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364                           THE   CONE  AS  A   COLLKCTOH  OF  SiU'SH
Although the complete fulfilinenf, of the runditii»n> al>"\e laid dn\\n i-. hardly realisable in practice with sounds of moderate j>iteli. <»!»•• \vnuld e«-t i:uuh expect the use of a cone to be of moiv advantage than apjH-ar- lr»«iu tin-observations at the Roy<-il Aircraft- Furjnry (Ih'jmrt, T. ."»77 i. la t h«- yai 1 sT."i. I experimentod with a zinc cone ID inchi-s \vidt- at ih«- ju'»uth and aln«ur 9 feet long, but I cannot -find any ivrord of tin- nli.s«-rvali«ius. M\ n-i-i.!!••»'!i..n, however, is that I was disappointed with fh*- ivMilfs I'«-rJiaj»s I MMV find opportunity for further trial, when I propose fit im»- w;tv«- l.-n^fh-. .«f ah»«!i' 3 inches.cone, the same must be true of the plane waves just outside — at any rate over the greater part of the mouth. The velocity potential just outside may therefore be denoted by