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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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which we have before us. That is one of its very
•great recommendations, its exceeding simplicity.
The other two books, The Voice, of the Silence and
Light on the PatJi are very beautiful and poetical,
but it is impossible to deny that at times they are
obscure, and people have sometimes made that their
excuse for not trying to live up to them. No one
can complain that he does not understand this book,
at least.  This at all events is clear enough ; it is
easy enough to grasp well. Not only that, but it has
the great recommendation that it bears the special
imprimatur of the Lord Maitreya Himself.

The story of how it came to be written is compara-
tively simple. Every night I had to take this boy in
his astral body to the house of the Master, that
instruction might be given to him.  The Master
devoted perhaps fifteen minutes each night to
talking to him, but at the end of each talk he
always gathered up the main points of what He had
said in a single sentence, a few sentences perhaps,
and made it into a little easy summary which was
repeated to the boy, so that he learnt it by heart.
He remembered that summary in the morning and
wrote it down. The book, At the Feet of the Master,
consists of these sentences, of the epitome, of the
Master's teaching, made by the Master Himself,*and
in His own words.  There are passages, which I
shall point out as I go through the book, which are
clearly written by Alcyone himself, to connect the