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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FIRST TALK                 l3

not give their names in this present incarnation, first of
all because some people do not like their pat peccadil" "
loes to be kno^n, although I do not quite see why they
should mind ; still, some people dislike it, ahd also, and
quite apart from that, it is better to have some kind of
euphonious title which can be used again and again.
You do not want to introduce the idea of personality.
It is much better that those who are studying the
line of lives should have a nom de plume, and not be
thinking how all this is related to the present life.
We took a number of star names, when at first we
had only some twenty or thirty characters, but as
the number grew, we took in other names, some of
them names of Greek heroes. We gave first the names
of planets to those who became Masters. Many of
these names are published in Man: Whence^ How and
Whither. A still larger number have been published
by Mr. C. Jinarajadasa in an article in The Theo-
sophisf, in the course of this year. But<tf Alcyone " was
simply the name given to Mr. Krishnamurti, an Indian
who was then a boy of thirteen. As his knowledge
of English was very imperfect, the language
of the teachings had to be made intelligible to a
brain of that age.   So you will realise hoyy
exceedingly simple the thing had to be made. And
yet  the Master, with His wonderful power of adapt-
ability, contrived to put all that was necessary, if
carried out, for the acquirement of the first Initiation,
into that wonderfully simple style, into this book