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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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' THIRD TALK               4l

the time ? They remain visible to those others whose
consciousness is on those respective planes.

You have, I*say, no right to class objects^as unreal,
because not the objects but you change. Jt does not
seem to me logical. Also, we must not let ourselves
be led astray by the very commonly held theory that
matter is evil; matter is not evil. Matter is an
expression of the Divine just as much as spirit.
Matter and spirit are both one in Him; they are
only two sides—two manifestations of Him. Matter
often operates to hinder us in our progress. It is so
used by us and so treated as to delay us on our way;

therefore it is perhaps not unnatural that the idea
should arise that it is evil; but it is not a philosoph-
ical idea. Remember, then, that the physical plane is
just as real as the nirvanic and just as truly an
expression of the Deity as the nirvanic, and do not
form the idea that one of these things is real, and the
other a mere dream or phantasmagoria. One is just
as real as the other, but all manifestations are
impermanent, so that what we are really asking here
is that from the outer we may be led to the inner.

As a matter of fact, the prayer means just as much:

" From the false lead me to the True," as ti From
the unreal lead me to the Real ". True, permanent,
real» these words seem to be all of them fit transla-
tion of the Samskrit, and so what we are asking is
rather that from the outer, where the illusion is
greater, we may be led to the inner, which is nearer