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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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it is of no use worrying about the things that happen
to you as a result of that unalterable past. You must
'bear them philosophically ; that is the b^t you can do.
You can, of. course, bear them foolishly; you can let
them trouble you ;*you can let them cause you a vast
amount of pain, srfering and worry. But, if you
will simply regard them as the inevitable results of a
past which you cannot now alter, and then think of
them as little as may be, except in so far as you seek
to derive from them the lessons which they are meant
to teach, you can do much, in this way, to mould
your character for your future.  The only thing
which is necessary is that you should do your duty.
The past is past, there is no use worrying about it.
Try, in bearing your karma, to develop in yourselves
courage, endurance and various other good qualities
and then let it go. Fulfil all the duties that are cast
upon you in this strange play of life, and you will be
doing all that is required of you. This, at least, is of
infinite importance, since upon it depends your

Now you have to get into that point of view. It
is not easy, because around us are people by the
thousand who are taking the play seriously and
thmking of it as the real life. It is not so much what
they say to you and do to you (although that counts)
that causes the difficulty; it is the immense, the
incessant pressure of public opinion. Against the
enormous weight of this pressure, the pressure of