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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SECOND TALK               27

inner life for some years, who have been meditating
for a long time past and trying to control these lower
vehicles. Tcy you these things ought not to seem
impossible, but the man in the world says: u I
cannot do that—it is of no use talking about it." It
is altogether too high an ideal to set before him all
at once, but it should not be so for you ; and at least
some of us should prepare ourselves in our present
incarnation to greet the Lord when He comes—with
the enormous additional advantage of having made
ourselves capable of greater usefulness—for that is
what it means—by taking these steps. If you take
these Initiations, it is not for yourselves, not that you
yourselves may escape from the sorrow and the
suffering of the world, but that you may be of use
in the mighty Plan. Therefore we undertake the
almost incredible struggles and efforts which are
required. For you need not think (although one
should never wish to discourage anyone) that it is an
easy thing to attain these levels, to tread down one
by one all sorts of passions and desires, to curb the
astral body and the mental body. These things are
hard ; of course they are splendidly well Worth doing,
and the reward attained thereby—I do not like the
word u reward "—the result attained thereby is quite
out» of all proportion even to those great efforts; but
the efforts are great; it does mean hard work. There
is no doubt about it. We undertake that work, not
for ourselves but for others, although you might well