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Gateway to the Dream 



Mission Statement 

The primary mission of Roxbury Community College is to 
facilitate the success of our students in achieving their 
educational goals. RCC is a comprehensive, multicultural, 
urban, student-centered, and open-access community 
college, providing learning opportunities for all who may 
benefit. The College serves the educational needs of Roxbury, 
surrounding communities, and other diverse populations 
in the Commonwealth. We believe that all students, given 
the appropriate resources, have the ability to reach their full 
potential. The College is therefore committed to helping our 
students enhance the quality of their lives and our communities. 

Roxbury Community College offers quality post-secondary 
education in developmental academic skills, the liberal 
arts and sciences, career and transfer programs, workforce 
development, and private and public sector training. RCC 
grants associate degrees and certificates, affording its students a 
solid foundation for college transfer, employment, professional 
advancement, and life-long learning. 





{/ &£ 


Message from the President 

Dear Friends and Colleagues: 

It is with great pleasure that I bring you the 201 1 Annual 
Report. We are a fully-accredited, urban, student- 
centered community college, which serves, with 
excellence, a population that is drawn from Greater 
Roxbury and the surrounding Boston metropolitan 
communities. Each year, Roxbury Community College 
(RCC) helps thousands of those students achieve their 
goals through the liberal arts and sciences, career and transfer programs, 
workforce development, and public and private sector training. 

During 201 1, RCC received three major grants that will improve the overall 
quality of both learning and teaching at the College, and further its mission 
of excellence in student education. These grants were: A Boston Energy in 
Science Teaching (BEST) grant, the United States Department of Labor grant, 
and the Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation grant. 

Our new learner-centered classrooms continue our efforts to provide the best 
possible educational experience for students. These classrooms, funded by 
our Title III Grant, help us create an engaging learning environment. The 
classrooms that were launched during the fall are part of the Developing 
Academic Readiness through Technology (DART) project. 

Finally, five years after becoming an Achieving the Dream College, RCC was 
designated as a Leader College by Achieving the Dream, Inc. 

As RCC moves forward, we do so knowing that by working together, we can 
achieve the greatness for which this institution is destined. 


Dr. Terrence A. Gomes 


Grants Expand Roxbury 
Community College 

The College's academic and workforce 

development programs were enhanced 

through three major grants. The College's 

Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) 

Division is part of a Boston Energy in Science Teaching 

(BEST) $2.1 million grant funded through the National Science 

Foundation. RCCs workforce development programs were 

strengthen by the $785,000 the College received as part of a $20 

million U.S. Department of Labor grant allotted to a consortium 

representing the 15 Massachusetts community colleges. The 

Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation's $20,000 grant helped to equip 

the clinical simulation laboratory for the nursing program. 

New Learner- Centered Classrooms 
Support Student Success 

Student success is at the center of Roxbury Community College's mission. It 
was in that spirit that the College launched 10 new Title III funded learner- 
centered classrooms. The classrooms are part of the Developing 
Academic Readiness through Technology (DART) project. 
The DART project is a five-year, $2 million effort aimed at 
improving student persistence and graduation rates by 
utilizing technology. The new classrooms were introduced 
to members of the College community at a ribbon-cutting 
Ceremony last September. Since then, the learner-centered 
classrooms have created an exciting learning environment for 
faculty and students. 


t^^fy & dsjfo & & £ 


Roxbury Community College Becomes an 
Achieving the Dream Leader College 

RCC received prestigious recognition when it moved from an Achieving the 
Dream College to an Achieving the Dream Leader College. The College's 
record of student success was acknowledged by Achieving the Dream (ATD), 
Inc., a national nonprofit dedicated to helping low-income students and 
students of color earn a college certificate or degree. RCC was recognized 
for committed leadership, broad engagement, and systemic institutional 

Commencement 2011 was 

Roxbury Community College reached an 

historical landmark when it awarded Associate 

of Arts degrees, Associate of Science degrees, and 

Certificates to 31 1 students, the largest graduating class 

in the College's history. Suffolk County Sheriff, Andrea 

fj. Cabral, gave an inspiring speech before assembled 
members of the RCC community, graduates, and 
their guests. Keith D. Crawford, Ph.D., M.D., 
was awarded the President's Community Service 
Award for his outstanding service to RCC and other 
institutions. Dr. Richard M. Freeland, Commissioner 
of the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, 
greetings to the audience. 

Little Sprouts Wins Big Award 

At a luncheon for the top 10 finalists for the Greater Boston Chamber of 
Commerce's Small Business of the Year Award, Little Sprouts, an early 
childhood education center, was honored as the Small Business of the 
Year for 201 1 . Little Sprouts has been a leader in providing award-winning 
early education since 1982. Little Sprouts supports families that represent 
56 cultures and 23 languages, from diverse social, economic, and religious 
backgrounds. Roxbury Community College is the location of one of Little 
Sprouts' 13 Massachusetts schools. 


One Book, One Campus 

After careful consideration of several 

recommended books, The One Book, One 

W Campus Committee selected The Immortal 

^m Life of Henrietta Lacks. This national best 

W seller, written by Rebecca Skloot, tells the 

^ story of Henrietta Lacks, a young African- 

^ ■►. American mother of five, who died at the age 

■I WL of 31 in 1951 of an usually aggressive form 

. M ^L of cervical cancer. During the operation to 

A ^L remove her tumor, her doctor removed 

^B ^m a cancerous sample without her consent. 

^^ Those cells never died and have been used 

for sixty-one years in breakthrough medical 

research. Henrietta's story raises a host of ethical, 

legal, moral, and racial issues, which made it a powerful book 

to use in any number of courses offered at RCC. Many professors 

adopted the book and reported that it was a success in stimulating 

critical thinking and classroom discussion. 

Green Initiatives 

The greening of RCC continues. The College's Gardens and Orchard 
program was awarded $50,000 from the Department of Neighborhood 
Development for expansion of its gardens. The gardens are in three 
locations on the campus and last year featured four kinds of herbs, 
cucumbers, squash, Asian greens, watermelons, strawberries, and 
a host of flowering plants. The Gardens and Orchard program held 
a Fall Fest Celebration featuring guest speaker, Dr. Sajed Kamal, 
of Brandeis University. In recognition of its Gardens and Orchard 
program, The Boston Nature Areas Network presented RCCs program 
with the Rookie Garden of the Year Award for 201 1 . 




S & /& £ 

Corporate and Community Education 
adds new Veterinary Assistant Program 

In keeping with the workforce demands in Massachusetts, the 

Corporate and Community Education Department 

added Veterinary Assistant to its already impressive 

list of training programs. Veterinary Assistants 

have been identified by the U.S. Department of 

Labor as one of the fastest-growing professions. 

Students enrolled in the Veterinary Assistant 

program will be taught how to care for sick and 

injured animals in a veterinarian's office, clinic, or 

animal hospital. Students will also learn client relations, office and 

^ hospital procedures, and animal nursing. The course includes 90 hours 

of classroom instruction and a 30 hour internship, which will take place 

at an animal hospital, clinic, or veterinarian's office. Other Corporate and 

Community Education program offerings include Health Unit Coordinator, 

Web Design and Development, and Home Modification Specialist. 

Library Increases Electronic Resources 

The Library has significantly increased its electronic resources to better serve 
the RCC learning community. There are now 70 online databases with 
access to thousands of journals and millions of articles. They support 
the whole curriculum in such areas as STEM, Health Sciences, 
Criminal Justice, and Liberal Arts. Twenty-two thousand ebooks 
may now be downloaded to home computers and portable devices. 
Eighty-two online guides help students with popular research topics. 
An additional 7,000 streaming academic videos further enhance learning 
at the College. 


Athletics Program Soars 

This past season was another great year for the Roxbury Community 

College Athletics program. The College was 

featured in the National Junior College Athletic 

Association (NJCAA) Magazine as the College 

of the Month for February 2011. Also, four 

RCC student-athletics were named All- 

Americans for their superb accomplishments. 

inally, a talented and hard-working women's 

basketball team finished second at the Nationals, 

and the Roxbury Community College baseball team qualified for 

the Regional for the first time since 1 996. 

Roxbury Repertory Theatre and RCC 
Mainstage Combine for Powerful Cultural 

The cultural and artistic life at the College continues to be enriched through 
the Media Arts Center. Roxbury Repertory Theatre's fall production of To 
Kill a Mockingbird was met with rave reviews. Directed by Marshall 
Hughes, and based of Harper Lee's beloved novel, the production 
reached new heights of theater excellence. In the words of one 
reviewer, "...this Mockingbird lets the story truly sing and finally 
does Lee's novel justice." RCC and The National Center of Afro- 
American Artists in association with Quincy Geneva Housing 
Corporation combined to present the legendary Black Nativity, which 
was performed for the first time at the Media Arts Center Mainstage. A 
gifted company of singers, actors, dancers, and musicians delivered 
a powerful message of joy, hope, victory, and liberation. The 
Resnikoff Gallery, located in the lobby of the Media Arts Center, 
held a number of successful exhibits last year. Among them was 
the annual "Violence Transformed" exhibit, which featured visual 
and performing arts events celebrating the power of art to confront, 
challenge, and mediate violence. 


f ^/M/C>/t 

W&l/£4/d/i/ / l^e'We'd/ds 

Faculty Publications and Accomplishments 

Faculty members continue to distinguish themselves and receive praise 
for notable accomplishments. Ken Tangvik, professor of Composition and 
English Literature, published a collection of his short stories in a book titled 
Don't Mess with Tanya: Stories Emerging from Boston's Barrios. According 
to one reviewer, Professor Tangvik's stories, gleaned from his "decades 
of street work" pack "a power punch/' Professor Tangvick discussed 
his book as a guest on WGBH's The Callie Crossley 
Show. Professor Barbara Savage, Chair of the 
Mathematics Department, presented at the 37th 
annual American Mathematical Association of 
Two-Year Colleges in Austin, Texas. The focus 
of Dr. Savage's presentation was her MAT 120 
introduction to Statistics Course, which includes a 
service learning project at the Greater Boston Food 

Employees Recognized 

The College held its First Annual Employee 

Service Awards program on March 24, 201 1 

at the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center 

to honor full-time employees for their long-term 

service and commitment to RCC. The program included greetings 

from President Gomes, followed by a dinner. Awards were presented 

to retired employees and current employees who had 10 to 25 years of 


Information Technology Partners with 
AdvizeX and HP to Improve Services 

Through a partnership with AdvizeX and HP, Information Technology 
Services at RCC began a series of exciting improvements. A team of 
consultants from AdvizeX recommended a three-phase solution that began 
to dramatically improve RCCs IT Services and create a more positive user 
experience for the entire College community. Benefits to students and 
faculty include improved classroom teaching effectiveness as the result of 
faster, more reliable access to online educational content and tools. 



The College has now extended to nine years its unbroken record of improvement in its unrestricted net assets. The 
state appropriation for Roxbury Community College was increased by $1,032,035 in fiscal year 201 1 . 

The College generated $52,953 in additional revenue from a small increase in college fees and increased enrollment. 
An increase of $469,125 in revenue from private grants and contacts was used to upgrade laboratories and replace 
old classroom furniture. The additional cash flow from operations enabled the College to spend $1,239,835 to 
replace some of the inefficient heating units and improve the information technology network infrastructure. In 
addition, the College utilized capital appropriations of $1 53,602 for a few capital projects. 

For the Years Ended June 30 201 1 


State Grants 4% 

Federal Grants 25% 

Other Revenue 6% 

Tuition and Fees 27% 

State Operating Appropriations 38% 

State Capital Appropriation 1% 

Scholarships and Fellowships 25% 

Instruction 30% 

Operation and Maintenance 

of Plant 8% 

Public Service 5% 

Institutional Support 1 1% 

Academic Support 9% 

Student Services 1 2% 


Scholarships and Fellowships 24% 

Supplies and Services 21% — ^B 
Compensation and Benefits 55% ^ 

Schedule of Revenue 

State Operating Appropriations 

State Capital Appropriation 

Tuition and Fees * 

Federal Grants 

State Grants 

Other Revenue 

Total Revenue 

^includes tuition and fees paid through financial aid 

Schedule of Expenses - Natural Classification 

Compensation and Benefits $ 18,112,936 

Supplies and Services $ 6,863,953 

Scholarships and Fellowships $ 8,166,874 

Total Expenses $ 33,143,763 

Note: Depreciation expenses are excluded. 

$ 12,748,895 

$ 153,602 

$ 8,864,036 

$ 8,494,752 

$ 1,395,724 

$ 1,990,646 

$ 33,647,655 

Schedule of Expenses - Functional Classification 

Instruction $ 9,996,644 

Academic Support $ 2,968,984 

Student Services $ 4,061 ,920 

Institutional Support $ 3,722,115 

Public Service $ 1,708,272 

Operation & Maintenance of Plant $ 2,518,954 

Scholarships and Fellowships $ 8,166,874 

Total Expenses 

$ 33,143,763 

$ 10,876,774 

$ 1,540,719 

$ 8,408,912 

$ 10,063,607 

$ 1,448,615 

$ 1,576,284 

$ 33,914,911 

$ 18,094,004 

$ 6,664,301 

$ 7,920,023 

$ 32,678,328 

$ 9,291,672 

$ 2,587,762 

$ 3,640,173 

$ 3,094,424 

$ 1,507,070 

$ 4,637,204 

$ 7,920,023 

$ 32,678,328 



KL.L. I KUj I tto 


Ms. Anita L. Crawford 


Roxbury Comprehensive 

Community Health Center 

Vice Chair 

Mr. Steven Tompkins 

Chief of External Affairs 

Suffolk County Sheriffs 



Mr. John B. Cruz, III, 

President & CEO 

Cruz Construction 


Mr. Russell D. Aims 

Chief of Staff 

Mass. Board of 

Registration in Medicine 

Ms. Janet P. Owens 

Interim Chief Academic 

Officer and Academic 

Superintendent for Pilot 

Schools (Retired) 
Boston Public Schools 


Dr. Terrence A. Gomes 

Dr. Brenda W. Mercomes 

Vice President, Academic Affairs 

Dr. Stephanie C. Janey 

Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs 

Mr. Chuks C. Okoli 

Vice President, Administration and Finance 

Mr. Patrick Jean-Louis 

Chief Information Technology Officer 

Mr. P. Paul Alexander 

Chief Human Resources Officer 


Roslyn Marshall 

Senior Tax Supervisor 

MFS Investment 


Ms. Michele Courton Brown 

Chief Operating Officer 

The Efficacy Institute, Inc 

Mr. Stanley R. Won^ 

CEO & Director 


Student Trustee 

Mr. Miguel Baquerizo 

Roxbury Community College 


Ms. Sonia L. Alleyne 

Ms. Elizabeth Clark-Donald 
Vice President 

Ms. Judith Kahalas 

Ms. Michele Courton Brown 
Ex officio member 

Dr. Terrence A. Gomes 
Ex officio member 

Q Q- 

1 234 Columbus Avenue 
Roxbury Crossing, MA 021 20