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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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Christian religion, thinking of it as a very nice thing
to talk about on Sunday, but not at all the thing to
carry out'into practice every day an^ all day long.
We, who ajre Theosophists, should know better than
that; it is obvious that we must be consistent and
practical. We must bring what we learn right down
into everyday life. Why do we find this so difficult ?
It is not, I really believe, that any of us, any one of
you, would not be perfectly willing to make some
great effort for the Theosophical idea. If you could
help a Master and see Him before you; if you could do
some piece of work for Him, you would do it though
it cost you your life. It is the difficulty of steady,
persevering effort. Remember what St. Augustine
long ago said: " Many there are who will die for
Christ, but few there are who will live for Him."
To live for Him—that is much harder! It sounds
magnificent, heroic, to become a martyr, to die for
Christ. It is truly so, but at least the man who does
it has the feeling that he is making a mighty effort;

he is buoyed up by the exhilaration of the greatness of
his own sacrifice, and the consciousness of it sustains
and strengthens him through the pain and suffering.
What you have to do is much harder than that; you
cannot keep yourselves keyed up to that pitch of
heroism. You will find this difficult all through»the
little daily troubles that are perpetually coming to
you. You cannot hope to keep the same equability
of mind when you are dealing day after day with the