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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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which again is a very expressive word, because
conversion means turning and coming together with.
It is derived from the supine of *verto, to turn,
and eon, •together with. It means that the man,
having gone previously his own way—having known
nothing about the Divine Will and Its direction—has
realised the great trend of evolution, and the direc-
tion in which the Divine Will wishes the evolutionary
current to flow, and, having realised it, turns and goes
with it. Of course I know with many Christian sects
it means a sort of spasmodic hysterical condition,
but at least that is the true meaning—the turning about
and going along with the Divine Will; and that is
the same thing as the Manodvaravajjana of the
Buddhist, or the (< Discrimination " of the Hindu.
Of course discrimination means much more than
merely the learning of what things are worth while,
and what are not. It is a very far-reaching quality ;

so that there is some reason for putting it first. But
the other qualifications you develop as best you can,
and in any order which you may prefer. There
are no divisions between them—nothing to which the
name of et Initiation " should at all rightly be given.
Nor must the various steps, which mark your
personal relationship to the Master, be for a
moment confounded with Initiations. Remember that
real Initiations are given only by the Great White
Brotherhood—by the Occult Hierarchy—and given
in the name of the One Initiator, and by His order