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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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to the Absolute Truth.  No doubt we ask also
that we may be led to that absolute Truth, but that
f means tof pass beyond manifestation-n-to pass into
conditions ^of which we, after all, know absolutely
nothing whatsoever.   So do not let yourselves
use words unphilosophically or unscientifically.
The physical world is real enough. You are living
in it, and you have to act as though it were real,
although at the same time you must not forget that
inner life, which is so infinitely more important*
All your method of living should be according to
that which is inner; yet you must nevertheless do
your duty in this outer world precisely as though
the whole thing bore the importance which most
ordinary people think that it possesses.   People
have, as you know, by this theory of the unreality
of the physical; been led into what seems to follow
not unnaturally from such a theory—that since this
is all unreal, it does not matter what you do in it.
There is a considerable section of people in India
who hold that view quite literally—the view that,
since all this is immaterial and unimportant, then
you may lead any sort of life you like and plunge
into all kinds of excesses. <( It is all unreal, after
all, and so it does not matter."   That is a very
dangerous doctrine, and one that would lead^you
very far from the true path of the Occultist.

Then your second petition is: " From darkness
lead me to Light"  That is of course from the