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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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at any rate that is alw ays assumed. All manifesta-
tion, even that of the highest planes we know
and higher even than that, will some day pass
again into ftie changeless; and, if that is so, then
the difference between what we commonly call the
impermanent and those higher planes is only a
matter of time, and of time which in comparison to
eternity can be as nothing.

Then, also, the statement that the physical plane is
unreal—that the astral plane and the mental plane
are unreal also—often leads people into distinct
philosophical errors. „ These planes are not unreal,
while they last; they are not unreal at their own
level. Here in your physical consciousness you see
certain physical objects. They are perfectly real to
you while you are on the physical plane, but, when
your body falls asleep and you use your astral con-
sciousness instead of the physical, then those objects
are no longer visible to }ou. Because you have
passed into a higher state of consciousness, they
then appear to be invisible ; you thereto re say they
are unreal. There is no reason for that statement.
You are then able to see and sense astral objects and
astral people; but when you are in the physical
consciousness, for most of you those astral people
and those astral objects do not exist, just as^the
physical ceases to exist for you when your conscious-
ness is on the astral. Do you not see that those
physical objects and those astral objects are there all