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Full text of "Roger Ascham Toxophilus 1545"

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Fcap. $to, Cloth, Gilt, IDS. 6d, not*


The First printed
English New Testament, in Quarto.

Sixty photo-ltihographed pages ; preceded by a critical PREFACE,

BRIEFLY told, the story of this profoundly interesting work is as
follows —

In 1524 TINDALE went from London to Hamburgh ; where
remaining for about a year, he journeyed on to Cologne ; and
there, assisted by WILLIAM ROY, subsequently the author of the
satire on WOLSEY, Rede me and be nott wrothe [see/. 19], he began
^his first edition in 4to, with glosses, of the English New Testament.

A virulent enemy of the Reformation, COCHL/EUS, at that time an
exile in Cologne, learnt, through giving wine to the printer's men,
that P. QUENTAL the printer had in hand a secret edition of three
thousand copies of the English New Testament. In great alarm, he
informed HERMAN RINCK, a Senator of the city, who moved the
Senate to stop the printing ; but COCHL^EUS could neither obtain a
sight of the Translators, nor a sheet of the impression.

TINDALE and ROY fled with the printed sheets up the Rhine to
Worms ; and there completing this edition, produced also another
in 8vo, without glosses. Both editions were probably in England by
March, 1526.

Of the six thousand copies of which they together were com-
posed, there remain but this fragment of the First commenced
edition, in 410 , and of the Second Edition, in 8vo, one complete
copy in the Library of the Baptist College at Bristol, and an
imperfect one in that of St. Paul's Cathedral, London.

In the Preface, the original documents are given intact, in
connection with

Emdence connected with the first Two Editions of the English
New Testament, viz., in Quarto and Octavo—
I.   WILLIAM TINDALE'S antecedent career.
II.   The Printing at Cologne.

III.    The Printing at Worms.

IV.    WILLIAM ROY'S connection with these Editions
V.    The landing and distribution in England.

VI.    The persecution in England.

Typographical and Literary Evidence connected with the present

I.   It was  printed for  TINDALE  by PETER  QUENTAL at

Cologne, before 1526.
II.    It is not a portion of the separate Gospel of Matthew printed

previous to that year.

III.    It is therefore certainly a fragment of the Quarto.
Is the Quarto a translation of LUTHER'S German Version *
Text.    The   prologge.     Inner   Marginal   References.     Outer
Marginal Glosses.
*** For a continuation of this Story see G. JOY'S Apology at /. 25.