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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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So each plane is quite out of all proportion, in-
, finitely superior to the one below it. That is an
experience that you will all have ^s your con-
sciousness rises from plane to plane. You will find
the astral life in many ways so superior to the
physical that to return even from that—the very next
plane—into the physical is like coming out of the sun-
light into a dark dungeon. When you can function
consciously on the mental you will find an expansion
in many directions far beyond anything which you
know on the astral.  When you can touch the
buddhic consciousness for the first time, you begin
to feel, in some little measure, how God sees
things, for you are coming then into touch with
Divinity; you are beginning to know how He,
Who is all, feels through all.  It is said that
et in Him we live and move and have our being," and
that 6t of Him and by Him and through Him are all
things " ; and all this is not merely a beautiful and
poetic expression ; it represents an actual fact. But
above even the Buddhic plane there is a world of
glorious unity—not brotherhood alone, but actual
-unity—and when you can touch the lowest fringe of
that, yon begin for the first time very dimly to under-
stand how God feels when He looks upon His imiverse
and says: (t It is Good." And so you see, from. the
darkness of the lower planes you ask to be led to the
higher consciousness; and it is light as compared
with darkness. No phraseology could be more apt—