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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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24     The English Scholar's Library.

10.    Richard  Stanyhurst,

tJic Irish Historian.
Translation 0/-5NEID  I.-IV.    1582.

Thee first fovre Bookes of VIRGIL his ^Eneis translated
English heroical [i.e., hexameter] verse by RICHARD STANY-
HURST, wyth oother Poetical diuises theretoo annexed*

Imprinted at Leiden in Holland by loHN PATES, Anno

This is one of the oddest and most grotesque books in the English
language ; and having been printed in Flanders, the original Edition is of
extreme rarity.                                                                                       -

The present text is, by the kindness of Lord ASHBURNHAM and S.
CHRISTIE-MILLER, Esq., reprinted from the only two copies known, neither
of which is quite perfect.

GABRIEL HARVEY desired to be epitaphed, T7ie Inventor of the English
Hexameter; and STANYHURST, in imitating him, went further than any
one else an maltreating English words to suit the exigencies of Classical feet.

11.    Martin Marprelate.

Oh read ouer D. JOHN BRIDGES, for it is a worthy works:
Or an epitome of the fyrste Booke of that right worshipfull vol-
ume, written against the Pitrttanes, in the defence of the noble
ckargie, by as worshipfitll a prieste, JOHN BRIDGES, Presbyter,
Priest or Elder; doctor of Diuillihe, and Deane of Sarum.

The. Epitome [p. 26] is not yet published, but it shall be, when
the By shops are at convenient ley sure to view the same* In the
meane time, let them be content with this learned Epistle.

Printed oversea^ in Europe, within two furlongs of a Bonn-
sing Priest^ at the cost and charges of M, MARPRELATE, gentle-

12.    Robert  Greene,   M.A.

MENAPHON. CAMILLAS alarum to slumbering EUPHUES,
in his melancholic Cell at Silexedra. Wherein are deciphered
the variable effects of'Fortune-^ the wonders of Lone, the triumphes
of inconstant Time. Displaying in sundrie conceipted passions
(figured in a continuate Historic) the Trophees that Vertuc
carrieth triumphant^ maitgre the. wrath of Enure, or the resolu-
tion of Fortune.

One of GREENE'S novels with TOM NASH'S Preface, so important in refer-
ence to the earlier HAMLET, before SHAKESPEARE'S tragedy.

GREENE'S " love pamphlets" were the most popular Works of Fiction in
England, up to the appearance of Sir P. SIDNEY'S Arcadia in 1590.