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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FIRST TALK                IX

same wearisome people who will not do the thing you
think they should do. It is not the mighty effort of
dying: the sn^ll daily life, the living for Christ, that
is the hard thing. Indeed, it is just because^these things
seem comparatively small that there is so much
difficulty in following the Path. V

Well, we will take, you and I, these books that teach
us. We will follow them through and see how far
it is possible to apply them. Mind, others like you
have done it, and succeeded; let us see, therefore^
what can at least be done by trying. But why should
we fail ? Let us try; only remember it does mean the
conquest of self. It means that you will have to take
yourselves in hand and face the facts, and, where
there are weeds, to pull them up. It does not matter
what comes, or how much suffering it entails—up with
them ! They must come up. Hard work, it is true; but
those who have already entered on some of the higher
stages, they can tell you it is very well worth while,
nay, infinitely worth while, to make any effort, great
or small, once for all or many times. It is very well
worth while indeed.

So I say, we will take these books and we will work
through them. We have three books in our literature
which are most of all devoted to this question of the
Patli. 'We have At the Feet of the Master, we
have The Voice of the Silence and we have Light
on the Path; beautiful all of them, valuable all of
them, each in its different way. Of course, besides