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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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' THIRD TALK               45

no expression could give exactly what one feels at
those levels.

Then you say : i( From death lead me*to Immor-
tality." That does not mean what at the first flush
the ordinary person would take it to mean, because
our attitude towards death should be very different
indeed from that of the outsider; quite the reverse,
in fact. Death is not to us a horror, not to us a king"
of terror, but rather an angel bearing a golden key to
open the door into a higher and a fuller life. That
being so, we cannot be expected to regard it with the
fear which others have for it. Of course, we also
regret those who pass away; regret, I mean, cc the
touch of a vanished hand and the sound of a voice
that is still ". We, also, suffer when those whom we
love pass from us ; but it is not, it cannot be, for us
at all the same as for those who have not grasped the
truth concerning death. And so, when we ask to be
led from death to Immortality, we do not at all mean
what a non-Theosophical Christian might mean—
namely, that he will live to all eternity in his
present personality. We do not mean that at all;

yet we have, however, a very definite wish to escape
death, and not only from death, but also its concomi-
tant, its inseparable companion, birth—that weary
romid of birth and death, death and birth, which
the Buddhist calls the Samsara, the wheel of life*
The prayer here is for delivery from this " wheel of
return '\  " Lead us to immortality, the life which