend, and The Holy Man.


The Schoolmaster.    1570.

The Scholemaster, or plane and perfite -way of teaching
children to understand, write, and speake, in Latin tongt but
specially purposed for the pmtate bryngingup of youth m lentle-
man and Nolle mens ho^lse$t <5rV.

This celebrated Work contains the story of Lady JANE GREY'S delight
in reading PLA TO, an attack on the Itahctna-ted Englishman of the time,
and much other information not specified in the above title

In it, ASCHAM gives us very fully his plan of studying Languages, which
may be described as the double translation of a model book.


Earl of SURREY,



Lord VAUX.

Tottel's Miscellany."   5 June, 1557.

Songes and Sonettes, written by the right honourable Lords
HENRY HOWARD late Earle <?/SURREY, and other.

With 39 additional Poems from the second edition by the same printer,

RlCHAKD  TOTTEL, of 31 July,  1557.

This celebrated Collection is the First of our Poetical Miscellanies, and
also the first appearance in print of any considerable number of English

TOTTEL in his Address^ to the Reader, says : 

u That to haue wel written in verse, yea and in small parcelles, deserueth
great praise, the workes of diners Latmes, Italians, and other, doe proue
sufficiently. That our tong is able in that kynde to do as praiseworthely as
ye rest, the honorable stile of the noble earle of Surrey, and the weightinesse?
of the depewitted Sir Thomas Wyat the elders verse, with seuerall graces in
sondry good Enghshe writers, doe show abundantly."