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Li'ti ni in If i'ji III III iiif 1 1 V 

I Also in this issue: 
Foundation Annual Report • Recruitment 


Energy and enthusiasm are high 

Grand President James R Robeson, 

Cincinnati '59, lives with his wife, Teddi, 

in Oxford, Ohio, where he was Dean of the 

School of Business Administration at 

Miami of Ohio University. Before being 

elected Grand President at the 2003 Grand 

Chapter Conclave, Brother Robeson served 

as the Grand Treasurer on the National 

Board of Directors for six years. 

— One of two 

guiding principles 

engraved on the 

Temple at Delphi in 

Dear Brothers and Friends of Sigma Phi Epsilon: 

Every February members of the 
National Board of Directors attend at least 
one of the Carlson Leadership Academies 
held across the country Some of you may 
remember when these events were called the 
Regional Leadership Academies or simply 
Regionals. Today they are called Carlsons, 
named after our beloved Curt Carlson, 
Minnesota '37, who endowed the program 
in 1992. 

The format is essentially the same, 
chapter officers gather to learn effective 
management and leadership skills to 
improve their chapter. Conflict resolution 
skills are honed during the events on Friday 
evening. Afterwards, each chapter is asked to 
evaluate its progress in comparison to the 
Fraternity's Strategic Plan. Saturday morning 
the chapter officers attend sessions for each 
area of operation. Friendships with SigEps at 
other campuses are made and during the 
meals awards are given to chapters who 
make progress over the course of the year. 
Aside from the name change, there are 
noticeable improvements, pointing toward a 
prosperous future for our Fraternity. 

I overhear conversations that happen 
when a chapter's executive board is together 
discussing its performance late on a Friday 
evening. These conversations are frank; 
undergraduates are critically evaluating their 
chapter's strengths and weaknesses. When 
they leave the site of the CLA, they leave 
with a game plan to take back to campus. 

Attendance at the Carlson Leadership 

Academies is at a record pace. At the Des 

Moines, Iowa, CLA more than 300 SigEps 

participated. In Cleveland there were ^ 

upwards of 250. Each year more and more'^ t _ t o u 
^ ^ J James h Robeson 

SigEps attend; by the end of the year we will 
have reached 2,000 SigEps. 

Another exciting fact is that more 
volunteers are attending as well. Academy 
faculty and chapter volunteers will make up 
more than 16 percent of those in attendance. 
At the CLA, volunteers are getting more 
than training on how to work as a corpora- 
tion. This year they learn more about the 
millennial student, who our undergraduate 
brothers are as a generation and how they 
want the involvement of faculty, parents, and 
alumni in their lives. Our Alumni & 
Volunteer Corporations are providing what 
they are seeking from their Fraternity 

Energy at these events is high. The 
enthusiasm can be felt at every session. 
Undergraduates are taking their appearance 
personal. Throughout the weekend, SigEps 
are either wearing collared shirts and slacks 
or suits in preparation for the Ritual. No 
baseball caps are seen during the CLA. 
Consequently our behavior would make our 
Founders proud. 

It has been said that the CLA helps set 
the stage for the Grand Chapter Conclave, 
and when we convene in less than six 
months in Nashville, I cannot wait to see 
this spirited and committed group of 
Brothers. Will I see you? Let's hope so. 
Conclave is more than officer training and 
legislation. It is more than receiving awards 
and meeting SigEps from across the country. 
Conclave is the spirit of the Fraternity, and it 
just won't be the same without you. See you 
in Nashville! 


The Journal of 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 

spring Issue • Volume 103, Number 1 • 


The Journal 


E. Scott Thompson, II 

Southern Mississippi '99 

Contributing Writers 

Michael Beier 

Oklahoma '07 

Jay Langhammer 

Jonathan F. James 

Ohio Northern '07 

Leon Lee 

Georgia Southern '04 

Robert W. Mead-Colegrove 

SUNY-Fredonia '96 
Patrick C. Murphrey 
Christopher Newport '05 
Joseph L. Patterson 
Sacramento State '05 
E. Wade Sturdivant 
George Mason '07 
Kevin W. Teets, Jr. 
Tennessee-Martin '06 

Fraternity Officials 

National Board of Directors: 

Grand President 

Garry C. Kief 

James E Robeson 

Southern California '70 

Cincinnati '59 

Jeflfrey D. Prouty 

Grand Treasurer 

Iowa State '78 

Christopher L. Bittman 

Matthew C. Rodrigue 

Colorado '85 

Maine '04 

Elliot A. Silver 

Board Members 

Duke '04 

David O. Chang 

Roger H. Van Hoozer 

Pepperdine '04 

Washburn '72 

Phillip A. Cox 

Honorable Archer L. Yeatts, III 

Indiana '84 

Richmond 'G^ 

Bert J. Harris, III 

Florida '74 

SigEp Headquarters Staffs 

Contact Zollinger House (804) 353-1901 

Executive Director 
Craig D. Templeton 

Balanced Man Initiative 

David J. Graziano 

Chapter Development 

Christopher M. McCaw 


E. Scott Thompson, II 


John D. Weir 

Leadership Programming 

Christopher T. Minnis 

New Chapter Development 
Jason A. Cherish 
Dennis O. Kaps 
Gregory P. Barra 
Residential Life 
Bayard V. Gennert 
Resource Development 
Ryan P. Jacob sen 
Health & Wellness 
Ryan P Blanck 
P. Sean Leahey 

Foundation Begins Search for 
Executive Director 

Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation President 
Chuck White will be retiring this year. With his 
retirement on the horizon, the Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Educational Foundation is accepting applications for 
the position of Executive Director. 

Reporting to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, 
the Executive Director serves as the Foundation's Chief 
Operating Officer and is responsible for the day-to-day 
operation of the Foundation. The Executive Director is 
responsible for the Foundation's fundraising efforts and 
managing a staff of five. 

TO APPLY: Send a cover letter of application, 
resume, and the names and phone numbers of three 
professional references to: Garry C. Kief, Chairman, 
Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation, PO Box 
45348, Los Angeles, CA 90045 or via email at: 

For a detailed job description and more information 
about the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation, 
please visit 

1 2 Educational Foundation — ^A Thank 
You to 2004 Donors 

38 Recruitment is about People 

42 Miami U. Dedicates Its New 

Residential Learning Community 


Letters to the Editor 2 • SigEp in the New York Times Magazin 

Red Door Notes 3 • Texas iota— Texas Tech 

• Oklahoma Beta — Oklahoma 

• Tennessee Beta — U. of Memphis 

• California Phi — Fresno State 

Chartering 4 • Virginia Pi at Christopher Newport 

Varsity Athletes 5 • SigEps Lead Gridiron Bowl Season 

Sound Mind 8 • Achieving Health & Wellness 

and Sound Body 

Chapter News 42 • Life Across the USA 

Alumni News 47 • Worldwide News 

Next Issue 

Chapter Anniversaries 

Penn, Ohio Northern, and Colorado are all chapters that recently celebrated centennials. 
This next issue will show highlights from those events and others. 

On the Cover 

Left to right: Travis Nickels '05; Kohl Forrest '07; Drew Jesse '07; Adam Wilkens '07; Samori 
Gambrah '06; Doug Callicott '05; and Kip Johnson '05 all Miami U. and all excited at the 
chapter's new Residential Learning Community. 

Get Published! 

The Journal ?icceipts submissions year-round. If you have news, letters or photos, please send them to: 
The Journal, P.O. Box 1901, Richmond, Virginia 23218 

Letters to the Editor 


R O T H E R S 

Reaction to SigEp's Coverage in the New 
York Times Magazine 

I assume you are aware of the cover story in 
the January 9 edition of the New York Times 
Magazine about the changes in fraternity cul- 
ture. The writer is a Phi Deka Theta from 
Northwestern University and does a good job of 
talking about how the entire fraternity system 
has been changing. He pays special attention to 
the alcohol-free policy some fraternities have 
adopted. The author also spends considerable 
time talking about our SigEp chapter at North- 
western as well as our Balanced Man Ideal. 

I was never so proud to be a SigEp than when 
I read his comments on our Fraternity. The 
author seemed genuinely impressed with Sigma 
Phi Epsilon, and he puts us in an excellent light. 
While we have not adopted an alcohol-free 
policy, the author was impressed that our 

^Ik 3%1ri i|wi^ ^iMiTsJtlTi!iiiUliiic 

Balanced Man approach, while not specifically 
banning drinking, certainly stresses a more 
restrained approach than the binge drinking that 
has come to be associated with many fraternities. 

In the 20-plus years since I have graduated, I have 
noticed this change in our Fraternity. I notice that in 
The Journal, you now list the academic 
achievements of chapters as well as the numerical 
strength and the athletic accomplishments. The 
Balanced Man Ideal truly seems to be netting us 
results not only in brotherhood development but 
now in the recognition beyond the world of 

I am proud to be a SigEp! As the son of a SigEp 
(Donald H. Moses, Kansas State '56), it will 
make me proud if my own eight-year-old son 
chooses to join SigEp! 

D. James (Jim) Moses, 
Drury '84 


In the chapter directory from 
the Winter, 2004 issue we 
incorrectly listed Ronald J. 
Sigeti, SUNY-BufFalo '99, as 
the Chapter Counselor for the 
New York Eta Chapter at 
Buffalo State. Brother Sigeti is 
the Chapter Counselor for the 
New York Epsilon Chapter at 
SUNY-Buffalo. Jon M. lusi, 
Buffalo State '93,, is 
the Chapter Counselor for 
New York Eta and was 
inadvertently omitted from the 

SigEp in New York Times Magazine- 
Balanced Man Program Recognized 

The cover story 
for the January 9, 
2005, edition of 
the New York 
Times Magazine 
focused on the 
issue of alcohol 
and fraternity 
living. It exam- 
ined the culture 
of the Phi Delta 
Theta Fraternity 
at Northwestern 
University (NU); 
the author is an 
alumnus from 
that chapter. 
A portion of the article discussed how fraternities on a nationwide 
level are addressing the issue. Some are requiring local chapter houses 
to be alcohol-free. Sigma Phi Epsilon's Balanced Man Program was 
shown as an alternative to mandating alcohol-free housing. 

The author of the article interviewed some of our brothers at the 
Illinois Lambda Chapter at NU. Below is an excerpt from his story, 
"Ban of Brothers." 

"Most SigEp chapters, including North western's, have 
adopted the Balanced Man Program, which SigEp's na- 
tional leadership developed in the early 90's...The 
program doesn't restrict drinking in the chapter house, 
but it does something nearly as radical and arguably 
more meaningful: it has done away with the "pledge sys- 
tem," meaning that new members who join the 
fraternity have nearly all the rights and responsibilities 
of active members." 

"Before spending time with the SigEps, I was skeptical 
of the Balanced Man Program. Fraternities often coin 
new initiatives, that, in practice, mean very little. But I 
left feeling thoroughly impressed. More than any 
fraternity I visited at Northwestern, the SigEps seem to 
be well-balanced men. And they're proof that a wet 
fraternity doesn't necessarily mean an unruly one." 

[Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life Kyle] 
Pendleton also spoke highly of Sigma Phi Epsilon, 
saying that while the chapter is wet, its focus isn't 
on drinking. 


New York Times Magazine 

Reprinted with permission New York Times Magazine 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 


Red Door Notes 


The tradition of the red door on Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter houses began on the campus of 

Syracuse University^ New York Alpha in 1928. Today, nearly every Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter home 

has a red door to welcome SigEp brothers. The original house and red door is pictured to the right. This building 

is now the International Students Center, and Sigma Phi Epsilon has another magnificent home for its red door. 

Oklahoma Beta — 

™ Built in 1990 after a one- 
year fund-raising effort, this 

SigEp chapter home is 

23,000 square feet, 

excluding the basement. 

There is a large club room, 

fitness room, study room 

and laundry facility located 

in the basement, and a 

kitchen, dining room and 

formal living room are on the first floor. 
™ There are 27 three-man bedrooms putting the capacity at 81, 

and there is a two-room apartment for the housemother. It is 
Texas lota — Texas Tech the goal of the Alumni and Volunteer Corporation to have all 

- This lodge was purchased by the Alumni and Volunteer ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^i^^i^ ^^^ ^^^^ 1^ 7^^^^- 

Corporation (AVC) and was originally built in 1971. It is 

located in the middle of Greek Circle, a city block of frater- 
nity and sorority housing in Lubbock, Texas. 
™ Only the chapter president lives in the facility, which the 

chapter uses for meetings and events. There is a chapter room 

with a big screen television, executive meeting room, and a 

Founder's Room, which contains the first composite and 

other memorabilia. 

fc "^t^^^^^^^jp^^^^l 


" T... sOmJmJ|ii! 



^H H ^H W^- ■" '"W 

^ L^^.-- -^ 

Tennessee Beta- 

- This 5,472 
square foot 
chapter house 

was built in 1997 and sleeps 17 brothers. There are eight two- 
man bedrooms upstairs and a single room for the resident 

™ It has both wireless and hardwired cable Internet access and 
an office for the chapter's faculty fellow. There is also a study 
room. In 2004 the Alumni & Volunteer Corporation 
renovated the chapter house and improved the landscaping. 

™ The chapter room has a 60-inch television and leather 

couches, and there is a trophy room with trophies dating back 
to 1949. 

California Phi— Fresno State 

™ In the Summer of 2003, California Phi acquired a lease for 
this chapter house, located on the Fraternity Mall across from 
the Bulldog Football Stadium. 

™ The National Housing Corporation and the Alumni & 

Volunteer Corporation helped secure funding for a renovation 
before the chapter members moved in. The chapter house 
sleeps 24 men. 

™ Built in 1972, there are two separate buildings — one residen- 
tial building with 12 bedrooms and one commons building 
with kitchen, multi-purpose room and chapter room. The 
combined square footage is 9,600. 


The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 3 



Christopher Newport Welcomed as Virginia Pi 

By Patrick C. Murphrey, 

Christopher Newport '05 

In its relatively short existence, the 
Virginia Pi Chapter has many 
accomplishments to its credit. 
The chapter dominates its campus in 
academics, manpower and leadership 
positions. It uses innovative programming 
and a commitment to the Balanced Man 
Ideal to be the best fraternity on campus. 
SigEp benefits from the dedicated 
volunteerism of faculty and alumni who 
work to make our experience on campus 

Chapter and its History 

The Christopher Newport University 
SEC was founded in January, 2003. At 
that time, Christopher Newport was 
home to two other fraternities, and the 
fraternal idea and movement were in a 
"holding pattern." Then Director of 
New Chapter Development Ryan P. 
Jacobsen, San Diego '00, recruited the 
men who would serve as the motivators 
and inspiration for the scores of CNU 
SigEp men who would follow in the next 
few months. 

The Chapter House 

Over the last year and a half, the Vir- 
ginia Pi Chapter has established quite a 
standard for itself and for Greek life on 
campus. In the Spring of 2003, SigEp 
was selected by the administration to 
receive the first and only on-campus 
Greek house in the university's history. 
The house is located at 258 Prince Drew 
Road and is home to five Brothers. The 
house serves as a nexus for chapter events, 

such as the 
weekly fall 
event of 

Virginia Pi chapter house 

4 The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Living the 
Man Ideal 

The Virginia Pi 
Chapter incorpo- 
rates the Balanced 
Man Ideal in its 
chapter program- 
ming. In Spring, 
2004, Brothers vis- 
ited a nearby health 
center for physical 
screenings and the 
development of a 
workout program. 
Before the installa- 
tion banquet, SigEp 
hosted an etiquette 
dinner. In the Fall of 
2004, the chapter placed 
first among all Greek 
organizations at CNU in 
all intramural sports, 
including flag football, 
basketball, volleyball, and 
tennis. In furthering of Patrick C. 
the Sound Body Ideal, the Murphrey, V5 
chapter boasts three scholar 
athletes in baseball, football and tennis. 
Along with its Sound Body accomplish- 
ments, the chapter has a GPA of 2.97, 
with the goal of joining the Phi Beta 
Kappa Wheelhouse. Virginia Pi also 
honors brothers with a Sound Mind 
Award, Sound Body Award. 

Volunteer Support 

The Virginia Pi Chapter has the 
support of a great Alumni and Volunteer 
Corporation (AVC). The members of this 
corporation include President Bud 
Robeson, Cincinnati '68, Treasurer 
Jason Davis, Christopher Newport '04, 
Zar Toolan, Columbia '01, Rev. Kevin 
Hass, Christopher Newport '98, 
Chapter Counselor Brian Larson, 
Christopher Newport '95, Faculty 
Advisor Dr. Kip Redick, and Balanced 
Man Steward Dr. Quentin Kidd. 

Whelpley, V7, 
is the second 
King from the 

Ferguson Center for the 
Arts designed by I.M. Pei 


The Christopher 
Newport University 
campus has been con- 
ducive to the growth of 
Virginia Pi. "It is our 
mission at CNU to 
develop caring and 
knowledgeable leaders 
who, with passion and 
selfless service, will 
change the world. The 
young men of Sigma 
Phi Epsilon certainly 
model those qualities and enrich our cam- 
pus with their energy, enthusiasm and 
intellect," said University President Paul 
Trible. The liberal arts university was 
established in 1960, originally as a two- 
year branch of the College of William & 
Mary. The campus community consists of 
4,800 students from Virginia, 40 states, 
and 20 foreign countries. The campus 
extends across 250 acres of beautiful 
lawns, gardens, and tall trees, in a park- 
like setting in Newport News, Virginia. 
The CNU campus currently is the home 
to four NIC fraternities, four NPC 
(National Pan-Hellenic Conference) 
sororities, and two NPHC (National 
Pan-Hellenic Council) sororities. 


Originally Founded: 2003 

GPA: 2.97 

Varsity Athletes: Baseball, Football, 

Total Life Members: 58 

Current Undergraduate 
Membership: 41 


Varsity Athletes 




SigEps lead gridiron bowl action this season 

By Jay Langhammer 

College Football 

Named to the National Interfraternity 
Conference All-Fraternity Ail-American 
team and All-Pioneer Football League 
Northern Division team was Valparaiso 
safety Brad Smeja, '05. He led the team 
with 79 tackles, deflected six passes and 
returned 1 1 kickoffs for a 22.7 average. 
Teammate Tom Schmidt '05 saw action in 
nine games at tight end. 

Several SigEps were members of bowl 
teams. Running back Wesley Jones, '07, 
saw action for the 11-1 Texas Rose Bowl 
winners, and quarterback Matt McCoy, 
'07, was also on the Longhorns squad. 
Wide receiver Kyle Morgan, '05, played in 
1 games for the Florida Peach Bowl team, 
and wide receiver Evan Wells, '05, was on 
the Georgia Outback Bowl roster. Holder 
Ryan Ivey, '05, and offensive lineman 
James Corder, '06, were members of the 
Memphis GMAC Bowl team. 

Wide receiver Evan Wells, 

Georgia '05, at the 

Outback Bowl 

Quarterback Matt McCoy, (#13) Texas '07 during Rose Bowl win 

John Braziel, '04, was the TCU punter 
again, booting 62 for 2.39.6 average. His 
best was a 56-yarder and 13 punts were 
downed inside the 20 yard line. Handling 
the punting for Central Florida was Aaron 
Home, '06, who had 66 for a 38.7 average. 
His longest was 66 yards and 1 8 were 
downed inside the 20. Teammate Stephen 
Baker, '07, was a solid special teams player 
in 1 games. Defensive tackle Jason Sparks, 
'06, was in on 13 tackles for Morehead 
State. Other players included Tennessee- 
Martin offensive tackle Sean Mullikin, '08; 
kicker Jake Wesch, '08, of Nebraska; kicker 
Roger Price, '05, of Temple; and the Yale 
duo of tight end Ted Stem, '05, and 
quarterback Todd Feiereisen, '06. 

Mike Shelden, '07, started eight contests 
at center for Truman State. Defensive 
lineman Matt Worton, '07, of the 10-2 
Northwood Division II playoff team was in 
on 26 tackles. Three SigEps were solid 
players for Westminster, led byAll-PAC 
honorable mention tight end Josh Bero, 
'06. Teammate Adam Hadbavny, '06, made 
37 tackles in the defensive line, and 
offensive lineman Tom Heath, '06, also saw 
action. Marc Armbruster, '06, scored 31 

Kyle Morgan, UofFL '05, 
makes a catch against Miami 
in the Peach Bowl 


points (25 extra points, two field goals) as a 
kicker for Missouri-RoUa, and teammate 
Rob Rutherford, '06, made 27 stops as a 
defensive lineman. 

The 7-4 Moravian squad featured 1 5 
SigEp players. Linebacker Cliff Garr, '07, 
(leader with 97 tackles) and lineman Kevin 
McLaughlin, '05, (26 stops) received All- 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 5 

Offensive lineman 
James Corder, Memphis 
'06, GMACBowl 

Running back 

Wesley Jones, Texas '07, 

Rose Bowl 

MAC second team honors. Other good 
defenders were linemen Shawn Nelson, '05 
(34 tackles) and Bryan Kohlbecker, '06 (19 
tackles). Good players on offense for 
Moravian included tackle Scott Burke, '06; 
kicker Ken Macaulay, '05 (17 points); 
quarterback Rick Muschlitz, '05; lineman 
Mike Abruzzo, '07; and backs Kevin Lukich, 
'06, and Joe Costanzo, '07. Playing for the 8-3 
Christopher Newport Division III playoff 
club was offensive lineman Sean Atwood, '06. 

Earning All-ACFC second team honors 
for the 10-1 Salisbury Division III playoff 
team was punter RickNistler, '05. He 
averaged 39.9 for 25 punts with a best of 68 
yards. Also playing were defensive lineman 
D.J. Lathroum, '06 (28 tackles) and long 
snapper Paul Spinelli, '05. Offensive lineman 
Andy Smith, '05, of McDaniel gained All- 
Centennial Conference second team honors 
and teammate Chase Noll, '06, made 18 
tackles. Kicker Steven Witt, '08, of 
Huntingdon scored 44 points (26 extra 
points, six field goals) and booted 1 5 punts 
for a 39.5 average. Teammate Trey Howard, 
'07, was third with 47 stops from his 
defensive back spot, and linebacker Michael 
McDermott, '06, posted 10 tackles. 

The WPI squad featured 32 SigEps, 
including three co-captains: quarterback Ryan 
Jennette, '05 (1 12 of 249 for 1,667 yards, nine 
TDs); back Matt Guigli, '05 (19 receptions for 
265 yards); and offensive guard Mark Russo, 
'05. Offensive lineman Nate Delap, '07, was an 
All-Liberty League second teamer, and mnning 
back Preston Roberts, '05, received honorable 
mention. He ran for 41 8 yards, five scores 
while catching 40 passes for 71 1 yards, four 
TDs. Back Brian Farragher, '06, mshed for 341 
yards, six TDs; had 1 8 punt returns for a 1 5.2 
average (including a 77 yardTD); and returned 
1 kickoffs for an 1 8.7 average. Other good 
players were back Ryan Walker, '05 (172 
rushing yards), receiver Garrett Vandette, '07 
(1 1 catches for 255 yards), and tight end Adam 
Evans, '06. 

Earning honors for the WPI defense was 
lineman Chase Cote, '05, who made 34 

6 The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 

NCAA Division III Coach of the Year, Linfield head coach Jay Locey, Oregon State '77 

tackles and won All-Liberty League honorable 
mention. Back Bryan Douglass, '06, was 
second with GG tackles and linebacker Gilead 
Ziemba, '05, was fifth with 53 stops. Also 
playing well were lineman Matt Regan, '06 
(33 tackles), linebacker Mike Caputo, '06 (24 
tackles), backVinny Scotto, '05 (23 stops), 
linebacker Joe Fontecchio, '05 (16 tackles), 
and back Jason Gamache, '06 (14 stops). 

Three SigEps received All-Michigan 
Intercollegiate Athletic Association honors for 
Tri-State, led by All-MIAA first team lineman 
Lamar Spencer, '06. Defensive lineman Matt 
Clayton, '05 was second with 64 tackles 
(including 13 for loss) on the way to All- 
MIAA second team selection, and defensive 
end Matt Young, '05, posted 35 stops. Other 
good Tri-State players were wide receiver Blair 
Donat, '05 (second with 30 receptions for 
380 yards), running back Clint Hetrick, '06, 
who ran for 1 50 yards and caught 1 1 passes 
for 125 yards, and offensive lineman Josh 
Felver, '05, who started six games. Kicker 
Evan Granier, '06, of Lambuth scored 53 
points on 26 extra points and nine field goals. 

Other players on school rosters during 
the 2004 season included: Denison 

Water Polo 

Helping lead 25-3 UCLA to its eighth 
NCAA national championship were two 
SigEp standouts. Center defender Michael 
March, '05, started all 28 games; ranked 
second with 25 steals; tied for third with 26 
goals; and added 1 8 assists on the way to All- 
Mountain Pacific Sports Federation second 
team honors. Teammate Grant Zider, '05, 
also played in every contest at center and 
contributed 17 goals to the Bruins cause. 

linebacker Lawrence Dimmitt, '06, 
Kentucky Wesleyan offensive lineman 
Clint Houk, '07, Washburn defensive end 
Chris Hagemeister, '09, Baldwin-Wallace 
defensive back David Conley, '08, and 
Ohio Wesleyan offensive guards Brad 
Herzog, '07, and Nick Russell, '07. 


Named NCAA Division III Coach of the 
Year after leading 13-0 Linfield to the Dili 
championship was Jay Locey, Oregon State 
'77. Following a 6-5 record in his 1 1* season 
as head coach at Eastern New Mexico, Harold 
"Bud" Elliott, Baker '53 retired. He became 
the 46* coach in NCAA history to win 200 
games and finished his career with a 205-179- 
9 record. Other head coaches included Bill 
Doha, Ball State '62 at Washington State; 
Malen Luke, Westminster '7G at Clarion; and 
Nick Fletcher, Johns Hopkins '7G at 
Denison (6-4 record) . Following the season. 
Bill Cubit, Delaware '75, was named head 
coach at Western Michigan. He was most 
recently offensive coordinator at Stanford and 
served as head coach at Widener from 1 992 
to 1996. 


Three SigEps helped lead Central Florida to 

an 11-7-2 record, the Adantic Sun 
Conference tournament title and an NCAA 
Division I playoff berth. Goalie Ryan 
Mcintosh, '05, played 1,912:41 minutes, 
posted seven shutouts and had 1.18 goals 
against average (25 goals allowed, 96 saves). 
Midfielder Alejandro Gessen, '06, had three 
game-winning goals among his eight points, 
and midfielder Jaime Planells, '06, started 10 

Goalie Shaun Kalnasy, '04, played eight 
games for the 1 1-8-3 Loyola Marymount 
club. He had 1 .24 goals against average 
with 28 saves and a shutout. Forward Matt 
Breeding, '06, scored six points for the 1 0- 
7-3 Appalachian State squad. Goalie Jeff 
Sackman, '05, started two games for St. 
Louis U. and had 0.50 goals against 
average in 180 minutes of action. 
Midfielder Peter Savidis, '06, saw action for 
the 7-3-7 Dartmouth squad. 

Peter Savidis, Dartmouth '06 

Six SigEps made good contributions to 
the 12-4-3 Truman State team. Midfielder 
Paul Link, '06, was second in points (20) 
and goals (nine, including seven game- 
winners). Midfielder Ryan Cravens, '07, had 
1 1 starts and won Academic All-District 
honors. Starting every game was midfielder 
Matt McCarthy, '07, while midfielder Luke 

Shaun Kalnasy, Loyola Marymount '04 

Bolar, '05, had 16 starts. Wes Frevert, '06, 
who had five starts. Forward Ryan 
Hintenach, '06, of Moravian scored six 
points in 1 5 games, and forward Eric 
Hauser, '05, started every game for Thiel. 

Serving as co-captains for Clarkson were 
forwards Mark Bahr, '05, (co-high nine 
points), and Jason Mayerhofer, '05 (11 
starts). Five SigEps saw action for the 14-5-1 
Baldwin-Wallace club, led by defenseman 
Tom Ehrnfelt, '07, who started 17 contests. 
Other players were forward Roger Darrow, 
'07, midfielder Brian Krasnodembski, '07, 
forward Brian Kuentz, '07, and midfielder 
Mike McCue, '08. Leading 1 1-7-2 Denison 
to the NCAC title was goalie Ben Stevens, 
'05, who played 1,721 :08 minutes with 82 
saves, seven shutouts and 1.05 goals against 
average. Playing well were teammates Matt 
Fuller, '06 (1 1 starts) and David Smith- 
Watts, '05 (15 games). 

The Monmouth squad featured goalie 
Brad Hofmann, '07, Matt Dabbs, '06, Jake 
Emerson, '06, Brian Potter, '05, Justin 
Williams, '06 and Zach Steffan, '07. Playing 
for Illinois Tech were goalies Robert 
Zaprzal, '06, and Nathan Woods, '07, plus 
Alex Colvin, '06, Pat Colvin, '08, Kyle 
Koning, '07 and Armando Limon, '06. 
Other players in 2004 included 
Tri-State back Chris Kinser, '06, Robert 
Felzke, '07 of Baker and the Kentucky 
Wesleyan trio of Michael Ruess, '07, Derek 
Rutledge, '07 and Tyler Kissner, '08. 

Jejf Sackman, 
St. Louis U. '05 

Scholar Athletes 
are the Balanced Man 

A Scholar Athlete has a high GPA, and is 
the epitome of the Balanced Man, one 
who develops his mind and body. A varsity 
athlete who does not have a high GPA 
does not add value to a chapter, but a 
Scholar Athlete does. 

These Brothers are some of Sigma Phi 
Epsilon's Scholar Athletes: 

WATER POLO: Michael March, UCLA '05; GPA- 
3.0; Majors-Political Science and 

SOCCER: Alejandro Gessen, Central Florida '06; 
GPA-3.4; Major-Business 

SOCCER: Ryan Mcintosh, Central Florida '05; 
GPA-3.1; Major-Accounting 

SOCCER: Jaime Planells, Central Florida '06; 
GPA-3.3; Major-Psychology 

FOOTBALL: Evan Wells, Georgia '05; GPA-3.0; 
Majors-Consumer Economics and Housing 

Varsity Athletes 

Sound Mind and Sound Body 


U. of Miami Brings Brazilian Artist into SigEp 

By E. Scott Thompson, II, 

Southern Mississippi '99 

Ah, the wisdom of grandmothers, 
sometimes it takes years to see 
now what they saw so clearly back 
then. Jason R. Guercio's, '04, 
grandmother had the acumen to see the 
beauty in Brazilian-born Romero F. 
Britto's, '04, paintings while walking 
along the beach. One look and she knew 
this man would go places. And she made 
it a point to make sure her grandson took 
notice of his artwork too. 

It was 1997 and the place was South 
Beach in sunny south Florida. A young 
Jason Guercio decided to rollerblade to the 
studio and meet the artist of the paintings 
his grandmother was so fond of After 
returning from a lunch appointment, 
Britto met and got a kick out of this 
inquisitive new art fan. He showed him his 
studio, and the projects he was currently 
working on. The two bonded and stayed in 
touch over the next several years. 

Jason went on to the University of 
Miami in Coral Gables and became a 
SigEp. In 2003 he was chosen to be one of 
14 SigEps for the Quest to Greece, and in 
2004 facilitated at the Carlson Leadership 
Academy in Richmond, Virginia. He 
served on the Ritual & Values Committee, 
and that was just his SigEp resume. As he 
approached the end of his undergraduate 
days, he thought about leaving a lasting 
legacy to the chapter. He entertained the 
thought of having his friend, Romero 
Britto, become a SigEp through the 
Renaissance of Brotherhood ceremony. 
Would he accept the invitation to become 
a brother in Sigma Phi Epsilon? 

Zach Carpenter, U. of Miami '04; Jason R. Guercio, 
U. of Miami '04; Romero R Britto; Louis P. 
Archambault, Wisconsin '95; and Scott Sadowski, U. 
of Miami '04; pose for a picture in Brother Britto's 

8 The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 

For a Better Future, this painting was commissioned for the University of Miami. It will hang in the Ashe 
Building on campus. 

In January of 2004, Brother Guercio 
contacted Romero and told him his idea. 
Romero not only accepted but was 
honored. The scheduling worked out, 
and on May 1, 2004, Romero Britto 
experienced the Ritual of Sigma Phi 
Epsilon. He was also the guest speaker at 
the chapter's inaugural Red Rose Ball, 
held that evening. He told Alumni & 
Volunteer Corporation President Louis P. 
Archambault, Wisconsin '95, "It would 
be great if more young men could 
experience what I just did. The Ritual is 
such a positive experience." 

Two weeks later, to share his artwork 
with the chapter and express his gratitude 
for becoming a SigEp, Brother Britto 
arranged for a tour of his studio for the 
Florida Gamma Chapter. Brothers and 

their dates learned about his neo-pop 
cubism' style of artwork, saw unfinished 
projects, and his latest displays. Romero 
spent time explaining what inspires him 
to create his artwork. It was a fascinating 
Sound Mind experience for all in 

Romero Britto burst onto the art scene 
when he was commissioned by Absolut 
Vodka to produce a series of prints using 
their product. Absolut Vodka is a client of 
the world renowned ad agency, TBWA, 
founded by Past Grand President 
William G. Tragos, Washington U. in 
St. Louis '56. Did Jason's grandmother 
foresee all of this? Doubtful, but she did 
recognize the power in his artwork. She 
shared that with Jason, and he shared it 
with all of us. 

Our Guardian hangs in the Holtz Center, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida. 



■~| "It would be 
■ 4 great if more young men could 
Ij experience what 1 just did. 
1 The Ritual 

is such a positive experience." 


^^H ** 

1 « 

-^ " n 

Chapters that do not live up to the ideals 
of Sigma Phi Epsilon bring dishonor and 
disgrace to our name. The Journal reports 
these stories to inform its readers and to 
show that actions have consequences. 


A member of the chapter wrote 
homophobic and racist comments on a 
Brother while he was passed out. A picture of 
this was posted on the Internet. Several 
members were expelled from the university 
and the chapter was suspended. Headquarters 
is working with the local volunteers and 
university to determine a course of action. 
The National Board of Directors is 
considering the future of this chapter. 

St. John's 

Members of the chapter were involved in a 
fight with another fraternity on campus. 
University and Headquarters staff suspended 
the chapters charter pending an investigation. 
The National Board of Directors is 
considering the future of this chapter. 

North Carolina- Wilmington 

The chapter was below the minimum 
manpower requirements. Its GPA had also 
fallen below minimum standards. The 
National Board of Directors removed North 
Carolina Rho and it is no longer in 

Long Beach State 

The chapter posted a 2.23 GPA in the 
Spring of 2004, well below the minimum 
academic standard of a 2.5. California Zeta 
did not report academics in the Fall of 
2003, also a violation of minimum 
academic standards and reported a 2.42 in 
the Spring of 2003. California Zeta is no 
longer in existence. 


The chapter had several behavior 
problems over the past year with the most 
recent incident occurring during exam week 
when a member interrupted a class wearing 
a costume and waving a pool cue. His hope 
was to cancel the exam; his actions led the 
school to suspend the chapter. The National 
Board of Directors closed Louisiana Delta 
rather than tolerate a culture of frat boy 

Sound Mind and Sound Body 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 9 

Our Experience with Adoption and Infertility 

By Robert W. Mead-Colegrove, 
SUNY-Fredonia '96 

I was 23 when I got married. I wanted 
kids right away; my wife Kim wanted to 
wait. I agreed to wait because our careers 
were just starting. Seven years into our 
marriage, we both started feeling that it was 
"time." We assumed the first month we 
tried we would get pregnant. Nothing. 
Second, third, and so on. We finally got 
pregnant and after nine weeks we had a 
miscarriage. The doctor we were seeing said, 
"Don't worry, you'll be fine and I will see 
you in four months when you are pregnant 
again." When that didn't happen, we 
decided to see a specialist. We had some 
medical issues with my wife's ovaries. They 
did some surgery, and we started trying 
again with the specialist monitoring us. 
Second miscarriage, more tests. Well, the 
long and short of this story is that it took us 
three years to have a child. In the interim, 
we explored our options with adoption, 
because we realized we wanted to be parents 
more than we wanted to give birth. 

Through classes, we were able to decide 
what types of adoption we were interested 
in. We decided on a domestic adoption. We 
started classes in January and got "the call" 
on March 27, 2003. Timmy was born three 
days earlier. My wife and I jumped in a car 
and drove the next day. That night, we had 

The Mead-Colgrove family — Andrew, 
Bob, Timothy, and Kim 

Timmy in our arms. A common belief is 
that it takes years to adopt a child. Well, my 
wife and I work on a college campus and 
have a diverse look on life. We were open to 
bi-racial and African- 
American children, and 
this gave us more options. 
Timmy is a beautiful 
blend of African- 
American, Hispanic and 

My wife gave birth to 
Andrew on November 1 5 
2003, and I was surprised 
to learn how many 
people are affected by 
infertility. After our first miscarriage, one 
alumnus emailed me to tell me that he was 
heartbroken when he heard our news. Years 
earlier, he and his wife experienced the same 
situation. Infertility affects approximately 
10% of the population. Since infertility 
strikes diverse groups, affecting people from 
all socioeconomic levels and cutting across 
all racial, ethnic and religious lines, chances 
are great that a friend, relative, neighbor or 
perhaps you are attempting to cope with the 
medical and emotional aspects of infertility. 
According to the web site RESOLVE, 
infertility is a disease or condition of the 
reproductive system often diagnosed after a 
couple has one year of unprotected, well- 
timed intercourse or if the woman suffers 




from multiple miscarriages. Infertility can 
be male or female related. 

Our friends Tim and Earl are also trying 
to have a family. For them, adoption was 
the best route. They 
have gone through an 
agency and now have 
two beautiful children. 
The issue of same-sex 
partners adopting has 
also come into light in 
recent years, and there is 
much support for same- 
sex parenting. Any 
brothers out there faced 
with this situation can 
look for support at 

The reason I am sharing this is that you 
can be touched by infertility and not even 
know it. Since writing this article, I have 
had three other brothers come up to me and 
say they are experiencing infertility issues. 
Where are some places you can turn? 
Friends who are supportive of you is one 
place to turn. Another place to turn is 
RESOLVE, the national infertility 
association since 1974 at 
Whatever choice a brother makes, infertility 
treatment, alternative medicine, adoption or 
child-free living, I want there to support be 
for him. You can reach me via email 
rohert. colegrove@gmail. com. 

Illinois Forum Asks What if Aristotle Ran General Motors? 


As part of the Residential Learning 
Community (RLC), the Illinois Alpha 
Chapter at the University of Illinois 
launched a book forum in the fall of 2004. 
The forum is based on the business book 
What if Aristotle Ran General Motors, and the 
inspiration for this came from the chapter's 
Faculty Fellow Dr. Miriam Pittenger and her 
husband Laurence A. Pittenger, Yale '03. 
The two approached then-RLC Chairman 
Matt Emig, Illinois '07, with the idea of 
having this forum to educate the chapter and 
the U of I campus. 

The program consists of three parts: first, 
reading the book If Aristotle Ran General 
Motors by Tom Morris; second, public 
lectures by business leaders commenting 
upon the lessons of the book by drawing 
upon their own personal and professional 
experience; third, small group discussions 

Victor Mattison speaking to 
the Illinois Alpha Chapter 

that further 
explore these ideas 
and their 

The goal for the 
forum is to engage 
(business and non- 
business majors 
alike) to consider 
the place of ethical 

thought and action in professional life. To- 
date there has been one forum on the value of 
truth, given by Brother Victor A. Mattison, 
III, Missouri '86, a St. Louis entrepreneur 
and associate of SigEp District Governor 
Mike Ellis, Purdue '84. Other speakers are 
targeted for the spring to lecture on the 
remaining "transcendental values," beauty, 
goodness and unity. 

Another example of the Balanced Man Ideal in the 
media. This issue talks about how the mind and body 
play a role in happiness. Reprinted with permission. 

1 The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 


FaU 2004 Phi Beta Kappa Wheelhd 
National GPA Inches Closer to 3.0 

Georgia Delta at the University of Georgia is within .01 of a Phi Beta Kappa chapter-wide GPA 

1. Georgia* 3.49 86 

2. Dartmouth 3.43 100 

3. Ohio State* 3.38 79 

4. U. of Toledo* 3.36 75 

5. Nebraska 3.35 103 

6. Johns Hopkins 3.34 78 

7. Washington 3.33 15 

8. Bucknell 3.32 88 

9. Drake 3.32 71 

10. St. Louis U. 3.30 110 

11. Penn State 3.30 65 

12. Oregon State 3.29 86 

13. Creighton 3.26 63 

14. Syracuse* 3.20 42 

15. Maine* 3.19 57 

16. U. of Miami 3.19 78 

17. Washburn* 3.18 41 

18. WPI 3.18 90 

19. Davidson 3.17 75 

20. North Dakota* 3.17 GG 

21. Valparaiso* 3.17 84 

22. U. of Cincinnati* 3.16 96 

23. Delaware 3.15 52 






n I I I 

Spring '03 Fall '03 Spring '04 Fall '04 

2.93 2.91 2.97 2.96 

SigEp's GPA for chapters reporting continues to lead 
fraternities nationwide 


^H 3.5 Chapter-wide 
GPA-Phi Beta 
Kappa Standard 

* Residential 

Italics denotes a 
Sigma Epsilon 
Chapter (SEC) 

'Heaven never 

helps a man 

who will not 


— Sophocles 

Orepfon State Culture & Recruitment 

"Create a condition that not 
only makes success possible but failure difficult." 

These words speak to the ambition of every SigEp chapter, and 
one way to measure the success in this approach to fraternity 
culture is academics. If a SigEp chapter has a GPA in the Phi Beta 
Kappa Wheelhouse, it is going a long way toward creating a great 
environment for its members. Dr. U. G. Dubach, Oregon State 
'13, author of that famous saying, was a life-long volunteer to the 
Oregon Alpha Chapter at Oregon State University and the 
Fraternity's first Scholarship Chairman. As the Dean of Men at 
Oregon State, his influence on SigEp was profound and over time 
he shaped SigEp's ideas on recruitment and development. Today 
his presence is still felt in Corvallis, Oregon. 

The Oregon Alpha Chapter takes its commitment to academic 
success seriously. Each quarter the chapter sets academic goals 
during firesides, a group event held in the den of the chapter 
house. Both individual and overall goals for the chapter are also 
set during this session. In the past, the goal for the chapter was a 
3.2, and it had to be raised to a 3.5 after the chapter achieved a 
3.44 in the Spring of 2004. The fireside is an excellent 
opportunity for the men of the chapter to reflect and focus on 

their academic goals. 

"Character and brains," 
these were the two criteria a 
man must possess if he were 
to be offered membership in 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. Again, 
Dr. Dubach provided the 
framework for academic 
success by infusing this ethos 
into the minds of the men at 
Oregon State. The biggest 
reason for the chapter's 

Portrait of Brother Dubach 

success in academics lies in the men it recruits. Incoming freshmen 
are not recruited with less than a 3.3 GPA. This helps insure men 
committed to attaining their diploma are SigEps. This fact cannot 
be stressed enough; a high GPA is a result of recruiting smart men. 
The next step for all chapters is to raise the bar for members in the 
chapter. Once you recruit men with character and brains, the 
Fraternity must keep them on the path of excellence. Raise the 
minimum standards for members in the chapter by small increments. 
Soon our National GPA will be a 3.15, in the Phi Beta Kappa 
Wheelhouse. And Dr. Dubach would indeed be proud. 

Sound Mind and Sound Body 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 1 1 

Letter yi^o 

the Chairman 



SigEp needs all of 
us. . .in many ways 

Garry C. Kief, Chairman 
of the Board of Trustees 

This year was no different. 

By mid-December, my mailbox was 
flooded with last minutes appeals for cash 
from just about every organization I had 
ever heard of, mentioned, read about, or 
found my name on a mailing list. 

Fortunately, I was able to sort through the ones I really believed 
in and send off my annual check to SigEp. 

The Purple and Red had caught my eye. 

But what also caught my eye was the report on where my 
previous money had gone; and the interest in where my friture 
involvement with SigEp might go. 

Of course SigEp needed my cash; but it also needed me. 

And it still does. 

Our Fraternity needs all of us. 

This issue of The SigEp Journal 12^ about all those great SigEps 
across the country who contribute their time. . .and their cash. 

They contribute countless hours as Chapter Counselors, 

directors on a local Alumni & Volunteer Board, teach at a Carlson 
Leadership Academy, mentor at EDGE (the New Member 
Camp), counsel at the Ruck Leadership Academy, trek on the 
Quest To Greece, advise on a National Committee, serve as a 
District Governor, volunteer at a Grand Chapter Conclave. . .take 
a phone call in the middle of the night from a kid who needs 
someone to talk to. 

And after they do all that, thousands write out a check to the 
Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation and hundreds make 
that check for $ 1 ,000 and more so they can be a Governor on the 
Foundations Board of Governors. Each check written helps pay 
for the best scholarship and leadership programs available in the 
Fraternity world. The beneficiaries of all of this are our 
undergraduate Brothers. 

This issue of The SigEp Journahs a thank you to the thousands 
of alumni, parents, families, and friends who believe in SigEp and 
invest in the leaders of tomorrow. 

We all know that your investment can be cash, care, concern, 
or commitment. . .what matters is the heart you share with those 
younger Brothers who need you in their lives. 

To all of you with heart. . .thank you. 

The 2004 Annual 
Report of Giving 

A special thank you goes to the 5,21 1 
alumni, undergraduates, parents and 
friends who took the opportunity to 
support SigEp undergraduates in 2004. 
This is an increase of 16% over 2003 
and includes 1,104 first time donors. 

Total giving for 2004 was 
$1,779,431, including $692,872 in 
unrestricted gifts, an increase of 29%, 
and $1,086,559 in restricted gifts, an 
increase of 56%. 

With this support the Sigma Phi 
Epsilon Educational Foundation is able 
to provide exceptional leadership and 
scholarship programs that have an 
impact on the SigEp experience. 

A special example is the Carlson 
Leadership Academies that have just 
concluded. The Carlsons, in their 34* 
year, continue to bring new chapter 
leaders together to learn and to share so 
their chapter experience continues to 

12 The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 

The Foundations support has produced 
good results. Academic performance 
continues to improve. Sigma Phi Epsilon 
chapters achieved a nationwide grade point 
average of 2.972 for the spring 2004 
semester. The Residential Learning 
Community (RLC) is becoming a model 
for chapters that want to increase the 
educational atmosphere and the culture of 
learning with greater personal contaa with 
faculty members. The performance of the 
34 chapters that are 
currendy RLCs is 
impressive with a 
3.128 grade point 

A new year is now 
here and in 2005 the 
programs funded by 
the Foundation will 
be renewed. A new 
set of officers will be 
in charge, a new 
freshman class will 
arrive and many of 
the best will select 

SigEp. There will be transitions, there 
will be new challenges and there will be a 
myriad of opportunities. In the life of 
each chapter, you can have an impact by 
renewing your support with your 2005 
investment through the Foundation. 

You don't have to wait to be asked, ff 
you want to make a contribution now you 
can go to the Foundations online giving 
location and make your gift. This is a 
secure location and is easy to use. Give it a 
try. Visit 

Please look at 
top 20 class years 
giving in 2004 on 
page 29. You will 
see that the top 
three years are 2007, 
2008 and 2006. 
SigEp undergradu- 
ates and SigEp 
parents believ '- 
the value of ti 
SigEp experie, 
and are makir 
contributions to 
support the 
scholarship and 
leadership programs. 


Undergraduate officers at the 2005 Des Moines 
Carlson Leadership Academy 




Board of Governors 

This cross section of SigEp makes 
an important contribution 

are volunteers activC is an NFL 

with undergraduates Quarterback. 
^Qare out of school /^5 than 10 years' 
run their own \are on active militaryj 
Funeral Director! 
"I Oare current or 
X^For tune 
^^re in la^ 


J- is a Ft] 

The Board of Governors is a 
diverse group of Sigma Phi 
Epsilon Brothers who want to 
make an impact on the 
Fraternity's scholarship and 
leadership programs. Their 
unrestricted investment of a 
minimum of $1,000 in the 
personal development of Sigma 
Phi Epsilon undergraduate 
Brothers stems from their belief 
that the work being done with 
these programs is making a 

Of the 197 Governors, 194 are 
alumni, two are graduate 
students and one is an 
undergraduate. Their make up 
presents an interesting look at 
SigEp's support: 

Matching Gifts 

A matching gift is a way to make your gift even more powerful for the work of 
the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation. 

When you are ready to make a gift to the Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational 
Foundation contact your human resources department and ask for the company's 
matching gift form. You fill out your part (very brief) and send it to the 
Foundation along with your gift. 

The Foundation completes its part of the form and sends it to your company 
along with the Internal Revenue Service confirmation that the Foundation is a 
501(c)(3) public foundation. Normally within 90 days, your company will send a 
check to the Foundation that matches your gift. The matching gift is added to 
your giving record with the Educational Foundation. 

Companies that have made a matching gift to the Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Educational Foundation are listed below. If your company is not listed it may 
mean that no one from the company has sent in a matching gift form. 

Last year the Foundation received 
alumni gifts directed through their 
United Way. The United Way of Seatde 
and the United Way of Los Angeles are 
the most active with the Foundation. 
All United Way programs have an open 
door policy that means donors can 
direct gifts to a public 501 (c)(3) charity 
of their choice. 

If you are interested call your United 
Way office and ask how to direct your 
gift to the Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Educational Foundation. 

Aegon Transamerica 

Altria Employee 

Involvement Programs 
Arco Foundation 
Argonaut Group 

Matching Contribution 

Bank of America 


Foundation Annual Report 

Barnes Group Foundation 
Bon Ton Stores 

Coca-Cola Company 

Matching Gifts Program 
Cognis Corporation 
Dense Manufacturing 

Michigan Matching 

Contribution Program 

El Paso Corporation 

Entergy Corporation 
ExxonMobil Foundation 

Retiree Matching Gift 

Fannie Mae Foundation 

Fujitsu Network 


Gartner Charity Fund 
Gooding Group 

Houghton Mifflin 

Key Foundation 
Kimberly Clark 

LexisNexis Shares 

Matching Gifts Program 

May Department Stores 
Company Foundation 
Microsoft Corporation 
Minerals Technologies 
PepsiCo Foundation 
Plum Creek Foundation 
Procter & Gamble Fund 
Raytheon Company 
Matching Gift Program 

Sallie Mae Employee 
Contribution Program 

Soros Fund Charitable 

The Thomas Corporation 

Unilever United States 

U.S. Bancorp Foundation 

Verizon Foundation 

Wiley, Rein & Fielding, LLP 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 1 3 


ivith SigEp 

Your Foundation Leaders. . . 
A Lot More Than Giving Money 

Foundation Chairman, Garry C. Kief, Southern California '70, and Foundation Vice Chairman and Treasurer 
James L. Clayton, Tennessee '57, strongly beUeve in the Sigma Phi Epsilon experience and work to give it added 
value by providing unique intern opportunities for undergraduate Brothers. Garry and Jim are true mentors and in 
return have their lives enriched by this experience with the Balanced Men of Sigma Phi Epsilon. 


By Garry Kief, 

Sigma Phi Epsilon Foundation Chairman; President, Stiletto Entertainment 

For some strange reason, breaking 
into the entertainment business is like 
finding the Holy Grail for a select few 
whose sanity should definitely be 

I should know. I speak from first 
hand experience. 

I was probably 
hooked when I appeared 
on Art Linkletter s 
House Party or hung out 
with my Dad at the 
Osmond Brothers' 
rehearsals for Andy 
Wilhams' Show on CBS. 
Nowadays a cosmic 
experience at a Green 
Day concert fuels the 
same need. 

Starting each spring, 
my brother (forgive him, 
he's a Sigma Chi) and I 
would face the task of 
hiring 300 seasonal 
employees to staff our 
summer theaters. And early on, we 
decided that our best employees seemed 
to have a background in the military 
and/or Scout Camps, much like our 

They could do anything, deal with 
anything, know about everything, were 
interested in everything, and put up 
with everything. Don't you wish all of 

They are on 
call 24 hours 
a day, 

sleeping in a 
tour bus, no 
hot water, 
pizza seven 
nights a 
week, and no 
place to call 
home. But 
they love it. 

your employees and co-workers had 
these traits? 

Years later I would reunite with SigEp 
and discover that the new SigEps also 
have these same traits. We used to call it 
"well-rounded;" SigEp now calls it "The 
Balanced Man." 
I met my first 
"Balanced Men" when I 
spoke to my home 
chapter at the University 
of Southern California 
(USC) about twelve years 
ago. Shawn T. Sedlacek, 
Southern California 
'93, called me out of the 
blue and asked that I 
come and talk to the 
undergraduate chapter. 

After my speech, 
Shawn asked if I had 
ever considered an 
intern program for 
aspiring producers. 
While clearly a valiant 
attempt by Shawn at being "cool," his 
real goal was obvious. But he had great 
"moxy" and I decided he deserved a slot 
as our first intern during his last two 
years at USC. 

(above) Stilettos John 
Adams works a convention 

(right) Stiletto SigEps David Britz 
and Chris Walters take a break 

Shawn has parlayed his intern 
experience (along with his "moxy") into 
owning the largest independent college 
production company in the country. 
His company, VOX Entertainment 
produces marketing programs for Ford, 
Sony, Hollywood Park, Paramount, 
MTV and a host of other major 
companies. For fun he produces all of 
those high school and college Spring 
Trips to Mexico. And, for goodness he 
produces all of SigEp's exciting big 
events at our Conclaves. 

Shawn's intern experience broke the 
ground for a host of SigEps from SMU, 
Kansas State, Pepperdine, and USC. 

Michael W. Kirk, Southern 
Methodist '03, is now finishing up 
Grad School at NYU 
after being selected as 
one of the chosen few to 
enter its exclusive Music 
Management Program. 

14 The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 



Lb. I 


Christopher C. Walters, Pepperdine 
'03, is now Director of Merchandising 
at my company, Stiletto Entertainment 
and oversees all of our on-site and 
e-commerce retail operations. 

Kenny V. Pyle, Southern California 
'00, an intern while in college spent a 
year or so after graduation creating his 
own no-carb drink mixes (you can buy 
his products on Home Shopping 
Network) before we lured him back to 
take over Stiletto s Grand Royal Record 

David C. Britz, Penn State '01, is a 
personal manager with Stiletto, 
responsible for jazz greats Diane Schurr, 
Karrin Allyson, and Sara Gazarek. 

During the past few years, Darren B. 
Berkowitz, '05; Warren Binder, '06; 
Rob S. Lodge, '06; all Southern 
California; and Michael G. Hattrup, 
Wichita State '05; have crossed our 
threshold and experienced the lure of 

Hollywood. They are on call 24 hours a 
day, sleeping in a tour bus, no hot water, 
pizza seven nights a week, and no place 
to call home. But they love it. And 
someday they just might meet the 

In the meantime, they study under 
the tutelage of John P. Adams, Kansas 
'98, Stilettos VP of Marketing and Troy 
P. Queen, Florida '96, President of 
Stiletto Television. 

For production experience they travel 
on the road with Barry Manilow, 
Kimberley Locke, or the Concord Jazz 
Festival. They learn how to prepare 
budgets for TV Specials, review record 
and DVD contracts, understand the 
difficulties of working on-board one of 
our thirteen cruise ships around the 
world, produce a radio commercial, 
learn how to place an ad, and deal with 
VIPS. Their "intern" experience runs 
the gamut of the entertainment 
industry. . .and yet they still come back 
for more. 


Garry Kief's Stiletto 
Entertainment offices and the 
Gold Record Wall 
STILETTO Entertainment, 
located in Los Angeles, is an 
international entertainment 
production, management and 
marketing company, 
producing hundreds of 
concerts, theatrical 
productions, production 
shows, TV specials and live 
events throughout the world. 

When we hear the "Intern" word, we 
often think of a law student, someone 
working in the White House or any one 
of the Government agencies in 

Jim Clayton and I have experienced 
the magic of working with SigEp 
Interns. . .the Balanced Men of Sigma 
Phi Epsilon. We've realized how much 
we learn from being their mentors. 
We've been witness to these young men, 
full of energy, ideas, and enthusiasm. 
And in turn we've been able to offer 
them experience, opportunity, 
guidance. . .and the chance to make 
their mark on the world. 

We believe that's a fair trade. . .a 
Balanced Trade. 

And an opportunity that we hope 
you too can offer to SigEp interns across 
the country. 

'We know what we are, 
but know not what 


we may be. 

- Shakespeare 




Foundation Annual Report 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 1 5 


ivith SigEp 

Providing an exceptional 
intern experience 

By Jim Clayton's Interns 

Foundation Trustee James L. Clayton, 

Tennessee '57, provides an exceptional 
experience for undergraduates in the 
Tennessee Alpha Chapter at the 
University of Tennessee. 

This summer six interns gathered at 
the home of Jim and Kay Clayton in 

The original plan for getting together 
at Jim and Kay's home was a half-hour 
photo shoot, but it turned into an all- 
afternoon reunion — a Happening. 

Jim Clayton is proud of these 
outstanding leaders, especially at SigEp 
alumni events where he sees them 
receive recognition for their leadership 
contributions in the chapter and on 

Jim has no job description for his 
interns. They do network and computer 
maintenance, conduct research, travel 
with Jim and in general are involved in 
all of his family and business activities. 

These savvy young men learn so 
much so fast. Within a few months Jim 
relies heavily on their rapidly 
developing skills. 

Akey part of Jim's 
intern program is 
that each intern 
recommends and trains 
his replacement. 

The job is often tough, but quitting 
is not an option. How could they tell 
their fraternity family, or the prior 
graduates of our program that it does 
not work.-^ 

Knowing up front that expectations 
are high, they accept responsibility fast. 
Jim asks a lot from them — and they 
conscientiously deliver. 

A key part of Jim's intern program is 
that each intern recommends and trains 
his replacement — that's the program. 

The tradition began in 1992 

with Kelly L. Williams, '92, who now 

has a remarkable career with Clayton 
Homes, the company Jim founded. 
During his internship, Kelly held the 
position of Alumni Operations Director 
for the active chapter. With the 
experience gained from Mr. Clayton, 
Kelly worked through Retail and 
Financial Services as a trainee and is 
now general manager of the company's 
commercial buildings division — which 
he pioneered. 

Kelly commented, "We met the most 
interesting people and did the coolest 
stuff — but we couldn't let that go to 
our heads." 

Tom D. Hodges, '95, selected as the 
2^^ intern by Kelly, was the Tennessee 
Alpha Chapter President. Today Tom is 
V.P. and general counsel of Clayton 

When Tom graduated with a degree 
in psychology, he entered the Clayton 
Homes fast track management program 
full-time. After a year Jim urged him to 
work with Clayton Homes part-time — 

and go to law school full time. Upon 
graduating as president of his class, Tom 
was promoted to corporate counsel — 
at age 26. Four years later, as V.P. and 
Chief Legal Officer, Tom helped lead 
the CMH litigation team through the 
headline-grabbing, difficult Berkshire 

Matt D. Daniels, '00, another 
President of Sigma Phi Epsilon, was 
Tom's selection as the 3"^^ intern. Now, 
at age 25, Matt is president and CEO of 
First State Bank, a division of Clayton 
Bank and Trust, the youngest bank 
president in the state of Tennessee. 

Matt said, "Among the lessons I 
learned was the importance of coming 
into an organization and contributing 
value immediately. Also, you have to be 
flexible and committed. I've mowed the 
lawn in the morning 2indjetted-offwit\i 
Mr. Clayton to a board meeting in the 

Jim and Matt are now discussing how 
to replicate the intern program in the 
bank. The key is to find young educated 
men and women who share a common 
bond. They believe developing a culture 
of mutual support will foster and 
reinforce teaming, positive behavior 
and commitment. 

Matt selected Michael D. Daniels, 
'02, as the 4^^ intern. Michael served as 
both Vice President of Programming 
and Vice President of Recruitment 
while holding the internship. One of 
Michael's most memorable projects 
with Jim was assisting with the first 


The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 



Standing from the left. Matt Bobrowski, current intern, Richard Wright, MBA student at 
Vanderhilt, Jim Clayton, Michael Daniels, investment banker with UBS in Knoxville, 
Kelly Williams runs Clayton Homes' commercial building division, sitting from the left. 
Matt Daniels President and CEO of First State Bank, Tom Hodges General Counsel for 
Clayton Homes. 

edition of his autobiography, First A 
Dream. They had a lot of fun selling 
and signing books at conventions, 
churches, and county fairs — all for 

Michael is now a financial advisor 
with CB&T where he manages money 
for some of Tennessee's most 
prominent businessmen. 

Richard B. Wright, '03, was selected 
by Michael as the 5^^ intern when he 
first began tagging along with Jim and 
Michael for the First A Dream road 

A 2005 MBA candidate at 
Vanderbilt, Richard works part time 
and summers at First State Bank with 
Matt. Graduating in May, he will join 
Matt at FSB as an officer-in-training. 

This intern 

"You have to replace 
yourself with someone with 
high values and integrity — 
who will make you look 
good," Richard told the 
group during our summer 
intern Happening. 

Richard spent considerable 
time grooming his successor, 
the 6* and current intern. 
Matt M. Bobrowski, '06, a 
junior in finance at 
Tennessee. Matt has been 
Jim's chief research assistant 
for the second edition o^ First A Dream, 
Matt is an excellent Google-izer. 

Jim commented that, "each intern is 
different, but have a lot in common. 
Early on, I learn how they think, 
process, and behave — under stress and 
when relaxed. I know their strengths, 
weaknesses, and motivations. Some are 
best flying by the seat of their pants on 
short-term rush projects. Others thrive 
on structure and detail. All are sharp, 
crisp, get to the point, and results 
oriented communicators — with well- 
developed writing skills. 

This intern program ranks as one of 
my happiest memories. I highly 
recommend the 
concept to all of my 
SigEp alumni 

And your wife will 
be happy too, Kay 
fondly referred to this 
outstanding group of 
SigEps as my boys.' " 

ranlcs as one 
of my 

I highly 
the concept 
to all of my 
SigEp alumni 


Foundation Annual Report 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 1 7 

Leading through 




The Sigma Senate ESS^.? 

H. LorenzHorn 
Florida Alpha '56 

Edward K. Tyler 
Massachusetts Beta '48 

$1J50,000 - $250,000 john R. Grayson 

William A. Schreyer 

J. Edward Zollinger 

Curtis L.Carlson Indiana Alpha '46 

Pennsylvania Eta '48 


Minnesota Alpha '37 Thomas 0. Hicks 

William G. Tragos 

Virginia Delta 

Delaware Alpha Alumni Texas Alpha '68 

Missouri Beta '56 

Delaware Alpha 

r^i • ^ r^' 1 W.H.Clark 

Lnairman s Lircle North camim Beta -se 

John R. Hoehl 

North Carolina Gamma '72 

A. J. Scribante 
Kansas Beta '56 

$249,000 - $100,000 'Zltse'ZUi 

Garry C. Kief 
California Beta '70 

Paul B. Slater 
California Beta '30 

Larkin Bailey Edward H. Blackburn C. Dean Davis 

B. Mack Rankin 

Jerry L. Stroud 

California Alpha '23 Pennsylvania Eta '43 Texas Beta '52 

Texas Alpha '50 

Indiana Delta '60 

Scott A. Baxter Gene C. Brewer Corwin D. Denney 

Lamar A. Roach 

J. Edward Zollinger 

New York Eta '84 Oregon Beta '34 Michigan Alpha '43 

Texas Epsilon '60 

Virginia Delta '27 

Roger C. Chapman Carl R. Ernst 

Bruce W.Schnitzer 

Texas Alpha '49 Friend of SigEp 

Texas Alpha '66 

13 1 "Pk T^ J- Donald R.Kirchner 
rted UOOr IrUSt Oklahoma Alpha '36 

Frank J. Ruck 
Michigan Alpha '46 

Robert C.Stempel 
Massachusetts Beta '55 

$99,999 - $50,000 Sr«T.. 

Trueman L. Sanderson 
Massachusetts Beta '31 

Charles G.Therkildsen 
Iowa Beta '59 

Tom H. Barrett Harry C. Campbell Missouri Gamma Alumni 

Robert I.Saylor 

C. Maynard Turner 

Kansas Beta '53 Oregon Beta '37 ^j^^^^^j q^^^^ 

Colorado Gamma '24 

Washington Beta '22 

Frederick V.Betts Dean Duncan yvilliam R. Myers 

John H. Scribante 

Thomas W. Utterback 

Oregon Alpha '30 Indiana Delta '52 Oregon Alpha '62 

Nebraska Delta '89 

Oklahoma Alpha '31 

Joel S. Biddle Cicero A. Frazier pi.^ard A. Puzzitiello, Jr. 

PaulT. Selle 

Roger H.VanHoozer 

Friend of SigEp North Carolina Delta '34 Ohio Eta '84 

Florida Alpha '32 

Kansas Delta '72 

Christopher L. Bittman John M. George Richard A. Puzzitiello 

Keith V. Smith 

Jack D. Wheeler 

Colorado Alpha 85 Alabama Alpha 76 qi^j^ ^fg 'q-j 

Ohio Gamma '60 

Texas Beta '61 

NilesJ.Brook Jeffrey T. Hamilton John R Robbins 

Walter A. Sonnenberg 

Charles N.White 

Minnesota Alpha 40 Montana Alpha 67 j^^g^ ^^^^^ >^q 

Vermont Alpha '49 

Michigan Beta '62 

Ronald J. Howard 

MarkW. Spielmann 

Walter R.Zimmerman 

Oregon Alpha '72 

Indiana Alpha '66 

New York Alpha '37 

Brothers of the Heart 


$49,999 -$25,000 

Thomas G. Allardyce Robert C. Connor James S. Evans John R. Jury 

Barry Z. Posner 

Richard D. Shiney 

Texas Epsilon 70 Texas Beta '64 Indiana Alpha '42 Kansas Beta '53 

California Gamma '70 

Kansas Beta '52 

Francis W.Barkley John M. Corby Earle W.Frost Karl H. Kettelhut 

Gregory J. Pusinelli 

PaulT. Steffens 

Delaware Alpha '26 Arizona Alpha '74 Kansas Beta '20 Indiana Alpha '26 Indiana Beta '80 

Pennsylvania Nu '70 

Daryl A. Becker George J. Cottier John W. Hartman Terrence J. Lundgren Robert A. Radcliffe 

Duane M. Stoskopf 

Kansas Beta '58 Alabama Alpha '29 Missouri Alpha '61 Arizona Beta '74 

New Jersey Beta '68 

Kansas Beta '54 

J.TimBiddle IVIitchell G. Crane O.Thomas Hayes Douglas S. IVIacDonald Lee IVI. Reeve 

Albert A. Thornbrough 

Colorado Gamma '73 Pennsylvania Tau '77 North Carolina Beta '64 New Jersey Beta '56 Kansas Beta '71 

Kansas Beta '35 

Michael R. Borkan Clinton M. Day Richard E. Henning Robert G. Martin 

James F. Rippey 

John K.Tyler 

New York Nu '86 Florida Epsilon '82 Florida Gamma '51 Texas Alpha '50 

Oregon Beta '53 

Texas Alpha '63 

Clark H.Byrum Ulysses G. Dubach J. Edwin Holliday Donald C. McCleary H. Bob Robinson 

Michael C.Williams 

Indiana Beta '57 Oregon Alpha '13 West Virginia Epsilon '68 Texas Alpha '71 

Oregon Alpha '20 

Tennessee Beta '69 

California Gamma Alumni Thomas M. Dunning Arthur J. Hurt Norman E. Nabhan William R. Rundell 

Lawrence G.Wilson 

California Gamma Texas Alpha '65 North Carolina Epsilon '88 Indiana Alpha 7 

f Arkansas Alpha '37 

Oregon Alpha '65 

Christopher M. Coleman Conrad J. Eberstein Thomas B. Jelke Richard R. Panther Eugene C. Schurg 

W. Gardner Winters 

Kansas Beta '01 Pennsylvania Delta '65 Florida Nu '90 Kentucky Beta '39 West Virginia Delta '71 

Texas Alpha '42 

1 8 The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 


Leading through 




Raymond W.Hall 

Joseph W. Langella 

Wendell G. Rakosky 

Chuck Stegman 

Bailey's Brothers 

Indiana Zeta '58 

Terry R. Hallauer 

Connecticut Alpha '83 

Paul H. Litcher 

Ohio Zeta '78 
Richards. Rankin 

Colorado Alpha '81 
S. G. Steifel 


$29,999 - $10,000 

Kansas Beta '87 
Jay K. Harness 
Arizona Beta '65 

Indiana Eta '88 
Richard G. Long 
Colorado Gamma '79 

Texas Alpha '77 
W. Brooks Reed 
Pennsylvania Lambda '28 

North Carolina Beta '64 
John A. Stirek 
Oregon Alpha '82 


Wayne L. Adams 

George H. Cress 

Michael B. Harris 

Thomas H. Lynch 

Robert D. Regnier 

Roman D. Stoltenberg 


Texas Alpha '47 

Michigan Alpha '58 

California Epsllon '62 

Pennsylvania Eta '90 

Kansas Beta '70 

Iowa Gamma '38 


Samuel T.Aderhold 

John J. Cummings 

Bert J. Harris 

B. Kenneth Lyons 

Robert E. Reiman 

JohnW. Stovall 


Texas Alpha '43 

Kansas Beta '53 

Florida Alpha '74 

Friend of SIgEp 

Oregon Alpha '47 

Kentucky Alpha '35 


J. Michael Ancy 

Mark W.Davis 

Robert F. Hartsook 

Kenneth S. Maddox 

R.William Reisert 

Daniel B. Stuart 


Texas Beta '78 

Nebraska Alpha '90 

Kansas Epsllon '70 

Oregon Alpha '75 

Pennsylvania Eta '38 

Texas Alpha '50 

Jasper H.Arnold 

John F. Derr 

Bruce H. Hasenkamp 

Walter L Malkuch 

Elizabeth R. RidI 

John L.Sunday 

Texas Alpha '32 

Indiana Alpha '58 

New Hampshire Alpha '60 

Montana Alpha '61 

Friend of SIgEp 

South Carolina Alpha '71 

Ted R. Ashford 

David W. Detjen 

Thomas W.Hatfield 

Victor A. Mattison 

Douglass. Roberts 

Michael J.Taylor 

Kansas Beta '55 

Missouri Beta '70 

Texas Nu '75 

Missouri Alpha '86 

Pennsylvania Delta '83 

Missouri Mu '85 


David L. Balint 

Denis H. Dieker 

Edward L. Hay 

Ronald A. May 

James F. Robeson 

Howard E.Teagarden 


Ohio Nu '69 

Kansas Eta '77 

Texas Alpha '50 

Oregon Alpha '65 

Ohio Theta '59 

Kansas Beta '43 


James W. Beavers 

Stephen! Diltz 

Donald E. Heard 

Robert L. McCune 

Barry E. Robinson 

John W.Thatcher 

Texas Alpha '47 

Arizona Alpha '90 

Texas Delta '89 

Illinois Delta '50 

Kansas Beta '80 

North Carolina Epsllon '48 

■ • 

Richard W. Bennet 

Michael G.Ellis 

Conrad W. Hewitt 

George M. Mcllveen 

Maurice D. Rohleder 

Bruce L. Tomlinson 


Missouri Theta '74 

Indiana Alpha '84 

Illinois Alpha '58 

Ohio Theta '56 

Indiana Epsllon '58 

Kansas Beta '64 


James R. Bernard 

William K. Emerson 

KentB. Hickman 

Shawn McKenna 

Steven L. Rose 

Edgar A. Tomlinson 


Michigan Beta '60 

California Delta '48 

Colorado Alpha '61 

Maine Alpha '77 

California Beta '49 

Pennsylvania Kappa '39 

Donald G.Bickle 

Douglas C. Eriksen 

M. Hugh Hinton 

Judy McLaughlin 

Scott M.Russell 

Raymond J.Tucker 


Kansas Beta '50 

Kansas Beta '57 

North Carolina Delta '82 

Friend of SIgEp 

Pennsylvania Nu '71 

Colorado Beta '50 


Thomas J. Billman 

Conrad J. Eriksen 

MaxT. Horn 


Steven Schottenstein 



D.C. Alpha '65 

Kansas Gamma '29 

Missouri Eta '68 

New Jersey Beta '86 

Indiana Beta '78 

California Beta '31 


Rodger L. Bloedel 

Allan R. Ferguson 

Donald W.Hudler 

Bernard J. Milano 

David M. Scott 

Marilyn Washburn 


Oregon Alpha '62 

Delaware Alpha '65 

Ohio Epsllon '56 

Pennsylvania Mu '61 

Pennsylvania Epsllon '37 

Friend of SIgEp 


Jeffrey L. Boshears 

Roger R. Festa 

Elton M. Hyder 


Homer A. Scott 

R. Alan Watson 


Oregon Alpha '79 

Missouri Mu '72 

Texas Alpha '43 

California Beta '52 

Nebraska Alpha '27 

Texas Beta 


Lawrence E. Bott 

Thomas J. Flomer 

Steven B. Jason 

William J. Noonan 

Shawn T. Sedlacek 

A. Duane Webber 


Indiana Eta '67 

Oregon Alpha '82 

Connecticut Alpha '83 

Texas Upsllon '88 

California Beta '93 

Kansas Beta '81 


Herbert L. Brewer 

Jere D. Fluno 

Columbus L.Johnson 

Thomas D. Novotny 

Richard A. Seideman 

Allen D.Webber 


Texas Alpha '47 

Wisconsin Beta '63 

California Theta '85 

Friend of SIgEp 

Oregon Alpha '61 

Kansas Beta '59 


Thomas L. Bryan 

Michael T. Fogarty 

Jeffery L.Johnson 

K. Ramsay O'Neal 

Stephen B. Shanklin 

R. EricWeise 


Kansas Gamma '57 

New Jersey Delta '77 

Colorado Alpha '89 

Mississippi Beta '38 

Kentucky Epsllon '70 

Ohio Theta '54 


Howard E. Buhse 

James R. Gagnard 

Craig S. Kaufman 

William L. Page 


Merrill H.Werts 


Minnesota Alpha '29 

Illinois Beta '68 

Missouri Beta '86 

D.C. Alpha '42 

Massachusetts Gamma '61 

Kansas Beta '47 


Harvey Castellano 

RexE. Garrelts 

J. Gregory Keller 

Derek L.Pardee 

John D. Sills 

Charles E.Wilson 


New York R ho '95 

Kansas Beta '68 

Missouri Alpha '86 

New York Epsllon '83 

Michigan Alpha '56 

Kansas Beta '62 


Randolph W. Church 

Glenn T. Gnirrep 

Donald E. Kindle 

Brian B. Plombon 

William H.Sippel 

Donald L.Wimer 


Virginia Eta '57 

New Jersey Beta '82 

Ohio Theta '55 

Virginia Mu '84 

Pennsylvania Eta '49 

Oregon Alpha '53 


Ben H.Clark 

Bruce K. Gould 

William K. Komperda 

Harold A. Poling 

Michael J. Skyhar 

G. Duncan Wimpress 


New Mexico Alpha '31 

New York Gamma '81 

Illinois Gamma '81 

Illinois Gamma '49 

Oregon Alpha '74 

Oregon Beta '46 


Joe Clayton 

Michael A. Green 

John P. Kotter 

Samuel L. Poole 

Rodney L. Smart 

John S. Witemeyer 


Tennessee Alpha '57 

California Alpha '62 

Massachusetts Delta '68 

Pennsylvania Nu '69 

California Theta '77 

New Jersey Beta '55 


Bonnell P. Coachman 

Gary E.Griffith 

Thayne L. Kraus 

Warren C. Pray 

William E.Smith 

Archer L. Yeatts 


Florida Beta '49 

Texas Alpha '70 

Kansas Beta '56 

Kansas Beta '69 

Indiana Alpha '40 

Virginia Alpha '64 


K. Duane Cousins 

Melvin H. Haas 

Max A. Krey 

Jeffrey D. Prouty 

John R. Stack 

John E.Zollinger 

Kansas Beta '55 

Ohio Theta '62 

Kansas Beta '46 

Iowa Beta '78 

New York Gamma '60 

Pennsylvania Epsllon '57 

Phillip A. Cox 

Walter B. Hailey 

Harry D.Kurtz 

Marianne Quinn 

Todd R. Stanley 

Indiana Beta '84 

Texas Alpha '49 

Ohio Gamma '37 

Friend of SIgEp 

New Jersey Beta '85 




John S. Barton 

Dennis W. Bond 

Louis V. Bremer 

Richard A. Captor 


Florida Epsllon '82 

Missouri Alpha '65 

Ohio Eta '51 

Utah Beta '73 


$9,999 — $5,000 

Jesse E. Baxter 

G. Thomas Boswell 

Kelton L. Brewer 

James A. Cardwell 


Oklahoma Alpha '39 

Texas Beta '68 

Texas Alpha '53 

Texas Beta '81 


George J. Ablah 

Bobby W.Andrews 

MarkV. Beran 

Virgil S. Boucher 

Benjamin E. Brodie 

Jerry A. Carlson 


Kansas Gamma '51 

Texas Beta '59 

California Nu '83 

Illinois Gamma '32 

Oregon Alpha '64 

Michigan Alpha '63 



Thomas A. Andruskevich 

Ronald A. Bevacqua 

Robert C. Bowman 

Herbert H.Bullock 



Massachusetts Alpha '97 

Pennsylvania Epsllon '73 

New York Gamma '67 

California Beta '80 

Arizona Gamma '78 

Friend of SIgEp 


Sam V. Akins 

Joe B. Ashby 

Marvin A. Bienvenu 

Dean W. Boyle 

Daniel F. Burgess 

Brian L. Chandler 


Texas Beta '54 

Texas Alpha '52 

Tennessee Beta '74 

Oregon Alpha '82 

Massachusetts Alpha '45 

Texas Beta '88 


Albert M.Albright 

Mark A. Augustine 

Jeffrey A. Blanton 

John B. Brady 

Donald A. Burgio 

Steven B. Chaneles 


Texas Alpha '57 

Kansas Beta '87 

Texas Beta '84 

North Carolina Beta '53 

New York Delta '89 

Connecticut Alpha '83 


Richard Allen 

John P. Ayres 

GaryW. Blauth 

Jeffrey J. Brandii 

David F. Burgstahler 

G. Michael Cheatham 


Oregon Beta '58 

Kansas Beta '68 

New Jersey Alpha '66 

Washington Beta '86 

Kansas Gamma '90 

Virginia Kappa '74 


Ralph B. Allman 

Joe D. Baker 

Harry C.BIeile 

James M. Brasfield 

Leroy M. Burkholder 

Philip E.CIine 


California Beta '56 

Texas Beta '58 

Oregon Alpha '48 

Tennessee Beta '74 

Pennsylvania Eta '30 

West Virginia Gamma '55 


Robert L.Anderson 

Frederick E. Barton 

Brent W.Bogden 

Rudolf Bredenbeck 

Ben R. Bush 

Allah B.Conant 


Pennsylvania Delta '50 

Indiana Epsllon '66 

Utah Beta '73 

Ohio Theta '54 

Arkansas Gamma '71 

Texas Beta '61 


Foundation Annual Report 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 1 9 

Leading through 

H O 



I N G 

I Zollinger Associates 

Harold L. Firestone 

Charles F.Hollis 

Richard W. Maechtlen 

Charles S. Pappas 

Christophers. Sinclair 

1 Jonathan P. Congleton 

Oregon Alpha '46 

North Carolina Zeta '66 

California Beta '38 

New York Alpha '50 

Oklahoma Beta '89 

Kansas Beta '84 

Kirk J. Fischesser 

Don R. Holloway 

Phillip N.Maisano 

Thomas L. Parker 

Albert V.Siniscal 

Kelly P. Conway 
Ohio Theta '82 

Ohio Eta '85 

Texas Alpha '75 

North Carolina Lambda '69 

Texas Mu '82 

Missouri Beta '63 

Richard W. Flowers 

Johns. Hollyfield 

Michael L. Mann 

David M. Parker 

Raymond A. Sinquefield 

Ryan A. Cook 

Texas Alpha '73 

Texas Alpha '62 

California Beta '78 

Indiana Alpha '53 

Texas Beta '88 

Texas Beta '89 

R. Craig Foster 

Richard L. Hoover 

Robert L. Mannfeld 

F. David Parrott 

J. R. Sipes 

Michael G. Cowgill 

Texas lota '79 

Indiana Theta '71 

Indiana Alpha '47 

North Carolina Beta '55 

Tennessee Beta '68 

Oregon Alpha '75 

L. Kent Fowler 

Michael J. Houtonen 

Bryan B. Marsh 

W. Daniel Pate 

Steven A. Smith 

David R. Cowling 

Indiana Epsilon '85 

Montana Alpha '72 

Texas Beta '81 

North Carolina Delta '71 

Texas Beta '98 

Texas Beta '85 

John A. Fraley 

Gayland H. Howell 

Gerald C. Marshall 

David J. Patterson 

Durrell R Smith 

Sean R Craft 

North Carolina Delta '73 

Texas Beta '60 

Texas Beta '82 

Massachusetts Alpha '93 

Texas Beta '91 

Texas Beta '95 

Joseph M. Friedlander 

Charles J. Inacker 

Richard G. Martin 

Mario A. Perez 

Thomas C. Smith 

Michael G. Creel 

Iowa Gamma '21 

Pennsylvania Nu '58 

Michigan Alpha '52 

Texas Beta '87 

Nebraska Alpha '67 

Texas Beta '90 

Robert V.Galbreath 

Russell W. Intravartolo 

Richard N. Mason 

Robert W.Petersen 

Loran B. Smith 

Malcolm Dade 

Illinois Alpha '48 

Kansas Delta '86 

Tennessee Beta '72 

Montana Alpha '67 

Kansas Delta '89 

Texas Beta '57 

Warren E. Gast 

Frank R Jank 

Charles E. McCormick 

John C. Petricciani 

Donald K.Smith 

Lawrence D. Damron 

Michigan Alpha '52 

Michigan Gamma '56 

Michigan Alpha '61 

New York Delta '58 

Maryland Beta '54 

Ohio Theta '68 

Wade C. Gatchell 

Gary L. Jefferies 

Raymond C. McCron 

James F. Pitt 

Brian D.Smith 

Steven D. Daniels 

Vermont Alpha '20 

Texas Beta '68 

Pennsylvania Delta '43 

D.C. Alpha '38 

North Carolina Zeta '77 

Tennessee Zeta '78 

Jay V. Giese 

David D.Jenkins 

J. Robert McLendon 

! Reginald Porter 

J. Gregory South 

Brett R. Danko 

Texas Beta '83 

Colorado Gamma '64 

Texas Epsilon '64 

Nebraska Alpha '34 

Texas Alpha '69 

Pennsylvania Deita '90 

Charles K. Gillespie 

William H.Jones 

James G. McMillan 

Linda A. Powers 

Richard E. Spoon 

Robert M. Daugherty 

Missouri Beta '57 

Virginia Alpha '41 

Ohio Gamma '54 

Friend of SigEp 

Texas Tau '86 

D.C. Alpha '43 

BillyA. Gilliland 

J. Scott Jury 

Reineiro L. Medina 

J. Russell Pratt 

Thomas K. Stempel 

Orin D. Davis 

Texas Beta '60 

Kansas Beta '86 

Ohio Theta '99 

Michigan Alpha '39 

Pennsylvania Nu '69 

Colorado Alpha '43 

DonK. Gobin 

Michael R. Kamel 

Roger A. Mermelstein 

W. Clifford Price 

William R. Stewart 

Laurence A. Deets 

Texas Beta '57 

Texas Beta '81 

Florida Gamma '87 

Texas Beta '88 

Texas Beta '81 

Florida Beta '62 

Oscar H. Goebel 

Ronalds. Kaniuk 

Joe D. Meroney 

William J. Quinn 

Robert E. Swaney 

Robert E. Dignon 

Illinois Alpha '26 

Illinois Lambda '93 

Texas Alpha '52 

Texas Beta '87 

Michigan Alpha '60 

Washington Beta '31 

John A. Goesling 

Matthew J. Kapszukiewicz 

Gary L. Millenbruch 

Carlos Quintero 

Craig D.Templeton 

Peter B. Dirlam 

Oregon Alpha '67 

Massachusetts Alpha '95 

Kansas Beta '59 

South Carolina Beta '73 

Kansas Gamma '81 

New York Beta '56 

Michael D. Gooden 

Raymond! Kauffmann 

EricS. Miller 

Jorey E. Ramer 

Jack E.Thomas 

Matthew! Domenici 

North Carolina Delta '69 

New York Gamma '31 

Texas Beta '91 

Massachusetts Delta '95 

Oregon Alpha '54 

Texas Kappa '94 

Joseph M. Gordon 

George J. Kausler 

Brian S. Mock 

Edwin B. Ramey 

John C.Thornton 

Ted B. Donaldson 

North Carolina Delta '79 

Michigan Alpha '63 

Texas Beta '87 

Texas Kappa '75 

Tennessee Delta '75 

Tennessee Beta '77 

Donald C. Graham 

Dana A. Kee 

James R. Monroe 

John A. Rankin 

Edward L. Tinker 

Anthony Donate 

Michigan Alpha '55 

Texas Beta '87 

Texas Beta '85 

Oregon Alpha '70 

Pennsylvania Epsilon '21 

Nebraska Alpha '30 

G.William Gregory 

Gerald W.Kehle 

William L. Monroe 

Terry L. Ray 

Michael J. Transue 

W. Derek Dooley 

New York Alpha '55 

California Beta '58 

Michigan Beta '63 

Kansas Beta '67 

Oklahoma Beta '66 

Texas Beta '88 

Raymond M. Hair 

David M. Kennedy 

Samuels. Moon 

Dennis R. Reigle 

Robert L. Trovaten 

Hans J. Dorweiler 

Tennessee Alpha '46 

Texas Beta '80 

Texas Beta '89 

Ohio Theta '67 

California Delta '67 

Colorado Delta '57 

Edward H. Hammond 

Charles R. King 

G. Michael Moon 

Shawn G. Rice 

David M.Turner 

William R Douglas 

Kansas Epsilon '66 

California Alpha '34 

Texas Beta '77 

Nebraska Delta '90 

Washington Beta 

Pennsylvania Eta '47 

Robert J. Hanrahan 

John R. Kloes 

Richard A. Mullen 

Thelma B. Roach 

Edward M. Valenta 

Williams. Dulin 

Indiana Beta '76 

California Beta '57 

Ohio Theta '65 


New York Chi '02 

D.C. Alpha '11 

Ken E. Hansing 

Peter A. Kneedler 

William E.Mulvihill 

Donald R. Rochau 

H.Jay Varner 

Whitney Eastman 

Georgia Delta '71 

Texas Beta '88 

Michigan lota '79 

Iowa Gamma '59 

Kansas Beta '56 

New Hampshire Alpha '10 

Roberts. Hare 

Fredrick M. Koontz 

John R. Naisby 

Ivan Rodriguez 

Jacques L.Vauclain 

John M. Eber 

Kansas Gamma '23 

Oregon Alpha '70 

Delaware Alpha '34 

New York R ho '98 

North Carolina Epsilon '90 

Illinois Delta '73 

Allen W. Harmann 

Stuart W.Kramer 

David J. Nayfa 

David J. Roman 

Benjamin S.Vaughn 

Charles G. Eberly 

Ohio Theta '62 

West Virginia Gamma '63 

Texas Beta '87 

New York Beta '73 

Texas Beta '84 

Ohio Kappa '63 

William H. Hartman 

Desmond M. Laffey 

Wilfred N. Neff 

Matthews. Russell 

Gary L. Verplank 

Jackie Eberstein 

New Jersey Beta '55 

Massachusetts Alpha '98 

Illinois Alpha '31 

Texas Beta '02 

Michigan Alpha '62 

Friend of SigEp 

Bill D. Harvey 

Arthur H. Larsson 

James K.Neill 

Donald B. Ruthenberg 

James H. Warsaw 

James C. Edwards 

Texas Beta '58 

West Virginia Delta '69 

Oregon Alpha '67 

Ohio Zeta '52 

Oregon Beta '69 

Pennsylvania Eta '78 

Jonathan D. Hayes 

EricW. Lauterbach 

Stephen K. Nelson 

Frank E. Rutherford 

Michael A. Wasylik 

Arthur R. Ehrnschwender 

California Mu '93 

California Gamma '89 

Montana Alpha '69 

Tennessee Gamma '57 

Illinois Lambda '92 

Ohio Theta '48 

Norman T. Heathorn 

Patrick W. Lawler 

KentC. Nelson 

George W. Sanders 

W. Grant Watkinson 

John F. Elert 

Massachusetts Delta '57 

Tennessee Beta '77 

Indiana Gamma '59 

Texas Beta 

Oregon Alpha '64 

Michigan Alpha '53 

DrewF Hell 

Chester J. Lee 

Kenneth J. Nicholson 

Gerald M. Schafer 

Dale A. Werts 

Joshua S. Endler 

Texas Beta '89 

Texas Alpha '31 

Montana Alpha '89 

Texas Beta '54 

Kansas Alpha '84 

Massachusetts Alpha '96 

EricW. Heil 

Gary ?. Lessis 

James C. Nissen 

David E. Schwartz 

Monte J. White 

Roland R. Eppley 

Texas Beta '86 

Ohio Theta '83 

Oregon Alpha '74 

Texas Beta 

Texas Beta '88 

Maryland Alpha '53 


Edward L. Littleton 

KirbyJ. Noel 

Scott A. Schwartz 

Wesley !Wilke 

Joseph H. Etter 

Virginia Beta '91 

Texas Beta '90 

Massachusetts Zeta '91 

Iowa Gamma '93 

Minnesota Alpha '30 

Ohio Eta '73 

Anthony D.Herbst 

Robert C.Loesch 

Steven E. Noll 

Rex A. Sebastian 

Robert C.Williams 

Stacey J. Everett 

Pennsylvania Delta '29 

Ohio Theta '63 

California Beta '86 

Indiana Alpha '51 

Ohio Theta '91 

Texas Beta '89 

Thomas E.Hill 

Jay F Lombardo 

Steve J. Odom 

Randalls. Shawell 

Grant M.Yoshihara 

Glenn A. Ezell 

Virginia Alpha '64 

Texas Beta '85 

Texas Beta '85 

Texas Alpha '54 

Oregon Alpha '77 

1 Texas Beta '87 

John H.Hill 

Louis L. Louizides 


W. Philip Shepardson 

Douglas J. Young 

Patrick E. Farrell 

Virginia Kappa '83 

New Jersey Beta '70 

Texas Beta '72 

Ohio Theta '68 

Arizona Gamma '81 

New York lota '86 

Harold L. Hodge 

Glenn C. Lovett 

Winona C. Owens 

William G. Sikes 

F Stansbury Young 

Fred M. Finch 

Florida Alpha '52 

Oregon Alpha '73 

Friend of SigEp 

Tennessee Gamma '57 

Wisconsin Alpha '36 

J Kansas Beta '31 

William L Hoke 

William A. MacDonough 

Freddie Simmons 

Arizona Beta '73 

Virginia Epsilon '29 

Texas Alpha '53 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 


V t> 






You 2004 

L I 

78th Annual Scripps 
National Spelling Bee 

May 31 - June 2, 2005, 
Washington, D.C. 


The Sigma Phi Epsilon Educational 
Foundation is partnering with the 
2005 Scripps National Spelling Bee to 
provide a $5,000 college scholarship 
for the Champion. 

The Scripps National Spelling Bee is 
the nations longest-running 
educational promotion. It started in 
Louisville, Kentucky in 1 925 with nine 
contestants. Today there are 243 local 
spelling bees throughout the world. 
The Champion of each local Bee 
comes to Washington at the end of 
May for the finals. 

Students who have not reached their 
16th birthday by the date of the finals 
and who have not passed beyond the 
8th grade at the time of their local 
finals are eligible to participate. 

Sigma Phi Epsilons partnership 
developed from the belief that Sigma 
Phi Epsilons concept of Sound Mind/ 
Sound Body is a perfect fit with the 
purpose of the Bee. 

With the help of George Mcllveen, 
U of Cincinnati '56, a former 
newspaper executive. Foundation 
President Chuck White worked with 
the Scripps organization to establish 
this partnership. The National Spelling 
Bee understands the Fraternity's 
emphasis on Sound Mind/Sound Body 
and its interest in encouraging young 
people to lead a successful life. This 
partnership is another way that SigEp 
encourages academic excellence. By 
lending its name to this event, SigEp 
seeks to change perceptions about the 
American College Fraternity. 

The Bee will be televised again in 
2005 starting on May 31st. Check 
your local paper for the cable channel 
that carries it in your area. 

Foundation Annual Report 


Chapter Giving 


Friends of 
Sigma Plii Epsilon 

Lawrence L. Biacchi 
Roger D. Brandt 
Edward E. Kirklin 
Dion Mannen 
Judy McLaughlin 
IVIarianne Quinn 
David E. Schwartz 
Bertie S. Selvey 
Barbara Shanahan 
IVIrs. David IVI. Turner 
R. Alan Watson 
IVIaurine K.Wood 

Alabama Alpha 


James F. Anthony '57 
James E. Baskerville '54 
J. Lofton Beasley '04 
Robert J. Bedwell '48 
Glenn R Campbell '79 
Jonathan R. Coe '89 
JohnG.Curtin '62 
Richard W. Dean '66 
William E.DeWitt '68 
Daniel Diemer'08 
Carl D. Edem '75 
Robert F. Farrell '43 
John M. George '76 
Robert W. Harrison '55 
ReaA. Huston '72 
Christopher J. Karabinos '8^ 
Vaughn T. Laganosky '81 
James A. Lloyd '80 
William C. IVIalone '41 
Judson C. IVIartin '43 
John M. Monte '88 
Thurman C. Pace '48 
Frank R. Parsons '90 
Robert W. Payne '50 
J. Robert Reynolds '04 
J. Douglas Riddle '73 
Joseph C. Saia'86 
Douglas B. Sawyer '80 
Logan Schenck'08 
Charles R. Skinner '43 
Kenneth E. Stephens '78 
David G. Stroup '72 
Walter H.Thompson '64 
Arthurs. Vitagliano '64 
Henry C.Whitting '38 
John R.Wright '64 

Alabama Beta 


Robert W.Adams '96 
Walter R Batson '66 
James R. Breth '51 
Robert C.Brunner '90 
John R.Elliott '97 
Ernest A. Fite '68 
Robert F. George '59 
William ?. McEvoy '98 
J. Patrick Meyer '65 
Robert R. Pope '57 
E. Martin Salmon '87 
Elzie S.Sanders '91 
Christopher R. Stanley '9£ 
Clifford L.Turner '52 
Marvin J. Wallace '48 
Jonathan R Worrell '70 


Alabama Gamma 


Jared M. Monahan '02 
William B. Peek '04 

Alabama Delta 

Alabama -Birmingham 

Howard L. Jones '76 

Alabama Epsilon 


Brian RAehnlich '83 
Michael W.Beatty '92 
Jonathan D. Killough '97 
John J. McLendon '98 
Christopher W.White '97 

Alabama Zeta 


Robert H.Crowe '92 
R.Walker Garrett '07 
G.Wayne Knupp '95 
Joe D. Read '88 
William A. Woerner '93 

Alabama Theta 

Jacksonville State 

John D. Hopson '91 
Benjamin S. McCoy '99 

Alaska Alpha 


Jeffrey F. Kulawiak'99 



David A. Robinson '04 

Arizona Alpha 

Arizona State 

Christopher RBartholdi '07 
Benjamin A. Belkin '02 
ScottA. Biehl'73 
Michael W.Bott '74 
H. Richard Byrne '69 
Benjamin A. Devee '02 
Stephen! Diltz'90 
Erin R. Farley '91 
Robert L. Gattis '94 
GaryS. Haden'70 
Melvin H. Ing '72 
Richard H. Lovely '60 
Randall W. Mankin '74 
Larry L. McCord '61 
Paul D. Nicholson '74 
Daniel L. Phillips '06 
Lance L. Renfrew '65 
Samuel J.Schulz'66 
RobertL. St. John '87 
Howard D. Sukenic '84 
William D. Swackhamer '75 
KevinT. Tierney '90 

Arizona Beta 


Thomas M.Andersen '72 
Michael R. Ash '95 
CurtM.Bachman '96 
R. Dave Barclay '62 
Wayne C. Benesch '64 
Jeffrey M.Birdsell '87 
Kenneth M. Bright '79 
Joseph P. Brower '85 

David H.Campbell '07 
Douglas F. Carlberg '72 
PaulA. Chuppa'61 
Larry N. Cordier'58 
R. Gene Dewey '61 
Robert A. Eckert'76 
Jonathan J. Geyer '08 
Jay K. Harness '65 
Douglas M. Hatcher '75 
Ryan C. Kramer '07 
Larry J. Kramer '62 
Terrence J. Lundgren '74 
Michael R. Murray '82 
Tylers. Patterson '81 
Christopher L. Pickrell '68 
Patrick D. Reaume '81 
Joshua T. Ringer '08 
Bradley W. Robinson '93 
Kyle P. Sevy '08 
Matthew A. Smith '08 
Stephen W.Thomas '72 
Everett L. Upham '63 
Randall C.Wolfe '85 

Arizona Gamma 

Northern Arizona 

Neal R. Bailey '91 
Keith M. Benham '90 
Herbert H.Bullock '78 
Adam M. Shuckhart '96 
James D. Skelding '92 

Arkansas Alpha 


Gary J. Bien '66 
GuyE. Brown '62 
Christophers. Eversole '94 
J. David Gee '87 
Michael R.Gott '72 
James 0. Graham '64 
Kenneth R Hankins '60 
Dandridge W. Hogan '84 
Ronald R Jones '65 
Jonathan C. Kimbrough '05 
Donald R. Langston '59 
Robert E.McCarley '65 
William G. Myers '48 
John M. Often '91 
John W. Ramsey '63 
H.Terry Rasco '71 
Nicholas W. Roberts '06 
William R.Rundell '37 
Archie B. Ryan '56 
Robert R.Shinn '55 
William W.Shirley '70 
B.Andrew Speed '81 
Charles D. Stovall '96 
Hugh G.Treece '37 
James T.Womble '65 

Arkansas Beta 

Henderson State 

J.Todd Brown '91 
John L. Davis '70 
Thomas A. Dempster '84 
James M. Ely '98 
Michael F.Jones '85 
Gregory J. Moore '83 
Jerrald B. Sanders '73 
John W.Smith '68 
J.Thomas Smith '61 
Nicholas B.Vaughn '05 

Arkansas Gamma 

Arkansas State 

Frank L. Nettles '57 
Clinton M.Young '84 

Arkansas Delta 

Arkansas-Little Rock 

James W. Calloway '91 
James M. Hicks '75 

Arkansas Epsilon 

Arkansas Tech 

Dustin L.Jones '95 
Samuel J. Pasthing '96 
ReeceG. Roberson '93 
Aaron L. Roberts '08 
Brian T. Swain '88 
Flint R.Walker '08 

Arkansas Zeta 

Central Arkansas 

JefferyW. Clifton '92 
David R. Fox '90 
Leslie B. Henslee '00 
Gary L. Huff '91 
Thomas W. Koehl '94 
KrethJ. Koehler'92 
Shane T. Lester '94 
Allan F.Maly '94 
Darren D. Plaster '90 
Warren T. Readnour '90 
W. Bart Shaw '04 
Dustin L. VanPelt'07 

California Alpha 


Paul F. Baumann '50 
Armando Chacon '92 
Patrick Costanzo '86 
Jeremiah L. Cothren '07 
Sean D. Doyle '87 
R.Terry Duryea '69 
Stuart G.Gould '59 
Wayne D. Gray '50 
Michael A. Green '62 
Lloyd A. Grotheer '49 
Stephen L. Guensler '62 
John R. Hermann '86 
James H. Ingram '59 
Frank J. Isola'68 
Steven H. Jackman '88 
Tony M. Jarrett '59 
William M.Jonas '37 
Charles R. King '34 
James R. Kruger '87 
Howard C. Mel '47 
Melvin A. Moffitt '42 
Stanley B.Smith '55 
Roderic W.Thomas '58 
Donald H. West '30 
Derek H. Whang '98 
Robert H.Zeller '48 

California Beta 

Southern California 

Jeffrey N. Alton '07 
Richard E. Barrett '40 
Brandon A. Blaylock'79 
Ronald B. Broadwell '56 
William RCamm '46 
E. GarrisColinsky '64 
John W. Dameron '80 
Michael A. Dixon '72 
Sean W. Douglass '94 
Alan S. Duncan '53 
Daniel D. Ederer '91 
JackR. Filanc '47 
Geoffrey Gleason '47 
Glenn W. Grade '51 
Malcolm E. Graham '47 
Richard R.Gunter'42 
Carl D. Gutermann '61 
Richard G. Hanson '63 
Elmer G. Haskin '51 
Michael C. Hendershot '97 
Jason E. Hollander '94 
Steven R. Houchin '06 
Ian J. Hu '84 
Robert E. Hughes '07 
Richard A. Hurst '88 
George W.Jacobs '47 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 2 1 

Sharing jour 



Scott J. Johnson '98 
Norman A. Johnson '37 
Gregory A. Jorgensen '79 
Gerald W.Kehle '58 
Douglas W.Keith '72 
Richard D. Kern '76 
Garry C. Kief 70 
Michael M.King '61 
John R. Kloes'57 
Robert J. Kurkjian '95 
Steve Leisy '62 
David E. MacLeod '46 
Michael L. Mann '78 
JackD. McBride'47 
William J. McDowell '52 
Vernon W. Monroe '50 
HankMoonjean '52 
John H. Norcop '46 
Brent A. Noyes'74 
William R. Paetzke '06 
John S. Parise '54 
Stephen B. Paulin '78 
Stuarts. Phillips '58 
Kenneth V. Pyle '02 
Edward G. Pyle '48 
Carlo Von M. Roberto '93 
Steven L. Rose '49 
Bruce F. Sears '05 
Shawn T.Sedlacek '93 
Timothy B.Shaw '07 
Steven C.Shaw '91 
Robert LShipp '43 
Josephs. Sidor '82 
WilfredoC. Silva'89 
Duncan M. Stewart '08 
Paul C.Taylor '05 
Melvin J. Warner'59 
Paul L.Wheeler '56 
Robert L. Zweig '71 

California Gamma 

California-Santa Barbara 

Daniel N.Abellera '79 
Kenneth W. Baines '55 
John D. Borie'48 
Louis C. Bortz'52 
Thomas D. Brock '81 
John A. Cooper '52 
David C. Diekmann '89 
Josh Dodsworth '05 
Craig T. Eychner '86 
Adam M.Gilbert '08 
N. John VV Green '50 
Todd Henderson '07 
Jack B.Jones '56 
Thomas R Keeshen '08 
John M. Mathews '68 
Lewis E. McCann '52 
Darrin R McDonald '06 
John R. Millard '63 
Patrick M. Mixon '90 
Jeffrey! Ortiz '06 
James A. Phillips '62 
John J. Plessman '49 
Barry Z. Posner'70 
Matthew A. Shaw '08 
James A. Simpson '69 
William R.Tiernay '52 
EricS. Volan '08 
Michael J. Ward '70 
Bruce L. Williams '68 

Caiifornia Deita 

San Diego State 

Christopher C.Anderson '91 
Howard W. Baumann '64 
RickS. Beardsley'88 
Vincent F. Biondo '64 
Jeffrey A. Brown '93 
Robert W.Callaghan '59 
Edward E. Dahlkamp '63 
Joseph A. Daly '58 

Joe A. Dendy '70 
William J. Elliott '62 
William K. Emerson '48 
Shawn L. Engbrecht '94 
RobertA. Gibbs'63 
Christophers. Goble '97 
Ricardo M. Gonzales '90 
David L. Hatt '79 
Thomas A. Holmes '91 
Michael R. Hudson '96 
Jerry L. Hutter '65 
Craig E. Isaac '91 
Anthony C. Lanzone '93 
Raj Y. Mathai '93 
Michael A. Maxsenti '72 
Victors. Mitchell '88 
Kevin J. Napper '90 
Dennis H. Pennell '60 
Ronald D.Smith '69 
JohnC. Steepy'69 
Thomas L. Swiers '64 
Jack D.Terrell '87 
Robert L. Trovaten '67 
Brian M. Ventrella '95 
Ronald N. Voss'73 
Dale A. Walters '69 
Daniel Watson '84 
Dann M. Whalen '69 
Jake B.Williams '06 
Burley M.Wright '07 

Caiifornia Epsiion 

San Jose State 

Roy E. Barbatti '63 
Donald R. Booher '62 
Michael L. Freed '66 
John J. Haggerty '62 
Michael B. Harris '62 
William L. Langan '70 
Donn B. Murphy '66 
Robert R Neville '58 
Jim L.Olson '63 
Douglas J. Pavese '63 
Roger K.Scaife '61 
John A. Worthington '66 

Caiifornia Zeta 

Long Beach State 

Gregg S. Florence '68 
Timothy R Lambert '90 

Caiifornia Eta 


John C.Andersen '70 
David R DeFrank'07 
James R Finch '89 
Sean E. Halligan '06 
Michael J. Hui '07 
Steven Lo '89 
John M. Reed '70 
Terrence R. Sullivan '68 
Gregorys. Sweatt '73 
Christopher B.Thomas '04 
Keenan V. Vyas '04 
Ryan D.Zalta'95 

Caiifornia Tiieta 

Sacramento State 

Frederick E. Anderegg '70 
GaryR. Chaix'65 
M.Scott Elliott '95 
Walter! Filliman '67 
Steven A. Flinn '71 
Columbus L. Johnson '85 
Ian W. Marks '90 
John D. McClure'54 
Thomas H. McCormick'86 
W. Martin Roche '64 
David L. Sheets '96 
Rodney L. Smart '77 
Rodney B. Swanson '63 
Garrick S.Waller '00 
Phillip B.Winberry '66 

Caiifornia lota 

Cliico State 

JackB. Anthony '75 
A. Brad Bannister '75 
Christopher E.Cole '81 
David H. Fusi '71 
Darrell W.Johnson '79 
Robert E.Koch '70 
Douglas K. MacAdams '76 
Steven K. Nickel '71 
MarkA. Tomsic'85 

California Lambda 

Santa Ciara 

P. Gregory Frey '83 
Benjamin P. Gleichner '77 
Louis J. Lombardo '80 
Michael J. Zunini '84 

California IVIu 

Cai Poiy-Pomona 

Kenneth J. Barker '91 
NeilC. Blais'82 
Geoffrey A. Bonney '85 
David R. Calderon '88 
Brian! Clarke '03 
Seth Cossio '94 
Brian H. Daly '92 
Paul 0. Davison '92 
Thomas R Gathmann '83 
Christopher L. Gebelin '96 
Jose A. Gomez '93 
Jonathan D. Hayes '93 
Ian L. Helmstadter'88 
Gregory R. Hohn '88 

Top 30 

Michael J. Lang '96 
Philip A. Lefcourt'93 
Martin !Orton '97 
Dominique A. Padilla'OO 
Donald F. Putnam '68 
Robert F. Ragland '83 
David M. Van Dorpe '94 
ErickA. Viramontes '07 
Charles R.Wheaton '98 
Brent M. Yamasaki '89 

California Nu 


MarkV. Beran '83 
Paul M.Carey '83 
S. David Delgado '83 
Jay D. Dickson '92 
Marvyn D. Mack '92 
Gabe K.Sachs '83 
W. Scott Slocum '97 

California Xi 

San Francisco State 

Joe J. Jaber '90 
Scott D.Jacobs '83 
Ronald A. Magana '94 

California Omicron 


Johnny Aaron '07 
James R. Barlow '91 
Laurence F. Dunn '90 
Christopher M. Flosi '92 
Keith M. Funakoshi '96 
Andrew M. Lusardi '03 
Christopher A. Rimer '90 

Keith A. Schulner'89 
Robert E.Sheffield '91 

California Pi 


Ryan! Denny '06 
Mark! Dillon '97 
Mark D. Hofstadter '84 
MarkM. Kanok'95 
Jeffrey !Keltner '02 
Hsian-Tsu B. Liao '88 
Chuck! Narikiyo '84 
Harold A. Schwartz '95 
Grantham J. Winfrey '89 

California Rlio 

Caiifornia-San Diego 

Louie F. Anderholt'07 
Brian W. Leecing '90 
Charles R. Levinson '00 

California Sigma 

Caiifornia State-Northridge 

Michael M. Franco '92 

California Tau 

Caiifornia State Poiytech 
Univ.-San Luis Obispo 

Otto D. Baierlein '93 
Jesse P. Englert'05 
KurtS. Franchuk'08 
Benjamin C. Hawkinson '03 
Dan M. Herron '06 
Le Nguyen '92 
Eric C.Turner '97 
C. Rand Williams '93 

California Upsilon 

Caiifornia State-San 

Andrew J. Chabot '97 
PaulR. Chabot'97 
Paul DiMarino '94 
James C. Lewis '96 
Christopher P. Liptan '01 
Daniele E. Nanna '99 

California Plii 

Fresno State 

Robert L.CIegg '95 
JonwaKim '00 
Mike S. Moon '95 

California Clii 

Loyoia iVIarymount 

John E. Barnes '07 
AlexBeylerian '06 
Aaron M. Brickley '07 
Brian J. Bull '07 
Raymond A. Crosby '06 
Andrew R. Dilfer'04 
George I. Gamboa'04 
Peter H.Howell '07 
Ramsey S. Israwi '07 
Jason E. Navaroli '05 
Sebastian C. Palmer '04 
Anthony L. Pessino '99 
Steven E. Ross '07 
Stephen J. Schilling '07 
Jonathan R.Taylor '07 
MarkR. Volman '97 



1. Virginia Delta 

2. Texas Alpha 

3. Kansas Beta 

4. Missouri Beta 

5. Massachusetts Beta 

6. Minnesota Alpha 

7. Pennsylvania Eta 

8. Indiana Alpha 

9. Florida Alpha 

10. Oregon Alpha 

1 1 . California Beta 

12. Texas Beta 

13. Delaware Alpha 

14. Wisconsin Beta 

1 5 . Michigan Alp ha 

16. Oregon Beta 

17. Tennessee Alpha 

18. North Carolina Delta 

19. North Carolina Beta 

20. OhioTheta 

21. Indiana Delta 

22 . California Alp ha 

23. Texas Epsiion 

24. North Carolina Gamma 

25. Indiana Beta 

26. Oklahoma Alpha 

27. Ohio Gamma 

28 . New Jersey Beta 

29. New York Alpha 

30. Michigan Beta 

William & Mary 


Kansas State 

Washington U. in St. Louis 



Penn Stae 



Oregon State 

Southern California 

North Texas 






North Carolina 

North Carolina State 

U. of Cincinnati 

Indiana State 





Oklahoma State 

Ohio State 



Western Michigan 


22 The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsiion 



You 2004 


California Psi 


David 0. Chang '04 
Frank! Ko '97 
Christopher C.Walters '03 

Caiifornia Omega 

California State-Fuiierton 

i|l Scott M.Hughes '01 
'■I Sean C. Love '04 
Cyrus S. Mirza'08 

Caiifornia Beta Aipiia 


Brian D. Bouchey '05 
Joshua L. Clemmer '07 
Jordan! Corpuz '05 
IVIichael C. Josephson '07 
Benjamin C. Kasl<a '08 
Timothy C. Lin '97 
IVIarcus I. Pence '08 
Marl<A. Santa Ines '06 

Caiifornia Beta Beta 

U. of San Diego 

Justin! Boucher '04 
Brian! Furlow'06 
Ryan P. Jacobsen '00 
William M. Rochfort'04 
Brian D.Torio '01 
Brandon E. Weiss '07 


Caiifornia -Riverside 

Robert J. Bastone '05 
Christophers. Benson '06 
Zachary G. Valadez'07 

Coiorado Aipiia 


Arthur L.Aikin '62 
Christopher L. Bittman '85 
G.Scott Blaine '85 
RossM. Bolt '53 
David A. Cantor '84 
George E. Dew '84 
Charles N. Douglas '49 
Robert L. Dunham '54 
Jeremy Foster '61 
Eric R Gersten '08 
Gordon G.Goff 53 
Robert F Hardin '45 
KentB. Hickman '61 
Francis B. Howes '73 
Charles E. Johnson '50 
Jeffery L. Johnson '89 
Christian K.Johnson '59 
Lawrence B. Kilham '65 
Lome D. IVIatheson '60 
Harlan V. Meyer '36 
John R Millar '83 
John H. Oswald '92 
Matthew R. Ritchey '07 
Chuck Stegman '81 
Gary Vicari '76 
Alan F. Willenbrock'83 
Eric J. Wilson '07 

Coiorado Beta 


Harry C. Dowson '29 
Martin W. Erickson '65 
Forrest W.Gregory '38 
Donald C. Henke '51 
Richard C. Heramb '63 
Barney Leon '48 
Eric E. Schmautz'96 

Coiorado Gamma 

Coiorado State 

Patrick L.AIdretti '06 
Tom W. Beck '38 
William F.Becker '89 
Robert A. Bell '01 
J.Tim Biddle'73 
Ted L. Burnett '59 
William M. Chapman '76 
Troy A. Clair '82 
Edward M. Corley '57 
Harold L Felte '54 
AlvaL. Finkner'38 
C. Ryan Freas '00 
James R Gleason '64 
Bryan A. Harmsen '01 
Ross A. Hendrix'07 
William J. Hindman '57 
Donald H. Hoch '50 
David D. Jenkins '64 
Stephen A. Kaplan '70 
Frederick M. Kupilik'56 
Archie J. Lind '63 
Richard G. Long '79 
Travis G. Looper'08 
Russell F. Lowe '46 
Benjamin! Lucas '07 
Michael J. Miller '07 
OrvilleE. Mock '40 
Philip D.Montero'86 
Larry E. Morgan '59 
Don P. Morgan '78 
Christopher A. Noonan '06 
Scott R.Oglesby '83 
JackC. Pearlstein '68 
Laurie D. Ramsay '51 
Daniels. Reagan '82 
WesleyA. Segelke'62 
Charles L. Simon '54 
Sidney E. Simonson '92 
Craig R. Snyder '95 
John R. Sprengle '57 
John RTromly'61 
Willard L. Walker '49 
Robert L.Warner '58 
Jack R.Welch '67 

Coiorado Deita 

Coiorado Sciiooi ofiVlines 

Robert R. Cederstrom '60 
Hans J. Dorweiler '57 
Laurence H. Gardner '53 
Nathan R. Hedrick'04 
Richard F. Hourigan '57 
Michael W. Luka'93 
Robert W. Mac Cannon '51 
Fletcher M.Otwell '05 
Scott W.Pauls '78 
Christopher A. Phillips '07 
JoeN. Pinkham '62 
Roland F. Pohler'57 
Samuel C. Prutch '72 
Joseph R. Soper '44 
R.Glenn Vawter '60 
Charles R.Wagner '81 
Donald M. Whitmer'81 
Eric D.Wilson '94 
John J. Zeman '56 

Coiorado Epsiion 

Norttiern Coiorado 

Tilman M. Bishop '56 
William L. Chadima'77 
Thomas L. Hansen '62 
David ! Howe '63 
Loyal L. Kelsey '55 
Leeds R. Lacy '58 
Michael A. Lembach '64 
Matthew L. Means '97 
William L.Ott '59 
Steven J.Truzzolino '76 

Connecticut Aipiia 


Adam J. Adelkopf'85 
Rocco Attanasio '07 
Robert Barile '84 
Luke E. Barta '06 
Shane E. Bartling '90 
Richard! Bohman '68 
Steven B. Chaneles '83 
Jerald J. Dallas '70 
Scott M. D'Entremont'89 
Emil F. Elges '55 
Robert A. Flynn '82 
Jon D. Gold '86 
James V. Green '07 
Corey M. Griffin '07 
Richard C. Harvey '67 
Nathan D. Jacobson '97 
Steven B. Jason '83 
Alexander J. Karp '07 
Edward J. Keane '97 
Steven M. Kiel '72 
John V. Kleperis '56 
Richard W. Kubica'74 
Joseph W. Langella'83 
Charles H. Lorello '58 
Gerald R. Murchie '63 
Jamie A. Palma '97 
Leroy B. Parks '60 
Jonathan A. Plucker '91 
James N. Roach '99 
Robert H.Saunders '63 
Michael K. Urban '71 
Richard I. Vogel'87 
Guy R.Wagner '91 

Connecticut Beta 


Darrell Fusco '92 
Christopher J. Rocca '91 



Joseph G. Hendel '07 
Julian! Illingworth '06 
Jacob V. Mullins '05 



Anthony Consalvo '05 
Bradley L.Klein '06 
Adam R Murphy '07 
Benjamin Oser '06 
Keith D. Rivera '06 
Kyle B. Taylor '07 

B.C. Aipiia 

George Wastiington 

Anthony C. Balestrieri '03 
Donald! Clark '82 
Francis M. Coffey '49 
Daniel B.Croce '08 
Robert M. Daugherty '43 
Aaron K. Eberle '04 
Jonathan D. Fraade '80 
Frederick J. Gauvreau '62 
Robert R.Grant '08 
Chester H.Gray '61 
Walter R. Hoenes '86 
J. Andrew Holland '02 
Andrew R Keaveney '92 
Lance A. Kleinberg '08 
David C. Lacey '53 
Ian J. Michel '83 
Samuel J. Miller '08 
Roman C. Mueller '06 
Allan I. Nappen '91 
Chase A. Pozan '08 
James D. Rogers '06 
Michael S. Rosenberg '91 

David R Vitale '08 
Hans W. Zassenhaus '60 

B.C. Beta 


Johnnie D. Cox '94 

Beiaware Aipiia 


Andreas Aastad '49 
Bruce S. Andrews '74 
Ryan W. Benishake '06 
Scott S. Bertram '90 
Robert C.Buckley '71 
James L.Budd '68 
Robert E. DeLacy '07 
Brian J. DePan '06 
PaulE. DiSabatino'51 
W.James Downs '69 
James W. Felch '69 
Allan R. Ferguson '65 
John V. Flynn '64 
Paul W.Forbes '75 
Richard J. Gannon '87 
Charles A. Genuardi '70 
Nolans. Gesher '90 
Dennis M. Giuliano '08 
I. Barry Guerke '70 
Scott M. Heess '89 
Jeffrey !Hirsch '92 
Raymond! Hoopes '54 
Kevin L. Howard '90 
William H.lredale '65 
Andrew W. Iredale '92 
Michael R. Iredale '96 
Harry R Irwin '43 
Paul E. Kern '52 
Craig A. Krause '06 
Gilbert RMahIa '60 
James J. McCabe '80 
Mark R.Mitchell '92 
James E. Orr'49 
John E. Patterson '88 
Timothy W. Peters '70 
Gerald D.Philkill '69 
James H. Poole '72 
H.Wilson Price '42 
Albert M. Puggi '05 
Thomas R Racobaldo '78 
Louis M. Rappaport '92 
Joseph H. Ricketts '88 
Justin J. Rowley '06 
Kenneth C. Schilling '64 
Michael A. Silverman '88 
Howard C. Simpkins '56 
Stephen E. Stockwell '67 
Charles J. Strowhouer '75 
Brendan S.Taubman '08 
Richard G.Taylor '71 
Harold E. Tiffany '39 
Jason S.Vecchione '06 
Melville F.Warren '81 
Kenneth C.Whitney '80 
E. PaulWickersham '68 
Henry M.Wilson '43 
Gary R. Wootten '94 
Arthur! Worth '41 

Fiorida Aipiia 


John A. Andersen '54 
Nigel S. Bailey '07 
Richard R. Baker '68 
Grover E. Baker '48 
Douglas J. Band '95 
Fotios V. Bokas '50 
George V. Bokas '51 
Todd J. Bonlarron '93 
Roger! Brill '68 
Gary L. Bruehler '64 
Christopher E.Bucciarelli '06 
Marvin F. Buntrock'59 

Lee Catledge '90 
Stephen V. Chasse '79 
Henry O.CIeare '61 
Patrick C.Comiskey '88 
Scott C.Costolo '95 
Michael E. Cox '94 
Paul A. Demick'78 
DinoA. Doyle '96 
Wilbur! Droege '58 
James D. Durham '69 
Adam J. Engel '08 
Edward G. Enns '58 
Pedro M. Fernandez '82 
Kenneth J. Folsom '72 
Donald W. Frazier '71 
Mark! Freeman '95 
LynnG. Fry '60 
John Gain '65 
Stephen M. Galovich '08 
Jonathan G. Gazdak'94 
Jim L. Gibbons '52 
Bert J. Harris '74 
Frederick A. Heald '77 
David M. Hendon '50 
Michael W.Hendry '82 
A. Frank Hood '60 
H. LorenzHorn '56 
Eric Howe '02 
James R. Hunter '61 
Gregory D.Kirby '89 
J. Gray Kirkmyer '05 
Scott M. LaPre '95 
Christopher J. Leone '94 
Alex D. Littlefield '49 
Robert R. Lockwood '00 
Elmer J. Lucks '58 
William M. Lyons '59 
Frederick C. Mabry'60 
Anthony M. Mantione '01 
Christopher G.Marhefka '08 
Matthew C. McMahan '08 
Herbert R McNeal '37 
Nick A. Megas '48 
Timothy J. Miller '83 
Alfred Nasrallah '46 
Donald G.Olson '72 
James M. Pellicane '77 
LZ. Peoples '71 
F. Wallace Pope '62 
Matthew N. Posgay '91 
Henry M. Prior '64 
Troy R Queen '96 
James S. Rivers '53 
Richard H. Rohlwing '71 
Harvey G. Rohlwing '73 
Seth D. Rubin '96 
J. Brennan Ryan '94 
Steve D. Sauer '71 
Alvin E. Schlechter'64 
Charles R. Scott '74 
Stephen J. Shewbrooks '66 
Thomas F Slater '83 
Jeffrey M.Stutin '77 
David B. Szmiga'OO 
Edward A. Tarratus '53 
Joe D.Thigpen '64 
Thaddeus E.Wallace '95 
George D. West '45 
David E. Whitaker '90 
James W.Williamson '50 
Jeffrey R Wilson '76 
Jason M. Ziegler '07 

Fiorida Beta 


Christian J. Anglim '08 
John R Baker '07 
Laurence A. Deets '62 
Brett J. DiMarzo'98 
Douglass. Handley '79 
Lorimer B. Janes '56 

R. Kevin Korey '99 
Timothy J. Krause '04 
Thomas L. LaSalle '65 
Kennedy B. Legler'08 
Frank E. Morreale '93 
Elliott A. Perny '70 
Carl H. Poedtke '91 
J. Wesley Scott '94 
Robert C.Walker '59 

Fiorida Gamma 

U. of Miami 

J. Henri RAIbin '08 
J. Randall Bard '71 
John H.Coley'08 
John R Dorow '64 
Robert W. Dowling '70 
Robert R. Earl '64 
William ! Freitas '89 
Stuart R Howell '50 
Fred E. Karlinsky '89 
Steven R. LeGuizamo '06 
Nolan V. Lem '08 
Stephen A. Martin '91 
Roger A. Mermelstein '87 
Michael R. Morton '07 
Gonzalo J. Palenzuela '90 
Ronald J. Pelletier'90 
Samuel J. Rega '08 
R.Austin Schneider '08 
Dennis J. Scott '72 
Michael A. Tusevicus '77 
Douglas M.Voss '69 
Jeffrey R.Wilcox '90 

Fiorida Beita 

Florida Southern 

Jeffrey R. Coffman '78 
PatrickJ. Cornwall '70 
David W. Kelsey '55 
James W. Stratton '76 
Eric W.Thomas '74 
Leon S. Triest '74 

Fiorida Epsiion 

Florida State 

Marc! Alise'03 
Keith N.Anderson '85 
Robert C.Atwood '65 
Thomas R Bauer '85 
Charles J. Baumann '50 
Daniel H. Connelly '75 
Robert E. Cosgrove '64 
Geoffry E. Cotter '95 
Jeffrey J. Cotter '80 
Paul L.Curtis '50 
Christy D. Dale '50 
Frank J. D'Esposito '65 
Daniel Duarte '06 
David K. Gibson '87 
Thomas R Haughton '08 
William R. Haughton '08 
Samuel S. Hayes '79 
EarleW. Henn'67 
J. Michael Hipps '70 
Scott M. Hoffman '04 
Robert J. Kalina'61 
James M. Keim '97 
William B.Koller '57 
AlexW. Lafleur'08 
Kirk! Luchman '98 
Malcolm G.McCampbell '70 
Douglas J. McCrea '68 
James B. Milstead '67 
Charles J. Mussoline '96 
Dennis E. Nickle '61 
George K. Noga '65 
Allen E. Papp '94 
Craig S. Perry '85 
William J. Reitter '53 
David J. Sherman '03 
George Sicarello '74 


Foundation Annual Report 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsiion 23 



p. Kem Siddons77 
Randall N. Vitale '99 
Michael A. West '97 
John F.Williams '68 
Leslie J. Williams '51 
Frederick G.Wilson '65 
Robert A. Woods '96 

Florida Zeta 

U. of Tampa 

James L. Bonnette '50 
James D. Botkins '96 
Andrew C. Cooper '90 
AshlyW. Eikelberg '07 
Taylor C.Schmitz '95 
Peter J.Tomaino '67 

Florida Eta 


Samuel G. Carpenter '81 
Lance A. Cashion '97 
G. Geoffrey Longstaff '71 
Robert R.Taylor '70 
Austin R. Taylor '76 

Florida Theta 

Jacksonville U. 

William L. Agronin '70 
Dan R.Alexander '83 
Peter G.Carantza '78 
Larry J. Fairman '85 
J. David Landeau '70 
Jonathan A. Mason '04 
Ronald J. Mueller '68 
Gregory K. Price '76 
Bruce T. Ridolfo '76 
Douglas M.Scott '69 
Gerard A. Welker'68 

Florida lota 

South Florida 

Berkeley E. Boone '72 
George J. Cotellis '70 
Phillip D. DeCubellis'82 
Anthony R. Dominguez'Of 
Douglas J. Elkin '80 
Frank L.Goldstein '68 
Thomas M. Jewels '07 
David W.Jones '84 
Evan W. Mehaffey '06 
Fred E. Metzler '78 
Bryan D. Poison '04 
Steven F. Rinck '69 
Raymond F. Russell '75 
StuartT. Seidel'81 

Florida Kappa 

Miami Dade 

Omar Franco '85 
L.Anthony Roy '84 
David W. Schreiner '85 

Florida Lambda 

St. Leo 

Robert H.Atkinson '91 
Michael C. D'Aloia'92 
John F. Kelleher'86 
Gordon M.Zanetti'91 

Florida Mu 

Central Florida 

KurtS. Eftikides'96 
Brett C. Fingerhut'05 
C.Andrew Helm '92 
Brian C.Hord '06 
Michael A. lvanov'91 

Howard A. Kaplan '92 
Brian J. Leiss '95 
Kevin D. O'Connell '02 
Robert M. Persiano '96 
Majid Riahi '07 
Robert W. Rosinsky '09 
Noah E. Storch '07 
Larry D. Sutton '91 
Matthew D. Werner '07 
Jason A. Wortham '04 

Florida Nu 

Florida International 

Thomas B.JeIke '90 
Leonard J. Lucia '89 
Alexis R Perdomo '91 
Antonio X. Saavedra '07 

Florida Xi 

Florida Atlantic 

Robert B.Brennen '08 
Nathan B. Custodio '04 
Richard I. Litsky'99 
Shane C. Shannon '08 


Florida Gulf Coast 

W. Matthew Brasfield '06 
Sean J. Gleason '07 
Scott P Stryker '06 

Georgia Alpha 

Georgia Tech 

Kerry A. Baker '71 
Theodore C. Beacham '57 
Frederic G. Bost '97 
Dwight B. Bronnum '61 
Jon-Michael E.Caldwell '07 
Lewis M. DeBernard '73 
William A. Dodd '82 
J. William Gotcher '54 
Eric B.Green '96 
Harold B. Hildenbrand '81 
Murray B.James '62 
Benjamin R Johnston '63 
Benjamin D. Kerford '08 
Matthew Z. Lee '07 
H. Carroll Mackin '63 
G. Robert Middleton '66 
George J. Myers '47 
William R. Oakes '91 
James E. Pruitt'56 
E. Preston Rahe '64 
C. Andrew Ramsburg '97 
David H. Shaft '66 
William L.Skillas '86 
Donnie R.Sloan '68 
Merle M.Smith '52 
Thomas D.Stelter '92 
Robert H.Stephens '47 
Alexios B.Tsounis '94 
Douglas K.Tucker '84 
William D.Turner '73 
Albert J. Turner '60 
Eric A. Van Court '71 
Jeffrey S. Walter '78 

Georgia Beta 

Georgia State 

David F. Blau '79 
T. Nelson Curlette '73 
Paul R. Hamaty'82 
Christopher L. Vail '70 
Jeffrey! Weston '88 

Georgia Delta 


Paul R.Addison '66 
Alan M. Barnes '08 

Josh F. Borden '83 
Peter R. Caruana '07 
R. Proctor Chambless '71 
William L. Chick '81 
Cleve B.Collins '67 
John R. Cowden '69 
Matthew T.Crim '05 
R.Blake Edwards '07 
John D. Furman '62 
Ken E. Hansing '71 
Tyler W. Henderson '08 
William M. House '67 
C. Ronald Johnston '72 
Brian L. Knauff '80 
Michael W. Lassiter '71 
James L. Lemley '81 
Walter K. Long '66 
Andrew H. Manson '69 
William V.Medbery '75 
John N. Meisten '64 
Richard E. Michell '64 
Stephen D.O'Neil '06 
Alexander A. Park '08 
Richard C. Proud '02 
J. Darren Rodgers '84 
James R Rushworth '87 
Kevin E. Shumaker '84 
J. Russell Stephens '00 
Gordon A. Titcomb '73 

Georgia Epsilon 

Georgia Southern 

JefferyA. Anthony '99 
Gary D. Baker '71 
David A. Denmark '80 
Glenn E.Miller '69 
Adam R. Weaver '96 

Georgia Eta 

Southern Tech 

Barry L. Baynes '83 
David C. Owens '87 

Hawaii Alpha 


Jesse W. Fortney '93 
Stephen C.Wilson '96 

Idaho Alpha 

Idaho State 

Robert L. Kirkpatrick'60 

Idaho Beta 

Boise State 

Robert F. Watson '82 



Sean M. Benton '07 

Illinois Alpha 


Kenneth A. Anderson '45 
Charles K. Blood '64 
William C. Boudreau '40 
James L. Broderick'57 
Beau A. Butherus '07 
Kevin P. Casey '07 
Joseph Cocco '07 
Kevin T. Deters '92 
Albert H.Diehl '08 
Christophers. Dillion '03 
James T. Doyle '08 
Robert E. Dunworth '58 
Anthony R. Ebbole '91 
Daniel L. Ellis '07 
Matthew J. Emig '07 
Ryan G. Fabrizius '07 
Ben A. Fassero '05 
Vance L. Fraley '56 
Michael R. Frost '92 

Christopher A. Goelkel '91 
Lionel E.Goff '57 
Robert H. Harner '58 
Paul W.Hart '80 
Conrad W.Hewitt '58 
Truman G. Hix'62 
Walter D. Hoskinson '52 
H. Robert Jacobs '50 
Rick A. Johnson '91 
Darren G.Kahl '58 
PaulT. Kessler'39 
Steven J. Kolanowski '04 
Kevin M. Korinek'07 
Michael J. LaBelle '08 
Jeffrey R. Lange '89 
James D. Leckinger'84 
Frederick W. Mast '33 
James R. McGreevy '69 
Evan M. Mickey '07 
Kenneth A. Naatz '74 
Nicholas J. Olenec '05 
George R Pappas '78 
Thomas E. Pearl '90 
Charles J. Prochaska '07 
Michael A. Ragano '07 
Michael J. Samonds '93 
Ryan J. Schermerhorn '07 
Ronald J. Sebonia '84 
Thomas R.Tassio '69 
Michael J. Trojanowski '07 
David E. Vehlow'05 
John E. Vercellino '75 
Rod M. Zamparo '08 

Illinois Beta 


Steven J. Bonifas '80 
Patrick R.Colvin '08 
Paul A. Dziadus'73 
Gilbert J. Grady '50 
L. Meade Hanger '50 
Calvin L. Hebenstreit '50 
James G. Hojnowski '78 
William I. Hornbostel '60 
Sean D. Irish '09 
Kurt L. Kofron '70 
David E. Lourie '79 
Nicholas J. Matuszek'68 
John E. Murphy '51 
Lambert B. Neighbour '52 
David J. Piasecki'82 
PaulM. Richter'57 
Frederick A. Sanders '51 
Kyle J. Schroeder '76 
Michael J. Sheehan '85 
Melvyn A. Skvaria '64 
RobertJ. St. Clair'08 
Dean A. Thomasson '70 
Sean T Thompson '09 
Brian T. Votaw '89 

Illinois Gamma 


Gary E.Anderson '70 
Virgil S. Boucher '32 
Steven E. Enke '70 
Allan L. Etzbach '65 
John W.Gibson '59 
William J. Goldsborough '65 
Thomas R. Hodge '54 
Daniel L. Kelleher '89 
Don E.Keller '54 
William K. Komperda'81 
Leon A. Kraut '67 
James J. Nixon '50 
Gerald A. Parsons '61 
Harold A. Poling '49 
Frank A. Schweda '98 
John R. Shunick'54 

Harold G.Turvey '78 
Charles O.Varnes '06 

Illinois Delta 


Ross J. Allen '50 
Charles A. Anderson '79 
Michael R.Armstrong '57 
William D. Brooks '57 
John D. Dahl'89 
Alan J. Doerr'56 
John M. Eber'73 
William L. Fairfield '69 
John R. Felbinger '08 
James C. Harrell '51 
Michael R. Lindahl '08 
Ralph G. Mannel'81 
ZacharyJ. Matyja '02 
Ronald S. Maves '55 
Michael L. Messuck'78 
Scott E. Moon '91 
RickG. Morris '82 
Maurice J. Pescitelli '51 
Charles L. Pillsbury'68 
JohnG. Plumley'66 
Andrew A. Sablan '07 
Cliff J. Salisbury '05 
Edward S. Smith '55 
Henry B. Soltermann '53 
Donald A. St. Lawrence '51 
Douglas K. Stern '07 
David M.Szostak'97 
Michael A. Tluczek '06 
Michael RVespa'06 
Alvin L.Wagner '90 
Eugene A. Willis '50 

Illinois Epsilon 

Northern Illinois 

Travis M. Bornsheuer '04 
Jonathan A. Clifford '07 
Mustafa M. Contractor '92 
Damon R Dranchak'85 
William M. Haracz'73 
Gary W. Kass '80 
Trey J. Millner'07 
John R. Morrow '94 
Leslie J. Nagy'OO 
William R Neal '91 
Michael J. Neary'90 
Donald S. Scheuneman '93 

Illinois Zeta 

Illinois State 

ScottA. Chriske'91 
Nicholas R Duckhorn '05 
John R. Ferraro '89 
Frank J. Haggerty '93 
Henry M. Landis '82 
David B. Mettetal '93 
Michael R O'Donnell '05 
Bradford J. Peterson '84 
William D. Sponsler '95 
Vincent R Vessel '00 
Rick L. Warren '07 

Illinois Eta 


Steven L. Harms '82 
Grahaeme A. Hesp '97 
Theodore F. Hoef '79 
Darren D.Jung '82 
Ryan M. McMillen '97 
Brian J. Pankiewicz '95 
John R. Perry '89 
Stuart R. Verseman '82 
George M.Ward '75 

24 The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Illinois Theta 

Western Illinois 

Gregory M. Ney '95 

Illinois Kappa 


Michael A. Burgess '81 
Kevin J. Downs '79 
Andrew K. Nolan '00 
Matthew J. Toole '93 

Illinois Lambda 


Marc A. Austein '07 
AdamT Bienvenu '04 
Jeffrey A. Buchbinder '93 
Christopher K. Bush '07 
James J. Christopher '06 
Robert B. Duncan '06 
Brian D. Fields '98 
Phillip G.Gartner '96 
CoryS. Gerdes'92 
Anthony J. Leonardo '92 
Michael R. Liang '07 
MarkJ.McCann '92 
Brian S.Ogilvie '04 
Grant! Pauly'04 
Craig M. Readier '02 
E. Heath Row '95 
Jay A. Schumacher '07 
A.Jamie Schupp '96 
Kyle R Smith '06 
Michael J. Tong '07 
Michael A. Wasylik '92 

Illinois IVIu 

U. of Chicago 

John S. Anderson '08 
G. Christopher Jones '02 
Joseph C. Lance '92 
Benjamin C. Linford '01 
Andrew B. Stergachis '07 

Illinois Nu 

Eastern Illinois 

Bryan L. Adams '98 
John R.Clancy '08 
Dustin W. Culp'08 
Jonathan R Fitzgerald '07 
Douglass. Hettinger '00 
Jay A. Martin '08 
Joey M. Mioni '07 
Keith J. Ryniak'96 
Ronald J. Smothers '92 

Illinois Xi 


Jozef Ogrodny '06 

Indiana Alpha 


Richard C.Anderson '49 
Norman E. Beck '48 
Leroy B. Bornhauser '37 
Walter L. Brant '71 
James M. Brennan '97 
J. Matthew Brill '02 
Timothy D. Bruns '85 
Kenneth A. Campbell '64 
Carl A. Carr '72 
Jim C. Chase '42 
Benjamin L. Clark '07 
Robert G. Coleman '50 
Todd L. Davis '99 
Michael L. Davis '77 
John F. Derr'58 
Marc D. Deshaies '96 
Lawrence J. Diehl 
EricD. Dodd '91 





You 2004 



Ronald L. Downing '68 
W. Graham Duncan '57 
Rudolph J. Eidam '07 
Michael G.Ellis '84 
James D. Farley '86 
Kenneth E. Field '59 
John R. Fields '72 
Chad E. Fish '06 
Andrew G. Forrest '52 
James IVI. Franckowiak'72 
Lee E. Gase '50 
Thomas B. Glazebrook'39 
Monte G. Goodwin '55 
John R. Grayson '46 
Glenn R. Griffith '46 
Michael B. Hammer '68 
Richard M. Hardin '66 
Edward T. Hazledine '65 
David R. Heilman '66 
Robert R. Hensler '39 
Carl R. Hoffman '50 
Larry R. Horton '62 
John A. Kacsur '90 
James M. Keefe '79 
John L. Knochel '65 
George J. Kottemann '53 
Fred C. Lash '66 
Craig S. Lill '02 
James E. Long '63 
Dustin R. Longest '04 
Patrick T. Loughnane '09 
Adam M. Lyons '96 
Robert L. Mannfeld '47 
Marcus A. Mayer '06 
Edward A. McDonald '65 
Ryan M. McKenna'03 
Marks. Meyer '92 
Richard R. Mitchell '60 
James H. Muehlbauer '63 
James C. Murray '92 
Norman E. Nabhan '71 
Douglas M. Nabhan '77 
Colin J.O'Connell '01 
Damian N. Oleksiuk'08 
James J. Portteus '50 
William E. Recktenwald '48 
William G.Rogal '52 
Harry M. Rogers '44 
Frank E. Ruehling '56 
Gregory E.Schiffli '90 
William H.Schmick'38 
Fred F. Shaw '51 
Robert H.Sheridan '62 
Stephen A. Shugart '06 
Stephen R Skillman '75 
JackV. Skillman '45 
William E.Smith '40 
Dale M.Smith '76 
George F. Soderling '43 
David T. Strother '71 
Richard F.Trowbridge '59 
Lawrence K. Volland '63 
J. Michael Voipp '70 
Ryan M.Weis'07 
Byron H.White '64 
ZacharyR. Wiles '07 
Thomas A. Wiley '48 
Jacob D.Williams '09 
Carl R.Willis '61 
Kristopher D. Zambo '97 
Stephen J. Zimmerly '69 

Indiana Beta 


Harvey J. Alpine '55 
Daran Bahadoorsingh ' 
Larry E. Becker '69 
William E.Becker '72 

Foundation Annual Report 

Gregory E. Bliss '84 
Jeffrey L. Bodenberg '84 
Clark H. Byrum '57 
Sean J. Cantwell'82 
Richard M. Carrabine '53 
Keith G.Chval '85 
Matthew Cornacchione '67 
Phillip A. Cox '84 
Burchard R. Davidson '48 
Richard S. Dyson '69 
Robert K. Henderson '70 
Gates E.Hunt '50 
Robert W. Lanham '77 
James R. Lisher '69 
Steven D. Long '62 
J. Devon Mathias '50 
John R. McKay '81 
Wallace G.McOuat '69 
Paul M. Pepper '31 
Gregory J. Pusinelli '80 
David J. Rinehart '77 
Joe E. Rogers '50 
Robert R Schloss '53 
Steven Schottenstein '78 
JessC. Stump '78 
TerryA. Tiernon '82 
Fred S. Vorsanger '51 
Robert C.Voss '50 

Indiana Gamma 

Ball State 

David J. Alexander '90 
Paul E.Ashley '99 
David E. Beer '59 
Matthew F. Boison '77 
John B. Briggs'60 
Robert! Bruce '71 
Scott M.Craddock '97 
Michael J. Delladio '84 
James L. Edwards '58 
Frederick M. Hamilton '58 
John A. Hettwer'66 
Byron L. Himelick'59 
Steven C. Kehoe '77 
H. Duane Koon '59 
Joseph! Kozma '73 
David B. Lewis '94 
Donald B. McClurg '53 
Larry W. Mclntire '71 
KentC. Nelson '59 
Ted F. Newell '61 
Richard J. Otolski '61 
Don L. Park '61 
Michael J. Piercefield '07 
Jeffrey R. Prather '99 
Steven F. Rathka '64 
Adam L. Ross '08 
Donalds. Shondell '52 
James R.Tharp '82 
Christopher P. Trice '98 
Dan M. VanTreese '66 
Donn L. Walling '73 
E. Leiand Watkins '59 
Shane M.Wierks '08 
E. Ned Yaney '54 

Indiana Delta 

Indiana State 

Mark L.Allen '84 
Kevin C. Brennan '77 
Robert C.Brown '78 
William M. Burgess '93 
Scott A. Drake '02 
Dean Duncan '52 
Eugene Gyure '61 
Keith A. Hall '59 
Wayne C. Hasselbrinck'64 
Thomas M.Jackson '83 
Richard A. Jones '68 
Thomas H. Konopasek'62 
Melvin L. Littrell '74 
Dale F. McKee '57 

Ryan J. Meyer '00 
Robert A. Murphy '64 
Roland J. Reiner '81 
Trent N. Roberts '98 
William A. Schroeder '54 
Stephen M. Sindlinger '63 
Robert P. Snyder '69 
Jerry L.Stroud '60 
Craig A. Williams '93 
Michael A. Williamson '66 
Norman J. Young '64 
Robert L. Zimmerman '69 

Indiana Epsiion 


GaryAhrens '59 
William L. Balsbaugh '63 
Frederick E. Barton '66 
David !Bertorello '89 
Timothy B. Breeding '86 
Eugene W. Bricker'62 
James H. Cherry '91 
Robert J. Christensen '92 
Larry E. Eifler'61 
Pauls. Ensign '76 
L. Kent Fowler '85 
Todd R. Giganti '00 
Jonathan M. Gore '92 
Scott J. Greene '99 
Stephan R. Hammers '71 
Jerry L. Hochstetler '62 
Keith C. Hoffar '78 
Thomas K. Hughes '07 
Kevin M. Juza '94 
Robert W.Kuhlman '75 
Peter C.Manzelli '98 
Jason! McRae '99 
Gary R. Moore '77 
William C. Northern '74 
Matthew B. O'Connor '07 
Roberts. Peteuil '91 
Richard L. Raney '84 
Maurice D. Rohleder '58 
Jerald E. Schaffstein '59 
Kurt G. Shepherd '98 
TimothyW. Smith '87 
Matthew Taber '06 
Chad E.Tunison '05 

Indiana Zeta 


Jeffrey R.Dippold '79 
Matthew W.Engelhardt '91 
Daniel P. Eschbach '77 
Raymond W.Hall '58 
Terry M. Keating '81 
William C. Kolzow'59 
Richard RKurek'03 
Daniel W. Lindquist '07 
Karl F. Meyer '59 
Anthony D. Paske '04 
Nathan P. Ries '99 
Corey B.Schuler '02 
Russ S. Schumacher '01 
Richard A. Simpson '74 
Michael E. Stachniak'07 
David L.Valentine '80 
Brian F.White '61 
WinfieldS. Winter '75 

Indiana Eta 

Indiana Tech 

Michael R. Baker '71 
Lewis J. Bornmann '64 
Ryan R Camp '06 
Keith M.Gamsby'65 
Barclay E. Hall '97 

PaulH. Litcher'88 
Donald J. Lomont '64 
Gerald F. Mosier'98 
David J. Nash '65 
Melvin C.Schurdell '66 
Victor A. Smith '64 
Terry E. Tegtmeier '71 
Lester E. Wilt '91 

Indiana Tlieta 


Robert G.Ashmore '82 
Ronald Cox '76 
Dale R. Dallon '68 
Timothy J. Edwards '94 
David A. Gross '81 
Richard L. Hoover '71 
PeterA. Kempf '73 
Dennis R. Lichty '95 
Stephen R. Lund '80 
EricM. Pynn '99 

Indiana lota 


Harry E. Ohanian '77 

Indiana Kappa 


Robert C.Burrell '77 
Donald F. Gorney '86 

Iowa Aiplia 

Iowa Wesley an 

Anton B. Carlson '43 
W. Wallace Houts '50 
Powell J. Hughes '51 
Stanley M. Huston '61 
Donald RKellar '51 
Roman V. Klodnycky '60 
William L. Matthews '53 
John A. Morgan '52 
Russell L.Taylor '61 
David H.Welch '52 

Iowa Beta 

Iowa State 

John R.Alt '48 
Emerson R. Bodell '56 
Allan B. Burdick'42 
Anthony R Callanan '63 
Todd W. Carey '94 
Michael C. Christenson '66 
Robert J. Cutler '48 
R. Keith Ewen '49 
David A. Fulghum '68 
Joseph M. Hobbins'08 
Galen D. Jackson '46 
Matthew J. Knier '97 
Shawn E. Kubitza'08 
Haynes R. Lagerquist '42 
Robert H. Lamb '49 
Richard A. Liddy '57 
JackF. McGuire'63 
Ronald J. Moermond '59 
Robert E. Palmer '62 
Richard N. Paulsen '61 
Maynard W. Pechman '39 
Thorvald K. Petersen '38 
Douglas A. Pletcher '83 
Jeffrey D. Prouty '78 
Warren ! Reedy '61 
Robert B. Reinders '76 
John K.Scott '52 
William H.Seidel '56 
Roger F. Sellew'59 
Danver K. Simmons '81 
Jack D. Stiles '55 
Robert F. Swartzbaugh '59 
Peter W. Ten Pas '76 
Ronald H.VanderWeerd '70 
Richard M. Vonberg '50 
Buel A. Williamson '47 

Iowa Gamma 


Brian R Aldeza '08 
Robert L. Bauer '63 
JohnK. Blumthal'07 
RickE. Bogaard '91 
John D. Bressler'49 
Justin D. Brink '04 
Joshua B. Cord '09 
James E. Cruse '51 
Patrick C. Egan '07 
Otto J. Eichacker'50 
Ryan M. Fisher '08 
Derrick L. Greenberg '08 
Erik J. Gunderson '02 
Edward R. Hayes '41 
Jack J. Holmes '64 
Richard S. Hosman '41 
Darren R. Jirsa'91 
Michael R. Leslie '91 
James McAllister '50 
Rodney W. Miller '53 
Obert B.Nelson '75 
Ernst H.Ostrand '95 
Gerald F. Palmer '59 
James H. Pappadis '06 
Richard C. Park '47 
Christopher D. Preston '94 
David A. Rigler'08 
Donald R. Rochau '59 
Adam Rubenstein '06 
John G. Scanlan '50 
Gregory W. Schippers '92 
Scott A. Schwartz '93 
John A. Tonkinson '60 
Richard L. Vavra '57 
Jacob E.Vick '99 
William C. Wetzel '08 

Iowa Delta 


John R. Bauer '63 
Jonathan M. Blanc '08 
Jonathan E. Brendemuehl 

Jordan M. Bruns '10 
John J. DeSalvo'50 
Sean! Doebler '08 
David J. Ehresmann '08 
Aron S. Frankel '08 
Stanley A. Grazdiel '51 
Ronald L. Harner '57 
Harold W.Higgs '49 
H. Roger Holliday '62 
William R.Jackson '67 
Donald J.Jefferson '52 
Brian R. Jenkins '80 
Eric C. Martens '07 
Larry C. Martindale '33 
David W. Orris '68 
Robert G.Pazik '70 
Martin L. Pillers '51 
Charles J. Pinkerton '59 
Steven J. Sandie '05 
0. DaleSayler'49 
Ian ! Stewart '08 
FrederickL. Turner '55 

Iowa Epsiion 


Danny L. Christensen '63 
Judson L. Johnston '57 
John J. Prast'65 

Iowa Zeta 


John M. Connor '69 
Donald R.Cook '72 
Wayne A. Ellas '67 
William A. MacFarlane '66 
David A. Neff '69 
Richard F. Romano '70 

Iowa Eta 


Thomas A. Barton '89 
Michael J. Foley '92 
Joseph J. Harzich '84 
Paul A. Kurt '80 
Kevin A. O'Connor '88 
David A. Schlader'81 

Iowa Tlieta 

Northern Iowa 

Adam R. Baggett '07 
Joseph M. Dejong '00 
Carson M. Hattel '03 
James R Maher '94 
TylerW. Shadle'07 
Lucas M. Shaw '08 
Loren C. Velasquez '07 
Daniel J. Walderbach '08 
Craig M. Winter '98 

Kansas Aiplia 


Joseph E. Allen '54 
PeterJ. Arges'62 
William H. Beck '44 
Stephen A. Dudley '64 
Kent E. Galley '93 
Christophers. Green '00 
Lee R. Greenstreet '86 
D. PaulHamner'88 
Ronald L. Jenson '58 
Craig S.Jones '39 
Richard R Joyce '49 
Zachary W. Lambert '04 
Matthew M.Sterr '99 
Wayne A. Stewart '76 
John R Thomson '95 
Dale A. Werts '84 
William H.Wright '46 
Jonathon C. Xenos '07 

Kansas Beta 

Kansas State 

George W.Aicher '39 
Ted R. Ashford '55 
Mark A. Augustine '87 
John RAyres'68 
Tom H. Barrett '53 
Bradley D. Barrows '68 
RobertA. Beal'55 
Daryl A. Becker '58 
Donald G. Bickle '50 
Jerald L. Bohn '72 
Donald L. Brookover '50 
Gilbert W.Carl '41 
Warren E. Carpenter '67 
JeffA. Chaltas'85 
Steven J. Chaltas '78 
Bruce C. Champlin '61 
Jeffrey A. Chaulk '92 
J. Walter Clark '08 
Christopher M.Coleman '01 
Jonathan R Congleton '84 
K. Duane Cousins '55 
John J. Cummings '53 
Rusten J. De Mont '08 
Calvin L. Emig '69 
Douglas C. Eriksen '57 
Gary E. Ervin '67 
J. William Everett '78 
George A. Fergerson '74 
Kenneth J. Francis '70 
RexE. Garrelts'68 
Jerry L. Glover '90 
Terry R. Hallauer '87 
Walter G.Harman '48 
Norman M. Held '49 
Alan D. Herrman '63 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsiion 25 

Sharing jour 



Jason B. Hodgdon '94 
James W. Hodges '62 
J. Scott Jury '86 
John R. Jury '53 
Hugh R. Kirkpatrick'48 
Thayne L. Kraus '56 
John P. Larson '69 
James D. Latham '68 
Robert L. Main '59 
BillManion '50 
DaleE. McCollum'48 
StaleyB. McDermet '66 
Richard H. Meyer '90 
Gary L. Millenbruch '59 
Kirl< L. Munson '81 
L. Duane Murphy '38 
Steven B. Pendergast '81 
Ronald L. Pfister '62 
Warren C. Pray '69 
Marl<W. Pray'71 
Terry L. Ray '67 
Lee M. Reeve '71 
Roberto. Regnier'70 
David R. Reynolds '65 
Barry E. Robinson '80 
Derek L. Sandstrom '94 
Dennis Schmidt '71 
A.J. Scribante '56 
Richard D.Shiney'52 
Pauls. Smith '52 
Chad M.Smith '97 
Duane M. Stoskopf'54 
Louis Supica '61 
Howard E. Teagarden '43 
Albert A. Thornbrough '35 
Bruce L. Tomlinson '64 
H.Jay Varner '56 
John F.Walters '52 
Thomas J. Webb '08 
A. Duane Webber '81 
Allen D.Webber '59 
Richard G.Wellman '42 
Merrill H.Werts '47 
Bernard A. Williams '49 
Charles E.Wilson '62 
Roger D.Wolfe '60 
Stanley N. Woodworth '75 

Kansas Gamma 


John R Adams '98 
GreeverR Allan '31 
Patrick M.Allen '02 
Thomas L. Bene '84 
Scott R.BIomquist '98 
Thomas L. Bryan '57 
Richard F. Bucher '53 
David F. Burgstahler '90 
Thomas S. Busch '74 
Bradley A. Carlson '88 
Michael R. Cavender '71 
Ralph L.Chappell '60 
Nicholas W. Classen '59 
Benjamin D. Craig '50 
John C.Cross '84 
Michaels. Dalbom '04 
DarrellG. Donnelly '40 
Timothy Findley '87 
Judson E. Goodrich '47 
Thomas L. Gray '77 
James J. Gray '84 
Robert R. Hopkins '58 
Brandon K. Hunter '98 
Stephen A.Jennings '75 
Donald H. Landauer '56 
Wilbur D. Larkin '55 

John P. McCarthy '83 
Raymond E. Meyn '64 
Roger K. Nelson '69 
Timothy! Nester '94 
Mason D. Ormsby'62 
Bill M.Perry '54 
Philip C. Peterson '52 
Jason C. Purinton '97 
Richard L. Quinn '65 
BretM. Robinson '08 
Richard E. Rowe '81 
Joseph 0. Schmitz'51 
Norman D.Shutler'59 
David M. Simpson '79 
PaulL. Skolaut'51 
Fred J. Soper'54 
Craig D.Templeton '81 
Daniel H.Thompson '96 
Brian B.Waletich '96 
Roger RWeltmer '40 
Delbert L.Williamson '60 
Stephen L.Young '80 

Kansas Delta 


Christopher A. Adams '89 
James R. Azeltine '86 
Charles E.Beall '57 
Robert J. Bernica'53 
Ryan R. Biladeau '03 
Cameron W. Blain '98 
EricR. Blevins'01 
W. Robert Boydston '00 
Travis J. Brown '08 
Sheldon L. Brown '54 
Keenan S. Buoy '82 
Brad W. Clark '74 
Brian M. Clarke '03 
Mark A. Coyne '94 
Douglas D.Cunningham '94 
Anthony J. Dallen '08 
B. Aaron Dulaney '08 
Todd D. Elgin '83 
Cody G.Foster '99 
R.Clayton Funk '93 
Lawrence H. Ganong '72 
F. Dean Gilbert '58 
Matthews. Goddard '95 
Mark L.Guthrie '78 
William A. Hachmeister' 
Michael J. Hefner '70 
MarkV. Heitz'74 
F Burns Hesse '56 
Eric P Hodnefield '83 
John K. Hodnefield '76 
Christopher D. Howe '86 
Brent A. Johnson '84 
Michael L. Johnson '78 
Samuel T. Marten '00 
Bradley D. Martin '91 
James A. Martin '79 
Christopher J. McGee '00 
Timothy C. Merchant '93 
Christopher M. Miller '90 
John H.Miller '65 
Brett A. Misse '93 
Terry L. Moseley '78 
Jason T. Neff '00 
Matthew J. Neuman '03 
Jason R Oldham '91 
Richard 0. Parrish '78 
Daniel C. Peters '96 
Timothy B. Racer '92 
Robert H. Reeder '52 

Nicholas B. Roach '58 
Kenneth B. Roberts '67 
Jerry L. Sink '79 
Loran B.Smith '89 
William W. Sneed '77 
James F. Snyder '57 
A. RobertTatera'81 
Bradley C.Taylor '92 
Roger H.VanHoozer '72 
Steven C. Vosseller '94 
Tuan T. Vu '00 
Gary J. Warmington '81 
Clinton R Woerth '96 
Gregory L. Woertz '81 
W. Todd Wolff '76 
Mark T. Yager '80 
Thomas J. Young '91 
Alan M. Zillinger'74 
David N. Zimmerman '76 
Angelo J. Zuniga'95 

Kansas Epsilon 

Emporia State 

J. Rich Ayers '65 
Michael H. Burnett '61 
Larry J. Burns '71 
M. Wayne Davidson '54 
David C. Gates '62 
Edward H. Hammond '66 
Robert F Hartsook '70 
James L. Hein '70 
Jon V. Hitchcock '73 
Michael D. Hoefer '69 
George L. Hubbard '91 
Korbin L.Johnston '66 
William R. Laughridge '68 
Larry K. McGinnis '68 
William A. Ramsey '67 
Raymond L. Rentfro '61 
Troy W. Thrasher '94 
Leon A. Torkelson '65 

Kansas Zeta 

Fort Hays State 

Aaron M. Alexander '98 
Larry L. Dietz '63 
Jeffrey! Keller '87 
Hubert W.McCall '75 
Loren J. Pepperd '67 
Wade A. Ruckle '85 

Kansas Eta 

Wichita State 

Ernest L. Balay '53 
James R.Collier '62 
Denis H. Dieker '77 
Jeffrey C. Gates '89 
DanielA. Greet '72 
Aaron S. Hamilton '96 
Adam D. Herrington '08 
Robert J. Kerr '75 
Luke D. Luttrell '02 
Edward R. Miller '68 
Jordan R. Parkhurst'09 
Benjamin R. Pfister '99 
Joe B. Poston '73 
Stanley W.Shinliver '92 
Roger W.Smeltzer '01 
Scott W. Stucky '70 
Dale D.Wagner '71 

Kansas Theta 

Pittsburg State 

Richard D. Beckman '82 
Michael K.Kohler '75 
Karl R Launchbaugh '08 
Daniel L.Mildfelt '79 
Brannon D. Minton '06 
Stephen A. Thompson '08 

Kentucky Alpha 


Thomas W.Adkins '07 
Onis V.Amos '63 
J. Harrison Bailey '49 
William K.Burkhart '58 
B. Payton Creech '53 
James R. Deye '65 
Melvin K. Duke '51 
Jack J. Early '52 
Donald J. Eliasek'76 
Everett L. Halstead '52 
0. Lee Hamilton '91 
James R. Hunter '58 
Jack A. Kain '51 
Robert E. Lee '50 
JohnG. Maijub'06 
E. Howard Morgan '49 
David H. Morris '07 
Kyle R. Nathe '05 
Christopher R. Nolan '07 
Edwin E. Rankin '51 
William M. Samuels '51 
Herbert K. Stevens '40 
Roy E.Stone '50 
Clyde R.Tipton '46 
William E.Wilbert '68 
Paul A. Zimmerman '60 

Kentucky Beta 


Michaels. Berger '86 
Jason D. Brown '98 
Nicholas L. Edwards '08 
Charles R Graviss '50 
Jeremy H. Meyer '96 
John M. Phillips '06 
John M. Poythress'86 
Jon! Reid '00 
Donald L. Sodrel '57 
Mark J.Thieman '84 

Kentucky Gamma 

Kentuci<y Wesieyan 

Francis J. Cunningham '65 
Jesse C. Dixon '61 
James H. Hancock '62 
Tyler J. Kissner '08 
Richard P. Long '86 
Ralph N.Thomas '66 

Kentucky Delta 

Western Kentucl<y 

H. Clinton Brizendine '74 
Garry K.Caudill '69 
Thomas G. Grant '07 
IraN. Kerns '73 
Adam W. Quire '08 
Benjamin S. Rhoads '07 
Kyle A. Rindfleisch '06 
Craig M.Sutter '95 
Trevor D.Wathen '93 

Kentucky Epsilon 

Murray State 

Reed M. Bolus '74 
Steven C. Darnall '76 
Grady R.Gaskins '09 
Roberts. Green '81 
Matt A. Mastin '05 
John D. Morrow '77 
N.Cole Phelps '08 
Michael R. Quinn '88 
Adam W. Seiber'OO 
Stephen B. Shanklin '70 
Michael D.Siebert'08 
William G. Towers '81 

Kentucky Zeta 

Morehead State 

Johnny D.Allen '71 
! Kent Barber '99 
James C. Foster '69 
Norman L. Loos '90 
DrewM. Miller '08 
William L. Phelps '69 
Joseph K. Ramey '07 
EricD. Reynolds '06 
Randy K. Roberts '72 

Kentucky Eta 

Northern Kentucl<y 

Michael W. Ash '04 
Daniel J. Gerwe '04 
Marks. Krzywonos '83 

Louisiana Alpha 


Andrew Cooper '04 
William J. Curry '35 
David H. Fuerst '00 
Ian R. Heller '04 
J. Chalmers Herman '35 
William V. Power '93 
Charles J. Soprano '96 
Anthony J. Turley '93 
Brandon S. Wasserman '01 

Louisiana Beta 

Louisiana State 

Harry L. Belton '81 
Matthew D. Brandt '08 
Jerry L. Exner'74 
Andrew M. Heacock'08 
Larry G.Hodge '63 
Phillip M.Kelly '08 
George N. Martin '65 
Matthew M. McCluer '04 
David E. Moore '08 
Robert L. Morrow '65 
James S. Rees '08 
Brian W.Tenclinger' 
James R Terrell '08 

Louisiana Gamma 


John G.Anderson '07 
Fabio E. Besu '04 
Winston C.Connolly '95 
Douglas R Dworak'07 
Alex J. Encarnacion '97 
Stephen M.Gele '90 
Williams. Hydrick '85 
Reid A. Jaffe '07 
Louis C. Kievit'91 
Robert C.KIock '07 
Francisco R. Larrieu '05 
Brian A. Mailey '00 
ThaddeusM. Roepke '95 
Michael G. Stag '89 
Eric M.Vincent '93 
Ryan J. Waddington '04 

Louisiana Delta 

Louisiana at Monroe 

Jeremy W. Slaughter '99 
Christopher L.Turner '06 

Maine Alpha 


Daniel R. Arsenault '08 
Arthur L. Benoit'49 
Henry H. Brodersen '56 
Jay J. Brunetti'92 
Charles J. Carter '72 
Stephen R Cary '72 
George N. Cemodanovs '68 
Donald E. DeGolyer'60 

C. Robert Eckman '70 
Roger D.Gould '52 
Wayne S. Harper '78 
Benjamin E. Haskell '67 
Warren A. Hathaway '53 
Richard S. Hawkins '56 
Douglas R. Johnson '48 
George L. Kimball '65 
Stanley A. Lewis '56 
Ralph A. Martin '52 
Shawn McKenna'77 
Rodney N. Mondor '89 
Robert A. Richter '50 
Matthew C. Rodrigue '04 
Gene D. Sawin '52 
RonaldA. Schutt'52 
Erion S. Varney '55 
AlexWasilewski '78 

Maryland Alpha 

Johns Hopldns 

David J. Altschul'01 
Benson B. Boss '40 
James G. Brinsfield '53 
John H. Burdakin '74 
JohnC. Catlin'69 
Stephen R. Decker '05 
Devin R Demers '07 
Gerard E. Dolan '94 
William M. Dunbar '53 
Roland R. Eppley '53 
John J. Firpo '64 
David R Fitzgerald '79 
Charles K. Friedman '82 
Douglas C. Fullerton '04 
David W. Heese '53 
Ross I. Heisman '79 
Richards. Holland '54 
Robert K.Johnston '68 
Michael R Kalina '07 
MarkA. Klebanoff'76 
Randolph J. Kroenert'43 
C. Norman Krueger '63 
Charles R Lamm '44 
David E. Marr '68 
Jeffrey J. McQuigg '92 
Charles A. Miller '40 
Richard C. Moore '68 
Martin B. O'Connell '65 
John W.Owen '64 
H.Emslie Parks '53 
Louis N. Pederson '53 
William G.Poist '55 
James C. Roberts '04 
John C. Rodowski '53 
Edward R. Savolaine '59 
Adam E.Schenk'07 
Larry S.Schmidt '66 
Russell L. Seelig '52 
Edward J.SIoboda'99 
John C. Smulian '81 
John G. Strauch '43 
Steven G.Tyler '70 
Robert J. Vergnani '65 
Lawrence R. Walz'54 
David B. Weiss '91 

Maryland Beta 

Maryiand-Coiiege Pari( 

Thomas C.Aupied '06 
J.Stanton Boteler '59 
Kenneth G. Brown '93 
William J. Crosby '05 
Frank A. Dimina'96 
Myron A. Dutterer'69 
Steven D. Ecklund '86 
Larry W. Faulkner '71 
Carroll E. France '53 
Johns. Irwin '68 
John B. Kincaid '65 
Robert V Marino '07 
PaulE. McDermott'96 
William L. Munson '63 



The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 



You 2004 


Leo H. Naughton '59 
Francis J. O'Brimski '59 
Ivan I. Rahman '89 
Raymond C. Renneberger 

William A. Rogers '54 
Stephen E. Rohrbaugh '66 
R. Gary Roop '51 
Warren F. Sengstack '64 
Scott M.Shannon '93 
Francis R. Shearer '61 
Donald K. Smith '54 
Valentine W.Smith '53 
Jason M.St. John '94 
Edward J.Taggart'63 
Thomas E.Trone '51 
John A. Umberger'71 
J. Anthony Woody '90 

Maryland Gamma 

Towson State 

John R. Shrieves '84 

Maryland Delta 


Ryan D.Judy '02 
Jason M. Katoski '06 
Aaron D. Rosen '95 

Maryland Epsllon 


Michael D. Slater '94 

Maryland Zeta 


Jared A. Kleiman '07 
Roberts. Pashkevich '05 
Sean M.Tucker '06 

Massachusetts Alpha 


Harrys. Baker '50 
Timothy J. Bryant '89 
Donald J. Buss '51 
Edgar T. Canty '51 
Joseph F. Dillman '50 
Albert H. Donigian '51 
Paul F. Donovan '65 
Francis A. DuVernois '54 
Joshuas. Endler '96 
George B. Estrella '56 
Neil 0. Fitch '52 
William B. Foster '66 
VictorJ. Gangi'91 
Matthew J. Kapszukiewicz 

Joseph Kelway '48 
Clark Kendall '49 
Ralph H. Kinsler'51 
Desmond M. Laffey '98 
Theodore E. Lang '62 
Alfred W. McKinstry '51 
H. Peter Montminy '58 
David J. Patterson '93 
Joseph P. Petkewich '69 
Joseph A. Porreca'01 
Harold S. Ricker '53 
Jeffery M. Salzano '08 
Herbert H.Sievers '52 
Dennis C. Stackhouse '65 
Ervin S. Stockwell '51 
Daniel M. Sweeney '06 
Joseph A. Sylvia '57 
Mark E.Walker '06 
Edwin F.White '54 

Massachusetts Beta 

Worcester Polytechnic 

Edward W.Armstrong '38 
Hugh C.Bell '55 
Michael J. Bernazani '85 
John R. Black '53 
Earl M. Bloom '55 
Robert M. Buck '45 
Donald E.Cloud '60 
Wellen G. Davison '49 
Stephen J. Hebert'66 
Richard A. Hurd '55 
Ronald L. Jones '69 
JohnF. Kelley'65 
Ryan B. McGlone '07 
Thomas M. Pantages '61 
Richard G. Perreault '68 
Stephen 0. Rogers '69 
Jeremy J. Rouleau '04 
John L. Salvadore '83 
Trueman L. Sanderson '31 
Robert C.Stempel '55 
Alden F.Tucker '52 
George P. Vittas '63 
Spiro L. Vrusho '57 
Gregory RYekhtikian '80 

Massachusetts Gamma 

Boston U. 

William E. Crowell '56 
James R. Crowley '52 
Kevin A. Curtis '91 
Edward W. Dooley '66 
Stephen F. Hall '62 
RandeepS. Kahlon '90 
William C.Kurtz '60 
Robert E. Leavitt '58 
James S. Marchese '57 
William P. Nolan '52 
Herbert J. Philpott '55 
MarkT. Pilgrim '62 
Richard Ponte '57 
Gary Shepard '61 
Jason G. Spitz '93 
Stanley C.Weinberg '58 

Massachusetts Delta 


George C.Allen '70 
Emil L. Bernier '47 
Christian C.Bolta '51 
James H. Brown '59 
Philip Bugnacki '78 
James M. Carr '78 
Christian C. Daehnick'82 
T. Wayne Dodgen '79 
David H.EIa '58 
Andrew D. Fately '80 
Richard D.Goldstein '79 
Daniel B. Hardie '51 
Norman T. Heathorn '57 
Patrick! Jensen '82 
Clifford E. McLain '53 
Jerry H. Morrison '77 
F.Carl Mueller '75 
Andrew D. Rallis '82 
Jorey E. Ramer '95 
Peter M. Reilly '80 
Timothy A. Salter '92 
John J. Scheuren '04 
Paul G. Shepard '87 
JasjeetS. Sood '80 
James C. Staples '51 
Michael I.Titelbaum '70 

Massachusetts Epsllon 


MarkE.Ahern '84 
Thomas RAIber '82 
Michael J. Connolly '82 
John W. Cox '81 
Robert F. Deziel '91 
Troy D. Folkins '90 
Wayne S. Forbes '88 
Scott G. Freeman '91 
Allan E. Oram '81 
Robert J. Piantedosi '77 
JayC. Reynolds '89 
Brian J. Shultz'80 
Jay S. Thaller '90 
Neal R. Zwicker '84 

Massachusetts Zeta 


Jason P. Bauer '06 
Christopher J. Bohl '07 
Noah Franzblau '90 

Massachusetts Eta 


Jeremy P. Becker '98 
S. PaulBonda'06 
DaleK. Kochevar '08 
Andrews. Lattimer '94 
Ryan D. Prendergast '07 
David Rones '08 

Massachusetts Theta 


Jason M. Kasch '99 
Bernhard H. Peters '07 
Samuel H. Saxton '06 

Member at Large 

John J. Brummer '95 
Stuart R.Jablonski '00 
Michael D. Walczak'95 

Michigan Alpha 


John F. Bednarski '84 
Thomas R. Boyd '49 
Ward M. Brown '45 
Leonard A. Brunette '61 
Kenneth J. Bush '47 
Jonathan P. Cardona'94 
Edward W. Cowling '65 
Jeffrey J. Cravens '06 
Stephen C. De Brock '58 
Brett J. Deutscher'92 
Ryan A. Dreifke '07 
Shawn F. Fagan '92 
Robert H.Frick '48 
Benjamin M. Gannon '07 
Warren E. Gast '52 
William L. Gebo '66 
Jason S. Gonzales '07 
Matthew J. Gribas '99 
MathewL. Hamet '08 
Allen B. Hardenbrook'47 
David J. Hillyer'77 
Charles R. Isleib '48 
John J. Kapusky '69 
Marvin G. Maier '51 
Richard G. Martin '52 
Dale R. Mason '80 
Roger E. Maugh '54 
Richard W. Nemesi '08 
Robert E.OIdani '80 
David A. Pampu '62 
Robert W. Richardson '57 
PaulM. Rider '49 
George B. Swartz '40 
Ramin C.Taleghani '07 
Donald A.Tennyson '46 
Thomas G.Tepas '68 
Gary L. Verplank'62 

Newton H.Webb '49 
Dan R. Wedge '68 
Daniel C.Whipple '06 
Ian C. Wild '84 
George B. Wolf '51 

Michigan Beta 

Western Michigan 

Vernon H.Abbott '62 
Kenneth C.Austin '96 
Robert C.Barrett '57 
David L. Beiser'59 
James R. Bernard '60 
Ryan P. Blanck '02 
Brian A. Boron '89 
Robert J. Brown '57 
John R. Duncan '63 
James M. Eger '59 
Richard B. Forde '58 
David L. Gable '57 
Donald R. Goffinet '60 
Gregory A. Hastings '61 
Andrew K. Hooley '08 
Eugene Jerkatis '58 
JohnT. Kearns '66 
Anthony E. Kenny '66 
Douglas W. Krane '70 
David J. Lyon '57 
Michael P. Malkovich '98 
Kelly L.Mankin '82 
John R. McKinley'69 
Trevor W. McNeill '00 
Craig S. Mengel '73 

Steven W. Minor '71 
Jeffrey M. Mok'07 
William L. Monroe '63 
Roger A. Moore '63 
William D. Morgan '61 
Mark A. Nash '96 
Ralph C. Nelson '58 
Robert LOgur '61 
Philip H.Piket '64 
Richard A. Pressley '59 
Michael D.Ratliff '96 
James A. Ruckstaetter '70 
Bruce J. Ruttenberg '89 
Daniel J.Schrock'63 
John A. Schuyler '00 
Steven T. Settle '97 
John H.Shaw '88 
Frederick Z. Sitkins '59 
Roger D. Sperlbaum '01 
MarkD. Stavropoulos '86 
Douglas J. Strain '92 
Brett M.Straley '98 
Michael T.Tomlanovich '95 
Melvin C.Torian '58 
JackE. Vanblooys '61 
Douglas L.White '61 
Charles N.White '62 
Harvey W. Whitehead '67 
Thomas A. Wilson '64 
Charles G.Yoder '56 

Michigan Gamma 

Central Michigan 

Stephens. Brang '81 
Gregory D. Cocke '78 
Frank RJank '56 
Michael L.Kelly '81 
Andrew D. Kerr '96 
Oliver H.Porter '57 
Theodore W. Roscoe '62 

Michigan Delta 

U. of Detroit 

Fred M. Bauer '76 
Arthur V.Carinci '65 
Thomas R. Dorough '57 
David M. Eberhard '07 
James B. McDonald '65 
James W. Reb '68 
Ronald R Smith '71 
John E. Trainer '65 

Michigan Epsllon 

Michigan State 

Patrick A. Beatty '99 
Joseph R. Bennett '08 
Dennis C. Brookman '74 
Derek M.Comai '06 
Robert N. Dare '07 
Jon-David Gryzio '97 
Kevin M. Hole '90 
Robert B. Mcintosh '07 
Erin D. Mullally'99 




1. Indiana Alpha 

2. Florida Alpha 

3. Texas Alpha 

4. Oregon Alpha 

5. Michigan Alpha 

6. California Beta 

7. Kansas Beta 

8. Delaware Alpha 

9. Tennessee Alpha 

10. Nebraska Alpha 

11. Illinois Alpha 

12. Ohio Gamma 

13. Kansas Gamma 

14. New York Alpha 
Pennsylvania Delta 

16. North Carolina Delta 

17. Ohio Theta 

18. North Carolina Beta 

19. Indiana Beta 
Pennsylvania Eta 

21. Virginia Alpha 

22. Iowa Beta 

23. Ohio Alpha 

24. Colorado Gamma 

25. Oklahoma Alpha 

26. Alabama Alpha 

27. Georgia Alpha 

28. Ohio Eta 

29. OhioEpsilon 

Purdue 594 

Florida 552 

Texas at Austin 509 

Oregon State 499 

Michigan 482 

Southern California 478 

Kansas State 451 

Delaware 425 

Tennessee 421 

Nebraska 410 

Illinois 372 

Ohio State 371 

Kansas 368 

Syracuse 364 

Penn 364 

North Carolina 356 

Cincinnati 352 

North Carolina State 351 

Indiana 339 

Penn State 339 

Richmond 338 

Iowa State 328 

Ohio Northern 322 

Colorado State 318 

Oklahoma State 315 

Auburn 314 

Georgia Tech 313 

Miami U. 308 

OhioWesleyan 303 


Foundation Annual Report 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 27 



Brandon L. O'Leary'06 
Michael G. Pease '89 
John M. Spencer '68 
Christopher M.Swoboda '06 
Kenneth A. Turnquist '64 
RexA. Voorheis'83 
Glenn T. Williamson '64 

Michigan Zeta 

Ferris State 

Louis B. Boggs '08 
Richard S. Bugajski '62 
Charles W.Coslet '08 
Robert C.Felton '65 
James D.Gaul '69 
William J. Hare '68 
Frank R. Harvath '73 
Clare G.Johnson '56 
Ronald L. Koehler'63 
Steven E. LeIVIahieu '76 
Andrew J. IVIacDonald '82 
George H. Montgomery '75 
Steven L. Orr '95 
Robert J. Phardel '67 
Scott R. Salgat '08 
Richard M. Sherman '65 
Dale E. Starnes '65 
Kevin R. Strasser '84 
Andrew L.Thompson '94 
Michael J. Vedrody '91 

iVIicliigan Eta 

Michigan Tecii 

Charles D. Applegath '94 
Keith L. Bacon '95 
David L. Brandt '93 
Randy J. Cavaiani '78 
Robert B.Fiandt '97 
Richard H. Hammar'65 
Michael D. Hoffman '93 
Brian D. Hudson '79 
Richard G. Kovach '66 
CodyW. Kramer '97 
Kevin A. Maguire '83 
MarkD. Mays '87 
Robert G. McEachen '68 
Gerald L. Morden '66 
Matthew W. Nowak'88 
Robert J. Piedmonte '07 
Craig A. Pollock '80 
Joshua E. Purrenhage '99 
Timothy J. Purrenhage '06 
David A. Redman '85 
Douglas C. Simpson '77 
Nicholas B.Tarzwell '06 
Kiel D. Vanderhovel'06 

iVIicliigan Theta 

Lawrence Teclinoiogicai 

John A. Husisian '77 
Salvatore A. Moschelli '99 
Ronald R. Williams '91 
Justin G.Wiseman '94 

IVIichigan lota 


David L. Evola '94 
Warren L. Lewis '84 
William E.Mulvihill '79 

IVIichigan Kappa 

Grand Vaiiey State 

James R Barber '95 
Lawrance J. Crabbe '94 
Stuart B. Daly '96 
John P. Fitzgerald '85 
Richard A. Petrucelli '91 
Joshua J. Puranen '07 
Graham S. Puranen '03 
James A. Ryder '94 

Michigan Lambda 

Eastern iVIicliigan 

Curtis R. Erickson '06 
William D.Hoeft '90 
Ronald J. Mays '95 
Stephen J. Moran '98 
David N.Thompson '98 
Kevin M.Tierney '91 

Minnesota Alpha 


Mitchell H.AIbers '94 
Ted A. Anderson '04 
LinleyA. Barnes '58 
NilesJ. Brook '40 
Brent W. Decker '04 
Matthew R Ducharme '95 
Lucas C. Geadelmann '06 
Kyle C. Hagness '99 
Lucas B. Hagness '02 
Darrell G. Hargreaves '60 
Stephens J. Lange '33 
Jeffrey D. Myhre '96 
Walter L. Newcomb '89 
Judd T Nystrom '95 
Jesse L. Parker '93 
Robert L. Pool '50 
Clinton N.Schaff '00 
Richard D.Schreck'01 
Malai J.Turnbull '05 
Anthony D.Wagner '95 
Harry C. Walker '37 
Eric M. Winter '97 

Mississippi Alpha 


Samuel L. Box '73 
William H.Caulfield '76 
William D. Davenport '69 
Wallace E. Davenport '55 
J.Todd Dawson '93 
Cameron C. Ducsay '08 
W. Brett Estes '97 
R. Stratton Fabris '07 
Charley W.Green '67 
ChadA. Hollan'07 
Brent J. Jarreau '01 
Robert A. Keeling '63 
Stephen M. King '08 
Curtis R. Long '08 
Johns. Madden '92 
Christian J. Meyerhoff '07 
Ronald E. Powell '70 
Paul RQuinn '08 

Mississippi Beta 

Mississippi State 

Ferrell Alman '08 
JayArun Kumar '08 
Timothy L. Boyd '79 
Joseph L. Breal '74 
Dorsey R. Carson '93 
C. Alexander Forsbach '06 
William J. Herm '76 
Harry L. Howarth '77 
Kevin L. Kassner'82 
William R Kirkpatrick'92 
William L. Leake '50 
Bailey D. Lipscomb '08 
Keith L. McDaniel '80 
David A. Mozingo '06 
Robert L Quails '54 
William J. Rogers '95 
Bobbys. Shackouls '72 
B. Phillip Taylor '76 
Jonathan B. Wing '07 
Charles D.Wright '57 

Mississippi Gamma 

Southern Mississippi 

Johnnie L. Campbell '73 
George L. Carr'61 
William L. Ducker'69 

D. Britton Dunaway '97 
W. Aaron Ensenat '62 
Clint M.Favre '04 
Myron F. Frailey '62 
Lanny M. Gonsoulin '95 
Lawrence J. Harrison '72 
Trevor V.Jones '07 
Terrence M. Lechner'68 
John A. Pearson '64 
Bradley D. Rukes ' 

F. Brandt Schmersahl '76 
Edward N. Stephens '58 

E. Scott Thompson '99 
Eugene Ziebach '75 

Missouri Alpha 


Terry R Baer '80 
John W.Barton '63 
Joseph E. Brandel '91 
Robert W.Broeg '37 
Gerald H. Buchanan '53 
Tom R Canty '68 
H.Walker Crouch '56 
Ray B. Erwin '55 
Robert H.Grose '54 
Larry W.Hannah '60 
Kurt J. Harms '91 
John W. Hartman '61 
Ernest L. Ittner'51 
Christopher D.Jones '93 
J. Gregory Keller '86 
Charles W. Kenworthey '49 
Charles B. Lausch '94 
Victor A. Mattison '86 
Jeremy S. McElduff '97 
Robert B. Meyer '68 
John M. Morris '68 
H.Sloan Oliver '78 
Karl L. Perrey '85 
Gregory E. Raeman '91 
Harvey J. Rowe '58 
Terry F. Steinbecker '67 
Robert V.Todd '71 
Lee B. Woodward '68 
Philip T.Yates '07 

Missouri Beta 

Washington U. in St. Louis 

Austin Barsophy '07 
Walter E.Bentrup '57 
William RBieber'55 
John A. Blaskiewicz '70 
Homer A. Brethauer '29 
John J. Broeckelmann '68 
Stephen K. Burch '67 
Todd A. Cohen '05 
Richard D. Cowell '52 
David W. Detjen '70 
Harris S. Edelman '96 
James F. Fawcett '04 
Joel Gamoran '07 
GaryM.Gelfman '84 
Charles K. Gillespie '57 
David C. Goggio '40 
Craig S. Kaufman '86 
Robert J. Krapfl '90 
MarcT. Krohn '85 
Richard F. Lanier '84 
Philip A. Lewis '07 
Raymond J. Mahach '57 
Michael D. Martz '60 
Richard R. Meckfessel '61 
Karl L.Meier '59 

Robert M. Morris '36 
Donald W. Paule '64 
Andrew T Pickens '65 
Lawrence B. Plawsky '89 
Chad M. Remis'06 
Nicholas A. Scambilis '60 
Robert G.Scheibe '60 
Charles D.Siebenthal '60 
Adam Siegel '07 
Joshua D. Stein '06 
Alan M.Stueber'58 
William G.Tragos'56 
Otto W. Walter '49 
Virgil O.Wodicka '34 

Missouri Gamma 


Daniel D. Bax'08 
Donald C. Bisesi '81 
Kenneth L. Delap '52 
Don W. Detjen '48 
Jason R Eckert '99 
W. David Evans '84 
GuyV. Givan '69 
Joseph E. Grimm '70 
Myron J. Grubaugh '78 
Peter G. Hansen '53 
Zachary J. Hawks '04 
Marc C. Hawks '06 
James D. Hunicke '79 
Michael C. Kearney '61 
Philip R.Owens '72 
Robert C. Putz'64 
JoelT. Rickman '95 
Michaels. Rodolakis '52 
Steven E. Schlueter '73 
William W.Schramm '56 
Stephen M.Thies'72 
LeRoy E.Thompson '56 
RobertA. Wessel'75 
Douglas I. Wolken '06 

Missouri Delta 


Homer R. Knight '49 
John J. Ley '50 
James E. Parker '64 
Stanley I. Roy '65 
Randell L. Ruegge '70 
Theodore C. Salveter '58 

Missouri Epsilon 

Culver Stockton 

Ronald K. Carlson '65 
Edward L. Cohn '61 
Thomas M. Spoerner '60 

Missouri Zeta 

Southeast Missouri State 

Lewis E. Bock '63 
Devin C. Coffman '05 
Joseph C.Dufek '08 
Peter J. Guccione '08 
J. Stephen Hearn '77 
Matthias J. Imgrund '04 
Thomas L. Kinder '60 
Allan RKIeinschmidt'68 
Peter H. Lemakis '81 
William J. Perry '84 
Jeffrey! Pike '06 
James T Streete '61 
Thomas A. Tricamo '04 
Kyle W. Weber '06 
Cale A. Williams '08 

Missouri Eta 

Southwest Missouri State 

Wesley S. Ayers '06 
C. David Billings '65 
Bradford G. Carper '06 
Daniel E. Egert '69 
Richard F. Fiester '63 
Larry E. Fletcher '65 
Fred W.Fulton '71 
David E.Hart '69 
Charles R. Heineman '73 
Paul L.Herbert '82 
MaxT. Horn '68 
Matthew W. London '04 
Noah J. Moravec '07 
William B.Moskoff '65 
Brandon R. Power '08 
Justin D. Sides '07 
Charles E.Thompson '50 

Missouri Theta 

Central Missouri State 

John W. Belger'06 
Richard W.Bennet '74 
A. Wayne Casebolt '93 
Timothy J. Doke '74 
Christopher R. Fowler '96 
Peter R Gencarelli '75 
Robert E.Goetz '68 
MaxD. Harper '71 
Randall M. Hinshaw'75 
Jason M. Roth '97 
TylerW. Smith '06 
DwightE.Twillman '90 
Michael R. Wark'70 
Steven F. Welters '92 

Missouri lota 

Missouri Western State 

James D. Jeffers '79 

Missouri Kappa 

Missouri-Kansas City 

Matthews. Franke '93 
Geoffrey M. Gerling '05 
Stephen H.Grant '80 
C. Gregory Tiemeier '80 

Missouri Lambda 

Northwest Missouri State 

Peter J. Amys '95 
Robert J. Aschentrop '95 
MarkE. Hereford '81 
Brent E. Johnson '84 
John R. Leek '83 
John N. Murray '94 
Brian D.Shaw '91 
Douglas L. Winters '87 
Michael A. Wolbert '94 

Missouri Mu 

Truman State 

John C. Ayres '01 
Scott D. Farquhar'08 
Roger R. Festa '72 
Patrick J. Fontana '94 
John A. Holtrup'84 
Matthews. Lomax'96 
Allen R Maris '96 
Christopher! Minnis'OO 
Michael J. Taylor '85 
Matthew W.Tobben 
Joseph D. Wieligman '91 
ScottA. Zajac'83 

Missouri Nu 

St Louis U. 

Anthony J. Basile '07 
JeffryR. Becker '08 
Jason A. Cherish '03 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Justin R. Ireland '00 
Christopher! Long '02 
Derek W.McGee '08 
Joseph F. Toczek'89 

Montana Alpha 


Douglas A. Ball '67 
Chad L. Canfield '96 
David J. Fetzner '75 
Anthony R French '01 
Mitchells. Gagos '78 
John G. Griffith '62 
Wayne C. Hovey '61 
Bill D.Jones '64 
JohnC. Martin '61 
Stuart G. McNamara '39 
Dave F Pickering '07 
Duane E.Smith '52 
Ryan D. Sullivan '00 
Stanley J. Underdal '60 
William R.Walker '45 
Donald A. Watne'61 
Joseph R. Whittinghill '89 

Montana Beta 

Montana State 

George D. Arnett'66 
Marcus J. Boyd '71 
Monte M. Eliason '64 
Carl W. Leaman '63 
Thaddeus J. Lesnik'06 
Steve P Liebmann '74 
Jason D. Lowry '97 
Ronald M. Murphy '84 
Donald A. Peterson '66 
Charles S. Seel '70 
Gerald S. Siegmyer'70 

Nebraska Alpha 


Todd S.Adams '78 
Melvin H.Adams '56 
Todd A. Anderson '80 
Howard J. Brown '45 
Donald L. Byrnes '64 
Michael J. Choutka '90 
Gary R. Christiansen '61 
MarkW. Davis '90 
Thomas J. Dinges '93 
Jeffrey D. Dowling '81 
Robert D. Dudzinski '08 
Randy L.Esterling '82 
Raymond J. Fehringer '75 
Kenneth E. Fowler '48 
Steven C. Fremarek'69 
Gerald R.Gemar'62 
Frank L. Gold '70 
Donald D. Hamann '54 
William R. Hansen '68 
Roger K. Harned '84 
Robert C. Hastert '46 
Samuel F. Hatfield '67 
Robert E. Henderson '44 
Andrew E. Hunzeker '87 
Scott C.Johnston '08 
Jerry R. Jorgensen '78 
David H. Kalisek'07 
Roberts. Keith '92 
Kenneth J. Krichbaum '70 
Jay A. Lechner '09 
Daniel K. Lennon '0 
Philip M. Lewis '53 
David B. Long '78 
Charles F. Long '37 
Harold R. Mack '76 
John C. Masters '06 
John! Minnick'61 
Mark A. Neubauer'91 
R. Stephen Otte '0 
William R Pfeiff '64 



You 2004 


Charles E. Schuster 75 
Thomas C.Smith '67 
Stephen! Steiner '81 
Todd A. Stork '86 
Meredith L.Suhr '66 
Royce H.Tonjes '55 
Lloyd R. Wade '62 
Eugene C.Walter '42 
Addis T.Ward '45 
William F. Wenzlaff '55 
Philip J. Workman '88 

Nebraska Beta 


John A. Cherica'94 
Dan E. Jackman '60 
Zachary J. IVIaxwell '04 
Gary B. Morey '65 
Robert A. Pedersen '71 
David B. Powell '55 
Raymond J. Shaw '70 
Brenton J.Thompson '07 
Thomas R.Thomsen '58 
Robert R.Trumbauer '58 

Nebraska Gamma 


Robie L. Church '92 
Allan L. Halstead '77 
Peter G. Kotsiopulos '70 
Ronald W. Larsen '65 
Eric J. Nelson '08 
Brent C.Utoft '06 
Glenn E. Vieselmeyer '68 
Mick D.Wise '72 

Nebraska Delta 


Michael V. Bongers '90 
Eric J. Christensen '96 
Evan J. Sisneros '07 
Peter J. Smith '93 
Patrick R.Steier '88 
Daniel J. Torczon '07 

Nevada Alpha 


J. Douglas Buchanan '63 
Richard K. Corbin '63 
DuaneD. Kellogg '08 
Michael D. McDowell '04 
Nicholas R. Polinko '06 
Luke Ryan '08 

New Hampshire Alpha 


Michael E.Armstrong '97 
Andrew! Bates '05 
William R. Brazelton '56 
Reid M. Coggins '04 
Jason M. DIMarino '97 
Russell !Fehr '74 
Stephen E. Gels '73 
Peter A. Hasenkamp '98 
Bruce H. Hasenkamp '60 
Carey E. Heckman '76 
Matthew I. Herman '98 
Wilmer B.Hill '50 
Frank J. Johnson '51 
Michael L. Kimmel '94 
Christopher C. Komarek'86 
Donald J. Landzettel '60 
Diego 0. Lorenzo '04 
James W. Markworth '65 
Matthew! Martin '06 
JohnG. Migliori '68 
Arthur H. Nighswander '29 
Steven J. Orbuch '06 
RhysW. Robinson '83 
Steven A. Savella '06 
Thomas C. Sexton '04 
Derek G.Shendell '96 

Minyoung Sohn '98 
Joseph F. Stampfer '52 
Robert W.Tirrell '45 

New Hampshire Gamma 

New Hampshire 

Austin C. Cornish '05 
Russell B. Preston '98 

New Hampshire Delta 

Plymouth State 

Scott W. Davis '93 

New Jersey Alpha 

Stevens Tech 

Joseph Ayton '42 
John R. Bendixsen '70 
GaryW. Blauth'66 
Stephen J. Buce '86 
David R. Byrne '06 
Vincent R Carbone '97 
Michael R. Conti '07 
Carmine Di Pietro '39 
Charles R Dieckhoff '38 
Ray J. Dion '84 
Barry J. Frankel '69 
Robert C.Fuge '66 
Michael A. Gillott '66 
Russell J. Grant '68 
Nicholas lacoviello '06 
Farokh Irani '84 
William S. Kane '69 
Daniel A. Leiewski '07 
James R. McCoy '65 
Christopher Mizzo '96 
Austin D. Montecuollo '65 
William K. Neumeister '81 
Patrick C. Nolan '06 
Daniel H. O'Brien '92 
Leonard R Parkin '93 
Thomas J. Ritter '73 
Samuel A. Robinson '74 
RandyJ. Simat'07 
John C. Spaziani '67 
William B. Spooner '42 
Gregg A. Taliercio '06 
Todd R. Van Aken '06 
Peter J. Weir '79 

New Jersey Beta 


Stephen L. Albertalli '50 
Robert E. Berenguer '79 
Darin S. Bergstein '91 
Harry J. Brunner '63 
Edward P. Eardley'60 
Nicholas A. Ettore '06 
Glenn !Gnirrep '82 
C.Ernest Hall '60 
William H. Kale '66 
Jacques 0. Lebel '05 
Louis L. Louizides '70 
Douglass. MacDonald '56 
Lindsley D. Medlin '86 
Michael L. Minaides '89 
Thomas J. Papia '07 
Joseph W. Rebovich '56 
Atlee Robinson '72 
John M. Romano '07 
Ian M.Schuler'04 
Todd R. Stanley '85 
Randall K.Stitt '91 
Patrick W.Thaller '66 
Steven S. Vosbikian '03 
Louis B. Weiner'81 
Leslie D. Wilding '35 
John S. Witemeyer '55 
Nicholas M. Zoppi '07 

New Jersey Gamma 

Seton Hall 

Dennis K. Agerup '96 
Justin P. Bowe '07 
Joseph A. Carabelli '07 
Christopher J. Fuller '04 
Jeffrey H. Goldsmith '91 
Charles M. Mansfield '81 
Keith J. Rosenblatt '93 
Daniel! Sullivan '95 
John R. Swiontkowski '74 
Shaun R Winters '82 

New Jersey Delta 

Falrleigh Dickinson 

Michael! Fogarty '77 
Robert L. Klingenburg '74 
David A. Lang '77 
Jeffrey W. Mirk '76 

New Jersey Zeta 


Vincent M. Fucci '00 

New Mexico Alpha 

New Mexico 

John F. Dalby'72 
Daniel R. Dolan '67 
George W. Edwards '39 
David M. Fiedler '71 
Barney L. Gardner '39 
David R. Georgius '63 
John C.Gordon '69 
Sylvan L. Hamberger'50 
Jon W. Hardwick'68 
Michael A. Harris '64 
Mark A. Hayes '84 
George G. Otero '51 
Michael L. Ramirez '08 
Robert W.Tepper '68 
Paul H. Tufts '65 
John M.Walker '90 
Stephen M.Walker '65 
John D.Wilson '86 

New Mexico Beta 

New Mexico State 

Robert A. Morris '94 
Joel D. Navarro '91 
BobbyA. Quintana'95 

New York Alpha 


Carmen J. Barber '06 
Stephen J. Capella '07 
Richard W.Cohen '81 
Keith B. Coleman '65 
JackW. Cottrell'41 
Thomas E. Feeney '75 
Brian D. Field '59 
Jason G. Fox '07 
Peter M.Goldfine '98 
Frank F. Gordnier '49 
G.William Gregory '55 
John W. Grille '70 
William W.Hall '41 
Thomas J. Harford '67 
Richard L. lazzetti '71 
Justin B. Lieberman '07 
William C.Liebler '49 
Edmund L. Luzine '86 
Roderick C. Meier '55 
Francis J. Miller '50 
Daniel M. Recca '07 
Charles F. Shea '42 
J. Darrison Sillesky '37 
RobertW. Smith '48 

Norman L. Stevens '50 
Gerald W. Walsh '45 
William C.Wetzel '58 
Richard F. Whiteman '54 
Robert O.Wilson '59 

New York Beta 


Michael G.Abdella '87 
Stephen M. Bednarski '77 
Timothy B. Bentley '77 
H. Sherman Burling '47 
Robert A. Cowie '55 
Peter B. Dirlam '56 
William J. Doody'68 
Richard J. Evans '45 
James R. Knipe '31 
James A. Makarsky '85 
Patrick H. McDonough '04 
Justin Oshins '05 
Douglas J. Robertson '72 
David J. Roman '73 
Stephen L. Schaefer'73 
James H. Schoonmaker '74 
Richard E. Speirs '59 
Mitchell E. Stern '76 
NeilE. Uffner'07 
Edwin L. Vopelak'77 
W.Bradley Yale '04 
William P. Yetter '50 

New York Gamma 


Carman R Bambace '62 
Richard E. Batho '66 
Gerald G.Bell '56 
Ronald A. Bevacqua'67 
Timothy F.Butler '87 
Walter N.Colton '48 
Thomas E. Constance '58 
James R. Dimond '51 
Peter A. Douros '81 
James W. Ellwanger '42 
Steven E. Eppinger '91 
George R. Freund '43 
Robert K.Gansel '58 
Charles J. Grant '48 
Henry F. Harde '62 
Robert C. Leunig '48 
Constantine K. Nickou '47 
Richard F. Ronston '59 
George A. Schmitz '57 
John R. Stack '60 
C. Donald Zearfoss '58 

New York Delta 

Rensselaer Polytechnic 

Vincent A. Acevedo '00 
Kenneth W. Bosworth '77 
Donald A. Burgio '89 
Joseph R Clark '49 
Philip E. Desnoyers '92 
Richard L. Dooley '68 
Matthew G. Drysdale '79 
Byron D. Forster '41 
Russell F. House '84 
Robert E.Kuver '59 
Carl A. Lewis '02 
Donald R. Mastro '51 
Sean R McGuigan '95 
Thomas M. Payne '86 
Richard H. Pechstein '47 
Peter B. Perry '57 
John C. Petricciani '58 
Ernest W. Radany '50 
Robert A. Stowers '51 
Herb L. Van Benthuysen '56 
Walter C.Zukowski '77 

New York Epsllon 


Reid D. Antonacchio '07 
Paul R. Bleckinger'63 
Robert A. Evans '63 
James J. Ferrara '85 
Nicholas J. Geraci '84 
Reed C. Goodman '07 
Alan B. Holman '66 
Brian W. Huckle '73 
Russell A. Kelm '68 
Anthony J. LoGalbo '63 
Perry V. Mastrangelo '86 
Steven H. Otterman '01 
Derek L. Pardee '83 
George E. Port '81 
William R. Rittman '56 
Frederick J. Schoellkopf '65 

New York Zeta 


Craig !Gloede '91 
Michael E. Hoffmann '88 

New York Eta 

Buffalo State 

Scott A. Baxter '84 
Edward F. Jones '96 
Harry F.King '88 

New York Theta 


Brians. Kinel '80 

Top 20 

New York lota 


Philip M. Brumagin '91 
James A. Buell '80 
Patrick E. Farrell '86 
Bradley J. Kimbrough '00 
John L. MacDonald '85 
Michael A. Milano '82 
Frank V. Perez '89 
David Yang '91 

New York Lambda 


Perry D. Figliotti '83 
Thomas J. Gallemore '07 
Michael F. Inglisa'85 
Griffith Jones '85 
Joseph J. Martin '91 
Michael J. Pasquarella '86 
James R Schnell '95 
John V Zatko '90 

New York Mu 

George J. Nevole '85 
Thomas J. Shea '83 

New York Nu 


John J. Bonasera'99 
Michael R. Borkan '86 
Timothy J. Herbert '95 
John J. Vaccaro '88 



for 2004 

























































Foundation Annual Report 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 29 

Sharing jour 




New York Xi 

U. of Rochester 

Matthew L. Ambrosio '07 
Matthew W. DeBord '04 
Shawn C. Otto '90 
Benjamin A. Ratner'06 
Timothy R. Vogelman '87 

New York Pi 


DavidJ. Norris '90 
Jason G. Vodel<'97 

New York Rho 

St. John's 

Santiago Arruffat '96 
Richard A. Barquero '08 
Ron C. Colon '90 
DavidJ. Graziano '03 
Gwaine I. Little '08 
George R. Noriega '96 
Mauricio Quintero '04 
Alejandro Roman '95 
Joseph Sciame '71 
Christopher R. Zapata '99 

New York Sigma 


Mark J. Hochenberg '93 
Simy M. Solomon '96 

New York Tau 


Thomas J. Basile '97 
Christopher J. Caruso '97 
Michael J. Shef 

New York Plii 


Filip A. Bortkiewicz'08 
Christophers. Fidyk'02 
Gregory! Lembrich '00 
Thomas W. Russell '99 
Justin Saechee '04 
James A. Schmid ' 
Colin D. Speaker '04 
Zariel J.Toolan '01 

New York Clii 


MarkD. Bahr'04 
Jason K. Mayerhofer '05 
Ryan J. Stephens '06 
Edward M. Valenta'02 

Nortli Caroiina Beta 

North Carolina State 

George L.Adams '74 
Charles R.Allen '89 
Christopher W.BIenk '90 
Charles H. Boney '50 
Michaels. Boyd '93 
Harry L. Brann '02 
Douglas K. Bratton '81 
Raymond A. Bryan '79 
Gregory R Burnett '00 
Brian M. Buroker'91 
Michael V.Carlone '92 
David R. Carper '76 

W.H.Clark '56 
Paul G.Clark '53 
Lawrence W. Clayton '86 
Douglas W.Curtis '69 
Jeffrey R. Dugas '90 
Derek F. Duin '89 
JohnT. Duncan '71 
John J. DuPlessis '57 
Allen C.Eberhardt '72 
David F.Faulkner '92 
Dennis E. Furr '93 
ScottA. Goldenberg '90 
Richard L.Gray '70 
Dennis E. Gurley '65 
O.Thomas Hayes '64 
Joseph C. Hines '91 
Nicholas J. Hobbs '78 
Leon M. Hobbs '52 
Bartholomew F Johnson '07 
David S. Jones '91 
Gregory R. Kasten '90 
Stanhope A. Kelly '80 
M.Vance Lassiter'45 
GaryA. Ludi'74 
Billy D.Maddalon '90 
Christopher P. Meyer '93 
Joseph B. Middleton '62 
David L. Miller '55 
E.Eric Mills '93 
George A. Moretz '64 
Dexter W. Morgan '92 
F. David Parrott '55 
Leigh B.Peele '68 
Charles M. Pollard '91 
Ralston M. Pound '42 
Jeffrey W. Pratt '87 
Joseph B. Rawls '49 
Robert G. Reeder'72 
Coleman R. Rich '76 
Alfonso D. Robertson '38 
Boyd T. Safrit '90 
William A. Schul '59 
Jeffrey R. Setser '84 
W. Wesley Styers '53 
Larry W. Swinson '73 
Keith D.Thompson '91 
Charles C.Thompson '68 
Michael D.Ward '71 
J. Wesley Wilkinson '91 
John R Williams '93 
Hamilton E. Withers '75 
Richard K. Worsley '48 
Richard C. Yow '53 

Nortli Caroiina Gamma 


Caleb H.Barnhardt '62 
Michael Bruno '07 
Thomas B. Buchanan '07 
John S. Cargile '77 
Robert B.Clark '51 
John F Few '51 
Bayard H. Friedman '07 
Douglas I. Friedman '07 
Charles R. Hamilton '44 
Joseph S. Harrington '43 
Greg K. Heller '07 
Matt D. Hoffman '07 
Tristan A. Hopkins '07 
J. Blake Iceton '07 
Arthur W.Judd '52 
Curtis R.Kimball '72 
B.Wayne Kinyon '58 
DavidJ. Near '91 
David B. Parsons '70 
Nathan M. Partin '05 
Alfred D. Roth '55 
John F. Sacha'70 
Jonathan M. Schafler'07 
Aaron E. Silver '07 
Elliot A. Silver '04 

James G.Ware '50 
Gerald R.Whitt '72 

Nortii Caroiina Deita 

North Carolina 

Henry G.Absher '62 
John B. Baity '49 
G.Howard Clark '70 
D.EIwoodClinard '51 
Jesse E. Coleman '97 
Chester C. Davis '58 
Ralph B. D'lorio'78 
Philip A. Ferlazzo'60 
John A. Fraley '73 
J. Clark Gable '73 
Adam D.Gracz'08 
Robert C. Hunter '66 
Rowland J. Jones '38 
Stephen 0. Leonard '76 
James E. Lowdermilk'63 
R.Timothy Lucas '80 
Frederick! Mattox'54 
W. Hunter Morgan '52 
Thomas L. Norris '55 
W. Daniel Pate '71 
Richard L. Patterson '76 
William !Plyler '73 
Tony L. Pope '68 
William J. Rendleman '73 
John P. Skutch '98 
Mathew J. Sosna'07 
Joseph R. Warfel '66 

Nortii Caroiina Epsiion 


Thomas H. Biggs '81 
Alston W.Blount '54 
Charles! Buchanan '01 
Nicholas H.Cain '06 
William L. DeVaughan '64 
Alexander G. Donald '48 
John H. Fitzgerald '34 
Robert G. Folger '71 
David C. Francis '04 
Kevin M. Horan '87 
Paul A. Home '79 
Arthur J. Hurt '88 
Walter C. Joyce '77 
Malcolm W.Kunz '42 
Michael J. Lee '98 
Philip A. Leonard '72 
James L. Mason '67 
John D. Merchant '63 
Carlisle C. Moore '48 
Andrew J. Owens '47 
Lyman J. Parrigin '71 
Earl J. Robinson '71 
Roger W.Saylor '75 
John! St. Clair '59 
John W.Thatcher '48 
Lee C.Thompson '65 
Jacques L. Vauclain '90 

Nortii Caroiina Zeta 

Wake Forest 

Douglas L. Allen '75 
Rudolph A. Ashton '68 
David A. Bantz '66 
Philip R Godwin '74 
Charles B. Lassiter '70 
Phillip A. Livingston '55 
Richard! Lombard '86 
Donald C.O'Shea '93 
Clifford A. Reed '71 
Manning L. Smith '64 
Brian D.Smith '77 
Benjamin H. Yarborough '71 

Nortii Caroiina Eta 

High Point 

Roberto. Dockery '57 

Nortii Caroiina Tiieta 

Lenoir Rhyne 

Milton R. Brown '75 
Larry C. Hollar '66 
James C.Wright '60 

Nortii Caroiina lota 


DanaB. Daniell '83 
William 0. Hedgepeth '67 
Guy A. Hyatt '77 
G.Terry Jackson '66 
W. Stephen Moore '82 
A. Douglas Royal '67 
Gary F.Thompson '79 
R. Harrison Ward '79 

Nortii Caroiina Kappa 

East Carolina 

William E. Brinkley '64 
J.L. SkipBrowder'67 
Andrew D.Carr '06 
Timothys. Forman '93 
OakleyW. Hogg'67 
R.Todd Kirkpatrick'89 
William B. Messer'70 
Wayne R. Nixon '73 
Mike R. Sandve '08 
James R.White '85 

Nortii Caroiina Lambda 

Belmont Abbey 

F Joseph Feeney '75 
Kenneth Geyer '49 
Phillip N.Maisano '69 
John M. Queenan '76 

North Caroiina iViu 


Emory E. Bolton '76 
David M. Dickerson '77 
A. Christopher Hobbs '96 

Nortii Caroiina Nu 

North Carolina-Charlotte 

Todd C. Cummings '92 
George R. Frederick '90 
William R.Hutaff '78 
W.Travis Mangum '76 
Nicholas G. Mirisis '00 
Stephen M. Morris '76 
G.Todd Parks '93 
Benjamin E. Steger '08 
William D. Strieker '77 
Scott E. Van Vooren '94 

Nortii Caroiina Xi 

Appalachian State 

Anthony L. Herrin '83 
J.Austin McCarthy '07 
Christopher M. McCaw '03 
R. Hunter McMackin '89 
Barry G. Richards '85 
Donald B. Saunders ' 
Robert M.Smith '90 

North Caroiina Omicron 

North Carolina-Greensboro 

Ronald J. Grant '00 
Geoffrey A. Montross '07 
Frank C.Strehl '05 
Johnathan R. Waugh '05 
Alan R. Zapata '93 

North Caroiina Pi 

Western Carolina 

Steven J. Almasy '88 
John E. Davis ' 
H.Justin Pace '04 

North Caroiina Rho 

North Carolina-Wilmington 

Charles E.Rutt '93 

North Dakota Aipha 

North Dakota 

Nicholai P. Braaten '99 
Mark A. Christensen '95 
Adam D.Clark '06 
Matthew M.Hillerud '05 
Eric A. Icard '00 
Carl I. Klepzig '08 
Kevin S. Moncrieff '94 
Jon W. Putnam '99 
BradyJ.Storhaug '00 

Ohio Aipha 

Ohio Northern 

Garry L. Bair'07 
David R. Bonfiglio '80 
William H. Brinkmeyer '50 
KippE. Bush '88 
Michael H. Chow '92 
William S. Derry'50 
Chad A. Elkins'06 
R. Edward Held '65 
Harold C. Hodson '49 
Emerson D. Holman '46 
Thomas E. Hutson '93 
Quintin A. Jessee '95 
Bryan A. Knight '06 
Brian P. Magee '06 
Scott D. McCoy '42 
J. Scott Miller '72 
Martin S. Paul '65 
Gary L. Royer '63 
Stanley D.Scheetz '68 
John L.Scott '80 
Timothy M. Snapp '90 
Christopher J. Stearns '89 
Robert B. Storts '60 
Aaron D. Sweet '05 

Ohio Gamma 

Ohio State 

Carl A. Alexander '50 
Lawrence E. Bechler'72 
Michael J. Beer '96 
Jacque Cain '52 
Norman E. Carpenter '97 
Michael E. Deegan '66 
Anthony M. Del Col '70 
David G.Elder '76 
Raymond L. Fahrmeier '64 
James E. Frounfelter '67 
James V. Griesen '63 
Richards. Guins '02 
Stephen A. Hill '74 
Kenneth G. Houts '35 
Robert D. Jennings '85 
Robert K. Johnson '49 
George Jurcisin '49 
James R. Kanik'50 
Dennis 0. Kaps '03 
Andrew J. Katterjohn '06 
Herold R Luzader'46 

30 The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsiion 

Carl R. Mahder'33 
Derek A. McClellan '92 
James G. McMillan '54 
Daniel L. Miller '72 
MarkD. Mudarth '06 
Carl F. Obenauf '43 
James E. Pfeifer '60 
Scott W.Phillips '05 
E.John Raab'73 
Kyle! Rockwell '07 
Raymond M. Roop '65 
Erich J. Schreiner'07 
Charles H.SIauter '46 
Jeffrey C.Smith '66 
Keith V.Smith '60 
Howard E. Smith '44 
Edward J. Spellacy '56 
Donald B. Sperry '51 
MarkO. Stevens '71 
Donald G. Swales '56 
Michael A. Tranovich '71 
Eric C. Van Gilder '69 
John C.Waggoner '69 
Richard M.Walters '57 
Fredericks. Weihmiller '76 
Douglas A. Wemmer '71 
Joseph M.Whittaker'06 
Lloyd D.Williams '51 

Ohio Epsiion 

Ohio Wesleyan 

Wayne S. Colvin '74 
Robert M. Dickson '57 
Robert B.Gibson '65 
HughA. Harter'41 
J. Allen Heath '77 
Bradley R. Herzog '07 
Donald W.Hudler '56 
David A. Hunt '54 
Gregorys. Ix '83 
William R.Johnson '55 
Harry J. Kanastab '39 
Phillips. Kick '97 
Jay F. Lachot '48 
John P Mason '63 
JackM. McClintock'43 
C. Dean McGowan '83 
John P McLarnan '04 
DelbertM. McLaughlin '59 
John M.Mills '73 
John E. Moats '57 
Michael B. Murphy '71 
Richard A. Murtha'55 
Charles W. Plum '36 
Charles H. Pulley '39 
Robert W.Riegger '50 
Daryl D. Ruehle '62 
JackW. Ryan '49 
Richard D. Schaeffer '51 
Thomas W.Selden '52 
Ronald K. Snider '67 
Michael H. Spencer '73 
David J. Vaughan '48 
Waldon R.Weber '56 

Ohio Zeta 


Donald A. Arslanian '92 
Jason L. Bartal '97 
Rudolf L. Bauer '55 
Donald A. Bible '51 
Donald E. Braden '51 
Justin L. Cooke '98 
Arthur Daoulas '54 
John R. DeChant'02 
Lee J. Edmonds '83 
David G. Fago '94 
ScottA. Forster '93 
Robert L. Frank '68 
William E. Goette '90 
Eric J. Harpring '94 
Kenneth V. Harshman '51 




You 2004 


Jace W. Hatcher '01 
Dean P.Jenkins '90 
James W.Jones '51 
Richard R. Krisher '50 
Charles F. Lang '50 
Peter D. Liatti '99 
John E. IVIason '49 
Kyle D. McDermott'02 
Richard C. Meyer '52 
Herbert! Minnis'65 
Robert E. Morrison '51 
Richard B. Patterson '67 
Wendell G. Rakosky '78 
John Reeks '53 
Charles R.Scott '59 
Michael J. Skordeles '93 
John M. Speers '65 
William M.Taylor '52 
Christopher M.Towne '68 
Bruce R. Williams '71 

Ohio Eta 

Miami U. 

Emerson L. Brown '53 
Robert W. Cunningham '8( 
James B. Currie '70 
Jeffrey K. Ehrmann '79 
Joseph H. Etter'73 
Kirk J. Fischesser '85 
David P. Frey '07 
George J. Gayda '83 
Edward W.Gough '61 
William W.Greer '81 
Harold 0. Hayes '51 
Tyler R.James '04 
Brandon D. Kelley'07 
J. Kevin Kendall '82 
KurtA. Lenz'81 
Raymond F. Link '50 
Edmund J. Lis '51 
Raymond M. Malone '79 
Mike F. Mezzadri '07 
Steven L. Mizelle '74 
Nicholas A. Petrone '06 
Richard A. Puzzitiello '84 
Richard A. Puzzitiello '61 
Jason L. Relle '07 
Thomas F. Scherr'78 
Charles G. Sedgwick '56 
James R. Shenk'71 
RobertJ. Straka'07 
Joseph C. Sweeney '07 
Kyle S. Taylor '07 
Adam M. Thaler '06 
Andrew D.Thomas '64 
Robert H.Thompson '51 
Brandon M. Uffner '07 
Robert G.Wolverton '56 

Ohio Theta 

U. of Cincinnati 

John A. Abraham '77 
Lynn M. Barber '65 
Kenneth 0. Bartley '86 
Nino Benvenuti '97 
Dale W. Bishop '55 
Rudolf Bredenbeck'54 
Zachary R. Bryson '09 
Frederick W.Butler '66 
George C.Christy '56 
Wayne J. Conner '74 
Wayne L.Cook '70 
E. David Crawford '69 
Lawrence D. Damron ' 
Marvin R. Davis '49 
Arthur R.Ehrnschwender'^ 
Donald F. Elmore '64 
Ronald L. Eng '96 

W. Benjamin Evans '53 
William R Freudenberger '63 
Kent P. Friel '59 
Jason J. Giust '97 
Melvin H.Haas '62 
Stephen M. Haverkos '09 
Marks. Inzetta '77 
Thomas F. Kamphake '76 
Gary P. Lessis '83 
Robert C.Loesch '63 
George M. Mcllveen '56 
Reineiro L. Medina '99 
Robert W.Meredith '67 
Dwight L.Moody '63 
Louis F. Moormeier '50 
Randy A. Musick'09 
Russell G. Overgard '58 
Scott F. Partridge '69 
Dennis R. Reigle '67 
James F. Robeson '59 
Richard F. Roehr'59 
Christopher R Schneider 

Michael H. Shirk '59 
Jesse F. Stock '61 
Timothy L. Timmel '70 
Thomas E.Vick '69 
Henry W. Wade '51 
R. EricWeise '54 

Ohio lota 

U. of Toiedo 

Walter G.Barrett '64 
Lou Barth '67 
Matthew J. Bauer '10 
Robert D. Beat '71 
Guy M. Beeman '04 
Richard W. Bensman '52 
Rons. Binder '83 
Thomas L. Bowers '78 
John C. Bruning '66 
Bryan C. Darling '09 
Terrence J. Evans '65 
Grant D. Evans '08 
Robert E. Gang '48 
Jay C.Gilchrist '60 
Ronald W.Greller '74 
Kenneth E. Grugel '72 
Richard M. Hanley '85 
Dennis G. Herrold '63 
Stephen E. House '92 
Delwin N. Ketterman '59 
Albert W.KIeine '51 
Steve D. McAllister '06 
James L. Meyer '79 
RobertJ. Nearhoof '09 
Dino A. Pietromica '92 
R. Lee Reynolds '10 
Devon R Scheible '05 
Charles H. Seawater'53 
Donald F. Spear '55 
Richard L. Springer '52 
Richard A. St. John '63 
TheodoreA. Tilly '67 
Jack L. Wagner '56 
Harold G. Waters '56 
Brian M. Wiggins '05 
James H. Williams '64 
PhilipA. Woolaver'52 

Ohio Kappa 

Bowiing Green State 

Roger E.Akins '70 
John Banks '08 
Richard J. Barbate '55 
David E. Boyles'63 
Christopher R. Cape '93 
JohnV. Chidley'64 
William E.Coyle '74 
R Michael Curtis '74 
Robert W.Custer '69 
Kevin M. Davis '07 

Roger U. Day '52 
Neil S. Doerman '54 
Charles G.Eberly '63 
Corey M. Follick'98 
Jason D. Gerard '94 
Michael A. Grimm '83 
Mearl R. Guthrie '48 
Nolan R. Hadix'64 
Michael E.Hall '64 
Jens A. Hansen '92 
AllenA. Hilou'80 
John A. Howe '53 
D.Bradly Leis'79 
Roberts. Lyons '64 
Franklin A. Martens '64 
David L. Mayer '84 
Doyle E. McOwen '50 
Jerry F. Milnor'61 
William R. Peca '64 
Jeffrey D. Penny '80 
Robert G. Peters '70 
William K.Rudloff '84 
Kevin L. Ruffer '89 
Patrick L. Ryan '74 
Donald K. Sage '57 
Carlton E. Schooley '63 
Leiand G.Smith '70 
CoolidgeW. Stryker'51 
Todd R. Urmanic'88 
Harald Vaher'89 
Michael J. Vank '69 
Lon D. Weigand '94 
Ralph M.Wells '57 
James W. West '64 

Ohio Lambda 

Kent State 

H.Wayne Anderson '61 
Christopher M. Bell '98 
Brandon J. Crabill '08 
Lowell B. Davis '61 
Bruce E. Fusillo '70 
Steven P. Geroski '58 
Anthony J. Giovinazzo '54 
Howard E. Leidy '70 
David E. Madge '64 
James M. May '73 
Karl S.Miller '54 
Glenn D. Miller '59 
Graham A. Peters '64 
Thomas C. Pexton '53 
Jon G. Pounds '57 
Bernard Reiner '58 
Frank E.Tejan '60 
Clifford E.Thompson '62 
Richard W.Tuxill '60 

Edward B. Underhill '56 
BrentonT. VanFossen '99 
Timothy J. Whitman '66 


Youngstown State 

J. Philip Allison '68 
Robert E. Berquist'70 
Bryce E. Calvin '97 
John N. Cernica '57 
James A. Colantino '74 
Daniel E. Donatelli '65 
Thomas R. Hall '64 
KelsieB. Harder '56 
C. Earl Harris '66 
William J. Klucher '57 
James M. McGinn '68 
Robert A. Pavaiko '02 
Ken P. Perich '72 
Barry J. Poor '65 
John A. Popio '70 
Paul R. Sevenich '60 
PhilipA. Snyder '52 
JohnR. Stoll'71 
Joseph M.Swartz'77 
David J.Taylor '77 


Cieveiand State 

David L. Balint '69 
Joseph V. Barna '77 
Edward M. Kerekes '67 
Steven T. Sak '78 
Joseph G. Spagnuolo '70 

Ohio Xi 


Edward L. Allen '71 
Grant V.Hesser '69 
PaulE. Kulik'71 
Jordan S. Meyer '05 
Gregory D. Pearson '94 
SeanT. Skender'93 
G.Steven Smith '08 
Andrew Speicher '07 

Ohio Omicron 


Daniel L. Baer'77 
Jeffrey A. Clevenger'90 
Dennis Enyart '90 
Donald W.Germann '90 
Kenneth W. Kuzma '71 
Donald T. Pinkerton '88 
MarkA. Pohto'71 
Daniel W.Shahan '89 

Ohio Pi 

Wriglit State 

Granger H. Butler '78 
Mark J. Lamberth '76 
Stephen M. Percival '79 
Andy A. Spangler'04 
Wesley J. Speicher '04 
Steven M. Spohn '80 

Ohio Rho 

U. of Dayton 

James D. Ackerman '94 
Bryan R. Ciesielski '99 
EricW. Dellert'06 
Wesley A. Ehninger '07 
Randy A. Krack'93 
Brian R. Schultek'07 
Brian J. Shapleigh '06 
Bradley! Sova '07 

Ohio Sigma 

Case Western Reserve 

Lawrence P. Colucci '96 
Bayard V.Gennert '02 
Bernard A. Jacobson '08 
MarkR. Notargiacomo '08 
ChristopherW. Prall'01 
AtuI Rohatgi '97 
Aaron D. Williams '06 

Ohio Tau 


Robert H.Bell '99 
C.John Bongiovanni '07 
Aaron ! Brown '07 
Lawrence H. Dimmitt '06 
Jonathan S. Ellison '04 
Noah C. Lauricella'04 
Ryan E. Mills '03 
Edward A. Pumphrey '06 
Eric! Van Rensselaer '07 


Jotin Carroii 

Brett A. Greer '08 
Peter M. Hrtanek'08 
James A. Naeger'08 
Benjamin M.White '07 

Oi(iahoma Aipha 

Oldafioma State 

Donald L. Boggs '51 
Trey A. Bowen '06 
John R. Bradley '58 
Robert A. Breedlove '69 
John P. Fiebig '87 



1. 1991 841 

2. 1993 823 
i 3. 1964 817 

4. 1992 794 

5. 1985 783 

6. 1984 779 

7. 1969 760 




























Robert E. Harrison '52 
CurtL. Hellen'97 
Lawrence C. Jernigan '52 
Ronald A. Johnson '54 
Wight W.Jones '53 
James D. Kile '08 
Harold L. Love '53 
J. William Love '49 
James D. McKellar '67 
Phillip H.Myles '65 
Sam Naifeh '08 
Joneil R. Olds '50 
John! Osborn '35 
Maurice R. Ransom '39 
Charles 0. Riddle '73 
A. Sterett Robertson '72 
Joe L. Scearce '53 
Jeremiah M.Scott '92 
E. Ben Webster '57 

Ol(iahoma Beta 


Robert D.Allen '53 
Jean-Paul Audas '87 
D.Todd Bandy '86 
Paul R. Bickhart'81 
Gregory W.Curry '83 
Rodneys. Davis '66 
M.Andy Davis '98 
Robert G. Denison '58 
John C. Denman '08 
Thomas F. Dudley '52 
MarkH. Ephraim '85 
Terry W. Estes '65 
G. Douglas Fox '55 
Forrest L. Frueh '61 
Steven J. Hall '74 
David K. Harry '81 
Frank E. Heaston '49 
Gordon E. Hillhouse '49 
Nicholas R. Hummel '03 
Kevin R Kuykendall '89 
John E. Lacy '60 

C. James Mans '63 
Jonathan R. Murphy '08 
MarkW. Oxsen '08 
ElishaA. Paschal '54 
Mitchell E. Rankin '08 

J. Bryan Schulhoff '08 
J. CalebShahbandeh '08 
Donald M.Smith '56 
Ryan E. Stevens '09 

D. Shaun Steward '84 
Alfred I. Strentzsch '59 
Kenneth M.Taylor '66 

C. Matthew Thornton '91 


1963 674 

1994 667 

2000 667 

1962 645 

1982 642 

1998 641 

Foundation Annual Report 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 3 1 

Sharing jour 



MichaelJ.Transue '66 
Daryle D. Voss '90 
M. Richard Wager '73 
Charles S. West '98 
Elwood F.Williams '07 

Oklahoma Gamma 

U. of Tulsa 

Thomas C. Carlson '51 
Robert M.Crowley '52 
William H.Curry '51 
Dean C. Felts '59 
Verdice E. Liles '50 
J. Robert Lukeman '52 
Lindsey E. IVIitchell '47 
IVIaurice L. Richards '51 
John I.Smith '53 

Oklahoma Delta 

Oklahoma City 

A. Howard Allnutt '54 

Oregon Alpha 

Oregon State 

Robert R.Adams '48 
Damon A. Barnett '95 
MichaelJ. Beeson '73 
John C. Bowne '56 
Benjamin E. Brodie '64 
Gavin D. Brown '90 
Dane A. Butler '06 
James H. Colburn '55 
Edwin R.Collin '37 
Steven D. Cowgill '83 
Michael G. Cowgill '75 
Douglas A. Doehle '58 
Shawn M. Dooley '83 
Charles W. Dunn '58 
George V. Ellison '57 
Gene F. Empey '49 
Ronald H. Engebrecht '56 
Robert H.Ewalt '56 
Harold L. Firestone '46 
Michael R. Eraser '96 
Charles L.Fritz '58 
JoelT. Geelan '08 
JohnT. Gilmour '67 
John A. Goesling '67 
Jeremy S. Gragg '07 
Harold R. Heaton '58 
Thomas A. Higgins'80 
Sean D. Hyatt '06 
Douglass S.Johnson '46 
Ronald W.Kelleher '52 
Robert E. Knapp '50 
John Lee '59 
Trevor A. Livingston '01 
Edward R. Lovell '41 
Terry W. Lowry '62 
Kenneth S. Maddox'75 
Jeffrey A. Malkasian '91 
MichaelJ. Markham '68 
Brian P. McCune '72 
GeneM. Milbrath '63 
John R. Murphy '03 
DanaK. Murton '56 
James C. Nissen '74 
Harold M. Patterson '49 
Harold W. Peterson '42 
Richard J. Rich '07 
Douglas C. Robinson '48 
John H. Sandstrom '74 
Robert H. Schierman '50 

Christopher D.Stauffer '99 
Jack E. Taylor '69 
Scott A. Thompson '90 
EricH. Warninghoff '96 
Arthur W.Wells '51 
Thomas V. Wiggins '84 
JohnT. Zimmerman '04 
James L. Zimmerman '02 
Paul L. Zimmerman '70 

Oregon Beta 


Thomas N. Barry '52 
Robert D. Best '69 
Darrel D. Brittsan '57 
Timothy J. Broderick'98 
Juris Cilnis '57 
Russell W.Cole '38 
Theodore A. Cook '85 
Thomas J. Cowling '60 
Americo R Di Benedetto '47 
R.Thomas Elliott '73 
Bryan R. Engdahl '05 
Oberlin J. Evenson '41 
Randall E.Farleigh '71 
Richard M. Farleigh '71 
H.Curtis Finch '52 
Steven M. Fowler '41 
Allen L. Gummer '58 
Alan B. Hicks '52 
WillardF. Hollenbeck'50 
Sigmund F Lindley '85 
James R. Lyski '85 
Gordon B. MacPherson '54 
Samuel G. McClure '66 
Merton L. Meeker '51 
Darren M.Miller '64 
John M. Mize'02 
Ray H. Muessig '50 
Douglass. Querin '68 
Todd A. Ruberg '82 
Lance D. Steinberg '92 
A. Russell Taggard '66 
Larry Toda '79 
Dean Van Lydegraf '42 
Raymond H.Walker '59 
James H.Warsaw '69 
MarkD. Wenrick'96 
Richard C.Williams '41 
G. Duncan Wimpress '46 
MarcusC. Wulf '64 

Oregon Gamma 

Lewis and Clark 

David B. Bailey '69 
William R Bessolo '85 
Philips. Bradley '59 
Larry L. Campbell '53 
Richard F Emery '66 
NilesR. Fowler '70 
Gerald A. Hall '58 
Reginalds. Saddoris '68 
Ralph R.Smith '59 

Pennsylvania Gamma 

U. of Pittsburgh 

ToddE. Bick'98 
David S. Crown '07 
Fernand Dowd '52 
Michael B. Majewski '06 
Anthony Palombizio '96 
Brian C. Partridge '92 
John J. Radzieta'93 
Chad E. Richmond '93 
David R. Schaffner'06 
Donald F Semans '51 

Robert M.Tibi '91 
Richard L. Vermillion '96 
Allan D. Warnath '55 
Steven L. Yang '93 
Maxwell S. Zingle '07 

Pennsylvania Delta 


Robert L.Anderson '50 
David L. Bickelhaupt '51 
John M. Bixler'49 
Andrew B. Brody '88 
Brendan M. Browne '07 
Donald A. Bux'52 
David E. Callahan '60 
Alfred L. Clarke '54 
Earl C. Conway '54 
Brett R. Danko '90 
Conrad J. Eberstein '65 
David L. Ffrench '51 
Timothy E. Games '84 
Timothy A. Garvey '80 
William H.Gelbach '43 
R Clarke Glennon '55 
Henry F. Guckes '61 
Torren J. Haavik'07 
Joseph R. Halprin '87 
James A. Hughes '52 
Gerard J. Jablonowski '78 
Harold G. Jacklin '56 
Robert M.Johnson '55 
Richard C. Kmetz '43 
Joshua T. Krotec '01 
Jeffrey R. Lehman '72 
Jason G. Letts '06 
Lawrence E. Lloyd '79 
Robert F Lloyd '39 
Eugene K. Lorenz'56 
James L. Luther '62 
Frank J. Macero '60 
Matthew D. Mackie '53 
Joseph S. Magnano '75 
Kenneth B. Marcus '72 
William J. Maxwell '52 
John V McCarty '99 
Bruce D. McCormick'58 
Mark R Nevitt '97 
Quang Bang '96 
Henry A. Pope '43 
Albert J. Pope '49 
Glenn T. Preston '90 
Michael G. Pugh '68 
Vincent E. Rettew '55 
Douglass. Roberts '83 
William B. Roberts '34 
David T. Rowlands '52 
Garrison! Russell '66 
William A. Schilling '03 
C.Crandall Shaffer '44 
Charles R.Shubert '49 
Dallas L.Smith '67 
Donald F. Sontag '53 
James A. Spendiff '65 
Richard C. Steinmeier '96 
Kyle R. Stephenson '89 
Frank C.Taylor '58 
Richard B.Thompson '94 
Aaron M.Tidman '02 
Daniel H. Van Winkle '62 
EdgarA. Waite'49 
MaxM. Wesman '05 
Henry J. Wilewski '59 
Timothy R.Wilson '87 
Nelson N.Yu '93 
Andrew M. Zwecker '07 

Pennsylvania Epsllon 


Samuel E. Banks '63 
Ray E. Brawn '43 
Jeffrey A. Brooks '80 

Ricardo R.Cohen '88 
Brian H. Conover '07 
William C.Cooke '65 
Richard C. Davis '55 
James L. Dorris '69 
John G. Fleck '51 
William T Fox '50 
Stephen A. Giglio '77 
Taylor D. Haverkamp '07 
Harry R Hawkes '84 
Donald T Heywood '56 
Donald G.Keller '60 
Charles R. Kubic '72 
Richard J. MacAdams '46 
Robert F Moore '50 
John W. Powell '74 
Paul L. Rinaldi '82 
George A. Rippel '74 
Robert C.Schwab '86 
Harold D. Sherwood '44 
Stefan J. Siwiecki '06 
Andrew J. Smith '80 
FrankA. Stutz'31 
Frederic B. Terry '57 
Andres A. Velasquez '98 
Albert D. Warren '57 
Richard E. Weinstock'87 
Leonard G. West '58 
Arthur J. White '43 
Paul E.White '38 
James R. Whitmore '06 
Theodore G. Widmayer '58 
Jason S. Zeller '07 
John E.Zollinger '57 

Pennsylvania Eta 

Pennsylvania State 

Bert L. Agnew'48 
R. Donald Anderson '55 
Edward H. Blackburn '43 
Charles E. Bowers '56 
Christopher H.Cabell '90 
Raymond R Carretta '03 
Scott B.Clark '87 
Howard I. Collier '54 
Richard D. Collins '45 
PaulE. Derstine'62 
Matthew G. Donner '91 
William P Douglas '47 
William FDoutt '52 
Robert J. Dudek'88 
James R. Eynon '35 
David R. Farrow '54 
J. Richard Gilger '55 
Robert TGolder '36 
William J. Hell '86 
Terry L. Katz '81 
Barry A. Kline '90 
Paul Krystow'46 
Raymond Leahey '61 
Allan R LeChard '55 
William T Lewis '67 
Frank C. Lordi '92 
Thomas H. Lynch '90 
Sajin Mathew'OO 
Warden B. Muller'59 
Anthony J. Orsini '51 
Thomas J. Owens '65 
Harry L. Oyler '41 
Richards. Piper '51 
JohnT Podrasky '52 
Christopher M. Roberts '07 
Albert C.Sardella '07 
Harry A. Savisky '50 

William A. Schreyer '48 
James Sherwin '96 
Frank D.Svitek '73 
Donald D. Von Lunen '48 
Michael J. Willard '60 

Pennsylvania Theta 

Carnegie Mellon 

Timothy A. Abraldes '07 
Gregory B. Blank '99 
Vinay J. Chaudhary '07 
Roger Conant '32 
Keith A. Eich '02 
Wescott B. Israel '06 
Jonathan L. Lustgarten '04 
Lester J. Manzano '97 
Steven S. Nielsen '07 
Matthew L. Van Winkle '05 
Ryan M. Voss '04 
Christian Wagner '09 
Harry B. White '29 

Pennsylvania lota 


Harold L. Baty '69 
Donald R. Blair '65 
Leonard D. Boclair'57 
Aubrey N. Bougher '65 
Glenn A. Deibert '68 
David A. Detwiler'72 
Robert G.Dorf '93 
Brooks R. Edwards '52 
Jeffrey R. Essig '97 
David C. Fry '64 
Anthony J. Georges '89 
Robert T Gleichmann '87 
Barry S.Grahn '89 
Richard R.Grimm '60 
Adam F Hurlburt'07 
Matthew D. Karcher '93 
RoyH. Kehm '50 
Donald R. Klenk'51 
W. Russell Koerwer '68 
David 0. Krantz '83 
Donald L. Kuhnsman '48 
Peter T MacWilliams '59 
George W. Pike '52 
PaulG. Preuss'63 
Paul D. Rosa '86 
Leo F. Sheehan '07 
David W. Shoemaker '69 
Scott R Sutton '07 
Mark R Werrell '76 
Richard W. Whitaker '52 
Allen B.Zdroik '87 

Pennsylvania Kappa 


Paul N.Anderson '56 
David Brearley '66 
Douglas D. Chamberlin '69 
John M. Claycomb '51 
Paul A. Coppola '77 
Jonathan S. Crawford '91 
Otto H. Ferrari '67 
Richard E. Frazier '74 
James E. Galloway '49 
Robert J. Grimm '07 
John H. Hardenstine '59 
James R. Hind '41 
Jack L. Home '71 

Thomas A. Jennings '74 
Randolph L. Kolva '77 
Jay F. Kosa '07 
Joseph Levi '48 
John E. Matthews '59 
Brett J. Miller '07 
Howard K. Moll '40 
JackD. Moyer '56 
Robert H.Nagel '77 
Frederick H. Pond '51 
EricR. Potocek'07 
Kyle M. Rosendale '07 
Timothys. Shook '86 
Robert G.Smith '62 
R Barry Straus '65 
Raymond W. Tallau '51 

Pennsylvania Lambda 


Athelston G. Bartholomew 

Gavin R Baumgardner '93 
Christopher L. Borsani '04 
Carmen J. Cagno '64 
Anthony R.Carrabba '96 
Robert L.Coles '64 
J. Jerome Cowan '56 
Thomas C. Evans '39 
William I. Hamer'52 
Stephen M. Hatch '85 
JensF. Jorgensen '67 
Keith W.McGinnis '51 
Williams. McKnight '63 
RossS. McNeil '42 
Patrick M. Nevling '97 
Douglas D. Nosik'69 
Thomas R. Sarver'57 
William N.Vance '59 

Pennsylvania Mu 


William H. Fifield '50 
Walter E.Goodman '68 
Louis A. Guglielmo '92 
Benjamin L. Hannum '54 
William C. Hewson '50 
Joseph C. Hummel '66 
Nicholas J. Hurchick'07 
Larry P. Jakubowitz'95 
David E. Kuhl '51 
Walter Liszewski '54 
James E. McDowell '40 
Bernard J. Milano '61 
Henry A. Miller '63 
Robert J. Praisner '54 
Robert T Rambo '67 
Ernest E. Rettberg '35 
Robert D. Sayrs '47 
William H. Stafford '53 
John RStemple'37 
C. Herbert Wineholt '54 

Pennsylvania Nu 


William E. Babcock'47 
Donald E. Bischoff '58 
Jason M. Bohinsky '01 
Hugh R Dinco'64 
Gregory A. Gainer '87 
Charles A. Gefrorer'64 
Richard D. Huether'74 
Charles J. Inacker '58 
Reed A. Kepner '56 
RoyT. Lloyd '65 
James R. Locke '76 
David S. Long '78 
Chris H. Lugenbill '70 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 



You 2004 


Roberto. Miller '55 
Donald F. Munro 70 
Richard A. Pennington 70 
Samuel L. Poole '69 
Paul A. Runge'70 
Scott M.Russell 71 
PaulT. Steffens'70 
Richard H. Stough '59 
George A. Summerhill '59 
Richard D.Thiele'68 
John E.Zawacki '71 

Pennsylvania Xi 

Indiana of Pennsylvania 

Jonathan H. Benedict '00 
Edward S. Bush '02 
Robert E.Crites '97 
KrisM. Douglas '98 
David L. Einsel '58 
George F. Glarner '56 
Kevin D. Michael '95 
Dean M.OIack'94 
Darron J. Trobetsky '94 
Aaron J. Springer '04 

Pennsylvania Omicron 

Philadelphia U. 

Paul R. Buckwalter '66 
James C. Donnelly '91 
William A. Finn '67 
Walter P Ruemmler'66 
Philip A. Spanninger'65 
Craig W. Winter '98 

Pennsylvania Rho 

Vi I Ian ova 

Anson H. Asbury '92 
Paul D. Banick'83 
J. Brian Garden '82 
David A. DePetris '87 
William F. Dolan '90 
David L. Gottshall '81 
James J. Kelly '81 
David H. Lanty '91 
Timothy R Lederer '94 
Roberts. Morehouse '81 
Neal D. Muroff 87 
James J. Rowley '93 
Craig F. Sanders '90 

Pennsylvania Sigma 


Troy C. Watson '91 

Pennsylvania Tau 

West Chester 

Mitchell G. Crane '77 
John J. deGlavina '06 
Andrew R Hausman '90 
Douglas W. Lauver'93 
Michael D. Mezzasalma '07 
Anthony R. Natali '96 
Philip R.Tripp '91 

Pennsylvania Upsilon 

Clarion of Pennsylvania 

James M. Daugherty '91 
EricT. Pascucci '94 

Pennsylvania Plii 


Jeffrey A. Elwell '90 
Michael J. Franken '05 
James A. Lee '87 
Douglas B.Noble '00 

Matthew J. Rose '05 
William J. Wolf '03 

Pennsylvania Psi 

St. Josephs 

John V. Avicolli'99 
Richard A. Ceccoli '04 
MarcT. Chianese '05 
Michael K. Creamer '90 
Anthony A. Gawronski '91 
Shawn C. Huber'93 
Edward J. Mancinelli '90 
Michael A. McCormick'94 
Matthew Muldoon '07 
Stephen R.Smith '90 

Pennsylvania Omega 


Douglas A. LeVien '94 
Jeffrey M. Meyers '93 

Pennsylvania Beta Alplia 


Michael C. DeNicola'06 
Clifford W.Garr '07 
Ludovic Y. Guillou ' 
Steven J. Sweeney '03 
Brad J. Wampler'07 

Rhode Island Beta 

Rhode Island 

Davids. Bennett '93 
Thomas L. Byers '86 
Patrick B. Drumm '06 
Gregory J. DuMont '93 
Alan R. Eliasof '78 
Fred J. Erichsen '91 
Frank P. Gallo '63 
Hal A. Greenspan '94 
Christopher R. Jarvis '92 
Matthew P. Martin '07 
Paul R. Picard '71 
MarkL. Saible'76 
Stephen J. Shea '87 
Charles G.Smith '65 

South Carolina Alpha 

South Carolina 

Andrew R Dawid '70 
Fredericks Day '61 
Edward R. Dieterle '60 
Terry R. Dimmery '75 
Robert H. Dowdeswell '66 
Stephen J. Duggan '07 
Robert R.Eakins '70 
Christopher W. Fassino '00 
J.Warren Hilton '64 
Sean C. Hinson '06 
Johns. Hubich '75 
George D. Jebaily '78 
McRae B.Johnston '75 
JackC. McDowell '58 
George E. Meetze '30 
Brian R. Mulvihill '06 
Charles J. Nelson '79 
Russell J. Pantsari '70 
E. Eugene Sires '72 
Robert E.Smith 71 
Harold F. Sturm '60 
John L. Sunday '71 
Joseph R.Turnage '80 
Charles D.Turpie '73 
Eugene M. Varn '81 
Robert L.Whitmire '58 
Bruce T.Willey '57 

Michael A. Windus '58 
Thomas R. Woods '57 

South Carolina Beta 


J. Calvin Aycock'85 
James L. Flowers '07 
Bradley W.Gantt '85 
Rodney D.Hunt '83 
Thomas M.Jones '76 
Edward M. Joseph '04 
J. Ethan Manley '97 
Steven R. Meller '92 
Henry B. Munn '72 
E. Manly Norris '07 
Sherman R. Rominger '06 
David V. Saitta '72 
Brian C. Short '08 
Matthew J. Watkins '77 
John R. Weaver '99 

South Carolina Gamma 

Francis Marion 

Anthony J. Marcaccio '85 

South Carolina Delta 


Stephen Mclntyre '84 

South Carolina Zeta 


Brent E.Bentrim '94 
George E. Haborak' 
Jerry K. Hair '06 

South Dakota Alpha 

South Dakota State 

Nathan D. Bylander'09 
Jeffrey C. Nolz '03 
Brad D. Wieskus'98 

Tennessee Alpha 


Maxie T.Allen '91 
James J. Bacchus '66 
Alex A. Barnett'08 
Richard C. Basler '69 
James M. Bell '92 
James R. Blair '61 
Henry L. Bledsoe '53 
David E. Bryant '85 
Taylor W.Butler '08 
Robert Cambruzzi '07 
William R. Carroll '68 
Clayton A. Chapman '97 
Joe Clayton '57 
James L. Clayton '57 
Robert M. Craft '84 
Dan L. Culver '81 
Matthew D. Daniels '00 
James A. Dillon '50 
Justin L. Dodson '06 
James D. Edwards '59 
Allen R.EIkins '57 
Carlisle W.Evans '38 
Harry 0. Ford '65 
Larry C. Foster '64 
James E. Fox '59 
Douglas C.Gantt '72 
John D. Glass '08 
Steven Hahn '07 
JackC. Harmon '63 
William B. Hope '60 
James H. Hornsby '49 
Nicholas Howser '08 
DonC. Irwin '83 
Thomas S.Jackson '61 

Howard J. Kaplan '71 
James 0. King '50 
Joseph D. Luna '67 
Donald H. MacLeod '49 
C. Lockwood Marine '58 
William H.Martin '91 
William L. Matthews '68 
Charles J. Morris '88 
James A. Owen '81 
Myron K. Peck '57 
EarlC. Pippin '46 
Howard! Prince '51 
G. Burl Rainwater '58 
Ronald M. Roberts '63 
James F. Russell '52 
Robert W.Shafer '47 
W. Ethan Smart '08 
Chad A. Smith '96 
Mark A. Sparkman '92 
Andrew H.Stallings '66 
Herbert D.Sullivan '50 
George E.Taylor '43 
William R.Tice'84 
William A. Tyler '64 
Jeffrey C. White '88 
James L. Wilbanks '41 
Kelly L.Williams '92 
Ray E.Williams '59 
Alan D.Wilson '79 

Tennessee Beta 

U. of Memphis 

W. Frederick Dodson '56 
Ralph Hayes '59 
Frank C. Holloman '93 
David A. Jackson '02 
Michael P. King '66 
Jason M. Kummerow'08 
Patrick W. Lawler'77 
Ryan E. Pickett '08 
David K. Rea'66 
James T. Reeves '71 
Walter H.Robbins '56 
Michael C.Williams '69 
Travis M.Woodbury '06 

Tennessee Gamma 

East Tennessee State 

B. Stevenson Carico '91 
Joe C. Collins '55 
Sean R Connor '99 
Herbert C. Donaldson '74 
Andrew J. Hall '94 
Lyndon E. Holloman '59 
D.C. Pratt '56 
CurtE. Robinson '86 
Frank E. Rutherford '57 
Joshua A. Sands '09 
William G. Sikes '57 
Derrick A. Tarn '96 
Clifton F.Willis '64 

Tennessee Delta 

Tennessee Wesleyan 

F.Joseph Burger '63 
Donald W. Close '72 
Gordon C. Elkins '66 
Randall L.Miller '61 
Billy J. Wilson '54 

Tennessee Epsilon 

Tennessee Tech 

William F. Copeland '69 
Roland DeCicco '08 
Andrew J. Diller'08 
Ottis T. Estes '74 
James E.Johnson '71 
Cameron M. Kelly '04 
Matthew A. Miser '06 
Dennis E. Roberts '75 
Steven M. Rosch '08 

Tennessee Zeta 


Clay M.Crockett '04 
Steven D. Daniels '78 
Anthony W. Davis '02 
David C. DeCrow'98 
Jeremy B. Epperson '99 
Michael E. Godwin '72 
EldonE. Holliday'07 
Michael D. Nunnery '76 
Clyde L. Sales '08 
Jerry G. Sullivan '79 

Tennessee Eta 

Austin Peay State 

Christopher G.Clark '97 
Steven W. Hagewood '74 
Robert D. Holeman '78 
David E.Johnson '98 
Daniel R.Watson '03 

Tennessee Theta 

Middle Tennessee State 

Daniel N.Clark '87 
David 0. Pritchett'90 
Roy J. Roberts '95 
Stephen C.Valente '96 

Tennessee lota 

Lincoln Memorial 

Timothy J. McCoy '83 
C. Roger Stapleton '82 

Tennessee Kappa 


B. Beau Barlowe '05 
Alan M. Bush '08 
Christopher! Collie '96 
J. Trey Halterman '96 

Texas Alpha 


Albert M.Albright '57 
Douglas K.Anderson '62 
Charles W.Bailey '62 
John D. Baker '51 
Gregory RBarra '02 
Bryan C. Birkeland '73 
Melvin C. Brackendorff '75 
Lynn H. Butler '89 
Kerry P. Carney '80 
Roger C. Chapman '49 
Gary F. Cox '71 
John L. Craig '43 
John R. Cutler '32 
David B. Deniger'67 
David A. Donohoe '85 
Sid Duderstadt'70 
Douglas A. Duke '83 
William !Gough 70 
Robert J. Heintzelman '88 
Thomas 0. Hicks '68 
R.Steven Hicks '72 
Raymond D. Holstead '52 

C. Kimble Janicke '73 
J. Gordon Johnson '49 
Maurice G. Kennedy '65 

Connie M. Lane '99 
Joseph J. Lovoi '56 
Donald R Mafrige '59 
James Marsico '08 
William H.McCausland '83 
Andrew M. McDonald '08 
Elbert E.Miller '49 
Harry A. Miller '41 
Alexander F. Muse '94 
Jeffrey D. Otto '77 
D. Reid Patterson '67 
Derron Podd '08 
Richards. Rankin '77 

B. Mack Rankin '50 
Douglass A. Reed '82 
James M. Rienstra '72 
JackW. Savage '74 
William A. Shirley '65 
Collin L. Slye'91 

Neil Solomon '08 
George A. Toledo '76 
John K.Tyler '63 
Robert M. Underwood '81 
Christopher P Van Slyke '90 
JonA. Vogler'66 
John C.Wagner '04 
G.David Whitley '05 
Cadmus E. Williams '58 
Louis B.Williams '70 
W.Gardner Winters '42 
Francis G. Winters '48 
Frank RWipff '41 
Phil D.Woodruff '51 

Texas Beta 

North Texas 

J. Michael Ancy '78 
William ! Anderson '70 
William R. Blakemore '66 
Jeffrey A. Blanton '84 
G.Thomas Boswell '68 
Brian L. Chandler '88 
Allah B. Conant'61 
Michael G. Creel '90 
Malcolm Dade '57 

C. Dean Davis '52 
James H. Fuller '53 
John R. Gehm '65 
BillyA. Gilliland'60 
Don K. Gobin '57 
Charles R. Harris '51 
Bill D. Harvey '58 
Eric W. Hell '86 
Gary L. Jefferies '68 
David M. Kennedy '80 
Stephen A. Kuntz'77 
Edward L. Littleton '90 
Jay F. Lombardo '85 
Bryan B. Marsh '81 
Eric S.Miller '91 

G. Michael Moon '77 
Samuels. Moon '89 
Duffy S. Oyster '69 
James B. Palmer '54 
Kelly K.Pigg '60 
Aubrey H. Polser'65 
W. Clifford Price '88 
William J. Quinn '87 
J. Douglas Ragsdale '73 
JackE. Rumbley '51 
Gerald M.Schafer '54 

Foundation Annual Report 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 33 



Durrell P.Smith '91 
Steven A. Smith '98 
Scott R. Steenson '69 
William R.Stewart '81 
Monte J. White '88 

Texas Gamma 

Texas Christian 

David C. Allen '73 
Tyler C.AIlie '07 
S. Davis Armour '06 
Kenneth R. Baird '99 
T. Cody Bell '08 
Brian R.Bennett '68 
J. Clay Bloomquist '08 
Joel C. Brakken '07 
Jeffrey K. Brill '01 
Jordan IVI. Brown '05 
Christopher E. Carter '71 
Royce D. Carvalho '02 
Jack B. Crouch '62 
James R. Dearman '06 
Hossien Esmaeili '00 
Richard C. Fitzer'01 
IVIatthewE. Freedman '05 
Harold RGilley '72 
Reese W.Gordon '08 
Michael W.Gray '04 
Shawn K. Hakansson '58 
David R. Hardin '73 
Shaun E. Hayes '05 
Chris S. Haynes'99 
Peter R. Healey'06 
Branson H. Heinz '06 
Jon D. Hellberg '72 
Michael G.Holley '98 
MarkD. Irish '98 
Ross T.Jackson '08 
Donald W. Jackson '61 
D. Alexander Kuykendall '08 
John D. Lea '01 
Luke A. Leidenfrost '07 
Lucas C. Martin '08 
James H. McCool '73 
Steven M. McDonald '07 
Michael E. Mclntyre '68 
David E. Merrill '00 
Mitchell L. Moss '08 
Russell L. Newman '74 
Eric C. Norrington '07 
Eric C. Norrington '72 
Matthew L. Owens '07 
Patrick L. Pannett '00 
William M. Patten '73 
Russell A. Pease '67 
William N. Radcliffe '02 
Victor L. Reames '68 
PaulH. Rodgers'70 
Brendan K. Rose '02 
Jeremy A. Ross '08 
Robert W. Saunders '74 
Patrick J. Sheehan '69 
Andrew C. Smithson '00 
Stephan C. Smyth '74 
Thomas A. Tallman '73 
Jace A. Thompson '08 
Winyu Vongstapanalert '98 
D. Michael Wallach '76 
Charles G.Warczak '70 
James K.Wilson '74 
Claude A. Wilson '65 
John D.Wood '08 
John D. Wrench '60 

Texas Delta 

U. of Houston 

Jason Baehr '06 
Jason P. Bishop '93 
Joseph J. Durso '60 
Steven B. Fry '92 
Henry W.Graham '76 
Donald E. Heard '89 
Lonnie R. Vincent '73 

Texas Epsilon 


Thomas G. Allardyce '70 
Stephen A. Bowker'62 
Lance A. Broussard '97 
James T Brumfield '65 
Donald R. Burnett '92 
Carlo J. Busceme '74 
Kenneth L.Clark '65 
Gary R. Clayton '77 
James G. Crump '62 
R. George Harvey '59 
Jimmy D. Hodge '76 
William L.Kurtz '64 
Daniel J. Legnion '08 
Thomas C. Mays '76 
J. Robert McLendon '64 
Zim N. Morris '78 
Robert E. Reaves '64 
Lamar A. Roach '60 
Thomas F Romano '81 
Walter I.Tacquard '72 

Texas Zeta 

East Texas State 

Gordon R. Cox '61 
George R.Follis '81 
Howard L. Nycum '69 
Paul R.Shaw '70 

Texas Eta 

Sam Houston State 

Charles E.Amato '70 
James D. Ashmore '59 
Thomas A. Britt '74 
Samuel R. Kennedy '83 
James G. Morrison '85 
Joseph A. Scanlin '67 
Wayne E. Schroeder '62 
Robert R Walton '71 

Texas Theta 

St. Marys 

Jaime R. Gomez '86 
Richard C. Jaworski '78 
Kyle B.Lopez '00 

Texas lota 

Texas Tecfi 

BlakeA. Bouldin '08 
Jimmy D. Browning '82 
Bill RCasselberry'78 
Roger B. Cowie '87 
Jackson F. Douglas '74 
Brooks W.Erwin '06 
Joseph K. Fielding '07 
R. Craig Foster '79 
William W. Leavell '76 
Joseph J. Lovoi '04 
Elliot J. Michel '07 
Robert C. O'Neal '92 
Adam A. Pompili '05 
James B. Preston '07 
Zachary B. Reed '06 
RossA. Washam '72 
Jack V. Waters '83 

Texas Kappa 


Charles R. Caldwell '77 
Harald D. Cussnick'92 
Matthew T. Domenici '94 
Randy S. Floyd '93 
M.Guy Gamble '90 
Stephen L. Hanebutt '90 
Eric P. Lara '08 
Louis A. Lyons '91 
Oscar 0. Nelson '85 
Robert W.Schmidt '84 
Robert L.Thompson '91 
Patrick B.Welborne '91 
David R. Wolverton '85 
Franklin D. Worsham '08 

Texas Lambda 


Dean A. Dresser '87 

Texas Mu 


Kyle R.Allen '85 
Jason T. Boyd '07 
Sean H. Dugan '04 
MarkC. Durbon '67 
AlexM. Forshey '07 
Christopher J. Hawtrey '94 
C. Lance McDade '82 
Edward B. Meinen '08 
Jeremiah M. Nance '70 
Dominic J. Padilla'07 
James L. Sligar'74 
R.Shane Smith '05 
David M.Smith '76 
Richard W. Turrentine '78 
Nicholas E.Vitiello '07 

Texas Nu 

Texas Wesieyan 

Thomas W.Hatfield '75 
Maxwell A. Palmer '76 

Texas Omicron 

Angeio State 

Cody D. Callaway '07 
C.Colby Horn '07 
Anthony C.Johnson '90 
Micky L. McCulloch '84 
Daniel H. Scannicchio '92 
Steven R Tennis '06 

Texas PI 

Steptien F. Austin State 

Roger D. Felts '92 
R. Blake Hailey '94 
Kirk A. Hensarling '79 
Brian K.Nichols '92 

Texas Rho 


Coburn A. Buxton '84 
Michael D. Conte '78 
David F. Curtis '93 
David C. Dooley '89 
David B. McMahan '77 
Paul D.Miller '89 
James N. Neff '05 
Gregory C. Nelson '95 
Dusty M. Sanderson '78 

Texas Sigma 

Texas-San Antonio 

Patrick J. Clynes '89 
William K. Kaiser '87 
Robert Kelso '87 
KristopherA. Mund '03 
Ryan H. Northcutt'96 

Texas Tau 

Texas State-San Marcos 

Gregory B. Bowling '98 
Ian R Cloud '88 
James A. Rorison '84 
Jason B. Verette '00 

Texas Upsllon 

Soutfiern Metfiodist 

Craig R. Butler '93 
Jason F. Carter '07 
Sean R Dougherty '87 
Kevin Duncan '07 
Christopher Gerard '03 
Casey R. Goff '07 
Brad Guske '94 
D.Justin Massimo '04 
Beau D. McNeff '02 
Daniel Monk '06 
Brandon L. Morgan '94 
Nathan R. Regan '07 
Michael J. Shef '93 

Texas Phi 

Texas-Ei Paso 

Rodolfo Garcia '98 

Texas Chi 

Texas A & M-Corpus 

Michael D. Cantu '07 
Paul Rodriguez '06 

Utah Alpha 

Utafi State 

C. Bennett Ainsworth '49 
Lyell R. Bingham '50 
Gary R. Black '63 
Matthew D. Bunnell '06 
Carl L. Dieda'59 
Richard J. Drake '52 
Kevin G. Fink '80 
William J. Gibson '48 
Jerrold H. Jensen '64 
Wayne L. Roelof '51 
Donald H. Sheets '80 

Utah Beta 


AlvinC. Baer'61 
Craig A. Bean '70 
Howard V Bivins '62 
Brent W. Bogden '73 
Barry E. Brockman '68 
David L. Burkholder '69 
Barry L. Burkinshaw '74 
Robert R.Cole '73 
James Z. Davis '04 
Donald K. Dunn '93 
Stephen S. Erdmann '72 
David C.Garcia '04 
J. William Gordon '67 
James E. Hire '78 
Lawrence H. Larsen '61 
John R. Schaefer '76 
ShermM. Steed '60 
Stephen R. Sussdorff '79 
Michael B.Zuhl '73 

Vermont Alpha 


James W. Dearlove '60 
Walter A. Sonnenberg '49 
Paul W. Tourigny '53 

Vermont Beta 


G.L.Cabot Henderson '73 
David M.Spink '63 

Vermont Gamma 


Gilbert J. Gallup '51 
David R Hebert '65 
Michael B. Languasco '99 
Samuel R Madden '07 
Jason D. Meyersburg '04 
Robert A. Mitchell '60 
Robert A. Monniere '80 

Virginia Alpha 

U. of Riclimond 

Roland B. Anderton '48 
Dane M. Avondoglio '07 
Waverly W. Barbe '35 
Robert B. Bickerstaff '95 
Charlie D. Bradshaw '72 
Richard E. Brewer '61 
Kenneth B. Bryan '52 
Justin R. Burk'06 
Lucas L. Burns '06 
WillardW. Burton '43 
John R. Chisholm '53 
Matthew B. Coppock'07 
Walters. Felton '66 
Robert D.Gano '43 
Robert L. Garian '55 
Leslie H.Giles '58 
David H.Gimbert'78 
Winston M. Gouldin '88 
Oakley J. Graham '44 
Don B. Henderson '68 
Matthew D. Hess '07 
Thomas E.Hill '64 
RossA. Hotchkiss'63 
William H. Jones '41 
Van B. Knick'88 
Edward L. Kurtz '50 
Edwin L. Lamberth '64 
Christopher A. Lawler '89 
David R London '56 
John R. Maney '65 
OmarV. Mardan '45 
C. Ralph Martin '52 
Frank H. Mater '54 
Eugene W. McCaul '38 
Charles G. McDaniel '60 
Ethan L. McWilliams '07 
Richard D. Moore '54 
Richard C. Moschler'60 
Ryan M. Murphy '04 
Kingsley H. Nelson '91 
N.Andre Nielsen '53 
Brian D. Onufrychuk'04 
W.Thomas Pearson '72 
G. Stanley Pope '73 
Matthew D. Riley '07 
Keith M. Roberts '90 
Willard M. Robinson '57 
Dennis M. Rozum '64 
John D.Sanford '39 
Damon K. Slepian '90 
JackW. Thomasson '64 
Louis J.Tocci '91 
Benjamin G.Triplett '49 
H.Scott Wagner '59 

Donald B. Williams '53 
Brent D. Wine '79 
John M. Woleben '69 
Archer L. Yeatts '64 
Edward A. Zacharias '52 

Virginia Beta 

Virginia Commonweaitli 

John E. Budzinski '76 
Marshall R Haine '85 
William F Via '74 
Anthony J. Winstead '90 

Virginia Delta 

Wiiiiam & Mary 

James F Almand '71 
Richard R. Babcock'67 
Henry K. Benson '62 
David M. Braun '87 
Thornton G. Burnette '85 
David Y. Cooke '68 
Thomas M. Ford '66 
Peter G.Olson '65 
Samuel C. Smart '67 

Virginia Epsilon 

Wasfiington and Lee 

Roberts. Diehl '61 
Frank G. English '83 
Joseph W. Fairlie '35 
Jonathan C. Knaus '85 
Theodore K. Oates '67 
Neil C. Pascoe '33 
Franklin R. Rich '71 

Virginia Zeta 


Tylers. Bolden '07 
Thomas A. Gillette '39 
John Stanton '88 
Gregorys. Stuart '07 

Virginia Eta 


Jeffrey S. Bass '00 
Duane H. Bickers '65 
John W.Blount '78 
Warren F. Chauncey '56 
Benjamin L. Chidester '07 
Randolph W. Church '57 
Vergil J. Coberly '51 
Christopher J. Dahan '07 
Andrew M. Egeland '65 
Robert M. Freeman '63 
J. Mark Hastings '86 
James N. Houff '61 
Craig L. Landauer '73 
Jay F Luchs '95 
Christopher E. McCall '07 
EricG. Norrington '35 
MarkF Osborne '74 
Robert V Robertson '54 
Edward M. Sanders '57 
Brett T.Shomaker '01 
John C. Straton '54 


The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 



You 2004 



Frederick J. Tower '55 
Brian C.Warren '04 

Virginia lota 

James Madison 

Sam H. Busey'89 
Corey P. Doyle '04 
Stephen IVI. Gawrelsl<i '07 
Cory B. Janl<owitz '07 
William W.Polen '77 
A. Robert Weatherwax '84 

Virginia Kappa 

Virginia Tecti 

Daniels. Bacher '00 
RhettA. Barker'90 
Robert M. Bennett '86 
Jeffreys. Blackburn '04 
Joseph P. Catalano '84 
JohnT. Cochran '72 
Craig W. Drescher'86 
John F. FitzHugh '87 
JefferyD. Hurst '92 
Todd M. Lewers'78 
David R. Malcolm '76 
James L. IVIcBride '73 
Kenneth H. Moore '85 
James A. Morrison '05 
Sean O'Leary '84 
PaulB. Pfleger'05 
Walker A. Pollard '72 
Steven D. Raisch '74 
Charles F. Tacey '77 
Wayne K. Waldrop '82 

Virginia Lambda 


Joseph W. Bartholomew '96 
MarkL. Mabey '86 

Virginia iVIu 

George Mason 

Patrick 0. Cavanaugh '80 
Joseph A. Garcia '03 
James F. Hricay '93 
Glenn J. Laskin '93 
R Sean Leahey '96 
Michael C. Lombard! '07 
Andres E. Lorca '92 
David C.McGlothlin '88 
Nelson H. Pearsall '91 
Brian B. Plombon '84 
Michael R Rappaport '81 
Christopher B. Summers '92 

Virginia Nu 


Richard D. Schwein '83 

Virginia Xi 

Oid Dominion 

Charles R. Boney '93 
Charles E. Johnson '00 
Justin R LaPointe '07 
Eric A. Northedge '94 

Virginia Omicron 


Roberto. Coates '06 
Jamar M. Hawkins '04 
EvanC. Ibbitson '07 
Joel R. Lang '94 
David J. Newman '03 
Benjamin L. Smith '07 

Virginia Pi 

Ctiristoptier Newport 

Richard L. Brammer '06 
Jeremy C. Greenberg '05 
A. A. Hildebrandt'07 
J. Spencer Newman '06 
Matthew D. Varga '05 

Wasliington Aiplia 

Wasfiington State 

Martin D. Benson '86 
Charles W. Bird '62 
Kenneth G. Christiansen '74 
R. Perry Huffman '43 
John E.Jacobs '81 
Max S.Jensen '63 
Marc R. Linafelter '72 
Robert W.Noel '62 
JohnF. Oldfield'63 
John A. Sciuchetti '87 
John E.Thamm '83 
George B.Thomas '34 
Thorne L.Tibbitts '59 

Wasliington Beta 


Mart Bert '37 
Roger P. Chrisman '72 
Christopher D. Droz'97 
DelmarM. Fadden '63 
R Steven Faust '65 
Walter A. Hall '36 
John E. Hardman '67 
Ronald L. Hicklin '60 
Jacks. Hupp '54 
Ronald A. Johnson '61 
Eriing M. Larsen '62 
Jeffrey E. Leon '81 
David G. McCallum '61 
William J. McCoy '53 
Randal D. Munske '84 
James F. Nugent '64 
Robert D.Ormsby '69 
Mark A. Perkins '78 
Michael M. Sherstad '87 
Raymond H. Skelton '62 
Alan R. Slavich '62 
Steven A. Sloboda'96 
David Turner ' 
Claude E. Wetzel '73 
Robert L. Woodworth '59 

Wasliington Gamma 

Eastern Wasfiington 

Jeremy J. Heimbigner '97 
William A. Luna '02 
Andrew J. Northrop '08 
Michael R. Parker '05 
James K. Parker '06 
W. Joel Peterson '04 

West Virginia Beta 

West Virginia 

RobertJ. Alfano'06 
Francis J. Ash '49 
Walt J. Bailey '51 
Robert C. Basinger'76 
Michael A. Beddow'90 
J. Michael Burke '75 
Dennis M. Cavender '90 
William H. Courtney '77 
Frank E. Dunlap '52 
Robert W. Friend '84 
Andrew G. Fusco '69 
Avery F. Gaskins '52 
Daniel K. Giacomelli '93 
Thomas S. Gresak'84 
George J. Koperna '91 
MarkW. Koshar'98 
William F. Lane '90 

William F. Lichte '53 
James E. Locke '50 
Ronald A. Mallare '74 
William B. Martin '72 
William D. Mason '50 
Ronald G. Montgomery '77 
Thomas Paknik'59 
William S. Peard '78 
Jeffrey A. Ray '89 
William R. Seymour '53 
Jerry R. Simpson '81 
James T. Staddon '03 
Chris G. Summers '96 
Paul C. Winter '71 
Jon L.Woodford '62 

West Virginia Gamma 


John S.Anderson '63 
W. Garner Callaway '56 
Philip E.CIine '55 
EzraH. Cochran '51 
James L. Crum '58 
Timothy J. Deem '78 
Thomas M. Hensley '70 
Johnsey L. Leef '65 
RobertJ. Luby '65 
Kirby B.Martin '66 
Trevor Matthews '04 
Rickey S. Medley '71 
Mark A. Music '92 
Edwin R. Patton '72 
William D. Pfeil '67 
Donald E. Rockhold '68 
Sheldon F. Roush '66 
JackL. Selby'63 
R.Gary Short '65 
RoyW. Smith '61 
Clark D.Todd '63 
Cecil H. Underwood '63 

West Virginia Delta 

Davis and Eiiiins 

Charles C. Christian '51 
H. Flint Engleman '90 
Tharon L. Jack '61 
Joseph W. Moran '68 
Howard E. Pyles '53 
Eugene C. Schurg '77 
Bradley H.Worthington '08 

West Virginia Epsilon 

1/1/1/ institute of Tecfinofogy 

Edward L. Carlson '65 
Diego F. Gutierrez '83 
William FHaight '69 
Cary J. Hancock '83 
J. Edwin Holliday'68 
James E. Massing '75 
Richard J. Moran '69 
Patrick C. Myers '70 
Cameron D. Simmons '94 
Kenneth J. Slifko '81 
Edward J. Walsh '69 

West Virginia Zeta 

U. of Cfiarteston 

Thomas F. Doherty '84 
Jeffrey S. Robertson '76 
Martin L. Valeric '73 

Wisconsin Alpha 


Robert F. DeLong '38 
Richard L. Johnson '56 
Alan E. Marquardt '59 
Herberts. Ormsbee '70 
Ford M. Robbins'64 
John B. Simons '57 

Wisconsin Beta 


Brian B. Barlow '81 
GaryL. Bezella '59 
ReidT. Boudreau '06 
John R. Brickley'04 
James E. Byrns '48 
Keith A. Campbell '60 
Michaels. Cassidy '08 
Richard M.Collins '79 
Harry H. Coolidge '41 
David M. DeMeuse '06 
Wallace C. Doud '48 
Ronalds. Dvorachek'62 
Ryan M. Dwyer '07 
Robert H.Eichhorst '33 
Jere D. Fluno '63 
Ted R. Habermann '80 
Marlen J. Hoesly '59 
Robert F. Isselhardt '06 
Benjamin A. Johnson '04 
Earl H.Johnson '47 
Daniel T.Johnston '07 

Top 20 

Forrest L. Kubly'40 
Laurence A. Maistelman '93 
Christopher! Martin '07 
Kyle Morrison '06 
Ronald C. Moser '51 
Thomas N. Neuberger'66 
Jay B. Newell '40 
J. Burton Pierce '50 
Nicholas R.Schneider '08 
Troy E. Vosseller '07 
Wayne F. Wernecke '51 
Joseph R Zvesper '04 

Wisconsin Gamma 


William G. Cross '49 
Paul M. Gross '50 
Richard A. Hertensteiner '58 
JohnW. Hinchcliffe'49 
Keith E. Letsche '70 
Gordon D. Sommer '60 

Wisconsin Delta 

Wisconsin — Stevens Point 

RobertJ. Check '61 
William R. Eickelmann '64 
Jerome 0. Guyant'65 
Barry A. Norem '68 
Gene R. Splinter '67 

Wisconsin Epsilon 


Williams. Flaherty '71 
Daniel L. Mueller '70 
RobertJ. Neuman '69 

Wisconsin Zeta 


Dominic R DeMain '71 
Lawrence J. Giantomas '72 
Steven C. Karson '81 

Wisconsin Eta 


Charles L.Willihnganz '73 

Wisconsin Tlieta 


Erik J. Hettinga'07 
Kevin C. Moore '08 

Wyoming Alpha 


George Q. Bower '52 
Matthew N.Cavalli '98 
ChadA. Helgeson'99 
Gordon B. Hughes '50 
Dale L.Jones '58 
Greer M. Monterastelli '98 
Scott M.Neu '98 
Jason L. Poppenhagen '00 
Ryan D. Rohla'07 
BurneyA. Wickstrom '52 


1. Indiana Alpha 

2. Florida Alpha 

3. Kansas Beta 

4. Kansas Delta 

5. Pennsylvania Delta 

6. California Beta 

7. North Carolina Beta 
Texas Gamma 

9. Tennessee Alpha 

10. Virginia Alpha 

11. Delaware Alpha 
Oregon Alpha 

13. Texas Alpha 

14. Michigan Beta 

15. Illinois Alpha 

16. Kansas Gamma 

17. Nebraska Alpha 
Ohio Gamma 

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20. OhioTheta 




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U. of Cincinnati 



Foundation Annual Report 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 35 




Thft Irani Cfiaiiler GsfJ Tbunumenl Smind Budr 5K Ryn 

VandHrbiLt L>QQD[idB BdIE CoursH pracfliBdiB hanellting YauthAIOS 

'Rib BakncBil Man btalinliiiTi 

tn hJsEoiic 

Ryman Auditorium^ 

the DriglrmJ homa dJ the Giraiid Die Opry 


SMima Rii Epnlon Eduiatiaaal 
FbundallDii Lunchean 

iflund Mind Sound Siidy 

BanBral SBSsinn 


PiBrsQfial Trainer 

Tkm BnlherhEidd LuncliBmi 


Erik WeihenmayBr^ 

iha first blind climber te 

ascend Mt. Everest 

Tha mumni Aiiraf di Dinnar, 
lliB cidmiiiatiEn nf tha Grand Chapto- - 
iuitiiB9B the awiinliiig d\ Ihe Gitaticm and 

the Drdar bE tha GBlden Heart 





SigEp I Recruitment 

Who? What? How? Recruitment is about people 

By Gregory P. Barra 

Texas '02 

JOHN A. Schuyler 

Western Michigan '00 

E. Scott Thompson, II 

Southern Mississippi '99 

The Balanced Man Ideal is at the heart of 
all SigEp s living faithfully by our Cardinal 
Principles of Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly 
Love. It is applicable to ALL SigEp chapters, 
regardless if you are one of 77 pledging 
chapters or 183 Balanced Man Program 
chapters. Furthermore is our competitive 
advantage in Recruitment. . . 

Picture this: You are the 

legendary head coach of a 
college basketball team that 
just ended a dream season by 
winning its second national 
championship. How do you spend the 
next day? Giving a press conference or 
being interviewed by Sports Illustrated^. 
No. You fly to the home of your lead 
potential recruit and convince him to play 
for you the following season. This is just 
what Dean Smith did in 1993 and the 
player he recruited was Rasheed Wallace. 

You are the head coach of a college 
football team that capped its undefeated 
season by winning the national 
championship. How do you spend the 
early morning hours of signing day? 
Sleeping like most coaches? No. You are 
awake and manning the fax machine at 
5:02 a.m. when the letter of intent from 
the number three wide receiver in the 
country comes through. This is just what 
Pete Carroll did two weeks afiier the 2005 
Orange Bowl, and the player he recruited 
was Patrick Turner from Nashville. 

38 The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Recruitment is about people — whom are 
you bringing into the Fraternity, on what 
you are recruiting them, and how? Take the 
analog)^ of recruitment and athletics, your goal 
is to have a "deep bench," or a pool of talent 
from which your chapter can fulfill its mission. 
Even after the end of the season, or in this case 
the school year, recruitment should be the 
priority. Look at Dean Smith and Pete Carroll. 
For them recruitment never ceases. It is a way 
to "keep score" between the end of the last 
season and the start of the next. 

"We have the best social calendar on 
campus." "Our house is really diverse." "We 
have brothers involved in other organizations." 
"Our brotherhood is really tight;" "This house 
has really good guys; we're a laid back group." 
Every fraternity uses these statements as rea- 
sons why a prospective member should join, 
and today even student organizations like the 
ski club extol the same benefits, making them 
an overlooked competitor. Sigma Phi Epsilon 
should not only articulate its difference 
through the Balanced Man Ideal; we should 
be proactive in getting to a potential member 
before he decides the ski club will provide him 
a sense of belonging and ftin programming. 

Whom are you bringing into the 
Fraternity? Is it any cool guy or is there 
something more that you are looking for? 

Chapters with set recruitment standards 
focus their eflbrts on the men who meet 
those standards. They do not spend time 
chasing after someone who does not meet the 
criteria. Those recruitment standards must 
include a GPA requirement to join. Every 
chapter in the Phi Beta Kappa Wheelhouse 
states that it isn't study hall or quiet hours 
that put them in the Wheelhouse, it is 
recruiting smart men. Look at page 1 1 and 
read the story on Oregon State — a chapter 
that is perennially over 100 men and only 
recruits men with a 3.3 GPA or higher. 

What are you ofiFering them? Sigma Phi 
Epsilon has a distinct advantage over other 
fraternities when it comes to recruitment, and 
that is the Balanced Man Ideal. The Ancient 
Greeks believed that the Mind and Body must 
be developed in tandem if you were to expe- 
rience a fiiU life. Let one suffer and you will 
not enjoy all that the world has to off^r. And 
why would you not want to live a satisfying 
life? To not make the most of the time you 
have is to waste opportunity. In diligent pur- 
suit of developing both the Mind and Body, 
the ancient Greeks were ftiU of life. Thousands 
of years later, Sigma Phi Epsilon adopted this 
belief and added to it. If you as an individual 
are living your best life, you will no doubt 
share that joy and fiilfiUment with those 

around you. A SigEp chapter 

If the size of our 
chapter really 
reflected the quality 
of our SigEp 
experience, then 
how many men 
would we boast in 
college now? 

that has Sound Mind and Sound Body 
programming provides a different culture 
than the stereotypical "frat" on campus. 
When this difference is communicated and 
experienced, the right men will join. 

When articulating the Balanced Man Ideal 
you are talking about philosophy which may 
be difficult to explain. The message must be 
simple and easy to communicate. 

Focus on a few key points: 

• Building a Sound Mind and Sound 
Body is the foundation that helps you 
experience a full life; 

• The Balanced Man Ideal is a philosophy 
borrowed from the ancient Greeks; 

• Here is how our chapter promotes a 
building a Sound Mind and Sound 

• No one other organization on campus 
is doing what we are doing. 

No other organization provides the kind 
of experience SigEp does when it develops 
its men like the ancient Greeks. More and 
more students are coming to college not 
wanting to booze and party. They are coming 
for something different. Something that will 
make them better people. Students on cam- 
pus are committed to the same things we 
are — living a balanced life. 

How are you recruiting them? 

Are the numbers of men signing up for 
fraternity rush increasing on your campus 
or decreasing? On most campuses, it is 
decreasing. Students today are looking for 

Today even student organizations like the ski club 
extol the same benefits [as a fraternity], making them 
overlooked competitors. 

excellence, and they might not find it on 
fraternity row. In many cases, the ones who 
are signing up for fraternity rush are settling. 
They settle for living in a dilapidated "frat 
house." They settle for having a party every 
weekend. They settle for being middle of 
the pack in size, academics, and intramural 
competition. They settle for being mediocre. 
SigEp is not about settling — it is about the 
habit of excellence, the active, passionate 
pursuit of being the best. 

To recruit men who have that habit of 
excellence into SigEp you have to build 
your prospective member list, a listing of 
men who could be SigEps. They possess the 
necessary criteria and need to be recruited. 

Here is how we do it: 

• The Balanced Man Scholarship (BMS) — 

when executed properly, the BMS provides a 
way for you to articulate the Balanced Man 
Ideal with the best students coming to cam- 
pus. At the same time a scholarship is 
awarded to incoming freshmen and potential 
members, scholarships are given to members 
of each class of current Brothers. These re- 
cipients exemplify the Balanced Man Ideal, 
which shows the prospective member SigEps 
he can admire and be comfortable around. 
The BMS banquet marks the end of the 
scholarship, and it is up to the chapter to 
follow up with these men after the banquet 
to recruit them. Visit 

for more information on how to execute an 
eflPective Balanced Man Scholarship. When 
prompted, enter Scholarship for the 
username and Balance for the password. 

Referral based recruitment — when SigEp 
solicits the names and contact information 
for potential members from groups that 
have similar values and interests. Student 
government, honor societies and sororities 
are commonly used in this process. SigEp 
positions itself as a fraternity devoted to 
building a Sound Mind and a Sound Body 
and spells out the kind of man who should 
be in the fraternity. Members of these orga- 
nizations then provide the names of their 
friends who fit this description. This method 
is utilized by sports teams and major corpo- 
rations to constandy identify talent. Visit recruitment/Sorority- 
Presentations.doc for more information. 

• Summer recruitment — contacting 
potential members during the summer 
when school is not in session. This is not a 
new concept and has been the way men 
are recruited in many parts of the country. 
Ever hear about the young man who 
graduates from high school already accepting 
a SigEp bid? It happens and some of our 
most organized chapters do it every year. 
Visit recruitment/ 
SummerRecruitment Fundamentals.doc 
for more information. 

® Varsity Scholar Athletes — recruit smart 
athletes into the chapter for two reasons. 


The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 39 

SigEp I Recruitment 

Wide receiver Evan Wells, Georgia '05, at the Outback 
Bowl; one of our Varsity Scholar athletes recruited by 
the Georgia Delta Chapter. 

First, they are already living Sound Mind 
and Sound Body; second their status as 
athletes legitimates your chapters commit- 
ment to providing a different experience 
than other fraternities on campus. You walk 
the walk. It is hard to argue that SigEp s 
Sound Mind and Sound Body approach 
doesn't work when the quarterback of the 
football team is a member and he has a 
3.5 GPA. Scholar Athletes provide an 
example of how to balance the demands 
of the academic and the physical — Sound 
Mind and Sound Body. Their perspective 
is unique and adds a new dimension to 
the Fraternity. 

All of these approaches help to add men to 
your potential member list, a listing of men 
who could be SigEps. They possess the 
necessary criteria and need to be recruited. 
If you want to recruit 30 men to join SigEp 
you should have upwards of 200 names on 
your prospective list. Expect a ten to 15 percent 
success rate. Don't wait for rush to add men to 
your prospective list, because they are already 
on everyone else's prospective list. Get aggres- 
sive with your recruitment strategy. 
Add men with high GPAs to your potential 
member list and show them how SigEp is 
different. Don't setde for rush. Recruit. Soon 
you will be experiencing the thrill of signing 
your top lead potential recruit in the living 
room of his home, just like Dean Smith or 
Pete Carroll. 

Not Leader Scholar Athlete Gentlemen. 

That is a slogan used by Pi Kappa Alpha. 
They can have it. We build a Sound Mind 
and a Sound Body. When you do those two 
things well, you will have all those other traits. 

40 The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 

SigEp Alumnus^ you remember rush^ right? 

The evolution from rush to recruitment. 

Did you know that 
most SigEps joined the 
Fraternity in 1984 and 
graduated in 1988? 
During those same years 
the fraternity system as a 
whole was in the midst 
of a membership boom 
that would last until the 
early 1990s. Men were 
flocking in droves to 
fraternity houses. Men 
were rushing. Then they 
stopped coming to us for membership. 

Today, SigEp is recruiting. Recruitment 
is the process where SigEp goes out to 
find the men who should be members in 
our Fraternity, explains how the Fraternity 
will benefit them, and then offers mem- 
bership. Chapters who participate in rush 
are still waiting, assuming that the men 
we want in our chapters will sign up for 
formal rush. In the early 1990s men 
stopped joining fraternities. They stopped 
rushing. They wanted something different 
from their college experience, something 
that SigEp provides. 

Balanced Man Ideal — Our Founding 
Fathers based our beloved Fraternity on 
values that came from the ancient Greeks. 
Virtue is met when you make the most of 
your God-given talents; Diligence is the 

courage and tenacity to be your best; 
Brotherly Love is the support to live your 
best life by your best friends — fraternity 
brothers. So by living these values you 
develop a habit of excellence. A habit of 
excellence is never in a vacuum, it is in a 
community. In addition to burgers and 
brats on the front yard of the chapter 
house, chapters are organizing trips to 
cultural events, art museums and plays. 
They are interacting with professors in 
the chapter house. They are helping each 
other work out. Chapter meetings are 
shorter and a guest speaker lectures on 
yoga or swing dancing or life skills. All of 
these events show a potential SigEp our 
commitment to living the Balanced Man 
Ideal, and it is exactly what students want 
in their college experience. 

At the time of the birth of the Balanced 
Man Ideal, the SigEps at the University of 
Cincinnati borrowed an idea from an- 
other fraternity — provide a scholarship 
to incoming freshmen who exemplify the 
values of Sigma Phi Epsilon. This became 
the Balanced Man Scholarship. Today it is 
the best way for SigEp to meet the best 
students on campus. 

With fewer men participating in fraternity 
rush, the decision to rely on it exclusively 
to meet potential men isn't smart. Year 
round recruitment is. It allows you to 

recruit someone at any point during the 
year and offer him membership. This is 
different than simply saying we should 
always be on the look out for good guys. 
This is meeting that good guy and recruit- 
ing him into Sigma Phi Epsilon. Some 
chapters, like the University of Illinois, will 
schedule a recruitment cycle one-two 
months after the formal recruitment pe- 
riod. End result: Illinois recruits 45 men 
over the course of a year instead of 25 like 
the average fraternity on that campus. 

So how does an alumnus of the Fraternity 
play an active role in recruitment? An 
alumnus can play an active role by re-engaging 
themselves with a local SigEp chapter, by 
recommending known new students on a 
particular campus to the undergraduate 
chapter leadership in a "network referral" 
manner. Visit 
request.asp to recommend your friend, son, 
neighbor, etc. to a local SigEp chapter. 

"Let him 

who would 

move the world, 

first move 


— Socrates 

SigEp Passes the 253,000 
Membership Milestone 

Jacob S. Robertson, Louisville '08, is SigEp 253,000. His hometown is 
Paducah, Kentucky, and he graduated from Lone Oak High School. While 
attending high school, Brother Robertson played baseball and had a 3.86 GPA. 
At the University of Louisville, he is a recipient of the Provost Hallmark 
Scholarship for academics, and he has not yet declared a major. His interests 
include working out, playing basketball and getting to know his brothers at the 
Kentucky Beta Chapter. "I was very surprised when I found out; this is quite 
an honor," he said in reaction to the news of his membership milestone. 




h*nr the best in Sigma Phi Epsilon 
&portsvvejir jind giftSj shop Campus 
Clasj^ic^ this holiday seasoni 



The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 4 1 

Chapter News 


Miami U. SigEp 
Dedicates Its New 
Residential Learnin 

After 10 years, the Ohio Eta Chapter at 
Miami University has a place to call home, 
and a wonderful place it is! A marvelous new 
facility stands at 224 East Church Street in 
Oxford. The red brick facility and red door 
shine as beacons of promise for all past Ohio 
Eta brothers and all of the future Miami stu- 
dents who will pass through its doors for 
generations to come. October 23, 2004, was 
the date of the chapter's house dedication 
and culminated a campaign that exceeded its 
goal, one that sets the chapter on a path of 
continued growth and excellence. With a 
campaign goal of $750,000, increased from 
its original amount of $500,000, the Cam- 
paign for Ohio Eta topped $864,000 with 
nearly 25 percent of its alumni contributing. 

Over 160 alumni, 87 undergraduates and 
other guests attended this special occasion. 
Grand President James E Robeson, Cincin- 
nati '59, was on hand to congratulate the 
chapter and its alumni and volunteers. A high- 
light of his speech included a letter from one 
of the original founders of the chapter. Rever- 
end Hugh A. Whitesell, '52. Key members of 
the building and fund-raising committees 
along with undergraduate leaders also spoke. 

Dan Kehn, '05, Grand President James F. Robeson, 
Cincinnati '59, and R. Scott Shriver, '78, cut the 
ribbon during the weekend's festivities. 

f\ I ' ■'^;_1' 


'The stories that 
were reminisced grow 
better with age." 

Brothers comment on the 
House Dedication. 

Taken from the December, 2004, edition of 
The Eta News 

Doc Gordon '57: Last weekend was a 
grand affair, and I thank all of you who re- 
turned and all of you who pledged money 
to make the new house a reality. It was easy 
to see that we at Ohio Eta have something 
special going for us. Given the alumni sup- 
port and current active chapter, we will 
remain strong in the future. For those of 
you who were unable to attend, please put 
Oxford in your plans. Drop by to see the 
new chapter home at 224 East Church 
Street and meet an extremely strong group 
of undergraduates. The house dedication 
weekend in October was one of the few 
multi-day events that I hated to see end. 
Apparently a number felt as I did because it 

"'Greater care 

should be taken 

about the good life 

and not just life/' 

— Socrates J& 

From blueprints to bricks, Ohio Eta now has a home 

took us nearly three hours to leave the hotel 
and head home on Sunday. The stories that 
were reminisced grow better with age. 

Jim "The Sarge" Wilson '58: Hearty 
congratulations to all of the brothers who 
put together such a marvelous showing at 
the introduction of our new abode on 
Church Street. I'm constantly amazed at the 
quality in the quantity of men who now 
come into the Balanced Man Program. I'm 
thankful that, through all the highs and 
lows, the successes and failures, and the 
myriad of "woulda-coulda-shouldas" we all 
faced during our time at 224, we have sus- 
tained what brought us here. That, and only 
that, is the constant! The knowledge that, 
when you're pinned on that heart, you be- 
came a member — forever — of the most 
awesome family of brothers ever assembled. 
Thank you for allowing me to be your 

Special thanks go to Omega Financial, Inc., 
for conducting the Ohio Eta fundraising 
campaign. Contact Ron Rietdorfat 
(800) 955-2586, extension 1142, or ^r information on 
feasibility studies and capital campaigns. 

Tennessee- Martin Tears Down Wall of Hate 

By Kevin W. Teets, Jr., Tennessee-Martin '06 • Kthunt02@aoLcom 

When facing tlie cliallenges of hatred, op- 
pression and discrimination, society is 
usually only given two options: to ignore or 
to overcome. At the University of Tennessee- 
Martin, the Tennessee Kappa Chapter of 
Sigma Phi Epsilon led an effort to overcome 
these atrocities by bringing the "Writing on 
the Wall" project to campus. 

The "Writing on the Wall" project con- 
sisted of erecting a cinder block wall that 
stood 10 feet high and was more than 35 feet 
wide. Student groups armed with paint and 
brushes came together to put epitaphs of 
hatred and inhumanity on the cinder blocks. 
Five days later, the campus would tear the 
wall down, symbolically representing the 

action of tearing down the barriers of inhu- 
manity that exist. 

The unique project brought together stu- 
dent groups, faculty and staff in a dramatic 
experience of taking personal action to con- 
front human rights issues existing in our 
society. The SigEp chapter hosted a meeting 
at its chapter house with other fraternities 
and sororities to discuss diversity on campus. 
SigEp also partnered with the Office of 
Multicultural Affairs and the Student Gov- 
ernment Association to make the "Writing 
on the Wall" project one main event of a 
week-long diversity rally. 

The wall stood on campus for five days. 
Many students and faculty walked by and 

took in the words and pictures presented. 
After the five days were over. Chancellor 
Nick Dunagan spoke to the participants in 
attendance who were ready to personally take 
action in tearing down this wall of hate. 

Several ropes were tied to the wall allowing 
many people to take part in its pull down. 
With a crowd of more than 300 people 
watching and participating, students and 
faculty grabbed the ropes and with one 
mighty pull brought the wall to the ground. 

The "Writing on the Wall" project began 
in 2001 at the University of Utah with the 
Human Issues Education Committee 
(HIEC), which consists of students and staff 
from residence halls. HIEC was approached 
with the wall project by author LaDon 

Western Michigan collects 
$3,200 for tsunami aid 

On Tuesday, January 25, 2005, the Michigan 
Beta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon presented the 
Kalamazoo Area Chapter of the American Red 
Cross with a check for $3,235 — money raised to 
help the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami. 

Chapter President Jonathan Meyer '06, said 
they had explored collecting food for the effort, 
but Red Cross officials advised them to raise 
money instead. So every day from January 10 
through January 14, MI Beta Brothers stood at 
the campus flag poles near Kanley Chapel, from 
10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., collecting donations 
from the WMU community. 

Meyer said, "WMU students were happy to 
give to the cause, and MI Beta was happy to get 
involved and make a difference." 

George Mason Safety Day 

By E. Wade Sturdiv ant, George Mason '07 

On September 25, 2004, SigEp at George 
Mason aided University Police in executing its 
first annual Safety Day. Sixty-plus man hours 
went into building a stronger relationship with 
local police and fire department officials. 
Members helped set up informational booths, 
as well as disseminate information to the com- 
munity. The event was a tremendous success, 
and University officials sent a letter of appre- 
ciation to the Inter-fraternal Council, Greek 
Life Office and Headquarters. Pictures from 
the event can be viewed on the police web site 

As a joint venture of public relations and 
philanthropy, SigEp assisted two sororities 
with their national philanthropic events. The 

Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority event. Strike Out 
Arthritis, annually raises thousands of dollars 
for that organization. The men of Virginia Mu 
assisted in setting up for their Home Run 
Derby that was critical to the event s success. 
Members also actively assisted in the event by 
helping officiate games, as well as tracking 
scores of participants. The ladies of the Alpha 
Xi Delta Sorority asked members of SigEp s 
intramural champion football team to 
co-create a football tournament in which 
members of the Greek community could par- 
ticipate. The event in which each team player 
contributed money was a success, and all the 
money raised in the event went to help 
patients suffering from Leukemia Lymphoma. 

Chapter News 

The Journal oj Sigma Phi Epsilon 43 

Wynonna Judd spoke to Brothers and their 
guests at the SigEp chapter house. 

Ashley and Wynonna Judd with some Brothers from Tennessee Tech. The chapter volunteered for a Ladies Home 
Journal event in Nashville. 

Wynonna Judd Speaks in the 
SigEp Chapter House at 
Oregon State 

Country star, five-time Grammy winner, and a philan- 
thropist, Wynonna Judd spoke to brothers and their guests, 
not as a performer, but as a mother of three children. Judd 
shared the stories of choices she made as a teenager and 
how those experiences shaped her life today Judd also 
spoke about the AIDS epidemic around the world which 
she considers an emergency, "One child dies every minute 
because of HIV/AIDS. This is not another cause." 

The evening was put together and organized by the 
Oregon Alpha Chapter and hosted by chapter president, Mark Kuske. Parents and guests also 
attended and participated. A silent auction, raffle of a pair of tickets to Wynonnas show in Port- 
land, and donations from parents and alumni, helped raise more than $6,000 for YouthAIDS. 

At the conclusion of the evening, Wynonna autographed t-shirts that were sold to benefit 
YouthAIDS. She closed the evening with a hope that her participation and SigEp's involve- 
ment with YouthAIDS will lead to young people making better choices that can save their 
lives, "I want you to thrive and take over the world," she said. "But you're not going to if you 
make the wrong choices. It will shut down your show." 

Illinois Junior Runs Marathon for YouthAIDS 

Joe Vance has always been athletic. Now the University of Illinois junior has taken his 
athleticism a step further in running a marathon for the benefit of YouthAIDS. The 
2002 graduate of Mater Dei was a four-year letter winner in soccer, two-time captain 
and most valuable player of the Knights soccer team. Vance has continued his ath- 
letic ways at the University of Illinois, participating in intramural and Champaign 
Park District sports. The Vice President of Member Development for Sigma Phi 
Epsilon, Vance decided to run a marathon to raise money for YouthAIDS. He 
trained all summer for the Quad Cities Marathon held on September 26. 
"I am committed to the fraternity's ideals of a sound mind and a sound 
body," Vance said. "I believe that this cause will obviously benefit me in 
getting in better physical condition, but I believe more importantly that 
this will benefit many young people through the donation to 

Vance completed his marathon in a time of 3 hours, 40 minutes, and 
58 seconds. He raised nearly $1,000 through the solicitation of friends, 
family, faculty, and businesses. 

The Oklahoma Beta Chapter of Sigma 
Phi Epsilon held a double elimination 
dodgeball tournament October 13^^ and 
14'^ to raise money for YouthAIDS. Frater- 
nities and sororities from across campus 
entered 22 teams, each consisting of 8 play- 
ers. Over $1,400 was raised for YouthAIDS 
from entry fees and t-shirt sales. Unique 
trophies were made by spray painting 
dodgeballs with gold paint and given to P^ 
place, 2""^ place, and most spirited teams. 
The spirit award encouraged costumes and 
huge cheering sections for each team. 
Most participants have 
agreed that this was one 
of the most exciting 
philanthropy events 
on campus. The 
chapter plans to 
make the event an 
annual tradition and 
expand the tourna- 
ment beyond the 
Greek system next year. 

Ohio Northern Sig Eps go 
"All In" for YouthAIDS 

By Jonathan F. James, Ohio Northern '07 

The brothers of the Ohio Alpha 
Chapter at Ohio Northern University 
hosted their first ever No Limit Texas Hold 
'em Poker Tournament to benefit 
YouthAIDS on January 18, 2005. The Ohio 
Alpha brotherhood raised a total of $464.10 
for YouthAIDS and educated over 70 of 
their fellow peers about YouthAIDS and 
AIDS prevention with the help of the 
YouthAIDS brochures and public service 
announcements as well as educational mate- 
rials from Planned Parenthood of Northwest 
Ohio. The grand prize of the evening was a 
clay poker chips set valued at over $100. 
The Ohio Alpha brothers feel that this event 
was a huge success and look forward to 
hosting this event again next year. 

Contact YouthAIDS 

For more information on YouthAIDS 
and how to become involved, please 
visit, email or call 



Yell Like Hell -SUCCESS! 

By Leon Lee, Georgia Southern '04 

This past October the brothers of 
Georgia Epsilon completed their biggest 
philanthropy event ever by raising over 
$3,000 for YouthAIDS. More than 600 
students attended this highly successful 
philanthropy event. The 4^ Annual "Yell 
Like Hell," a competition between the 
sororities of Georgia Southern, consisted of 
each sorority performing chants, cheers, 
and dance routines showing off their spirit 
along with making a creative display 

There were six sororities participating in 
the competition: Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha 
Omicron Pi, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa 
Delta, Phi Mu, and ZetaTau Alpha. The 
event was open to the public and was held 
on the Georgia Southern campus. Alpha 
Delta Pi was the winner of the competition, 
while ZetaTau Alpha won the Best Banner 
Award. The evening was hosted by Chapter 
President Matt Milligan, Georgia Southern 

Local businesses of Bulloch County 
supported the event by purchasing ads for 
the program as well as donating items for 
the raffle. More than $3,000 was raised 
through sorority entrance fees, admission 
tickets, and donations throughout the 
event. Alumni also pitched in to support 
the chapter and its philanthropic event. 
Brother William Reese created a Public 
Service Announcement that was used to 
publicize the event on Georgia Southerns 
TV station. This event was very successful 
and has set the tone for next year. Georgia 
Southern is proud to be affiliated and sup- 
port this important cause. 

Grand Chapter Conclave & 
The Sound Body 5K are back! 

YouthAIDS will have an active presence 
at this year's Grand Chapter Conclave in 
Nashville, Tennessee. The popular Sound 
Body 5K returns in 2005 with an added 
twist — registration fees will be charged for 
participation with all 
proceeds going to 
YouthAIDS! Please 
register now by visit- 
ing Jkrimm ** ^~^^ * 
conclave. """^ 


Left to right: Sebastian Reyes, '06; Jason Navaroli, '05; Josh Bachrach, '04; President of Loyola Marymount 
University Fr. Robert B. Lawton, SJ.; Daniel Karc her, '04; and Mark Waier '04 at the 2004 LMU Service & 
Leadership Awards. 

Loyola Marymount's Valedictorian and 
Student Body President 

One afternoon in the summer of 2004, 
the phone rang at the Zollinger House in 
Richmond. The Brother on the other end of 
the phone was calling from the west coast 
I and was fresh into his career as a SigEp alum- 
nus. He had recently graduated from Loyola 
Marymount University, and he simply called 
to say thank you. Josh Bachrach, '04, had a 
fulfilling career as a student and credited 
much of his experience to the skills he 
learned as a member of the California Chi 
Chapter. Brother Bachrach was valedictorian 
for his class and the interesting part is that he 
is not the first SigEp from LMU to have that 
honor-he's the third. And his chapter is only 
eight years old. 

Loyola Marymount University has 5,500 
students on campus and there is no fraternity 
housing available. Freshman cannot join a 
fraternity until their second semester, and yet 
these are not obstacles for our Brothers. 
SigEp has 102 men and is twice the size of 
the next largest fraternity. California Chi 
dominates intramurals and there are 1 5 
varsity athletes in five different sports in the 
chapter. SigEp has a GPA of 3.05, one of 
the highest on campus, and every major 
leadership position. Last year that included 
I back to back Student Body President, Mark 
Waier, '04. 

Brother Waier is one of the five student 
body presidents who are members of SigEp. 
"SigEp and the Balanced Man Program 
enabled me to become such a strong leader. 
There is an expectation that a SigEp will be 
President. Our organization looks for 
individuals who are leaders on campus so it is 
a natural fit that a lot of SigEps will be in 
Student Government. My senior year there 

Chapter News 

were 22 SigEps in our student government 
making up a quarter of the entire group. The 
tradition is a natural progression of leaders," 
he said. Josh and Mark were the only 
students who spoke at their graduation. 

Other leaders include seven campus 
orientation staff members, the most of any 
fraternity; four residence hall advisors; three 
student government senators; and two 
cabinet members. This involvement is what 
feeds the growth of SigEp at Loyola 
Marymount. According to chapter president 
Ray Crosby, "Everywhere you look on 
campus you find SigEps, and we are doing 
good things. Freshmen in particular see 
SigEps as TA's, orientation leaders, first-year 
retreat leaders, and resident advisors. As 
opposed to other groups on campus, we are 

Five years ago, SigEp recognized that com- 
mitment to the Balanced Man Ideal meant 
including all freshman in its Balanced Man 
Scholarship. Now the BMS is the Balanced 
Living Scholarship and is given out to fresh- 
men men and women. This chapter is not 
complacent and searches for ways to improve 
itself California Chi established a habit of 
excellence at ^ 

Marymount, MS WllO 

and Josh and 

Mark are two Cd rCS f O r H I S 

of its most 

recent Brother, cares 


There will be for hilTISelf." 

many more to 

come. — Xenophon 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 45 

U. of San Diego: At the annual Greek Awards banquet held in the fall semester, SigEp swept all awards, 
including Greek New Member of the Year, Highest GPAfor Spring and Fall, 2004, and the Dean's Trophy. 

Sacramento State's Strong Fall Finish 

Submitted by Joseph L. Patterson '05 * 

Brother Josh B. McGee, '05, was elected IFC 
President and will become the second SigEp IFC 
President in three years and the third in the last 
five years. In addition, Brother Adam Miller, 
'08, who recendy joined in September, will also 
sit on the Executive Committee for the Interfi^a- 
ternity Council, becoming the youngest leader 
on the board. 

California Theta was awarded three athletic 
championships. The chapter received the frater- 
nity championship in both soccer and dodgeball. 

In addition to the Greek championships, the 
chapter received its fourth consecutive all-cam- 
pus football championship. 

The Dean's Trophy is awarded each spring 
semester to the chapter of the year at Sacramento 
State. The chapters fall showing is a positive step 
in allowing the chapter to win an 11 th consecu- 
tive Dean's Trophy. Since the selection of the 
trophy began recognizing outstanding program- 
ming in all areas of operation, SigEp has received 
the award every year with only one exception. 


Richmond's Scott 
Erwin-L/Si4 Today's 
2005 College Academic 

After surviving an ambush in Iraq 
over the summer, Scott R. Erwin, 
Richmond '05, safely returned to the 
United States and was one of 20 stu- 
dents named to the USA Todays 
College Academic All Stars First Team. 

In the summer 2004 issue of The 
Journal it was reported that Brother 
Erwin was teaching democracy to the 
youth of Iraq. In the winter issue it was 
reported that he survived an ambush 
by terrorists who wanted the classes 

While his exploits in Iraq garnered 
attention, Brother Erwin's accomplish- 
ments in the classroom were equally 
impressive. He completes his degrees 
in Political Science and Classical Civi- 
lization with a 3.97 GPA. 

Brother Erwin is listed on the All- 
Stars with students from Yale, 
Stanford, MIT, UCLA, Princeton, 
Duke, Northwestern and Harvard. 

Available for the first time to Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Greeksakes™ Challenge Coins 
Great Graduation Gift! 

Since WWI, American soldiers have carried Challenge 

Coins to show pride in their units and build camaraderie. 

For the first time ever, this rich heritage and tradition 

is available to Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers. 

For more information, pricing 



or call 800-488-2646 x 232. 

Up to three lines of 

engraved personalization 

available on the back 

of your coin 



46 The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 


Alumni News 


UC- Santa Barbara: 
Building the Best Home 

"Something as simple as eating together as a 
chapter plays a huge role in the fraternity 
experience," says Alumni and Volunteer 
Corporation (AVC) President John E 
Hofmann, '70. He is referring to the chapter's 
state-of-the-art kitchen. "We went through a 
period where some brothers didn't have this." 

A few years ago, the chapter's kitchen was 
not open, and parts of the chapter house 
were showing age. With unused space and 
three loosely connected buildings, the 
California Gamma Chapter house looked 
more like a camp than a fraternity house. It 
was the ambition of the AVC to have the 
best chapter housing 
on campus. 

The chapter house 
was built in 1965- 
1966. When the fmal 
brick was placed, the 
chapter house had a 
look fitting the mid- 
1960s — a flat roof, lots 
of functionality and 
little to no curb appeal. 
In late 1998, the AVC 
enlisted an architect to 
get an idea of possible 
projects for the house, and construction began 
in 2000. In addition to the roof, the front of 
the chapter house faced a side road instead of 
the main street. Its three buildings were not 
connected, and the executive board lived in 
the detached housemother's suite. 

When the project began, the flat roof was 
removed and a nice peaked roof added. The 
front of the chapter house was re-oriented to 
the main street, and columns were added to 
the fa(;ade, giving it a more contemporary 
feel. Inside, the ceiling was raised, exposing 
cross beams. Rather than have the chapter 
room be one open space, partitions went up 
to create three distinct areas. There is a living 
room with a floor-to-ceiling sandstone 

California Gamma chapter house 

fireplace, a recreational area with a pool 
table, and a dining area next to the kitchen. 
The library used to include a suite for the 
housemother. Over the years, the space was 
home to the chapter president and members 
of the executive board. "This arrangement 
separated the leadership from the chapter," 
pointed out Brother Hofmann. The quarters 
were removed and the library was opened up. 
Custom bookshelves were installed, along 
with a glassed-in office for the chapter's faculty 
fellow. Study carrels are being added to 
complete the library. "The Residential 
Learning Community is something we are 

striving toward for the 
chapter house. We 
added this office so the 
faculty fellow could 
host office hours," 
John added. A glass 
hallway connects the 
chapter room and 
kitchen with the 
library and sleeping 
area, making it one 
cohesive chapter house. 
The cost of the 

renovations was 
$400,000 and was paid for from the 
operating expenses of the AVC budget. Most 
AVCs would need to take out a loan to cover 
such a cost. How did the California Gamma 
AVC save enough money? Each year they 
work with the undergraduate chapter to set 
rent either at or slightly above market rates. 
The AVC very closely monitors the number 
needed to obtain capacity for the chapter 
house. Fortunately, this year there are more 
seniors living in the chapter house, a sign the 
fraternity experience is taking hold. 

Today, thanks to the dedicated 
volunteerism of John Hofmann, the chapter 
house is the best on campus and because 
things don't stay that way forever, projects are 
planned to enhance the curb appeal. These 
projects help bring an end to the bunker-style 
chapter house and ushers in an era of fraternal 
living. This work has been integral in the 
growth of the chapter and today they are once 
again the largest fraternity on campus with 70 
Brothers. With sound fiscal management and 
the dedication of local volunteers, the 
California Gamma Chapter can look 
forward to many more meals (and 
fellowship) together. 

The chapter has a new library and 
kitchen with a vigilant chef thanks to 
the Alumni & Volunteer Corporation 

Alumni News 

Chris Fischer, Indiana '91, and his wife Melissa 
aboard the Go Fisch. 

Indiana SigEp Hosts 
Show on ESPN 2 

SigEp Alumnus G. Chris Fischer, Indiana 
'91, can be seen every Sunday morning on 
ESPN 2. Both he and his wife Melissa are 
hosts of Offshore Adventures, a unique mix 
of gourmet cooking. Ashing, and free 
diving. All of this takes place aboard the 72 
foot yacht Fischer aptly named Go Fisch. 

The inspiration for the television show 
came from experiences that Chris and 
Melissa and the rest of the crew of the 
Go Fisch had. They learned to free dive and 
found many secluded locations. Often they 
had so many interesting exploits, they 
found that telling the stories couldn't quite 
capture the essence. In addition the chef 
loved to prepare fresh seafood and would 
dazzle the others with his creations. Soon 
the group agreed that television was the best 
way to chronicle their adventures. 

Securing corporate sponsorship was an 
initial challenge, but Chris and company 
found success early on with Red Lobster. 
Both Red Lobster and Offshore Adventures 
share a belief in the exploration and safe 
harvesting of the world's oceans. Today 
Offshore Adventures is sponsored by 
Nissan, West Marine, and Sam Adams Beer. 

Over 70 shows and six seasons later. 
Offshore Adventures has become a success. 
In 2003 it became the most watched outdoor 
show in the country with 29 million viewers. 
Visit to learn 
more about Brother Fischer and Offshore 

The Journal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 47 


SigEps in Active Duty 

Stories continue to reach Richmond of SigEps either 
currently serving overseas or recently finishing their tour of 
duty. Here is a brief listing of Brothers, including one who 
made the ultimate sacrifice. 

California Delta, 
San Diego State 
Mike Hudson '96 

California Theta, 
Sacramento State 
Chris Missick '02 

Georgia Epsilon, 
Georgia Southern 
Jim Godfrey '05 

Idaho SEC, Idaho 
Jeremy Hyldahl '02 
Daniel Keller '02 

Kansas Epsilon, 
Emporia State 
Dan Hoelter '03 

Michigan Theta, 

Lawrence Technological 
Joe Moore '97 

Minnesota Alpha, Minnesota 
Matt Bangston '00 

Nebraska Delta, Creighton 
MatthewV. Rusch'96 

New York Alpha, Syracuse 
Edmune L. Luzine, Jr. '86 

Pennsylvania Delta, Penn 
Jerome Greco '03 

Texas Kappa, 
Texas- Arlington 
Rolando R. Melendez '98 

Texas Mu, Texas A&M 
Josue O. Fernandez '04 

Washington Gamma, 
Eastern Washington 
Will Luna '02 

West Virginia Gamma, 
Mark R. Cerrie '88 


#* ^ 

Brother Luzine in front of the remains of Saddam Husseins yacht 

Georgia Delta, Georgia 

Corporal Bradley Arms, Georgia '06, was killed in combat in 
Fallujah, Iraq, on November 19, 2004. Chapter brothers say that 
Brad was aware of the risks involved from the moment he started 
intensive training and was honored to serve his country in any 
way he could. His desire to serve prompted him to leave for a 
12-month tour in Iraq during the summer before his junior year. 

"He had a positive attitude about going to war," said Matt 
Tincknell '05. "He definitely saw his purpose, and he was proud 
to be there defending his country, which gave us great comfort 
in knowing he wanted to be there." 

Bradley sent a handful of e-mails to the chapter after arriving 
in Iraq, and he used them to articulate how much he missed the 
Fraternity and how SigEp's ideals were at the forefront of his 
experience in Iraq. "I wish I could be there with you this fall, 
and encourage y'all to hold tight to the principles our Fraternity 
was founded on, and pass that on to our new members. Don't 
compromise your beliefs. . .you must embody the Balanced Man 
in everything you do. . . " 

N M E M O R I U 

What follows is a listing of SigEps who have passed away in recent months. It is 
our chance to remember those brothers who, through their death, have reminded 
us that life is transitory. 

Our lives contain opportunities to grow and better ourselves and those around us. As SigEps, 
we are called to make the most of these precious moments; for once gone, their opportunities 
are beyond recall. 

In the ceremony installing new officers it says, ''Well done, thou good and faithful servant; 
thou hast been faithful over a few things: I shall make you a ruler over many things. '' 


Donald N. Anderson, 

Minnesota '31 

Warren R. Bailor, 

Washington State '43 

Archer K. Blood, 

Virginia '43 

Martin E Boos, 

Steson '59 
Hiram S. Brown, 

Texas '38 

Gary R. Christensen, 

Nebraska '61 

Stephen Hailey, 

Arizona State '70 

Jim Merritt, 

California-Davis '74 

Cecil McNutt, 

Texas '33* 
Thomas H. Richardson, 

Chico State '69 

Ed Seitz, 

Baldwin-Wallace '85 

Richard J. Southall, 

Baker '43 

Matt Silchuck, 

Illinois '80 

Delbert Steele, 

Northern Colorado '65 

Mike Triplett, 

Northern Illinois '96 

Lee Zastrow, 

Wisconsin-Platteville '03 

''It is not 
living that is 


but living 


— Socrates 


Brent Jones, 

Baldwin-Wallace '05 

Derek Kieper, 

Nebraska '05 

* Brother McNutt was a founding 
member of the Texas Alpha Chapter 
at the University of Tex as. 

48 The four nal of Sigma Phi Epsilon 



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or life. 

SigEp prodtitrts 

he Legacy Division qfHerff'/ones, OfHcial jeweler to 

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exquisitely jeweled badges, rin^s and accessory teweJr>'. 

SuperMy crafied by ^kj:ll(;d Lfgjicy aitisiins, All iKtn^ remiiTtfd 

aJTOve, Ai well as others Emm our amoiii coJEetctiom 

For I*E meitibers, at* backtfl by our ura'qaakd 

Ufetioie Wuranty and respaniive service. 

To place your ordef, 

flf forarreehfocliufe . plea^ cjll mjr CtwuiiiierServJa! stalTat 


Moil-- Ffj-S?. lib, -&p-ni. fiPT 

(MC. VISA, AMEX gccejKcdj 

V7S4 Es!— 

To Order Call:(800)542-3728 

{Moi - Fri. p.m. EDT) 

Or Click Anytime: 

www.legacy division . com 


^ I Itls 

"ColilUlOSQ liLLjiA-.y-!iTld fMi 
nncly ipcbdhEd, diinble- |;dlii dfctznplolE flrtuh. 
"Dald l'LllfLiL-a[i£ilns tHOih LDXpld. 


A niiL^'%1^4 Hriil |i>aH 

Construction Begins on 
North Texas Chapter House 

After years of waiting and planning, construction has 
begun on the new Residential Learning Community 
ft)r the SigEp chapter at the University of North Texas. 

Located on the keystone lot at the 
entrance to the new Fraternity Row in 
Denton, Texas, the new Texas Beta home 
will contain more than 12,000 square 
feet of space and be home to 25 men in 
suite-style living arrangements. The red 
brick structure with eight oversized columns 
will provide an impressive greeting to all 
visitors as they enter Fraternity Row at 
North Texas. 

"This process started nearly four years 
ago," explained W. Clifford Price, '88, 
Alumni & Volunteer Corporation President. 
"After so much work by so many people, 
we're happy to finally be under 

Texas Beta had to close the doors to its 
former house in 2002. More than 200 
alumni returned to their home on Avenue C 
for what was termed, "The Last Stand 
Party." There, brothers reminisced about 50 
years worth of memories in their old 
fraternity house. They also began planning 
for their future. 

Soon thereafter, the alumni leadership 
inaugurated a fundraising campaign to help 
raise the money needed for a new house. In 
conjunction with the Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Educational Foundation, after nearly three 
years, they had pledge commitments 
totaling $350,000. 

"We reached a point and realized 
we were in a holding pattern," said Price. 
"We regrouped, took a step back and 
brought in outside, professional assistance." 

After researching their options, Texas 
Beta decided to retain Omega Financial to 
help them raise the balance of the money 
needed to reach their $1 million goal. 

C. Dean Davis, '52, agreed to chair 
the refocused capital campaign effort and 
immediately showed his support by making 
a $125,000 pledge to the effort. 

In explaining the motivation for his 
gift, Davis explained, "For people who are 
receptive, the fraternity brings balance to 
life. Balance is what you get, and balance is 
what you are expected to give. By making 
this gift, I want to make sure future young 
men get this wonderftil opportunity to learn 
and benefit from the SigEp experience for 
many years to come." 

Four months into the refocused $1 
million campaign, construction has begun 
on the new facility thanks to a construction 
loan provided by the Sigma Phi Epsilon 
National Housing Corporation. 

The red door into the new facility will 
open to students, alumni, parents and guests 
this coming August 2005. 

Project Highlights: 

-12,000 square feet 

• Sleeps 25 men 

Red brick construction 
Formal study and library 
Computer Lab 

• Residential Learning 

Leadership Council 

• Conference Room 

An expansive entertaining 
and dining room 

To learn more about the Texas Beta house 

and campaign, 


or contact 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Alumni Association 

p. O. Box 1901 
Richmond, VA 23218-1901 

Address Service Requested 

Parents! if this issue is addressed to your son 
who no longer maintains a permanent address at 
home, please notify Sigma Phi Epsilon of his new 
mailing address and telephone number. 


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Greenfield, OH 

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