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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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become an absolute fact to a man only when he has
some sort of direct experience. Well, perhaps it is
not quite true that it is the only way^because you can
so convince yourself intellectually that a thing must
be so, that it grows into a fact for you.

I think somtimes that this is one of the advantages
which we, who are older members, have over those
who have joined our ranks more recently. We have
had time to live into this thing and to take it bit by
bit—to make it, so to speak, part of ourselves, and I
do think that the simple passage of time helps us
very definitely to do this. For after a certain length
of time we cannot imagine ourselves apart from it, and
so <k knowledge grows from more to more ". We grow
into it because we live into it. Some come in at the
last moment, as it were, and by happy intuition,
which is really by good karma won in past lives,
spring right into this absolute certainty at once ; but
for most of us, whose karma has not been quite so
good as that, I do think that the steady growth tells
very much. Of course I know that a member may
be a member of the Society for thirty years and know
no more at the end of the time than at the beginning.
That is sad because it is a waste of opportunity ; but
for many of us, who have lived into the thyig so that
it has become a part of us, that gives us a feeling
of certainty which has gradually grown with us.

Gradually proof after proof has accumulated for us.
Yet there are many of us who, without such proofs,