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Run Out of Space? A Classy Extension Has That Problem 

Modern households, regardless of their size and configuration, seem to be accumulating more 
and more furniture and consumer goods. As the rooms fill up with possessions and space 
becomes a premium item, thoughts turn to different ways to best accommodate this practice. It is 
not long before the realisation dawns that either some items have to go or the house needs to be 
extended somehow to fit everything in. 

Identify the Purpose of the Proposed Extension or Renovation 

Local government requirements should be researched first before time and money is spent on 
planning. The homeowner's budget, the style of the dwelling, its position on the block of land 
and the outward appearance of the extension should all be taken into account before any 
emotional attachment to the final result is formed. Before getting to that point, however, the 
homeowner needs to consider the best option for creating that desirable extra space. 

Often it comes down to what is the most practical solution. At the same time, however, all House 
renovations Brisbane must be aesthetically pleasing. An attractive extension that complements 
the existing dwelling should look like it was part of the original construction. Nothing will 
devalue a property quicker than an ugly, ill-planned renovation that looks like it was tacked on as 
an afterthought. 

If the extra space is needed purely for long-term storage, then extending the garage or carport 
and creating an enclosed room in the additional space should do the trick. Most homeowners, 
however, when deciding to outlay considerable funds for an extension, like to have something 
that can be enjoyed by all the family members. 

Well-Planned Extensions Add Value to the Dwelling 

A family or media room, for example, provides space to display and utilise additional media 
equipment. The extra furniture hidden in cramped bedrooms can come out of hiding and be used 
by householders to enjoy the space and newly created facilities. Clever wall cabinets get easily 
scattered items such as CD or DVD collections and those bits and pieces like headphones and 
microphones off the floor and tucked away tidily from view. 

If extra sleeping space is needed for friends and relatives to stay for a few days, then a guest 
room could be the ideal solution. Banish the blow-up mattress spread on the lounge room floor 
and create a welcoming bedroom/sitting room for casual guests. Install large wardrobes and their 
luggage, clothes and shoes are out of the main living areas. If the budget allows, complete the 
room with a small ensuite bathroom and guests will feel less like they are intruding, and more 
likely to extend their stay. 

Many building companies specialise in extensions and renovations, and have their own design 
team ready to assist clients to make the most of their renovation project. A cleverly designed and 

expertly crafted extension will look superb, both from inside and outside the dwelling. It will 
enhance the living space for the householders and add value to the property. Click here for more