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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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FIRST TALK                 l5

sentences; but practically the whole thing is built
up of the Master's own words.   WeII^ the boy
wrote them down somewhat laboriously, because
his English was not very good.. He wrote them
down in a school exercise-book, mostly in pencil,
sometimes with a pen, and sometimes on scraps
of paper, but there they were.   He  knew
all these things by heart and did not trouble
particularly about them. He went up at one
time to Benares in the north of India with our
President. While there he wrote to me, I being down
at Adyar, and asked me to collect together and send
to him these notes that he had made of what the
Master had said.   I gathered together all these
notes, arranged them as well as I could, and
typed them all out. Then it seemed to me that as
these were the Master's words, nearly all of them, I
had better make sure there was no mistake. There-
fore I took the type-written copy which I had made
to the Master K. H. and asked Him to be so kind as
to read it over. He read it, altered a word or two,
here and there. He added some sentences, and I
recognised them. Then He said : ic Yes, that seems
correct; that will do" ; but He added : (c Let us show
it to th^Lord Maifcreya." And so we went together,
He faking the book, and it was shown to the World
Teacher Himself. He read it over and approved
of it. It was He who said: " You should make a
nice little book of this to introduce Alcyone to the