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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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The English Scholar s Library.    25
13.    George Joy,

an early Protestant Reformer,


An Apologye made by GEORGE JOYE to satisfye (if it may be}
W. TlNDALE: to poitrge and defende himself ageinst so many
sclaunderoitse 'lyes fayncd vpon him in TINDAL'S uncharitable
andunsober Pystle so well worthy e to be prefixedTor the Reader to
induce him into the understanding of hys new Testament dili-
gently corrected and printed in the yeare of our Lorde, 1534, in
Nouember [Antweip, 27 Feb., 1535.

This almost lost book is our only authority in respect to the surreptitious
editions of the English Neiv Testament, which were printed for the English
market with very many eirors, by Antwerp punters who knew not English,
in the interval between TINDALE'S first editions in 1526, and his revised Text
(above referred to) in 1534.

14.     Richard  Barnfield.

of Darlaston, Staffordshire.

POEMS.   1594-1598.

The affectionate Shepherd. Containing the Complaint of
DAPHNis/0r the Loue of GANYMEDE.

*In the following Work, BARNFIELD states that this is " an imitation of
Vtrgill, in, the second Eglogue of Alexis "

CYNTHIA. With Certaine Sonnets > and the Legend of CAS-
SANDRA. 1595.

The Author thus concludes his Preface : " Thus, hoping you will bearc
with my rude conceit of Cynthia (if for no other cause, yet, for that it is the
First Imitation of the verse of that excellent Poet, Maister Spencer, in his
Fayric Queene), I leaue you to the reading of that, which I so much desire
may breed your delight."

The Encomion of Lady PECUNIA : or, The Praise of Money.


Two of the Poems in this Text have been wrongly attributed to SHAKE-
SPEARE. The disproof is given in the Intioduction.

15.    T[homas]  C[ooper].

\Bishop of WINCHESTER ]


An admonition to the people of England' Wherein are an:
svvered, not onley the slaunderous untruethes, rtprochfully vttered
by MARTIN the Libeller^ but also many other Crimes by some of
his broode> objected generally against all Bishop$^ and the chiefe of
the Cleargie, purposely to deface and discredit the present state of
the Church, [fan. 1589].

This is the official reply on the part of the Hierarchy, to MARTIN MAR-
PRELATE's Epistle of [Nov ) 1508 : s>ee No. u. on/. 24.

It was published between the appearance of the Epistle and that of the