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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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•THIRD TALK               39

see it written here first in Samskrit and then in

From the unreal lead me to the Real.
From darkness lead me to Light.
From death lead me to Immohality.

I am not quite sure whether these words, hallowed
though they are in all our minds by long use and
association; may not sometimes be a little misleading:

I mean the use of the word u Real" there. It is
difficult to find a better one, and yet what the Hindu
understands by that word is not quite, I thinly what
we understand. When we say <( real''' and " unreal"
the idea conveyed to our minds is that one thing has
a definite existence and the other has not; the unreal
is to us purely imaginary. Now, that is not quite
what the Hindu understands by this sentence*
Perhaps we should go a little nearer to his meaning
—at any rate we should approach his meaning from
another side—if we said: lt From the impermanent
lead me to the Permanent." I have myself always
rather objected to the statement that the physical
plane, for example, is unreal. It is not unreal while
it lasts, but it has not of course the same permanence
as some of the higher planes. But even that, perhaps,
is only relative, because so far as we know all
manifestation is impermanent, and only the Unmani-
tested is absolutely and always the same.  I
am not sure that we actually know even that, but