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Full text of "Selected Essays Of Robert Louis Stevenson"

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E. L. S.

Thin-legged, thin-chested, slight unspeakably,

Neat-footed and weak-fingered :  in his faceŚ

Lean, large-boned, curved of beak, and touched with race,

Bold-lipped, rich-tinted, mutable as the sea,

The brown eyes radiant with vivacityŚ

There shines a brilliant and romantic grace,

A spirit intense and rare, with trace on trace

Of passion and impudence and energy.

Valiant in velvet, light in ragged luck,

Most vain, most generous, sternly critical,

Buffoon and poet, lover and sensualist :

A deal of Ariel, just a streak of Puck,

Much Antony, of Hamlet most of all,

And something of the Shorter-Catechist.


To miss the Joy is to miss all.

The Lantern-Bearers*