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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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order that the personality may experience the
vibrations of the lower worlds.  That is why the
personality exists at all. The personality becomes
much more.individually alive than the ego because it
is at a stage wher^ it can respond to these vibrations,
and consequently it forgets that it belongs to the ego,
forgets that it is a fragment of him, and sets up on
its own account and tries to go as it would instead of
as the ego would. It takes a long time and much
development to recognise that the personality is
nothing but an expression of the ego, and that,
wheresoever it departs from its mission as an expres-
sion of the ego, it is going wrong and needs repressing-
In The Voice of the Silence you are told that the
disciple should ct slay the lunar form," that is,
the astral body. This means, not that he should
commit an astral murder, but that the astral body
should be allowed to have no existence but as an
expression of the higher. Instead of having its own
passions and emotions it must reflect only what
the ego chooses. Now, you must attain to that be-
fore you can present yourselves for the First Initia-
tion. You must have control of your physical, your
astral and your mental bodies. They must become sim-
ply expressions of the ego and servants of tha ego, as
they ought to be. That means a good deal, you know;

it means a very great deal for the ordinary person.
It ought not to be so serious a demand to make
upon you who have been studying the laws of the