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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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22     The English Scholars Library.
4.   [Simon Fish,

of Gray's Inn ]

[? 1529-]

A Su$plicacyon for the Beggars*

Stated by J. Fox to have been distributed in the streets of London on
Candlemas Day (2 Feb., 1529],

This is the Fifth Protestant book (not being a portion of Holy Sciipture
that was printed in the English Language.

The authorship of this anonymous tract, is fixed by a passage in Sir T.
MORE'S AJfolosry, of 1533, quoted in the Introduction.

5.   [Rev. John Udall,

Minister at Kingston on Thames.'}


The state of the Church of Englande^ laid open in a conference
b&twcene DiOTREPHES a Byshopp, TERTULLUS a Papiste, DE-
METRIUS an vsurer, PANDOCHUS an timekeeper, and PAULE a
preacher of the ivord of God.

This is the forerunning tract of the MARTIN MARPRELATE Contro-
•versy. For the production of it, ROBERT WALDEGRAVE, the printer, was
ruined ; and so became available for the printing of the Martinet invectives.

The scene of the Dialogue is in PANDOCHUS'S Inn, which is in a posting-
town on the high road from London to Edinburgh.,

6.  [   ?   ]


[Acted 1602.]    1606.

The Returne from Pernassus: or The Scourge of Simony.
Publiquely acted by the Students in Saint lohns Col ledge in

This play, written by a Univeisity man in December, i6or, brings
WILLIAM KEMP and RICHARD BURBAGE on to the Stage, and makes them
speak thus;

'* KEMP. Few of the vniuersity pen plaies well, they smell too much of
that writer Omd and that writer MetamorJ>Jiosist and talke too much of
Proserpina, and luppiter. Why herees our fellow Shakespeare puts them
all,downe, I [Ay] and Ben, lonson too. O that Ben lonson is a pestilent
fellow, he brought vp Horace giuing the Poets a pill, but our fellow Shake-
t#eare hath given him a purge that made him be ray his credit:

" BURBAGE.    It's a shrewd fellow indeed :"

What this controversy between SHAKESPEARE and JONSON was, has not
yet been cleared up. It was evidently recent, when (m Dec., 1601) this
play was written.