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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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intelligence, the emotional powers, and the possession
. of occult knowledge.

You must beware of judging by externals only;

everyone m the world does that, therefore it is not
unnatural that we should do the same, but as a matter
of fact it is a mistake, and you must be prepared to
look for evidence of progress sometimes, even though
bodies may be quite young. So here, in the case of
Alcyone, the President speaks of him in the preface
as, " young in body verily, but not in Soul". Now and
again you come on an instance of one who is able to
uproot a passion and change it in a few daysóa few
weeksóbut a young soul could not do that. That is a
definite sign of advancement, of very decided advance-
ment ; yet you will find this kind of thing beginning to
happen fairly frequently in these days. The Great
Teacher is coming soon, and His principal disciples
must certainly be people not older than Himself in
the physical body, men in the prime of life and
strength, and since He is to come soon it follows that
those who are to be His disciples then must be young
now. They well may be some of your own children.
At least there is a possibility in favour of such a
suggestion, because it is likely that those who are
destined for such a fate would be born wh^re they
could have the teaching that would fit them f©r it.
And where could that be found except in Theosoph-
ical families ? Therefore it is exceedingly probable
that some of those who are children now among you