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SECOND TALK               33

of end ? It would be altogether out of proportion to
all the stages which lead up to it.         •

Our intellect is a very narrow and limited thing ;

how limited it is you do not know. until you come in
touch with greater development. Then you begin to
see that the intellect we have boasted about so much
is a very poor thing—a merest beginning—only a
seed of what it will be in the future ; and if, in that
preliminary stage, we could comprehend the ^nd of
all, such an end would be utterly inadequate. There-
fore I think you cannot expect to know ; you cannot
expect to follow and understand either the beginning
or the end. We are not in a position to do it; we
can no more understand that than a little child with
his strength can move a huge rock ; he will perhaps
be able to do it presently when he grows up (when he
has the aid of mechanical appliances), but any
attempt to do it now would be foredoomed to failure.
Our intellect is in that very position, for all that we
may think of it; it is only a child intellect yet. A
hopeful child—it has done much already—it shows
promise; and it will do far more in the future.
Compared with the intellect of the Great Ones it is a
very little child yet, therefore it cannot reach to these
heights and depths; and so I, at least, am more than
williri^ to admit quite frankly, I do not know what
will be the end of the great evolutionary process. I
do not know what the Supreme has in His mind. I
know nothing about the Supreme except that He is.