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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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• FIRST TALK                 7

many hundreds to each one who knows the truth,
you have to fight; and it is not easy. Of course the
incessant pressure of this thought is not fntentionaL
It is for most people the only obvious find natural
way of thinking. They say to themselves : " We must
make haste to gain possessions and riches ; for this is
what all our fellow-men think to be the true goal of
life." Now you have to make a stand for yourselves
against these really tremendous odds. You have to
say to yourselves : tc No, this is not so, this is the un-
real." The real is the underlying life, the life which
persists, the life which, as your Scripture puts it, is
lt hid with Christ in God ". That is the real. But to
live in that all the time and to forget the outer—not
to forget it because you have to do your duty in it,
but to regard it as comparatively of no importance—
is not easy ; but this is exactly what you have to do.

Remember how a Master said in the beginning:

" He who wishes to follow us must come out of his
world into ours." This does not mean that you
must give up your daily life and live as a hermit, but
it does mean that you must abandon your attitude
and adopt that of the Masters.

If you succeed in your efforts, some day you will
be pupils of one or other of these Great Ones, and
wb^sn you reach that stage, the stage of the accepted
disciple, you will find that your thought is part of the
thought of your Master ; and then constantly you will
find it to your advantage to test your thought by the