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Full text of "Ruth Drake Obituary"





Cyanide Poisoning 
Case Baffles Salt 
Lake Polic e Force 

Police Believe That Ruth Drake Of Payson, Infatuated With 
Sarah Lundstedt, Killed Friend and Self With 
Cyanide; Feared Separation 

SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 29.— Mad infatuation, grown 
frenzied at the thought of coming separation, is believed to 
be the reason for the death of Ruth Drake and Sarah Lund- 
stedt, two young Salt Lake girls, whose bodies, -were found 
beside a vacant auto near* Beck's Hot Springs Sunday night. 
The girls were Ruth Drake, 22, whose parent reside in Pay- 
son and Sarah Lundstedt, 22, a native of Layton. ' 

A letter from Miss Drake to Miss Lundatedt was discov- 
ered by police, and it reveals a f riendshin, of more than ordi- 
nary depth between the two girls. .The letter indicated a 
girlish "crush" on the part of Miss Drake, and one which 
Miss Lundstedt did hot fully return. 

Police are now working on the theory that Miss Drake 
crazed by the thought of Miss Lundstedt's coming departure 
to California, gave her friend pojsorund then drank the fatal 
liquid herself. 

~ — — ® A broken flask with the bottom 

intact was found at a short distance 
frunv the tsidles, and was found to 
contain cyanide dissolved in water. 
Miss I >ntkr had act-ess to cyanide at 
the jewelry store, it was revealed. 

At an autopsy performed Mmi- 
day by Dr. J. J. Galllgan and Her- 
man Harms, state .chemist. It was 
found that a discoloration and a 
strong odor in the stomachs of both 
ijlris indicated the presence of cyan- 
ide. This will I* carefully analyz- 
ed, and the result learned Tuesday. 
Associates or Miss Drake declare) 
[i'iii she bad been acting strangely 
for some time. Alfred Ilurrcll, em- 
ployed at the Jewelry store, said 
-that Miss Drake had shIukI him n 
number of (|«etttlon»- about j»ois- 
oued cigarettes and cyanide, once 
iiKludng as to bow much cyanide JJJ 
took to kill a person. 

Tlie girl's mother believes that 
her daughter was mentally derang- 
ed by her unnatural affection far 
Miss Lundstedt. 

it has been established that the 
Iragedy occurred after 7 o'clock, 
since the girls left Ogden at 7 
o'clock, after visitlug Miss Drake's 
uncle. J. H. Drake, at 2flS3 Keisel 
Avenue, and attending a theatre. 

The bodies of the two girls were 
discovered by passing motorists 
shortly after o'clock. Fred B. 
Muuser of Rait Lake, noticed the 
roadster beside the rond, and slow- 
ing down, the bodies of the girls 
were to be seen. Miss Liiiistedfa 
body stilt allowed signs of life, but 
she was dead by the time the ninbu- 
Inni'o which had been summoned had 
rushed the Riris to the emergency 
hospital. Miss Drake wns dead at 
the time of the discovery. 

Alfred Bnrrell, who worked in the 
same Jewelry store as Miss Drake, 
had lent her the car at 9:30 o'clock 
in the morning, he tolit officers. 
Barrel! was questioned at police 
heudiputrtcrs, but was released 
when hl.s story seemed definitely 

shortly after 11 o'clock, Miss 
Drake culled nt the store for a ring 
previously given her by the other 
girl, saying that she intended to re- 
turn It. Miss Drake then drove to 
Miss lams t tilt's home, and the girls 
departed, ostensibly for Ogden. The 
ring was la tor fcjiud on Miss 
f j Drake's body. 

Prior to the autopsy, three ponstb- 
l J lliiles were considered: double sui- 
■lirtc. double murder, or murder and, 

• ( Mrs. Mary K. Denies of the Hlll- 
iirest apartments, at whose home 
''Miss Lundstedt formerly roomed, 
. identified her body and said she was 
! Iconvim-ed thnt she had not commlt- 
leil suicide. 


Consternation Reigns When 
Popular Girl's Death Is Dis- 
covered; Mother Called to 
Salt Lake Late Sunday. •■ 

(Special to The Herald) 

I'Ai'SOS, Nor. »— <_'oii*teninILou 
rclgritid Lore early this morning iik 
new* of the tragi* oaatb of Mln* 
Itnta Drake in Suit l-ake Hunday 
lilBlM nnilu-i] here. The truf-cd-,- 

has iH'i'ii i hf main lojilc of epnreraa- 
tlan t&rottgttont the Bay, Wherever 
uroutm nave gathered on tap HtreotM, 

at tin' Ktonm, at tin: Hi'boola, oc in 
tlie li.miin. the wid dt-atli of Uuth 

Mis &WII (UWUMKli 

Payayi ili**h (iradunle — 

Ifufli was u favorite here Human 
the young people when she ntlanded 

I lie Ini-ul si-lwols. Mill- graduated 
from (In- I'ny*.!. hlfth school In lfti'1 

Mil* miR-nii aeeoinplixhed plnn'ofot 
unit was considered by nil whs knew 
1'iT In' lie i) model ynuiiK woauiu. 

Slii' H|n-iit TliiinkHBlviiig diij with 
her ninilii'i- hen, and also tlie Sua-' 
day previous to thnt. 

Ittuli D rak e wtm tin* dmu-nter of 
Mr. innl Sir* t:. B. Drake, Her 
father bus been muster mechanic nt 
flip I'fi.vwi'ii plant of the rtulildaho 
Sugar row-puny daring tin* punt 14 

ji-iirs. owing tin* imMI '» beet 
entnimtgi), .Mr. Drake and his sou 
i hieitt liuvi- been Working nt the 
aikar faetqjy ui tlelMughnm, Wash., 
hlnre the Intral plan) bai been nhtit 

111..11, iiiu' t<> tin* pnor beet "op in 

Utk Mi-lion. 
Mother i*. palled— 

Mrs, Drake w«a Brat notified Hint 
soint-tbltig whs Wrong Sanility iilcht 
-t 1 1 ;J!tl i.'i-'oi-1c. Sin.' hum rriiiiestitl 
i.i .:■».>■ In Suit I.nki- Immediately, 
having H .slik Iti by In nlii.-iul to, 
Mr-. Drake »t first Intended to wait 
'j ill Monday morning in go to Unit 
l-iike, lint wln'ii the calls from (here 
in-lMi'd thui -die come Immediately, 
sin- .■iiT.'iin.i'd to have ii nurse re- 
iiiiln with 1 in- child. Amimnanlen 
1 y Miiiiii Wli(-nu, HiiiHTlntoadpnt nf 
ili" \i-Imi wimiiiH and a neighbor or 
nit- Drake finally, Mm. Drake left 
lor Hull I,n k<> ut mldokflht Simdiiy. 
It \wi« not until she itrrlvi-il there 
that she wna told nt tin* death of 
lli-r dnu-lih'i'. 

Kniti was 22 'years of age. She 
K survived iiy her p ar ent s , three 
•■fattec* and two lu'oihirs. us follows : 
Anna Drake, Who la an hii I.. D. 8. 
lai-u-iifu ui Hun Jfoae, California: 
iJ.ii.-ar. Mellm. Alain and Jean 
lii-uki', all of Pay sou. Mr. and Mrs. 
i"im Johnson. «r.. of Benjamin, are 
ii.,- maternal grandiMrenta -f Itmli, 
lift 1 futhejs'a ndallvi'H live in Otidi-n. 
i.'i r|!-lli-(.[nt Love — 

Aii-ordlng to friends of tin' Drake 
tuutlly, itntli mid Mnrab Lnndatedt. 
wlio iilso died" In thp mysterious 
tragedy, tinvo been friend* for mora 
lliun three years; An anuawal and 
dei-]>-ronled love. Ik said to have 
li-i'n shown l>y Itniti towards her 
■liiim. it 1m Kiild thai these deep 
recites have eonalderably worried 
Mrs, Hrake, who feared thnt it *aa 
i.nt well fur her daughter to allow 
l-er fn-lliitrn ta run in that dirt-i-tion. 
Mr-o l;r.il;i' la inlil to hare told 
:iriahl«ors hi*vi- thai Knth'M luve for 
Sarah was snch that she would do 
ruiythlng for her; It i . xald (hat at 
. ini.-s niioii Mls-s Dffnko visit oil her 
kimii' for n da^ that she.wn.s In the 
lialilt of iiilrtiic Snrub mid lulklns 
.villi In-r over the telephone. 

It tvaa li-anu-d hire thut Itnlli 
had norenase*] a ring to *ftvo Barab 
when she di'[inned- tor rnlifori'lu 
witbla too ni'it two weeka, sue la 
tlsn mid 10 have piiri-bowti 11 eoat 
fur b-T «I«lt*r Ainm. Hntunlay. 
which aba wiim to si'iul to Sun Jose.