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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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SECOND TALK               3l

meditational practice of those who can do chat to
continue to do it and expand it until tl]ey take in
more and moTre consciousness—not only those far
above them, but those below th^m. Those above
them, however, come first because they are so much
the stronger, so much more tremendous in their
power. That expansion takes place gradually and
you work your way through sub-plane after sub-
plane of buddhic consciousness until you presently
learn to develop a buddhic vehicle—a body you can
use at that stupendous level, at which all the spheres
seem as one; at which you can pass through space
without passing through space in our sense of the
word at all. Now since that is within the experience
of quite a number of us, we are justified in assuming
that the further extensions of that consciousness will
be to some extent of the same kind ; since we have
attained that unity without losing our sense of
individuality in the very least, without feeling our-
selves merged in a shining sea, as the poet puts it,
but feeling instead as though the shining sea has
been poured into the drop, that the sea has become
contained in the drop. That is what happens, how-
ever paradoxical that may sound, that is the sensa-
tion, tl^at the consciousness of the drop widens into
the consciousness of the sea. That being so, so far
as we know it, we are surely justified in assuming
that there will not be any sudden change in the
method.   We cannot conceive, after tremendous