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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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if you could do even that, but it is not enough.  You
must be on the watch for opportunities. There is a
little bit of poetry, a couple of verses at the end of
this book which express that idea :

Waiting the word of the Master,

Watching the Hidden Light;

Listening to catch His orders

In the very midst of the fight;

Seeing His slightest signal

Across the heads of the throng;

Hearing His faintest whisper

Above earth's loudest song.

Listening in spite of all the noise, the whirl of
excitement of the fight of life, that is the attitude in
which every one ought to be who aspires to become
a pupil of our Masters; you ought already to be
eagerly looking out for opportunities to put into
practice any of the teachings. It is not, after all,
difficult; it is largely a matter of habit. If you get
yourselves into that attitude, it will soon come easily
to you. The difficulty lies in the first step ; c'est
Ie premier pas qui coute, it is the first step that
costs, that is difficult. When you have taken that,
when you have set up the habit, then it is just as
easy to be watching for this as it is for the business
man to be looking for opportunities to mak^e money.
That is quite right for the business man, for we
must remember that while he is engaged in business
it is his duty to do it well. But if he can be eager
about the temporary things, surely we might well be