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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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a man but, in most cases, an artist as well, he feels
that he owes it to that real life to play his part well
in the tempo1 »ry life of the stage. And so*our reason
for wishing to do well in our temporary life here is
because of the great reality behind", of which that li^
is but a part, albeit only a very b'mall part. Now? lx
we can get that clearly into our minds, we see at
once what is the relative importance of this outer
life. Its only importance to us is that we should
play our part well in it; beyond that, what happens
to us in this mimic life does not matter. It may b0
the actor's business to go through all sorts of rnirn3-0
sorrows and difficulties. He may be killed in a duel ;

but he himself does not care about his pretended
death. The only thing that concerns him is that he
should acquit himself well.  That is exactly oxir
position, but what happens to us in the process of it»
whether it be happiness, or sorrow and suffering——
that, after all, is only the fortune of the play-    It
belongs to the part which we are taking.    Tho
important thing is to play the part well.

It is hard, I know, to realise that the world a/boxit
us is merely a mimic world, that really and truly it
does not matter. And yet this is absolutely true of
everything which happens to us from outside ; till
events, all things that happen to you from outside*.
are the result of your karma; they belong to yoxir
past. You made them long ago in other lives ; a.rx<3
since you cannot now alter those other lives, therefore