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Christmas, the greatest festival 

dUrill^ the vear and one of 
joyous, especially fur children, 

who anxiously await Santa Clans 
with * well filled pack, was eele- 
U rated will] usual jo\ and happiness 
at Fort 'P., Hen. Each one en- 
deavored unuaueir a "Merry Christ- 
mas" in every sense, of die. word. 

All the Indians bj'gatl to nss.-iu 
ble at St. Michael's old mission 
from early inOxiiitig ' 'hris; nins eve. 
to prepare in a christian manner, to 
celebrate the birth-da v ..f our Di 
vine Saviour., U.V approaching the 
Sacrament of Penance and offering 
to our infant God., whom they re- 
ceived iii Holy Coritiriuiiiqii, a dwell- 
ing place in thetr hearts, .so full ql 
simple faith a,nd love that truly 
those poor Indians poss€ 
peace promised' to men of good will. 
announced by the Angels on the 
first great Christmas morning. 
About (5 P. M. they began to enter 
10] house, where in the larg- 
est room tlfefe were two I 
Christmas fcr^es tastefully decorated 
■■■ . 

"11, With all kinds 
las gifts. No oue. was for- 

gotten from the youngest ,,, ,.;,,. 
dear old grandpa am! gi ■;, u-luia and 
each one received his or her present 
with a light, happy h ., . 

dear one hail rerneniuered theni. 
All rejoiced, not for the,, '.I'. 
the gift but, for that, 
one loves and appreciates, a kind. 
thoughtful, greatfnj heart. During 
tiiis meeting speeches were made by 
the teen, jo which they expressed 
their gratitude to Almighty God for 

l&t grace of, bavin.; | 
them out of the darkness of iiiJtdeli- 
ty to the light of the tru 
They then partook of a good supper. 
At 12' A. M. the bell of their nice- 
ly decorated little 'church joyously 
chimed forth calling all to 
Mass. The church was crowded to 
the number of three huodi 
joined in singing the high Mass 
whieh they did in a trulv praise- 
worthy manner. Wi^n all 

was about 2 A. M. Father 
Jerome "then started for the mission 
of Oui Lady of Seven Dolos where, 
he arrived at 3-30 A. M. , 
his second Mass ai 6 A. M. and gave 
Holy Communion ti 
The £' rl wake at 5 

wishing a Merry Christmas 
•nd to each oti 

trying wdio would be the first to visit 
a beautiful little crib erected in their 
sitting-room, and to ask the bless- 
ing of the Divine Infant Jesus. 

At 10 A. M. the third Mass was 
celebrated and a most instructive 
sermon given. At "2 1 J . M. we had 
Vespers followed by Benediction of 
the Messed Sacrament. At 3:30 L'. 
XT. our little entertainment began. 
There were present. Major Hall and 
I. adv. Mr. and Mrs. Can field with 
the employes and a large number of 
his si -hool children, many of the 
white people from the Fort and also 
.quire a number of the Indian* 
though they were fatigued from tie 
night before. 

Il Opened bv the singing of a 
Christmas song bv the junior pupils 
followed by "The Star of Beth- 
lehem," sung b« the larger pupils. 
The next exercise was, sixteen little 
Fairies dressed in different odors, 

with little bells attached to their 
custome, they sang and danced. 
Then came a "Christmas Exercise" 
with Santa Claus, , birds, trees and 
snow-flakes, in which tyventv one of 
the children, boys and girls took 
part. Last but, not least, came that 
which most interested us, the distri- 
bution of the Christmas presents, 
with which a very nice Christmas 
tree was loaded. Our names were 
called by Santa Glaus and we lost 
no time in answering. All hearts 
were gay and wiih our so noxiously 
desired gifts in our hands we cheer- 
fully sang -good uiodit gentle, folks," j 
which ended 'Our little feast. 

Sunday twenty seventh was the 
feast of St. John the Evangelist,' 
name-day of our dearly beloved 
Bishop Shanlev, but, it being Sun-j 
dav we had to post-pnne our play- 
day till Mondav. which we did not 1 
forget to take with right good will j 

from morning till late in the evening 
in honor of our good Bishop. 

New- Year's day we bad high Mass 
at 10 A. M. after which all the In- 
dians came into the school to ,wish 
the Sisters a "Happy New-Year." 
After dinner we all went into the 
reception hall where we gladly 
greeted our dear parents who where 
awaiting us. We spent the remain 
der of the afternoon in their com- 
pany and enjoyed ourselves to qur 
hearts content.; Now, dear friends 
may your New Year be a bright and 
happy one. and we hope in our next 
Supplement to lifve the pleasure of 
reading many letters from Rosebud. 
Pine Ridge, Standing Rock, &c. telling 
us how you spent the joyous festival 
of Christmas soul N'ew Year. 

On k of the I Vrn.s. 




Dec. 10, 1896. 

Dear Father Jerome;— 

In answer to your kind invitation for 
us to visit the •'Eyanpaha" again, we 
i.l have chosen this month as it gives 
i s an opportunity to offer dear Father 
Jerome and all the Readers of that 
^ood Paper a "Merry Christmas" and a 
"Happy New- Year.'' 

We have the largest school here this 
year that has ever been since the Mis- 
ion opened.- There are about 200 imall. 

In our class there are about 56 boys. 

Very Rev. Father Van Rofisimi S. J. 
.Void Canisius College, Buffalo N. Y. 
•vas here on his nameday,the feast of 
St. Theodore. We enjoyed it very 
much. In tie morning we had the 
congratulation which consisted of songs 
and addresses appropriate for the occa- 
sion. In the evening we gave an enter- 
'ainmen.t which pleased him very much. 
This is the second time that good Fa 
ther Superior has come to us to celebrate 
his nameday. He is so good and kind 
that we are always sorry to see him go 
away again. He came in class and ex, 
amined us and after tie heard the read- 
ing of our monthly reports and saw 
that English speaking was in. 
it he 1 at the names of those 

boys and girls be send him who should 
receive 100 per cent for the next mouth 
in Good Conduct and Speaking English 
Twenty two of our class were perfect 
in English, but only eighteen received 
100 for Good Corduct and English, 
both. We tried very bard, for it is not 
an easy task, not to speak one word 
of Dakota. 

On Oct. 28th Sister M. Boniface went 
from here to Pine Ridge and Sister M. 
Ambrose came here in her place. Dur- 
ing the night a severe blizzard cmae on 
and the Sisters could not venture out 
until the second day; then they started, 
and although they came near being 
thrown out several times on account of 
the snow-drifts which were from 4 to 5 
feet deep, they, at last, came within 
four miles of the Mission but there 
they were lodged in a drift and could 
not get put. The single-trees were brok- 
en and nothing was to be done but for 
the driver to go to the Mission for help. 
During this time the Sistors were sit- 
ting in the wagon, for the snow was too 
deep for them to walk home. When 
the man came to the Mission we all 
helped and soon a heavy wagon and 
four of the largest horses in the Mis- 
sion were on the way to pull the broken 
wagon out of the snow and about two 
and a half hours afterwards they all re- 
turned safe to the Mission. 

Just a few days before Rev. Father 
Perrig went to Ponca 100 miles from 
here to visit a dying man, and alter the 
blizzard was over, he started on his 
homeward route. His ho, 806 and wag 
on broke through the ice in three places 
arid he himself had to wade in the water 
almost, to his shoulders and could not 
get them across the creek, but had to 
pull his wagon out on the same side 
from where be. started. Then he had 
to unload his wagon and carry every 
thing across and slide the emptywagon 
over the ice. At the last place, 

they went in so deep that only the 
horses could be gotten out and the 
wagon was left in the creek. That, 
night Rev. Father and a boy he had 
with him had to spend the night in a 
clump of bushes as they could not find 
the way to any dwelling. Next morn- 
ing they reached... Mr. Jno. Cordier's 
but'i Pet rig's foot was. -badly 
frozen and Mr. Cordier had to bring, 
him home. He has not entirely recov- 
ered yet. Those were two terrible 
blizzards that we had and gave us boys 
plenty of work to do to clear away the 
snow. The snow did not drift up around 
the house only; it came inside in many 
places and some of the inhabitants of the 
Mission awoke with snow on the 

Old. settlers Bay it was the worst 
blizzard they ever saw as early as No- 
virL-iu-r. it tr as reported that several 
Indians' were frozen to death. Once 
more .dear Father Jerome our best wish- 
ts for Christmas and New-Y'ear. 

We remain, Your loving Indian boys 
of St. Francis Mission. 

(By Chas. A. Spotted Tail.) 

SCHOOL, DEC. 9, 189(5. 

Dear Rev. Father Jerome: - 

As the 
big boys that wrote to yon before 
are all gone, 1 thought J would write 
to let you know how we are at Holy 
Rosary Mission. 1 can not write a 
very long letter, yet J will try my 
best to tell vou as much as 1 can. 

1 like to go to school, and 1 did 
not miss a dav since the beginning 
of this session. We go to school half 
a clav and work the other half. 1 
am in the Fourth Reader- 1 like to 
read and learn as much as I can. 1 
was working in the garden this fall 
but now we are finished, and split 
and haul wood and work about the 
farm-yard. There are about 65 boys 
at school. 

We have many kinds of games to 
play in our recreation room. This 
fall the good brother built another 

play-room beside our old one, and so 
in one room the little boys plav & in 
the other the older boys have games 
and read. A year ago 1 was at 
Standing Rock,, at St. 1'ei. edict's 
iiisshin, 1 was there a year. I saw 
you at the Congress at Oak Creek, 
but 1 think you did not see me. 

I know Patrick Kennedv from 
Standing Rock, he was at St. Bene- 
dict's Mission. Jt had been rather 
cold ias-t month but now it is warm 
again. On Thanksgiving ne had a 
nice time, we had free all day. Ai 
half past eight o'clock we »11 went 1.0 
the chapel to High .Mass. And in the 
afternoon we went on th'e ice, and 
had very much fun.' In the evening 
'we had a Magic Lantern exhibition 

We are anxiously waiting for 
■Christinas, as we hope to have a nice 
lime. )>y the time this readies vou. 
Christinas and New Year will be at. 
inind. Therefore, i wish vou, dear 
Rev. Father, L 'A .Merry Christmas, 
and a happy New Year." 

Yours most respectful I v. 
Feast k Jakyis. 




' Dear Rev •■ . ■ .me 

With the greatest pleasure I will 
write to you and "let you know that we 
are all well at the Mission and tell you 
nil the news I can think of. Dear Rev. 
Father, many girls and people were con 
firmed here at the Congress and many 
people v.-ere here ftom Standing Rock, 
Rosebud and Cherry Creek. Rt. Rev. 
Bishop Marty was here too. Next time 
f he Congress will b^ at Rosebud. 

Rev. Mother Cecilia from Buffalo 
was here in October. We said pieces 
for her and sarg. We had a good time 
at Thanksgiving-day, and in the eve 
ning 'Rev. Father showed us pictures 
in the hall. We will all pray for you 
and hope you will do the same. We 
are all very glad that Christmas is near, 
and we are learning pieces and songs 
for an entertainment. There are about 
ninety girls and seventy boys at school 
here. Rev. Father Jutz went away and 
Father Bosch is here now. Rev. Father 
Lindebner goes around to give, the peo- 
ple instructions and baptizes them. I 
will now close my letter sending best 
regards to you. I remain your 
loving child, 

Annie Gibbons. 

of Rt, Rev. Bishop Marty many people 
came in the chapel, and the choir sang 
"Fece Sacerdos" and 'Salve Regina." 
After this we received the blessing 
from our dear Rev. Bishop. Then the 
people went iu procession to the meet 
iug house where they all kissed the 
Rev. Bishop's ring and shook hands 
with all the Fathers.,,, The following 
Sunday many people went to Holy 
Communion, and after Mass more than 
a hundred were confirmed. Rev. Fa 
ther Jutz went away before Congress,, 
and Rev. Father Bosch is here now and 
Rev. Father Lindebner goes around to 
instruct the people. When Rev. Moth- 
er Cecilia * a Sister from Buffalo came 
to the Mission in October we stood in 
the front yard to greet them. Dear Rev. 
Father, I will now tell you how many 
children are here at school, there are 
,about ninety .girls and seventy, boys. 
On thanksgiving day we had a nice 
time, in the evening we went in the 
hall and Rev. Father Lindebner showed 
us nice pictures and'Rev. : Father Bosch 
explained them to us. Yesterday we 
had High Mass. 

Wishing you a Merry Chris mas and 
a Happy New Year, I remain 
Your loving child, 

Cornelia Garoia. 

Holy Rosarv Mission. 
Dec." 9, 1898. 

ir Rev. Father Jerome; — 

Dear Rev. Father Jerome:— 
I will now take the pleasure to write 
to you this evening aod tell you a little 
about the Congress. There were many 
people here, and we had high Mass 
three times out doors. At the reception 

As it is quite 
a long time since I have written to 
you, I will now write with the greatest 
pleasure, and tell some news about 
Holy Rosary Mission. First I will 
tell you about the Congress. We 
had solemn High Mass every morn- 
ing at ten o'clock and meeting in the 
afternoon, and on Sunday many went 
to Holy Communion and were con- 
firmed. On Thanksgiving day we 
had a very nice time. During the 
dav we played games and read story 
books, and in the evening we went in 
the Hal! and Rev. Father Lindebner 
showed us pretty pictures with the 
magic lantern. 

Yesterday, the feast of the Imma- 
culate Conception, we all went to 
Holv Communion. At present we 
are all busy practicing pieces arid 
songs for our little Christmas enter- 
tainment. Wishing you also a 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New 
Year. I remain 

Yours Sincerely. 

Fkances Bianbs. 

We have yet some very nice letters 
from Pine Ridge, but we cannot pub- 
lish them in this number. They will 
appear in February.