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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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opposition to the Higher Self.  The lower must be
simply an expression of the higher.   You will see
' that very* well exemplified if you will look at the
illustration, given in Man, Visible and Invisible.
Looking at the astral body, say, of a savage; very
weird and curious . . . full of colours which indicate
all sorts of lower passions; irregular in outline
because of the lack of control over it. If you look
at  the causal  and  mental bodies you will
find that they have no apparent relation to one
another. The causal is apparently blank ; the mental
body has a little development, but it has not much
relation to the astral body. Turn on to the advanced
man, and there you will find that those vehicles, which,
in the savage, had no relation to one another, are now
very closely linked. Now you will find that the
causal body is full instead of being empty; that all
the different colours expressive of the higher virtues
are developed in it, and that it is already beginning to
pour itself out in various directions for the helping of
others. But the mental body, you will see, also contains
the same colours, somewhat denser but still the finest of
their kind, and they represent the causal body at the
lower level. The astral body is absolutely a mirror
of'the mental, the same colours only just a little darker
and denser, because a plane lower. The astral body
is the vehicle of the emotions and passions. There
are in the savage all sorts of emotions and passions
that have nothing to do with his mind. He does not