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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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18              English Reprints.

25,    Rev. THOMAS LEVER,

Fellow find Preacher of St, Johns College^ Cambridge.

Sermons.    1550,

(a)  A fruitfull Sermon in Paules church at London in the

(b]  A Sermon preached the fourth Sunday in Lent before the
Kynges Maiestie, and his honourable CounsdL

(c]  A Sermon preached at Pauls Crosse.    1550.

These Seimons are reprinted from the original edition*:, which are of
extreme rarity. They throw much light on the communistic theories of the
Norfolk rebels; and the one at Paul's Cross contains a curious account
of Cambridge Unnei&ity life in the reign of EDWARD VI.



A Discourse of English Poetry.    1586.

A Discourse of English Poetrie. Together with the Authors
iiidgeinent) touching the reformation of our English Verse.

Another of the early pieces of Poetical Criticism, written in the year in
which SHAKESPEARE is supposed to have left Stratford for London.

Only two copies of this Work are known, one of these was sold for £64.

This Work should be read with STANYHURST'S Translation of JBneidt
I.-IV.) 1582, see p. 64. WEBBE was an advocate of English Hexameters ;
and here translates VIRGIL'S first two Eglogues into them. He also trans-
lates into Sapphics COLIN'S Song in the Fourth Eglogue of SPENSER'S
Shepherd's Calendar.


afterwards Lord VERULAM Viscount ST. ALEANS.

A Harmony of the Assays, &c.    1597-1626.

And after my wanner, I alter ever, when 7 add. So that nothing is
finished^ till all be finished,—Sir FRANCIS BACON, 27 Feb., i6io-[n],

(a)  Essay>st Religious Meditations; and Places of persivasion
and disswasion.    1597.

(b)   The Writings of Sir FRANCIS BACON Knight the Kings*
Sollicitor General in Moralitiet Policie, Historie.

(c} The Essaies of Sir FRANCIS BACON Knight, the Kings
Solliciter Gmerall.

(d)   The Essayes or Counsels, Cwill and Morall of FRANCIS
Lord VERULAM, Viscount ST. ALB AN,    1625.