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THIRD TALK               37

the theory that it was impossible for the boy to have
written it; therefore it is perhaps as well that I
should bear testimony to it—to the fact that I know
he did—that I myself saw, as did Qur President, the
scraps of paper, exercise-books and so on, on which
these sentences were written each morning. It was,
as I said to you before, some considerable time after
their being so written down morning after morning,
over a period of five months or so, that this book was
issued, and in the meantime a good deal of what is
said in it had been quoted at various meetings of the
Inner School. I, myself, for example, having heard
all these teachings given, had on several occasions
used part of it when speaking to the members of our
Section Meetings at Adyar, saying always: u I have
heard the Master say so-and-so". The fact that, in that
way, some of these sentences first came to be known
to the other members was used afterwards to suggest
that it was not written down by Alcyone, but that
these sentences which had been known beforehand
were perhaps written by me or repeated by me; but
that is how it happened and it is perhaps just as
well that I should tell you exactly how it occurred.
I had of course no idea at the time that these
sentence would be published as a whole, and many
of them were so beautiful that I quoted them at
various meetings; but that did not mean, in the
least, that the book itself was not written exactly as
is here stated.