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San Diego is the oldest city In California, and one of the mosi progressive Cabrillo sailed into the Harbor in 1542 In I7t>9 Kaihcr Jumpcro 
Serra founded the first of the iwcnty-threc California Missions Mission "'De Alcala" situated about six miles from the present city which 
was established as the new town in 1867 The land-locked harbor of San Diego Bay covers an area of twenty-two square miles and on 
the slope that rises from the water front the city of San Diego is spread out. The population is rapidly approaching 100.000 The city 
has broad well-lighted business streets, and as fine Public Buildings. Hotels and Private Residences as those of any eastern city twice ihe size 
The magnificent U. S. Grant Hotel facing the Plaza was erected at a cost of nearly two million dollars, and is in the heart of the business 
district Hotel Del Coronado at Coronado Bench is one of the most beautiful on the coast and is renowned the World over. 

The Points of interest around the city are numerous, among the most prominent arc La Jolla with its fine Surf and natural caves 
Fort Kosencrans over the new boulevard. Point Loma. the old lighthouse on Ocean Beach. Tia Juana. the quaint Mexican village ten 
miles south of the city Coronado Beach and Tent City At old Town there is the Marriage Place of Ramona. the Mission Palm the 
Serra Cross, and around the city there is the Mission Cliff Gardens, the Ostrich Kami and Beautiful Balboa Park, a tract of 1.400 acres and 
here is located the Panama California Exposition, which will be open from January 1st to December 31st. 1 9 15. one full year, the favorable 
climatic conditions making this possible. 

424 Arujr.vure. Cot>yfiiht I9IS. C T Co., Publl»her». Chicago 

Staid Normal School limited on Univtt.ny Htifhti 

U S. Po«t Office and Custom House 1 he department. 

■ to! in th» butMinf 

American National Bank building 

Typical Street Scene thiwini beautiful honwi imoni th« 
Palma and tropical foliafr 

Pavilion and Fountain in Missmn ClilT Gardens 

Scent- in Beautiful Balboa Park 


Hold Del Coronado. Coronado. San Diego. One ot Ihe most beautiful hotels on the CM 

Residence of John D Spreckcls. Coronado. San DK«o 

Boat Landing. Tent City. Coronado Beach. 

Boat Racing Tent City. Coronado Beach 

Mission San Diego "Dc Alcala. 

Surf at Coronado Beach, Point Loma in the distance, San [)ie(o 

Submarine in 1 ' 

Diefo Harbor 

Breakers dashing over cliffs at In Julia, near Sun l> 

Kray Jumpcro Monument 0I<1 Town. San Dfcflga 

h.nlr Rock, U Jolla, near San Diefo 

Puente Cabnllo across Canyon. West approach to the Panama California Exposition 

West Gate to Panama-California Exposition showing Tower and I>omc of California Building 

leal Building on the lefl and Varied Industries Building in the Center 
Panama-California Exposition. 

RcfluUsai m ihr large Usoon. Panama California Kipo«1tk«l 

Southern California Counties BmUlinK Panama California Exposition 

The Model Farm, Panama-California Exposition 

F. a »t Facade. Arta and Craft* building. Panama California F.((iosiiio 

hM >'<>rtal. Varied Induamea Building Panama California Etpoatilon 

Patio of Southern California Counties Building, Panama California Exposition 

Vista o( Arts and Crafts Building. Panama Cl 

Lily Pond and Varied Industries Building 

Ethnology Building and the Dome and Tower o( California Building