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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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26     The English Scholars Library.

16.    Captain John Smith,

President of Virginia, and Admiral of New England,

WORKS.—1608-1631.    2 voh. i2s. 6d.
A complete edition, with six facsimile plates.
Occasion was taken, in the preparation of this Edition, dispas-
sionately to test the Author's statements.    The result is perfectly
satisfactory.    The Lincolnshire Captain is to be implicitly believed
in all that he relates of his own personal knowledge.
The following aie the chief Texts in this Volume :—
(i.) A true 'Relation of Occurrences in Virginia.   1608.
) A Map of Virginia.   1612.
i A Description of New England.   1616.
I New England's Trials.   1620 and 1622.
The History of Virginia, New England, and Bermuda.

An Accidence for young Seamen.   1626.
His true Travels, Adventures, and Observations.  1630.
Advertisements for Planters in New England, or any-
where.'   1631.

The first Three English Books on  -
America.    [? 1511]-! 555-

This work is a perfect Encyclopedia icspecting the earliest
Spanish and English Voyages to America.

Small Paper Edition, 456 pp., in Qm Volume, Demy tfo,
£i is.

Large Paper Edition in 0/u Volume, Royal 4/0, £3 3-y.
The Three Books are—

(i.) Of the newlandes, etc. Printed at Antwerp about 1511.
This zs the first English book TJI which the word America [i.e.
Armonica] occurs.

(2.) A Treatise of the new India, etc. Translated by
and printed m 1553. The Second English Book on America.

(3.) The Decades of the New World, etc., by PIETRO MARTIRE
[PETRUS MARTYR], translated by RICHARD EDEN, and printed in
*555- 3 te Third English Book on America. SHAKESPEARE
obtained the character of CALIBAN from this Work.

A List of 837 London Publishers,

This Master Key to English Bibliography for the period also
gives the approximate peiiod that each Publisher was in busi-

Demy 4/0, 32//., IDS. 6d. nd.