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Gateway to the Dream 





This is an official publication of Roxbury Community College. Course offerings, dates, tuition, fees, and other 
information are subject to change. The College reserves the right to revise any material described in this publication. 
The information in this publication is provided for convenience, and the College disclaims any liability that may be 
incurred. This publication is neither a contract nor an offer to make a contract. 

Roxbury Community College maintains and promotes a policy of non-discrimination in employment and education 
on the basis of race, creed, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran's status, marital status, 
and national origin. We are committed to a policy of affirmative action, equal opportunity, equal education, non- 
discrimination, diversity, and equal access. 

Title VI coordinator: Paul Alexander, Chief Human Resources Officer 

Administration Building 2, 3rd Floor, Room 313, (617) 541-5337 

Title IX coordinator for employees: Paul Alexander, Chief Human Resources Officer 

Title IX coordinator for students: Dr. Stephanie Janey, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs 

Administration Building 2, 2nd Floor, Room 202, (617) 541-5303 

504 coordinator: Linda O'Connor, Counselor for Students with Disabilities 

Academic Building 3, 2nd Floor, Room 207, (617) 708-3562 

On behalf of our students, faculty, and staff, welcome to 
Roxbury Community College. Roxbury Community College is a 
dynamic academic institution engaged in preparing students for 
the educational and workforce challenges of the 21st century. 
We offer a vibrant learning environment in which you can earn 
an Associate Degree, a Certificate, or merely take classes to 
advance life-long learning. To help you achieve your goals, we 
have outstanding academic support services and resources. 

Please consider making a visit to Roxbury Community College. 
I know that you will find a welcoming, lively campus and a 
renewed commitment to our motto as the "Gateway to the 


Dr. Stephanie C. Janey 

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs 

Roxbury Community College 



Pre-College (High School) 

Dual Enrollment 

Administration Building, Room 102 

.High school students can take college courses 
and earn college credits before graduating from 
high school. Students must place into college- 
level classes to be eligible. College courses 
taken must also satisfy high school graduation 

Talent Search 

Media Arts Center Building, Room 00 1 

The Roxbury Community College Talent Search 

Program, Project GPS: Graduate, Perform, 

Succeed, provides on-site services to students 

from designated Boston Public High and Middl< 

Schools. Project GPS assists students in movinc 

from middle school through high school and 

college to graduation by providing creative and 

engaging educational services, programs, and 

experiences. The program provides academic, career, and financial counseling 

to its participants and encourages them to graduate from high school and 

continue on to complete college. 


£fr&wasl s*^a>&&//& 

General Educational Development (GED) Tests 

Student Center Building, Room 1 02 

Roxbury Community College is a test site for the 

GED. When students pass all five subject tests, 

they earn a GED certificate, which is nationally 

recognized as the equivalent of a high school 


Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System 

Student Center Building, Room 1 02 

Roxbury Community College's Pathways to Success Program helps students 

achieve proficiency on the MCAS English Language Arts or Math tests. The 

Program is tailored to students' needs, based 

on Individual Student Success (ISS) plans as 

well as analysis of performance on past MCAS 

exams. The Pathways Program is offered at no 

cost to participating students. Additional incentives 

are offered to Pathways participants who wish to 

pursue their post-secondary education at Roxbury 

Community College. 


RCC Student 
Success Services 

In collaboration with faculty, professional staff, and administrators, the Center for 
Student Success provides RCC students with the individual support and attention 
they need to achieve their full potential. 

Through a comprehensive set of resources and services, all located on the 2nd 
floor of the Academic Building, the Center provides students with: 

Academic Advising 

Academic Building, Room 2 1 9 

The Office of Academic Advising is committed 
I to providing services that support the 

educational goals of the students at Roxbury 
Community College. 


Academic Building, Room 207 
The Tutorial Assistant Program (TAP), located in 
the Learning Center, offers tutorial services provided 
by peer and professional tutors in either small- 
group or one-on-one sessions. Subjects include 
Accounting, Computers, English, ESOL, Math, 
and Science. 

Services for Students with Disabilities 

Academic Building, Room 207 

Our goal is to ensure a comprehensively accessible college experience, where 
individuals with disabilities have the same access to programs, opportunities, 
and activities as all others. 


Academic Support Labs 
Language Lab 

Academic Building, Room 205 
Students learning foreign languages or English 
as a second language, attend classes and use 
interactive media in the Language Lab. Lab staff 
are available to assist with self-directed or 
classroom media use. 

Writing Center 

Academic Building, Room 203 

Each week the Writing Center holds workshops and presentations to help students 
improve their writing. Some of the topics covered include grammar, developing 

a paragraph, writing an essay, plagiarism, and 

the research paper. The Writing Center offers 

individual tutoring to all students who request 

^support in writing an academic paper. Students 

may also drop in at any time for an informal 

" X """ r session. The Writing Center tutors do not edit 

students' papers; they encourage students to 

^ find their mistakes and learn to correct them 

,, f through practice. 

The Writing Center hopes that all students visit during the semester. We 
understand that many students become anxious when they are required to write 
and we are here to support them. 

Math Clinic 

Academic Building, Room 206 

The Math Clinic provides RCC students with an opportunity to receive immediate 
help with their mathematics questions. No appointment is necessary - just drop 
in and talk to a tutor, some of whom are College faculty. We will not do your 
homework for you, but we will explain the relevant concepts and set you on the 
right path. 


Student Life 

Student Clubs and Organizations 

Academic Building, Room 353 

The College recognizes that significant learning occurs outside the classroom. 
Through the Office of Student Life and Student Engagement, cultural, social, and 
recreational activities offer opportunities for students to share their ideas and 
experiences with one another in an atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance. 
The Office of Student Life and Student Engagement assists all student clubs and 
organizations in their development. 

Student Government 

Academic Building, Room 353 

The Student Government Association (SGA) 

is comprised of 1 2 elected students, chosen 

each year by their peers, to act as the official 

representatives of the student body at Roxbury 

Community College. The SGA represents students 

when issues and policies affect student life 

at RCC, advises the College governance 

structure by serving on all College governance 

committees, and acts as the liaison between the College administration and 

students. The SGA assists in planning activities and overseeing the allocation of 

funds to recognized student clubs and organizations. 


Reggie Lewis Track & Athletic Center, 1 350 Tremont Street 

The Athletic Department offers students the opportunity 

participate in a wide range of sports and offers 

fitness activities for the entire College community. 

The Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center is the 

home base for Roxbury Community College's 

intercollegiate and intramural sports, as well as 

statewide high school track meets. 


Next steps 

Career Services 

Academic Building, Room 2 1 9 

^The mission of Career Services is to support and 

muide students and alumni through the career 

planning process. We accomplish this through a 

broad scope of comprehensive programs and 

services that focus on each student's individual 

needs, empowering them to make informed 

career and educational decisions. 


Academic Building, Room 2 1 9 
MassTransfer streamlines the transfer process and 
maximizes transfer credit within the Massachusetts 
public higher education system. By completing a set 
of core general education requirements, students 
can build on their associate degrees to obtain a 
bachelor's degree at any 4-year public institution. 

Articulation Agreements 

Academic Building, Room 2 1 9 

Roxbury Community College has developed articulation agreements with several 
public and private baccalaureate institutions for students who have completed 
their associate degree and wish to transfer. 


Academic Building, Room 2 1 9 

Internships allow students to explore a career 

area of interest. The Internship Coordinator 

) assists students in locating an internship that 

aligns with their career interests and enhances 

their program of study. 



Applying to RCC 




Complete an Admissions Application form. Prospective students may 
download a hardcopy application or apply online at 

Enclose a $10 non-refundable application fee if you are a Massachusetts 
resident. Out-of-state and international students must enclose a $35 non- 
refundable fee (check or money order required). The in-state fee may be 
waived based upon an applicant's financial need. Our Enrollment Center 
and many high school counselors have information about fee waivers. 

Submit an official high school diploma or GED to the Enrollment Center, 
Room 102, Administration Building (617-541-5310) 

Massachusetts Law 105 CMR 220.000 requires all full-time students (12 
or more credits) including students in Health Science Programs to present 
evidence of immunization against Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Tetanus, 
Chicken Pox, and Hepatitis B in order to attend classes. New students will 
receive the immunization form from the Enrollment Center. 

You can find 


detailed information on our website at www. 



Our Financial Aid staff also invites you to visit their office in Room 201, 
Administration Building or to call them at 6 1 7-54 1-5322. 




1 - Media Arts Center 


2 -Administration 

3 - Academic Building 4 - Student Center 

5 -Reggie Lewis Tracks 
Athletic Center 

Enrollment Center 

1 234 Columbus Avenue 
Roxbury Crossing, MA 021 20