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SECOND TALK              29

animal kingdom and begins his career as an ego.
The entry into the human kingdom is of course a
point of stupendous importance, so too is the attain-
ment of Adeptship, which signaijses his departure
from the human kingdom and his entry into the
superhuman. The latter is the goal which is set
before humanity—the point which it must endeavour
to attain in this Chain of worlds. At the end of this
Chain of worlds the man who has done what God
willed him to do, who has carried out to the utmost
the Divine Design for himself, will have passed out
of the human kingdom. Some of us may do it long
before that; nevertheless that is what is to be done.

Now these two are, of course, points of enormous
importance : the entry upon the human kingdom and
the leaving it for the kingdom of the superhuman;

but in between those two comes another point of
importance quite as great, and that is the definite
entry on the stream, the point of the First Great
Initiation, when a man definitely takes the first step
of the union of the ego and the personality. He has
to pass the Second, Third and Fourth Initiations
before he reaches Adeptship, which is the Fifth; but
when he gains that Fifth, that of Adeptship, he
unites the monad and the ego just as before he has
unitgd ^he ego and the personality, so that when you
have achieved the union of the higher and lower
self, when your personality no longer exists except
as an expression of the ego, you have to begin the