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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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thought of your Master, and find out exactly what
He thinks (you can do that when you are part of
Him) on ^iny given subject, and mak^ your thought
like His. y^ell, when that happy time comes, you
will soon get into Ae way of this testing your thought,
you will understand His point of view. But at first
you will be constantly meeting with unexpected
shocks. You will find that things which seemed of
vast importance to you do not matter at all, while
•other things which you had passed by as com-
paratively unimportant stand out as of great im-
portance. This is because in some way, great or
small, these seemingly unimportant things affect your
usefulness, and whatever affects your usefulness is
important because there you touch upon the real
thing. In this way you will learn by degrees to
contact the underlying Reality.

What is that Reality ? Simply this—that there is
a God, who permeates all. That is the profound
Truth in relation to which the reality of all things
has to be tested, and it is the only test in the world.

You must learn to look from within and not
merely from without, and then your idea of relative
values will change very much. It is one of our
greatest difficulties to learn to weigh things always
from the inner and not from the outer point of vi^w.
Many of us really and earnestly wish to do that, and
yet quite constantly fall short of our desire because
the pressure of the opinion of the world is so