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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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Of the Solar Deity we know something more than
that; we know something quite definite. We know His
plan of evolution, we know it and we can see it, but
of what lies beyond Him we know very, very little.
We must presume that there is a Deity Who governs
all the millions of solar systems, and acccording to
this inference our system is very probably only one
of many. There is evidence for both astronomer and
occultist that other universes exist. Then, if they do,
there is a God Who is supreme over all, above all,
about Whom, remember, we know nothing* He is—
He must be—that is all we can say. Never mind.
Of the Solar Deity who is nearer to us, of Whose
Solar System we are a part, from Whom we have
come forth, we know something more. The metaphys-
ician and the philosopher speculate on these things.
Those who love such speculations do no harm
in indulging in them, but I think they should clearly
understand that they are speculations. I think that
the philosopher should not develop his speculations
into a system and expect us to accept it, for in such
speculations we might quite likely be leaving out of
account all the most important factors. Therefore
for myself I do not even speculate, but at least the
splendour and the glory that do unquestionably lie
before us are far more than sufficient to satisfy all
the aspirations that any human being could possibly
imagine, and far more. That much we have seen,
and to that much we can bear testimony. We can