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Full text of "S'ina sapa wocekiye taeyanpaha = Catholic Sioux herald"

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■ ,. 

1 j- 

the lea 

■ ■ ■ 

THE NEXT Catholic Ind 
Congress Will be held at PINE ! renj p re?arants i; , , Com . 

RIDGE Agency, on July 17 h 
18th, and 19th. 

With the consent of Rt. Rev. : aild Rey , Fgther V ince 
Bishop Marty, this Congress will io , lili;rb order thev eutered tbe 
take place at Holy Rosa , nd lhe cboir , om p OSed of 


in whit: 

il, ;■ .•., 

honing unite* 

. u I . 
. '. 
in their Holy Cathol 

— — —i — -■—»-.- -- ■-.• ■-- cnurcin ana tne cuoir composed 01 

sion, and not at Bear Creek. | til6 lmUan } „, pilg b6ys aad 

All the Missionary Fathers and : , i;;ui , :(; , ( ; tosillg u Ecce : , ;: 

Friends of the Indians are here- 1 Tbe firgt .. S) twenty 

by most cordially invited, (wi,, 

P. John Jutz. S. J. 

receiving Holy Communion from 
the Bishop, during bite Mass a greal 
the oiiicr pupils and old In- 
dians participated the same bappi- 


At the end of ".Mass ourRt. 


May. : 

THE 26th of Ma; 

festivity and greal Bishop ascended- the ahar and' gave 

Fort Totlen Indians, as it b'rouj , ; ; blessing which, during-! 

their midst th . !C ] | 1UU i( 

loved aad v:e 

J. Sbanley, D. i>. whota the\ 
months and 

cepted by a number of 
Rock In i here 

■ 'J bv .*• 
Co!. McLaughlin and Mr?. Ma 
Crainsie, botli ladies wh ■ 
former mis Reservation 

and are still devoted work e 
interest of the Sioux Indians, 
throughout North and South Dakota,. 
Monday the 25th, the Indians be- 
gan to camp around the Mission of 
Our Lady of ! in which 

church th'e c >ok place. 

25th at 8 v. m. 
the Bishop arris'ed to the great jov 
of every one. Shortly after his ar- 
rival Mr, Canlield's school band se- 
• renated him - after which the pupils, 
of the Sisters' school offered their 
good Bishop their gTeetings, to 
which he responded in most Paternal 
words, showing the deep interest he 
takes in. his Fort Totten children. 
The programme for Tuesday the. 26,, 
-was as follows — .Mass at (5 ,\ it. by 
•iher Vincent, 0. S. B. Pas- 
evil's Lake City. At 7 a. M. 
•by our Rt. Rev. Bishop and the High 
>ur .Pastor Rev. 
Father Jerome, O. S B'.. Before 

their lives rath' 

ftlFtBfu] CO (t. 

aftecr a frii 

all dispersed, 1I1 

dians started For 

, EBNES, 0. S. B. 


of the Sioux I . 
refill to the minds 61 
■ • !' bur 1 


>efore\ J i - 

itit little ehfld 
reu, who for the first time ha 
oipated in the food of angels, the 
Body, aad Blood ȣ our deal 
and Savior Jesus Christ, the 
person of til*.; Blessed Trie 

■.who where about to receive in the 
Sacrament of Confirmation, t 
Ghost, the Third Person of th 
ed Trinity. The Bishop's words of 
welcome, addressed to our brother 
tiie Standing Rock In 
to rejoice with us, were, especially, 
most-touching and paternal. 

After the sermon the Sacrament of 
Confirmation was administered ■ to 
o:ie hundred and fourtv persons. 
Tbe ceremony beiug finished all left 
the church mi it-. ■■ as they 

had entered a«id walked m proces- 
sion to the priest's hous'e. At, three 
o'clock the same afternoon our good 
Bishop left us. 

The Standing Rock -Indians and 
all the Indians of 
were still camped around the mission 
and held their meeting Wednesday 
the 27th. ft commenced and ended 


of tin : 



oertaiu will be received and kept in 
every house, -as a precious remem- 

' the life of ■ 

ut was tn 
the! Indians are deeph l,is frieuds 

S. B. was bo'ri 

lieini, Alsace. 
if seventeen .he I 
try for America 
New-York Jum . . of labor 

Feeling an attra li-. awaited 

, : ■ ' 

work for the gloi} of .God' 1 

salvation of souls, he •entered th< nsscattere 

novitiate of St. Benedict's Order .jka-V 
June 29, 1870, where I 
fession June 29, 1871 an 

ced his solemn vo . 'ioned Catholics 

two years later he was :■ 

,.,11 the congregation walked by the singing of a hymn in which priest May 28, 1877 and send tl 

ilaces but, 
. Uv the place most dear, to his 
heart, bis Fatherland; whore he bless- 
: • and only 
look ou 

lerished aon, as a priest 

. er 4, 1889 Rev. Father 
11 ii i 0. S B. too 

- Missions where 
he bra been exercising ins zeal and 
■ feedn 3j op to the 

.tulate the people, of Woort- 

socketfoi having in their midst so 

holy a. pj Friend. 

Lev. Father Claude Ebner 


stioti with the Indians for the 

waver lost 

interest and has always 

continued by his no) -i 

helping hand in the work of 
their Christianization. This is but a 
mere sketch of the life of tl 

poor the Father of the orphan, 

' the afflicted, the most 

".■■nbful friend to d 

•ppiness of knowing 

i \ especially those who need 

has so often expen ■:■• 

' . name's day is 

•I viot, not being 

it week ei 

id arrival , 

ing Rock Indians, open air moe; 

for Father 

■ -. we trust not t. 

wish him many bapp.. returns. 


atie Reedy, 

iding Rock, N. 
fid: — 
I know that you will be 

m ething about the grand feast 
we have had at Fort Totten a few 
ago. Last Sunday, the 24ttiinst. 
the Indians from Standing 
Mist vi time for 
kss. You may think how 
pleased and surprised I was to see 
Mrs. Cramsie and Mrs. McLaughlin 
iso undertook such a tiresome 
journey- After Mass, those poor 
people who had been traveling all 
week, started again for the old Mis- 
sion, St. Michael's, where there 
ioiXT hundred Indians 
id, they did not come back 
till the following day. Every one 
fed to see Mrs. Cramsie 

and Mrs. McLaughlin. Monday eve- 
< about, 8 p. m. our dear 
| Rt, Rev. J. Shanley, 1). D. 
whom we had be hrg all af- 

ii in arrived. The same evening 
itertained him in our school- 
room) for a short, time, with our childish 
■ of which our Bishop 
is that he went to 
see the Pope, and that the Pope had 
■ .ii be our 
mid give us at the end of 
'■■ . • .! day. Tuesday morning there 

were th iv" m: ises, one at six, one at 
seven and one at ten o'clock, the last 
by oui Rev, Fa- 

ther Jerome 0. S. B. , "We had a proces 
sion around the church before Mass and 
after Mass St. Joseph's Society went 
Sri an St. Mary's Society and the 

first Communicants, followed by the 
ftlass we had a nice set- 
hop, after which we re- 
ceived the Sacramento* Confirmation 
to the number of one hundred and foity. 
We had very unwillingly to bid good- 
at fcbree o'clock 
oi-noor: same day. Wed 
tbe Indian ration, who had 

also camped near the school with the 
(Standing Rock people, held their meet- 
ing on the prairie. It was so very warm 
: efore they fii 
m came on and the go ii 

storrn ceased they returned to their 
■ re free to go to all the 
shake hands with our friends 
Thursday morning the Standing Rock 
Indians visited our school, we bade 
them good-bye and they started on their 
long journey the same day. Mrs. Cram 
sie and Mrs. McLaughlin did not leave 
before Saturday. It would have pleased 
me very much dear Katie, to meet you 
also but, let us hope that we may have 
leasUre one day and very soon. 
Your affectionate little friend 


A Father in the Seminary atPondicber- 
ry. India, gives this account of his per- 
sonal experience with the Scapular of 
the Sacred Heart. 

Some years ago the cholera was raging 
at Pondicherry. I had some Scapulars 
of the Sacred Heart which I had re- 
ceivedfrom a missionary. The thought 
came to me of fastening them on th- 
doors of the houses of the Christians. 
From that day there were no cases of 
cholera in these houses. But the good- 
ness of the Sacred Heart does not limit 
itself to Christians. It protects all who 
place confidence in it. 

A pagan child that comes to the Se. 

urinary had often begged me for a Sca- 
pular of the Sacred Heart. Fearing a 
profanation of it, i hud always refused. 
But one day, moved by his child-like 
pleadings, I gave him one. after explain- 
ing in a few words the mystery of our 
Lord's love for men. The child took the 
Scapular home and hid it through fear 
of his parents. Shortly after he was at- 
tacked by the cholera and given up by 
the doctors. 

Then he thought of the Scapular ho 
had secretly hidden. Taking advantage 
of a favorable moment, he dragged him- 
self to the place where the Scapular was, 
laid it on his breast, ai.d with great con- 
fidence begged the God of the CI 
for that health which his own gods 
could not give him. 

lat instant, the malady ceased, 
his strenght came back little by little, 
and in a few hours he was out of danger. 
These facts I learned from him when he 
came, in his gratitude, to thank me and 
iff the Sacred Heart had cured 


Napoleon I., in the height of his 
prosperity was one night at a thea- 
tre in Pans attended by a page, the 
young Prince of 

The eves of the Emperor roamed 
.bsent-mind'ediy around the theatre 
and over the assemblage. Several 
times they were turned on tl 

- tedi rive mood 
and was giving but littk • 

to the passing sceue. ■ 

noticed that the young man persistent- 
ly kept his hands under the fur cloak 
iving upon his knees. Suddenly, he 
pluudged his under the cloak and 
seized the hands of the page, in which 
was a Rosary. At that time the Rosa- 
ry was not in very hiii'h honor, and 
the Prince expected an abrupt re- 

'•Ah! Augustus, 1 have caught 
you," said the Emperor to the young 
man, who was all confusion. "T 
gives me pleasure. You are above 
all these frivolities around us. You 
have a heart; some day you, will be 
a man." 

Returning him his Rosary, he said: 
•■•Continue, I will not disturb you." 

The wittnesses of this little adven- 
ture did not dare laugh at the words 
of the Emperor. The page who pray- 
ed so, did become a man! He died 
Cardinal Archbishop of Besancon and 
left in his diocese imperishable sou 
venirs of his piety and benevolence. 

One of the most efficacious ways 
of honoring our Blessed Lady is by 
membership in her Sodality. St. Ber- 
nard says: U A Child of Mary shall 
never perish." 


1 REMEMBER, says a Reverened Be- 
nedictine Father, that in 1860 I visited 
an institution for deaf mutes directed 
by Sisters. I took the liberty of ques- 
tioning a little girl eleveu years old. 
Among other things which were perhaps 
rather serious for her age, I asked this: 

"My child, what is happiness*" 

After a moment's reflection, she wrote 
out: "tt is the satisfying of ali 
of a man's heart." 

I said I was satisfied with the reply, 
but she alone— the little Christian phi- 
losopher—did not seem pleased with it. 
She looked thoughtfully at what she 
had written, and then all at once rub- 
bed it out and wrote in its place these 

'Happiness is the possession of God 
with a pure heart." 

The celebrated Dominican preacher 
Pere Lacordaire, was dining one day at 
a hotel table in a provincial town. Near 
him was a Commercial traveler who 
spoke loud enough to be heard in every 
part of the dining-room. 

It was Friday, and after many witti- 
cisms against abstinence, bigotry, super- 
stition, etc., aimed at the priest, the 
iseTvittg that his words appear - 
littie effect, addressed the 
religious pointedly as he passed him a 
dish of omelet from which he had taken 
much more than his share, "For my 
part, mom - imeenngly, "1 

make it a rule not to believe what I can- 
■- I no hat reasonable?" 


to the re- 
mnant of the oiu. : ! mestion- 
er had been considerate enough to leave, 
"do you understand how it is that the 
fire which makes iron and lead 
made these eggs hard!,, 

"Upon my word, I know nothing about 
it," answered the commercial traveler, 
puzzled by this singular question. 

"Nor I,'" answered the religious, "but 
I see with pleasure that that does not 
prevent you from believing in omelets." 

AN old man did not believe his wife 
could talk to him from a distance of five- 
miles. Walking up to the telephone fee 
shouted: "Hello. Sarah!" At that instant 
lightning struck the wire and knocked 
the man down, and, as he scrambled to 
his feet, he excitedly cried: "That's Sa- 
rah, every time!" 

Not long ago a man who had a small 
rent got a paint brush and. 
shingle and hung out a sign reading: 
"To Wrent." Everybody who passed by 
had a smile at the orthography, but it 
was three or four days before the owner 
ventured to ask of a butcher: 

••Say, what on earth makes everyone 
grin at the sign?" 

"Why, its the spelling that gets 'em.". 
It was explained that the word "wrent" 
was not exactly in accordance with 
Webster's latest, and the speller went 
away mumbling: 

"Well, if they are so very particu'ar a- 
bout it I can change it." 

And he did. Within two hours there 
1 was a new sign reading: "Two Let.