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140                                NOTES

Rob Hoy, the famous eighteenth century outlaw, the hero of
Scott's novel of that name.

Burns' Dr. Smith.    The Rev. Dr. Smith of Galston in Ayrshire,
the subject of Burns' mocking verse in * Holy Fair':
Smith opens out his cold harangues,
On practice and on morals.

homimculUSj manikin. Stevenson here playfully suggests that
we are all the products of an ancestry going back for unknown
centuries. Our characteristics are hereditary.

wynd, alley.

metastasis, transformation.

Peekham, a London suburb.

Cardinal Beaton. Cardinal Archbishop of St. Andrews (1494-
1546). He cruelly persecuted the Protestants, and burnt George
Wishart at the stake. For this he was murdered. John Knox
was one of those implicated, for which he was sent to the galleys.
(The tradition of the French origin of the Stevensons is baseless.
See A Family of Engineers, p. 17 note.)

DefoateaWe Land, the Scottish Border, the scene of so many

Elliots, the Earls of Minto, a great Border family, Stevenson's
maternal grandfather, Dr. Balf our, was grandson of James Balf our of
Pilrig (see Catriona), who married a grand-daughter of Sir% Gilbert
Elliot of Border fame.

the '15.   The Jacobite Rebellion of 1715.

Bailie Hieol Jarvle. In Scott's Rob Roy. Two of Stevenson's
ancestors in the latter half of the eighteenth century owned an
estate in St. Kitts in the Leeward Islands. (A Family of Engineers,
pp. 18-20).

Bell Bock. This famous lighthouse, on a sunken reef in the
fairway of the estuaries of the Tay and Forth, was old Robert
Stevenson's masterpiece (1807-12). It received its name from the
' Inchcape Bell' of Southey's poem. (A Family of Engineers3
chapter in).

Smeaton, a sloop of forty tons named after the famous builder
of the Eddystone lighthouse, who was Robert Stevenson's acknow-
ledged master.

thrawe, twist.

Agricola (37-93 A.C.), the Roman general who built the great
wall from the Forth to the Clyde.

Pannonia, on the Danube, Chaldea, in Mesopotamia; like the
Wall, the outposts of the Roman Empire.



In 1870 Stevenson accompanied his father to the lighthouse
which the latter was erecting in partnership with his brother David
on the Dhu Heartach reef. This and Skerrj^vore light dangerous
rocks on the west coast of Scotland, oS the Isle of Mull. Rhu Val