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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SECOND TALK              25

think about them. He does not know how to think.
They are simply there, and they run away with him.^
When you c^me to the advanced man you will find
he has only such emotions in the astral body as his
mind selects and permits. He chooses to allow him-
self to feel very strongly love, devotion, sympathy, etc.,

•.and therefore all these qualities are shown in the
astral body, but there are none of the other passions
of which the intellect would not approve. Now you
will see what that means. If the emotions are already
under the full dominion of the mind and the mind
itself is an expression of the causal body, we are
coming very near to the condition of absolute unity
of the higher and lower self. The self in the savage
.expresses itself in all kinds of different emotions

-and passions of which the ego could not possibly
approve, but here in the developed man there are no

•emotions—only such as the man chooses he shall have-
Instead of being swayed by his emotions and carried
off his feet, he simply selects them. He says, (< Love
is a good thing, I will allow myself to feel love;

devotion is a good thing, I will allow myself to feel
devotion; sympathy, that is beautiful, I will allow
myself to feel sympathy "; and he does it with his

-eyes open ; he does it intentionally. Well, that is
whaj; we are striving for when we speak of joining
the higher and the lower self. There never was any
lower self as a separate entity, but the ego puts down
SL tiny fragment of himself into this personality in