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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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should all have succeeded. And it is worth while
»trying to find out what is lacking. It is nearly always
the personality in some form or other. The form of
the obstacle is different in each case ; but it is worth
while making a more definite effort to find out what
is the matter and to put it out of the way, because
you, who have studied these things, must know that
there is a real inner world which quite infinitely
surpasses in importance all this outer world which is
so incessant in its pressure upon us. We live in a
great city here, with a whirl of business and pleasure
always going on about us. Everywhere there are
people who think they are so busy and so wise in
following all their respective lines. And yet the truth
is that all of these are working in the unreal and the
outer; they have not, most of them, even realised
that there is an inner and spiritual world which is of
enormously more importance, of far greater value in
every way, than this which is external. In this we
have to play our parts, but we play them only
because it is so demanded of us by the true life in-
side. In this we resemble actors. Actors play on
the stage and try to play their parts well. But after
aJl, why does an actor play upon the stage ? Because
he has another life to live, a life which is consecutive
and coherent; he may take other parts at diff€?rent
times just as we come back in other incarnations and
wear other kinds of bodies, but all the time the actor
has his real life as a man • and because he is not only