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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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very same process over again, as it were, and make
,that ego an expression of the Monad.

Whether there lies another stage of the same sort
beyond, we* do not know ; but I can quite well ima-
gine it to be possible that, when we attain Adeptship,
when we make the ego an instrument in the hands of
the Monad, we shall find opening before us a still
more glorious vista. That may well be: I do not
know. I do not know whether there is any end or
not. A great philosopher once said : (t It is equally
inconceivable that there should be an end, or that
there should be no end; yet one of those must be
true." Of that we know nothing. They speak of
absorption into the Supreme; as to that we know
nothing. We know that our consciousness widens
and widens and continues to widen ; that it includes
consciousness after consciousness above and beyond
our own ; all this we know by direct personal ex-
perience. We know that it is possible to touch the
buddhic level, and that when one touches it one
finds an enormous expansion of consciousness, so that
besides oneself one is also other and greater people
as well; one includes those consciousnesses also. But
remember, you include them (or it seems that you
include them) in your own consciousness. It does
not seem to you that you have lost your individual-
ity at all, but that you have so widened it that you
are able to feel through them as well as through
yourself; that is what really happens.  It is the