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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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periods of time, suddenly being merged into some-
thing else. and losing that consciousness which we
have taken so long to develop. No, P believe it will
widen and vnden, that we may become one with God,.
but only in the sense in which Christ put it when
He said: " Ye are Gods ; and all of you are children
of the Most High." We shall become one with God
because we shall realise that we are God and
we have been all the time; but we did not know it..
Something like that is the line along which that
splendid development will go. But what the ultimate-
end of it is, I do not know. We can see far behind
in evolution and we can see far in front in evolution,
We can guarantee to you, as far as your own future-
goes, millions of years, of asons, of useful activity, on
splendid levels whose glory and power and love and
development are inconceivable down here.   That
much we can say, for certain. But what lies at the
end of those millions of seons we do not know, but
that is enough for most of us—that, even though
extinction should lie at the end. Even then (incon-
ceivable though it would be) it would be well worth
while to have lived and loved and worked through all
those millions of aeons. But it cannot end in extinction^
although to what it does lead I do not know. But,
if you think of the thing from a common-sense point
of view, we can hardly expect to know. Do you not
see that if the final end of it were something that we
could now understand, it would be a very poor kind