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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SECOND TALK              l9

may in the future be prominent in the work ; and so
you have to watch for such possibilities and more
especially you^have to see that any children that
come in your way, either your own or those over
whom you have any sort of influence, shall be taught
about the coming of the World Teacher, so that they
may know the possibility which lies before them.
You can only tell them, you must leave it to them to
grasp the opportunity ; but at least it would be very
sad if any parent should much later have the reproach
thrown at him by his son or daughter: fi If you had
told me about these things when I was young, I
might have taken the opportunity; but you let me
grow up without knowing anything about it; you let
me grow into the worldly life, and therefore when the
opportunity offered, I did not take it." It would be
a sad thing for any parent to have that said to him.
We can, accordingly, see that all children who come
into contact with us are, as far as may be, taught some-
thing of all this ; when that is done, then our duty is
over, because it is not for us to try to force anyone
into any line; it is not for us even to map out
a future and expect these other greater souls to
adhere to it.  They may have their own ideas.;

but at least I think we should give them their

The President goes on to say : u The teachings con-
tained in it [this book] were given to him [Alcyone] by
his Master in preparing him for Initiation." Now that